Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Problem

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We've got a 2005 Honda Odyssey that's eating oil like there's no tomorrow. Where could the oil be going? :confuse: We have No indication where it might be going- no leaks, puddles, smoke etc. It was a gradual problem at first. Now, it's really become a problem and an inconvenience! The van finally broke down on Christmas eve. Check engine light was on and the van just wouldn't accelerate past 50 after gasing up while on a trip out of state. We had it towed to the nearest dealer who kept it for 3 weeks. They replaced gaskets, an O-ring, Fuel injector assy, catalytic converter, spark plugs etc. :sick: It's driveable now, but after two weeks we checked the oil level and it was two quarts low on oil since we took possession of it two weeks ago. Took it into the Honda dealer where we purchased it. They told me last year that it would take several days if not a week to diagnose the oil consumption problem. This was before the partial engine failure we experienced Christmas eve. Same day they called me and told me the van was ready for pick-up. They'd checked it out. Changed the oil. Couldn't find a thing. Bring it back in two weeks. HUH??? Ridiculous!!! :mad: Any suggestions? We're still covered by an extended warrantee for 20,000 more miles. Too bad the catalytic converter wasn't.
Diagnosis at engine failure: "Caused by Found 30 PSI in cylinder one. 130 in all others removed head and found exhaust valve burnt through." In English this means?? Thanks for your help in advance.


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    I bought the 2008 Odyssey from Norme Reeves Honda in Cerritos in December 07. I took it in for service to Norme Reeves in July 2008 because the engine light came on. Norme Reeves did a free service which included oil change. The odometer about 8000 miles. I asked about the engine light and was told that it was nothing to be concerned about. The engine light was shut off.

    For the past four months, the battery drained out without cause about 10 times including the morning of the car's seize. On each occasion, we jump started the car.

    The night of the car's death, my wife moved the car from the parking lot which is on a level surface, to the street which has steep slope. Within minutes, the car stalled and didn't restart. We tried jumping again but this time it didn't start. It sounded liked it was out of gas. The gas meter read 1/2 full. (There are two documented complaints with Consumer Affairs about 08 Odyssey stalling on slopes.)

    Next morning, we changed the battery as we did with our new 2004 Odyssey that had the same battery problem. The new battery solved the problem with the 2004. This time, the car didn't restart.

    We towed the car to the nearest dealer, Colonial Honda of Glendale, that morning. In the afternoon, the rep called and said the engine was seized. He said the mechanic drained only 1 quart of oil from the engine. Because the smart warning system read over 5000 miles overdue in service, Honda denied warranty.

    I asked the mechanic if it was normal for an engine to burn off all that oil in 10,000 miles, he said it was not. I called Honda Customer Care and discussed the situation. I told her I added 2 quarts of oil to the car when the warning light came on about a month ago and that it was odd that the mechanic drained only 1 quart of oil in the engine. The dipstick mark indicated sufficient oil and warning shut off. She put me on hold, then came back to tell me they won't honor the warranty because I added oil myself and not at the dealer.

    Next day, I took the car to Norme Reeves Honda for a second opinion. They gave me the similar answer as Colonial. This time, the rep said the oil used in the Odyssey is natural oil rather than synthetic and can burn off all the oil in 10,000. I asked him why other cars don't burn oil that fast. He said 08 Odysseys have different engine and burns more oil.

    Now the car has about 18,000 miles. It is 2008 Odyssey Touring and has a smart warning system that indicates that it's overdue for service. Since my first car as a kid, I serviced all my cars every 7500 to 10,000 miles. I just added oil if the indicator read low in between service. None ever seized or burned 4 quarts of oil in a month.
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    dvr, just wondering if your Odyssey has the Variable Cylinder Management system (shuts down 2 cylindars when cruising to supposedly save gas) We just had the engine replaced on a 2009 Honda Odyssey with 7200 miles. When examined the dealer determined that seals or gaskets on engine valve exhaust were not installed by manufacturer and we had NO OIL in the engine. They indicated "a small handful of engines left the factory like this" A web search turns up numerous 2008-2010 Honda owners who have reported unusual or unexplained engine oil loss or consumption. Not sure if it is limited to the vehicles like ours with the Variable Cylinder Management system. Honda USA has not announced a recall or shown there are steps in place to protect consumers. Our engine FAILED (rear cam seized) while my wife was sitting at idle for about 25 minutes waiting to pick up our kids from school. I am thankful the engine failed at idle and not while driving down the highway with children on board. I told a friend at work about my wife’s experience and he immediately checked the oil on his 2010 Odyssey. No oil reading on the dipstick with only 3200 miles on his new car. No warning lights. The dealer drained his engine and found less than two quarts were in the engine which holds four and a half. The dealer filled the oil and said to come back in 1000 miles. That is a tough call when you have your wife and children riding in the vehicle. Honda obviously cannot take apart every engine to see who has this defect and I applaud them for not trying to blame us and quickly replacing our engine. My concern is for my friend and others who have had unexplained engine oil loss who may not be aware of the manufacturer defect and for others on the web who have been told by dealers that since they changed their own oil or allowed someone other than Honda to service the oil that the engine replacement would not be covered under warranty. In my opinion, regardless of the fact of who changed the oil, if Honda did not install the exhaust valve gaskets which led to the loss of oil without indications, they owe the consumer a new engine. Just so no one thinks there is absolutely no warning, I offer that at 3500 miles the check engine light came on (we thought it was the computer telling us a normal service was due) We called dealer, brought the van in and they noted the oil was quite a bit low for so few miles. We chalked it up as a strange, but normal oil change at dealer and check engine was reset. At 7100 miles while I was deployed to the Middle East in the military, my wife had the following indications of an imminent engine seizure. Note there is no running hot, no oil in driveway, no steady oil light, no engine noise or vibrations, and no blue or dark smoke in the exhaust) Her indications of the upcoming failure were, a flicker of a check engine light and flash of oil light when braking hard. She called the dealer and was told they had no openings and could bring car in next afternoon. She started car in morning and no warning lights were on so she drove kids to school 1 mile away. She went back to pick up our oldest and had the car idling for 25 minutes and the engine simply quit and would not restart. No oil light etc just prior to failure. Note that tow trucks cannot hold you and 2 car seats and a booster seat, so when your car breaks down you are in big trouble. Bottom line: If you are the owner of a 2008-2010 Honda with the 6 cylinder Variable Cylinder Management system or have experienced unexplained oil loss or oil consumption, check your oil every 1000 miles. Get the oil loss documented at the dealer. Tell them you want the unexplained oil loss fixed and give them 3 attempts. If you live in Florida you have 24 months from purchase under the lemon law. If unexplained oil consumption not explained insist they take engine apart and see if the valve exaust gaskets were installed. If anyone needs a reference, contact Wesley Chapel Honda in FL. My friend will be watching his oil closely and if he ends up with same issue as me, we will be contacting Honda USA and if they dont have a plan to assist consumers, the BBB will get a copy of the letter to Honda.
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    Update. Honda replaced the engine which seized due to NO OIL. When the van was returned, the engine was noisier than before *this is a 2009 with 7200 miles and a new engine) The mech blamed rattling noises on a valve that was not alligned or tightened or something. They returned the van the next day. Was still not completely happy and they said it takes 1000 miles for the valves to "settle" and tighten on their own. (anyone have that in writing in a mech manual?) So we took their advice. At 1000 miles there is no oil on the dipstick and I am taking the van back to Honda and unless someone magicazlly explains what is going on, I will execute the Florida Lemon Law and hopefully have a refund to go buy a different brand vehicle. I have owned 6 Hondas and my trust has been busted. Note in my previous post a co-worked has a 2010 that had no oil on dipstick at 3200 miles, so this is not just a fluke. Anyone have any data on the VCM Engine that may shed light on what is going on with the insane amount of oil being consumed and anyone know what else is being gummed up due to this problem, i.e. exhaust and catalytic converter being damaged too? Thoughts??
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    Where to begin...this van is a pos and after several hondas I am finally done with this brand. At 300 miles I had the brake master cylinder replaced because the pedal would not spring back to normal position. Now I have just over 7000 miles on my new van and it has a slight knocking noise from the engine. It also consumes 1qt oil every 2K miles. Luckily I checked it at 4500 miles before it ran out.

    I am taking it in to the dealer tomorrow for the following issues:

    1. passenger airbag alignment to the dash. there is a nice gap between the airbag and the rest of the outline of the dash. found a tech bulletin on this fix.

    2. excessive engine knocking heard at idle. no tech bulletin that i could find.

    3. torque converter lock out making downshifting very jerky when decellerating under 45mph.
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    I have a 2009 Odyssey with 10,000 miles. Eats oil identically to yours. 1 qt every 2k. Honda is of no help with this issue, as I sent a letter to them, and they have been a bit argumentative about the entire situation.

    Have not noticed the knocking, but either I am getting some weird torque out of the engine causing the engine to labor, or it's related to something weird with the oil consumption.

    Good luck. Please let me know what you have found out about the oil consumption, as Honda says it's not excessive, yet out of all my previous Honda's, none used ANY oil.
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    Honda does have a Maintence Bulliten from 2004 or so that my dealer found. If you think your engine consumes too much oil they have a program that aloows the dealer to do an oil consumption test (replace filter and oil every 1000 miles) and measure consumption. This is at no cost to you or the dealer and covered under warranty. Did not get an answer on what is done if they confirm the engine is consuming a quart every 1000 miles or every 2000 miles, but ask your delaer start the test and lets get this documented so we can start a class action law suit if Honda does not take appropriate action. I refuse to accept that a new vehicle will consume a quart of oil evrey 2000 miles much less ever 1000 miles. I have older vehicles that did not consume a quart in 5000 miles. Anyone at all please chime in if your 2008-2010 Honda withthe 6 cylindar VCM engine is consuming oil. Need to get this out in the light of day.
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    The dealer has started the oil consumption test. As of now, it still appears that 1 qt will be needed after 2,000 miles.

    The dealer also charged me for an oil change, as they claim "regular maintenance" is not a warranty item. I reluctantly paid them for the oil change, even though it's NOT regular maintenance.

    It is good to see that others are starting to have the same problems. The dealer, as well as Honda North America both act as though I am the only one with this issue.

    Also, from the previous posts, it sounds like replacing the engine may not be a good option either. Am I reading this wrong, or are the replacement engines a problem also?

    Let's hope more people come forward on this issue. What a disappointment to spend over $30,000 for a vehicle that has this problem!
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    Not sure if you saw my complete post under another thread. I spoke to my friend with the 2010 that had 3200 miles and was eating oil. He has completed the first 1000 mile oil consumption test and the dealer said it used less than a quart. They did not drain and measure the remaining oil (just eyeballed the dipstick) I dont buy that and the way the oil comsumption bulletin reads, it implies the oil will be drained and measured and the oil filter replaced and new oil added at 1000 miles at no cost to dealer and you. How else can they accurately measure oil consumption, unless they drain and measure. The dipstick is not accurate enough, unless all they care is if it grossly uses up oil. There must be a set standard (i.e. engine must be off for XXX minutes to allow oil to drain to the oil pan, etc etc) My major concern is that there was no blatant indication there was an oil problem and the engine was about to seize. Honda can not possible say that my first engine was normal as the oil was topeed of at 3400 miles by the dealer and the engine had NO OIL and seized at 7200 miles (used 4.5 quarts in less than 4000 miles) no oil warning light !! No codes in the CPU. The new engine is off to a bad start as it is much noiser (dealer blamed loose valve and adjusted it with no effect and said I need to wait 1000 miles to allow the new engine to break in) New engine consumed over a quart in 1000 miles but since they did not start the oil consumption test by the book, I am starting now. Just hope anyone with similar issues posts here so we can get correct attention from Honda USA.
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    Thanks for the info. I am really not feeling very good about this, and how Honda is choosing to not come forward and admit there's a problem.

    I am going to a different dealer now, maybe, just maybe, they will be of better help. The dealer I purchased the car from did not even know how to properly read the dipstick, as they "overfilled" it during the start of the test!
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    I have a fully loaded 2010 EXL-Nav/DVD/leather and it eats oil like its free. During the first approximately 4500 miles the thing ate 2.5 out of the 4.5 quarts of oil in the vehicle. The dealer has been pro Honda Corp and has stated oil consumption is normal (up to one quart per one thousand miles per some mysterious honda corp bulletin the dealer would not give me a copy of), as I've been experiencing roughly one quart of oil loss per 2000 miles, which is only half of what the dealer requires it eat before they dismantle the engine to look for the problem. I've spoke to other 2009-2010 odyssey owners who are experiencing the same problem and have burnt up an engine in the worst case scenario here in south florida. My rate of oil consumption (1 qt per 2k miles) would leave the vehicle out of oil at 9000 miles. I'm no engineer, but isn't the goal of seals, gaskets, filters, rings, engineered parts, etc supposed to not let an engine burn any oil in an internally sealed unit such as my improperly designed Odyssey V6? Well maybe an insignificant amount of oil is lost in even the best design, i'll give you up to a 1/4 to 1/2 quart between oil changes at a 5000 mile interval but nothing more. I hope a Honda Corp management figure reads this and takes action, as this cover up has gotten out of hand. Don't by an Odyssey until they get this issue fixed. I have roughly 6000 miles on the vehicle now and we're performing another oil consumption test over the next 2-3k miles...we'll see. Disappointed in South Florida.
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    2010 Odyssey Oil: Good luck. I should absolutely NOT be happy in what I am going to tell you, but my oil consumption is getting worse with 10k miles. I am now down to a quart in 1600. So, whatever it is, is apparently getting worse.

    There's another thread on this same issue that I wrote previously, but for some reason, both discussions are not tied together. There were 2 guys that replied that really knew what they were talking about.

    Just for what it's worth, login to your Honda Owners Link online. Read about when to change the oil, and it specifically says there's a special oil in it from the factory to help the engine brake in. If your dealer simply just "changed" the oil, did they put the special oil back in?

    I was very picky when purchasing this van. I did not even look at Toyota. Bad move as you know. I am so disappointed with this issue that I wish everyone would come forward to begin a class-action lawsuit.

    Let me know what happens. Maybe the others in Southern Florida (where it's cold now) could write about their experiences, too? If they received new engines, were they corrected this time?

    Talk to you soon!
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    I have 2009 EX-L and just passed the 4000 mark.

    How do I check without bring it into the dealer for the oil consumption test? I've look at the dipstick and it is between the upper and lower mark.

    I'm from NYC and it's freezing here.

    Please check out the 2 threads frm odyclub. This look like a common problems.
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    WOW, I guess I'm not the only one with massive oil consumption on a 2008 Honda Odyssey, two dealers plus the Honda rep., said they had never heard of such a thing, I would guess not one of you reported your oil loss problems to Honda???? I fell over when they said there was 1 quart in the engine, when I had 3,800 miles since my last oil change, imagine my surprise when NO OIL LIGHT came on NO CHECK ENGINE light came on, the only light was an emissions light and I drove 5 miles to the nearest dealer. They wanted $500.00 to dismantle the engine to see if it was my fault. I have 22,000 miles on this truck and in full warranty. Does anyone know of any CLASS ACTION suit going on YET with this problem. I have personally purchased 10 brand new trucks and mini vans including the Armada and Escalade, big V8s that did not use oil like this. I wonder if HONDA wants a trade in for say anything but a HONDA. I purchased this truck thinking it was one of the best on the market, not only is it NOT the dealerships and Honda Co. leave quite a lot to be desired. I owe big on this truck and I may need a new engine. I don't trust any of these crooks to open the engine. I have my service records and the company I use does use the proper oil on every one of our trucks and they are very very good and we have used this service place for 20 years for our fleet of work trucks and the dealer tried to blame them for not putting in the oil, which I know is not true. What is true is the warning lights did not come on. I would like to know if anyone has reported this to Honda and or the BBB or any government agency???? There are many other things not right with this truck, like the doors, Help from anyone who can direct me to the right place. Honda is counting on us the little guy not to have the time to fight this well I don't have the time but I guess I will make time I don't want to hear anyone like a HONDA rep on this discussion telling us how we should check our oil every 100 feet. I am sure you all will know this is the VARIABLE ENGINE, to what save gas and buy new engines that will cost several thousands of dollars. I guess this is planned for parts use
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    Just happened to us, see #14 for story, no warning lights, had 22,000 plus miles had several oil changes, this one maybe different? 3,800 miles since last one. 3 1/2 quarts low!!!!!! the cold? idle more? how about a bad engine Honda will not own up to until enough people complain. I have never experienced such poor service and lies, like no one at Honda has heard of this problem. I just bought a frig from sears, does not work, they said no problem, if you want call for service or you have 90 days to bring it back. Wow I told the guy I wish you sold cars too. This is a sin the way Honda's dealers and their Regional Rep are approaching this. How can they think I will pay them $500.00 to see what is wrong with this new van in full warranty, especially in light of THERE WAS NO WARNING LIGHT. Can you suggest a different approach I am just starting this problem with the dealer I purchased it from
    I talked on the phone and it sounds like the same garbage as the first dealer gave me.I should have gone there first but the emmissions light came on and went 5 miles instead of 15 miles. I have not said who the dealers are yet, we'll see what happens
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    Contact Honda North America, located in Torrence, CA. Contact them by phone, and also by certified letter. They will assign you a case number. Expect really no help from all of the above, but then as things get more-and-more ugly, then you have a leg to stand on that you did notify Honda, and they cannot deny it since you sent a certified letter.

    As far as the oil consumption test, you have to go to a Honda dealer. They will charge you for an oil change for some reason, which I don't agree with, but reluctantly paid.

    You then drive 1,000 miles, and bring it back in to be "read" by the dealer. They document the oil loss, then fill it back, and you repeat the process for another 1,000 miles. Then, they have the oil consumption test completed.

    Now, Honda acts as if the vehicle gets over 1,000 miles before requiring a quart of oil, you're within spec. So, at least for me, I am within spec, even though it's burning oil.

    Not what I planned on when purchasing a vehicle over $30k!! And, it's unacceptable to me, regardless of what Honda claims.

    I have not heard of any class action lawsuit, but from reading this continuing thread on Edmunds, it looks as though a major problem is erupting with Honda and this engine. Honda acts as if I am the only 1 with this problem, hence my posting on Edmunds!

    If anyone does get to the bottom of what's going on with their van, please reply back. I am convinced there was an integral part either left out, or out of specification, during the manufacturing/design process. And, if many seem to have this problem, it will be an expensive fix for Honda and they will fight it I'm sure...

    Let's unite in this fight!
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    How do we unite to discuss this problem on a less than public arena in the event we start a class action suit? We must find the best law office who would love to handle a class action, that alone will be a job. There are so many issues excessive oil use, coupled with no warning lights going on, damage or loss of an engine on a brand new truck, bad gas mileage, etc.etc.and not to mention the very serious possibility someone could be going 60mph on the freeway and the engine could freeze up and cause an accident. In my opinion this is far more than just a consumer complaint about oil use and thousands of dollars in damage, lives are also in danger. We must contact the right Federal Agency along with Honda, the dealers, also for sure the BBB and the proper Consumer Agency. This going to time consuming but if we do the what is right it could save lives. Honda can't be stupid, my guess is they got to the bottom line and figured some people will accept their feeble excuses, a lawsuit is no big deal they have floors of attorneys, they may loose a few customers because people like us are speaking out I would like to remind Honda the reason they got this far is because American auto makers were doing what they are now doing poor quality and poor customer service, and guess what HONDA IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU just like the old American auto makers (who have improved 1,000,000% I wish I would have bought American, last but most important, some people may be seriously injured or die, obviously they accept that because it will be cheaper than doing a massive recall to check all the VCM engines in Honda. I know this is David and Goliath, I believe we owe it to the other unsuspecting Honda owners who have their families in this truck. To a lot of car dealers and Honda the consumer is a mark, the worst part is they don't try to hide it. I would love to know the date and numbers on the oil check Honda issued? Anyone know? Also anyone who know of any other recalls on this truck I would like to know, in addition any all notices for repair, I have several problems with this truck, too numerous to mention. Let's work together and see if we can make an HONEST COMPANY OUT OF HONDA, You may be too young but in the 80's Cadillac came out with the first variable engine that I know of and that was a complete disaster for them. History always seems to repeat itself, the worst part about it, I had a bad feeling about that type of engine when I was buying it but sadly I didn't listen to my own instincts. LET'S GET TO WORK AND KEEP UP WITH PROGRESS IT MAY SAVE ALL OF US SOME TIME.

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    I am not sure about a class action lawsuit--yet! From past experieces, the only person benefitting from this is the lawyer.

    You keep referring to your vehicle as a truck. I am assuming you mean an Odyssey van, but not sure if you are or not.

    I am thinking of taking to court individually, as that would be very costly to Honda. Also, any jury trial would favor our complaints, as our complaints are very genuine.

    Be careful if you contact the BBB. I think (but am not sure) if you ask BBB for assistance and they agree to arbitration, you forfeit your right to going to court. Not sure on that though.

    Finally, I am hopeful that we get enough people on this site that it starts getting Honda some press on this, and people running searches see our complaints popping up on the first screen.
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    I know you are right about a class action, I suppose if a lawyer would take it on a contingency, that would be better for you or anyone else. THE LATEST ARROW IN THE HEART, IS THIS VAN CAN HAVE ONE QUART OF OIL LEFT IN YOUR BRAND NEW ODYSSEY ENGINE AND THE OIL LIGHT DOES NOT HAVE TO COME ON. I wonder when it does have to come on. I am sure even with what you had left I think you said 2 quarts there could be damage to the engine. I've talked with several people and the general thought is with 1 quart left there could very well be damage. Have you had door problems yet? How about the leather seats fading in color? How about the rear hatch not shutting right or the front doors not shutting right? How about the motors on the automatic back doors? How about the brakes? How about several other issues I have with this hunk of junk. I have had a few problems with the other brands but nothing even close to this and the dealers and the factory never tried to worm out of their responsibility to cover in full factory warranty. This is insane and if it were not so much money my van list is 32K a new engine is??? This is like some banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, bottom line, money talks and we walk. In the envelope with your owners manual is a phamplet that has the lemon law in it. You will get a good laugh, Honda says to go to the BBB (which is a good organization) instead of hiring an attorney because then you don't have to pay out any money to a lawyer. If in the event the decision goes against the consumer we still have the right to get an attorney and sue. Check your lemon law phamplet you got with your brand new Odyssey. I wonder if we ripped off someone like Honda is trying to rip us off how much time would we get in jail for a crime over $30,000.00. I think it all boils down to what is reasonable, this is not reasonable and I can't see any jury thinking a brand new vehicle with a 6cyl should burn through this amount of oil. My guess is most companies may have similar owners manuals it is called C.Y.A., this issue may be more than just with Honda. I will be sending the BBB a letter next week and someone suggested to send a Certified letter to Honda also. I will go through the steps, and hopefully Honda will step up to the plate and do what is right, if not all we can do is try and tell everyone who will listen not to buy a Honda. They are counting on the average person to just lay down because it is going to take time. I don't happen to make the kind of money I can just forget this is happening. We need to get on more web sites and tell our story, we owe to the other Honda Odyssey owners. Hopefully others will see our story along with other Honda owners this has happened to and it does get high on the web. Keep it up I know I will. I will keep you and others posted at the progress and hopefully you will too.
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    It is really hard to read. Please put them in paragraphs to help other readers read.

    From the oddy forum, many said it is the break in period that consume so much oil.
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    Sorry this is the first time I have been on any forum like this, and believe me if I wasn't so appalled about the trouble and the way the dealers and Honda have handled this I would not be on this one.

    I have over 22,000 miles on this Honda Odyssey and the oil has been changed numerous times. This is the only time this has happened since I have owned this van.

    My question of the hour is, at what point does the oil light come on? At what point does the engine light come on? I want to know what reasonable thinking person would expect any 6cyl. to burn this kind of oil all of a sudden with not one warning like coming on.

    I am not a fool, and I may not be a mechanic, but I have spoken with quite of few of them. Frankly, they are shocked this van used this kind of oil and no warning indicators coming on.

    I drive all of my vehicles with care, I never ever stomp on the gas ever, 90% is freeway driving. So to say how the van was broken in may be a point for some Honda Odyssey owners, but that does not fly with me.

    Out of the my personal 10 new auto purchases, all of them were driven in excess of 100k some to 150k before I sold them or traded them in.

    The break in period excuse sounds to me like another pass the buck, Honda is putting out so they can try to get out of their responsibility to fullfill their end of the, obviously vague and Cover Y. A. stance in their owners manual and their warranty and of course first and most important, on their product.

    Believe me no one could be more shocked than I am at the #1 poor quality and #2 the outrageous disregard for the consumer, who I might add, has and is paying tens of thousands of dollars for their product.

    I beg anyone to answer any of my questions that will make me understand how this possibly could have happened.

    Just so everyone knows, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THIS IS AND HAS HAPPENED TO.

    I will keep watching for any reasonable answer I can get other than the obvious, HONDA HAS A HUGE PROBLEM THEY ARE NOT DEALING WITH IN AN HONEST MANNER.
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    Can I get an AMEN ! Dendro has summed up the issues 1, 2, 3 . .

    I am 600 miles into the by the book Honda oil consumption test (requires 1000 mile) and it will be interesting as level has already dropped on stick

    I will bet my next paycheck Honda will say it is normal but we still have the clickity engine noise since engine replacement at 7200 miles due to no oil and no oil light

    Saw a Honda mech only bulletin about cam shaft area oil leak, and looking for more info on that.

    If you are reading and have same issue MAKE A POST stop just reading and lets get this documented. If honest to Moses it is only 5 or 6 people in the US then why would Honda care, if it is 5 or 6 thousand well .. . . . Make a Post! even if just to say me too. Just saying. .
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    I have the same oil problem. Had the oil changed through the dealer for the first 2 times, no one mentioned any problems. Had the oil changed last week by another company and they told be I had no oil in the vehicle.
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    I see another person just got on this no oil, no oil light, no engine light thing. We all have a huge problem

    It is true if no one complains Honda will tell us to take a long walk on a short pier.

    I checked with, We need to get on this, I will file a complaint with Honda, BBB and anyone else I can. On the gov,. site there is hundreds of complaints about brakes and doors and basically the same issues I happen to have beside THE ENGINE WITH NO OIL AND NO OIL LIGHT OR ENGINE LIGHT..

    This would be a really good report for 60 Minuets or one like that. Big Corp. cheats the consumers.

    People file your complaints, if you only file with Honda and BBB, it is not going to get out much. I own a small business and my time is tight, I haven't had a day off since 2002, when we started loosing business. I wonder if HONDA CUT BACK ON QUALITY SINCE BUSINESS WENT DOWN???. Personally I prefer to sleep at night and give more than 100% to my customers.

    I am tempted to put a huge sign on my Odyssey, IF YOU OWN AN ODYSSEY CHECK YOUR OIL FOR NO OIL. I travel all over our city and suburbs, so it would be seen my hundreds of other poor Odyssey owners.

    I can't wait to hear the next excuse from from Honda and or dealership as to why the oil light did not come on or the engine light. That is a safety issue if ever there was one, even if it did not cause an accident, if the engine seized, how about the extreme danger of just being broken down on a freeway. We have all heard the numerous stories of people getting hit and killed when they off on the side of the road.

    I will keep checking and see if more people pick up on this forum, but anyone who has the time, and you find a different forum that gets a lot of attention, let me know.

    Has anyone posted these problems on the Honda forum? I think there is more Honda reps., on this site than consumers, what do you think?
  • rustybobrustybob Member Posts: 2
    Dendro....I have a similiar problem.

    For all those listening, here is my story. I currnently own 3 Odysseys.
    2000 w/ 245,000 miles (all original engine + trans) uses almost zero oil.
    2005 w/ 80,000 miles (all original as well) uses almost zero oil.
    2006 w/40,000 miles (PROBLEM)

    Over the summer I purchased a used Odyssey with @ 26,000. Took it to the dealer
    before buying for inspection...It checked out Ok.

    Drove the car a few thousand miles on the oil that came with the car with
    no incidents. After a few thousand miles on the oil that came with the car,
    I changed the oil (I do my own oil changes) to a synthetic.

    The car had no visiable oil leaks after the oil change.

    I drove the car a few thousand miles, checked the oil to find that it was off of the stick!
    I immediately added oil. It needed @ 2 quarts.

    At somepoint shortly thereafter, the car developed a ticking sound in the engine at idle.

    Car seemed to perform ok, but the ticking noise persisted and oil consumption became
    huge after this point!

    I took the car to an authorized Honda dealer.

    Honda USA's solution is for me to pay 100% for a new engine.

    There was no sign of any oil leakeage mentioned...

    Did I check my oil weekly, NO. (Do I have to?)

    Was I a fairly conscientious owner YES.

    I'm the same person who drove my other two Odysseys to 320,000 miles with no issues.

    I have driven @ 700,000 miles in my life and have never before damaged an engine
    due to running low on oil. I check my oil at "reasonable" intervals and have never run
    an engine low until this Odyssey with @ 30,000 miles.
  • dendrodendro Member Posts: 19

    Looks like another ONE bit the dust. That is an engine to be accurate on a Honda Odyssey.

    The new engine came out in 2005 the VCM on most if not all Odyssey Vans, would be my guess. they have made changes many time it will be interesting to see how much of a change in 07.08,09,10,

    This problem has to go public or Honda and probably most other car makers will sit back on their fat you know what and watch the little guy buy new engines for their junk.

    CHECK OUT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION---ODI RESUME ON THE 07-08 HONDA ODYSSEY FOR BRAKE PROBLEMS, 610 COMPLAINTS, 4 CRASHES/FIRES, 3 INJURY, AND FROM I SEE NO RECALL,.The gov. is investigating thank God, but I can see it will take a mandate from Heaven to have Honda do anything about this oil consumption loss until someone gets hurt or dies. Or more people complain to ALL SOURCES AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE.

    This Honda is not too good for old folks, can you imagine an older woman checking her oil every 100 feet, now put that senior in a wheel chair and see how man or woman could check the oil like that.

    Now how would the old folks be able to pay someone to do it for them, half of these elderly are skipping medications to save money.

    PEOPLE REPORT YOUR PROBLEMS FROM THE HIGHEST ROOF TOP. to anyone who will hear, all the above mentioned avenues, BBB, Honda, Fed.Gov, try the local media and national media, only then will these crooks own up to what they are doing to the little guy.

    My story is the same as yours I've driven hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of miles in my time and have never experienced this amount of oil consumption and neglect from the Corp. THAT IS RESPONISBLE.




  • rustybobrustybob Member Posts: 2

    Yes, I am referring to an engine that got burned up on an 06 Odyssey at 30k miles.

    Now my burned-up engine is not the VCM variety.

    To my knowledge, the VCM's started in 2005 on the Touring and EX-L-Navigation
    trim packages.

    In addition, while this particular engine used way too much oil, I can say from
    speaking with mechanics that the low oil warning lights do not come on until
    there is a real problem. Essentially, by the time the warning light comes on,
    you're in for a repair bill of some variety.

    This is the case with not just Honda, but with other makes as well.
  • smarple865smarple865 Member Posts: 1
    I'm 2300 miles into ownership of a 2010 Odyssey EX-L and just checked the oil: Down 1 qt.

    This is definitely unusual for this day and age. I haven't had a car that burned through this much oil since the 1980s.

    I saw this forum and my heart sank. Five years of payments ahead of me, only to be feeding this beast oil on a regular basis. Ugh!
  • dendrodendro Member Posts: 19
    Well, my good news is, I took the van back to dealer who I purchased it from, Buerkle Honda in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, THEY ARE GREAT

    BE AWARE THEY ARE NOT THE DEALER WHO WANTED $500.00 TO SEE IF THERE WAS DAMAGE. With one quart left in the engine.

    It was a wonderful experience, Buerkle Honda checked the engine thoroughly, assured me they could tell by their equipment if there was any damage, and said the vans engine was perfect. It does run very good, they fixed the other issues I had, like the door etc.. My warranty is valid, and I can purchase an extended warranty if I want that will cover everything.

    I must say, when I brought it in, I expected I would have to battle to get my point across, however, it was just the opposite, the service guy couldn't have been more thoughtful and understanding so was the service manager. Obviously Honda does watch these forums, so if you have problems you must keep up the forums and go through the right contacts to get satisfaction.

    I did not get an answer as to how low the oil can get before the oil pressure sign comes on, I still believe this issue is so serious not only with Honda but all auto makers, this has to be addressed.

    This could happen to anyone, I did not get an answer to where all my oil went 3 1/2 quarts in 3,800 miles. The dealer told me to come in when I wanted and they would check it. I would recommend everyone to do that, so it is on the record.

    I don't know if this was a once in lifetime deal, I had the oil changed many times before with no problems or if it is something else, All I know is Honda must have addressed the oil loss mystery because I was taken care of like I was royalty.

    I still think the oil pressure issue should be addressed to all auto makers, it is stupid for them to design and build an expensive auto and not give the consumer a way to be warned if something is going wrong.

    In my case it worked out, I guess the squeaky wheel does get oiled. I am in small business so I have learned in the past 40 years to squeak a lot or these big companies will walk all over you.

    Keep up the work and I will keep watching my van and I am praying this van will be all I thought it would be when I purchased it.

  • 08odysseyms08odysseyms Member Posts: 2
    I am a unhappy new owner of a 2008 Honday Odyssey with VCM. My vehicle uses 1 quart every 2k miles since new. It has close to 30k miles. On few occations, it blew out blue smoke.

    Livermore Ca Honda told me it is normal when a vehicle blew out blue smoke and that it is within spec if the vehicle burns 1 quart per 1k miles. If I knew about this stupid rule, I wouldn't shell out $34k for my vehicle. The lack of concerns about my complaints just really make me distrust Honda.

    I owned over 5 hondas and acuras in my life. My Acura CL-S burns no oil after 5k miles. The engine has over 100k miles on the odometer.

    I'll probably trade in my vehicle after the warrantee is over and may be try the new Toyota Sienna. I am sure they will fix their quality issues by then.
  • dendrodendro Member Posts: 19
    edited February 2010
    Well I thought my problem was solved as well, it seems my Odyssey was OK, now it seems it is still burning oil. All I CAN SAY IS TOYOTA, HONDA BETTER DO A BETTER JOB OF TAKING CARE OF THE PROBLEMS THEY SOLD TO CUSTOMERS FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. It is a real shame this is happening. There is no way these autos should use this amount of oil. Something is wrong and it does not matter how much they say it is usual. That is a crock of you know what. File your complaints with Honda and the Better Business Bureau and The Federal Government. Hopefully Honda will not want to go down the tubes like Toyota is. All because they did not address the problem in a timely fashion.
    Keep up the posting and do the work and we can just hope Honda takes care of their customers. I will be posting more now that I see this thing is still burning oil, I do not have black smoke however, it must be divine the oil just vanishes. Sorry about your bad luck join the club,
  • blowbyblowby Member Posts: 2
    Any one have a problem with a 2010 Odyessy with the VCM function have a rear cam lock-up? It seems Honda has a design defect whereby the rear cam does not get enoguh oil and it locks-up! Happened to me at 4000 miles and of course the valves went smashing into the pistons...Honda and Dealer are installing the "new design" heads to cure my problem...Geez with things like this going on makes you wonder where to buy a car next. This was my third and last Honda!
  • hogan773hogan773 Member Posts: 255
    Ive never seen reference to this "design defect" before. This is not a new engine, and its used on several models I believe for many years. Have others heard of this defect?
  • johnny81johnny81 Member Posts: 2
    I am seriously considering buying a 2010 EXL with RES and NAV. This forum is scaring me! Are the oil consumption problems in prior year models... and have hopefully been fixed in the brand new models?? There is another forum about transmission problems and excessive road noise. It seems like a very nice van but these forums are giving me pause to re-think this.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you....
  • hogan773hogan773 Member Posts: 255
    I just bought a 2010. Great van and drives nicely.

    Please take these (and any) forums with many grains of salt, and understand that they are NOT a representative sample of all buyers.

    If you are buying a TV, you can DEFINITELY find someone on the World Wide Web who either (1) hates the TV and thinks its picture sux or (2) had their TV crap out on them.

    Does that mean that all TVs will have that problem?

    Please go read the threads on Toyota Sienna and you will also be scared if you read enough.......and then read the threads for other cars.

    Read enough threads, and you will be walking........because there are gripes about EVERYTHING!
  • johnny81johnny81 Member Posts: 2
    hogan773, Point well taken. Do you experience the wind noise at higher speeds? i will test drive this weekend. thx.
  • hogan773hogan773 Member Posts: 255
    edited March 2010
    I dunno - not really - I am coming from a Honda Pilot and that had pretty noisy tires I guess. I was cruising at 85 the other day and the Odyssey seemed fine to me. Its not an S-Class Mercedes Limo, or a Lexus LS450. But those cars dont have 3 rows of seats, a DVD screen in the roof and room for my luggage and strollers in the back.

    Thus far I really like it. I'll be taking it on a road trip soon so we'll see what I think after that.

    I think the Internet is great for researching things - I do it to a fault. I prob saved $1000+ just from reading these boards! But sometimes its bad, because you haven't even driven it yet but you're getting scared away from a message board.

    Take the info seriously for research purposes, but I think the biggest mistake on these boards is extrapolating too much.....someone literally said on here they believed that ALL Odysseys had failed transmissions! Doesn't pass the sniff test I'm afraid.....

    Go drive it. If you like the way it drives, and you like the functionality of the interior (we did a lot), and you get a good deal, just buy the thing. If you're really freaked out after reading message boards, then waste spend $750 on an extended warranty.

    The good thing about minivans, if that's what you're needing, is there are really only TWO choices......Sienna or Odyssey. So either you read the boards and decide that you might have a problem with either (cause hey, someone else did!) or you just get what you want/need and enjoy it. If you are unlucky, then you deal with it thru warranty. Life is full of risks - don't deprive yourself of the TOP RATED minivan for several years running because a few vocal posters came to a board to tell everyone the sky is falling.
  • brob68brob68 Member Posts: 6
    I agree.

    Also, most people don't come here to brag about what they have, they come to complain about it. If all the people with problem free vans were to post here you wouldn't be able to find the bad posts.

    I have a 2008 Odyssey EX that i've driven from Florida to Canada and have yet to need anything but oil changes.
  • hogan773hogan773 Member Posts: 255
    Ok so I just drove 200 highway miles today in the new Odyssey. During part of the trip there was quite noticeable wind noise up to the left of my drivers I thought "this is what everyone is complaining about"

    But then for another part of the trip, it was pretty hushed.

    I think it has something to do with the external wind.....if its blowing in a crosswind then perhaps the noise is greater, but if its calmer outside then not so much. In neither case was it enough for me to start a thread on here called "I HATE HONDAS THEY ARE SO NOISY IN TERMS OF WIND!" I just thought it was interesting, and if memory serves, I've seen this effect in my other vehicles too.....
  • blowbyblowby Member Posts: 2
    Well believe me there is an issue as when I had my new 2010 in the dealer there was three other people in there with the same issue. Evidently Honda changed somethign for the 2010 model year and are revertign back to the other design heads.

    I traded in a 2003 Odyssey with 120k trouble free miles to purchase my new one. I should have stayed with what I had.
  • dendrodendro Member Posts: 19
    I took my 2008 Odyssey 1,665 miles after the dealer changed my oil and the van was down1 quart 3 ounces. It barely registered on the dip stick. Please HONDA how can any new auto use that much oil. I did not sign up for an oil pig when I bought this van.
    I passed on the information to the dealer about the design flaw in the cam on the 2010 that was on this forum, I'm sure that hit the garbage. I guess because all the dealers say that anyone can write anything on the internet forums. I agree, except it is happening to my Honda, when I first found out about my oil use, I searched the internet for similar problems and came across Edmunds forum. I was surprised to see others with the same problem, so I sincerely doubt Ford or GM wrote it up especially since we all have the same problem with the same engine.
    I wonder if Honda can spell TOYOTA, if they let this go on and on like Toyota we will see an American public go back to American made automobiles. Now the question of the hour is, have the US auto makers learned a lesson about quality?

    My next question is did Honda write into Edmunds with the excuse some TV's are bad and some TV's are good? I was in the electronics business and I have to say some brands were 99% always good and some brands were not. I can also go along with a occasional lemon, but not the problems we are having that is a design flaw that has to be addressed.

    So what now people, do we just sit back and throw thousands and thousands of dollars down the tube when our engines blow after the warranty? Or do we add oil every 3 miles?

    How many of you have registered a complaint with Federal Government, the Better Business Bureau and Honda Corp.? I thought my oil use was a one time fluke but I was wrong. I have to get to addressing these people too. Good luck to all keep writing
  • kohyutakohyuta Member Posts: 16
    Just to chime in here...

    2009 EX-L w/RES, 20k miles, 2 oil changes... not an oil eating monster. We traded in our 2003 EX-L w/RES that went 80k... just regular maintenance on that one too.

    LOVE the Odyssey!
  • hogan773hogan773 Member Posts: 255
    WOW you must be the exception! ;)
  • davidvanmandavidvanman Member Posts: 7
    I appreciate all of the comments about how good a few Odyssey's are on this site.

    The troubling part about this site are for the unfortunate ones that have this oil eating problem, and Honda's refusal to correct it.

    I am now at 13,000 miles, and still burning oil. I am somewhat resigned to the fact that this is "how it is", but it's still unacceptable.

    So, to all those that love their Odyssey's, and are not having this problem, that's great.

    The ones having this issue are trying to band together, get Honda to realize they have an issue, and step up and get it handled.
  • brob68brob68 Member Posts: 6
    I remember reading something last year about the wind noise you described. It could be heard outside of either front seats just over the shoulder. It was caused by the outside vertical molding on the front doors vibrating with high cross winds. There was a TSB for this that the dealer will fix at no charge. I'll try and look it up for you.
  • brob68brob68 Member Posts: 6
    Here is a link from another post. It applies to the 08 model but you may still find it useful.
  • dendrodendro Member Posts: 19
    People, not all the brakes on all the Toyota cars, trucks etc. are bad. What makes some of these people think it is OK to let their fellow Honda owners go down with the ship????
    Wake up and smell the coffee happy Honda owner, can't you use common sense and see our dear friends at Honda are NOT TAKING CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR OTHER HONDA OWNERS, MAYBE YOU ARE NEXT. Then what will you do??? Maybe it will not be oil maybe it will, let me think brakes for example. How many years do think people have been dying and yes going to jail because Toyota did not address the brake problem years ago. Well, there is a man in Minnesota who has been in jail 3 years facing 5 years more, WHY YOU ASK, BECAUSE HIS TOYOTA BRAKES WOULD NOT STOP and he hit a car and 3 people were killed. Did Toyota know about their brake problems when this poor man was on trial? I bet they did and as usual denied it was their problem. Maybe us oil burner folks will be on the road side with a blown engine and we get killed by an oncoming car. The issue is, for these giant companies to follow through with their corporate responsibility and stand behind the product they charged tens of thousands of dollars for.
    We are not talking a bad TV, we are talking about a design flaw in a very expensive and dangerous automobile. I take issue with the comparison of a good TV and a bad TV, that is not even close to the serious issue of a automobile being defective. I also take issue with people who minimize the serious problems others are having and Honda wants to blame us for their junk burning oil like our engines have 80,000 miles on them. We are talking about new vans with few miles that burn oil like a high performance race car. This is crazy, I think the Honda employees who wrote on this forum should be ashamed of themselves, and I hope this doesn't happen to them. These corporations, insurance companies, banks etc. need to man up and have moral responsibility and ethical responsibility.
  • 08odysseyms08odysseyms Member Posts: 2
    I called Honda Customer Service @ 1.800.999.1009. They told me that there are numerous complaints about similar excessive oil consumption issues but Honda does not have an action plan. They told me that my vehicle is normal. They asked me to call back if my van consumes more than 1 qt per 1k miles. For those who have similar issues, please call and file complaint with Honda.

    Does anyone know where to call to file with the regulator?
  • myodyeatsoilmyodyeatsoil Member Posts: 5
    Folks I researched this issue with the Oil usage I was having a few months ago and this post was not yet established.

    I'm Glad/sad to see that this issue is just not restricted to our Odyssey, but many others.

    I've worked for Honda in Sales for just under 2 years. I've sold many odysseys and this is not usual for any of these vans. Our 2006 Touring R&N PAX ran perfectly!

    (1)no oil usage---

    (2) no weird/harsh shifting from under 45 or driving over washboard feeling

    (3) no rattling coming from the top corner of the driver's window.....

    (4) no spongy brake pedal either.

    (5) No oil low light

    All I can say is that right now I'm very unhappy with this van. My wife is the main driver of this Van and I fear for her and my two baby's safety with this van...

    The Honda Dealerships has been pushing me off not really explaining why the van is consuming soo much oil.

    The shortly before time to take the van in for it's second oil change the van had a check engine light. The report was that the VCM reported low oil pressure and when the engine was drained there was only 1 quart left.... this was at 10k....

    We are on the 5th oil change (just over 21k), each time there is no oil registering on the dipstick and the engine has used almost all of the oil but 1 quart or just above that. between the 4th and the 5th, the van only went 1844 miles and the dipstick's reading was well below the crosshatching, so I brought it in.

    The Dealership was stumped, They took it back to their head tech immediately and they kept it for about an hour and then the service writer came and got me and told me that they'd pay for a rental car... I say, well tell me the truth, whats happening? he reply's well we don't know, the van is definitely burning oil, we've put in a call to Honda's tech line and wont know what to try untill tomorrow.

    I'm glad that they finally admitted there is a fault in the van.

    He called me the next day saying that they pulled the plugs and found no signs of burning there, and they redid the oil change with special "honda" bottled oil. and told me to bring it back in 500 miles. Well I did bring it back and there was no usage so far, they say that well it may just need more mileage to start showing the usage. I agreed.

    My concern is that for the first 20k of mileage on this van, it has been running on a very low amount of oil. I'm concerned that this issue will get worse as the van gets higher mileage AND I'll be paying for a new engine out of my own pocket! This is unacceptable!!

    I called American Honda and the lady there was very nice and noted everything, and she advised me to call the State Attorney office and follow up with them on the situation.

    I called the State Attorney's office Lemon division and I spoke with William, I gave him the story and his reply was, well after going 4000 miles or so and using about 4 quarts, is , well, slow oil usage... I stopped him right there and told him, Sir, with all due respect, this is not a 2 cycle Mower! this is a brand new Odyssey Van, there is no instructions that say add oil when you add gas!... he agreed.... he told me to fill out the lemon sheet in the back of the lemon booklet we got when we purchased the van and register mail it to American Honda....

    well thats where I am now with the van..... I want a new Odyssey or I want Honda to buy it back!! no compromise.

    I'll keep you guys updated on what happens.

    Oh yeah.... I forgot to mention the incessant rattling noise by my left ear coming from the van's driver side window.. but dont worry it only happens between 45 and 60mph.. oh wait.. thats the most common speeds the van travels!! UGH!
    The dealership "cannot replicate" BS i can replicate everytime 100%

    The transmission shifts strange under 45ish it sometimes "bucks" or either gives us the feeling of driving over a washboard clay road..

    The brakes are spongy but they do stop....

    I'm very frustrated and worried about this odyssey..

    Please call Honda and your Attorney General and complain.. Please keep in touch
  • quattroheadquattrohead Member Posts: 12
    We were comparing the 2009 Sienna and Odyssey but could not make a choice, Mrs QH liked the Odyssey because it looks better but I thought the Sienna drove better.
    Now Toyota and Honda seem to lie/hide from us brake and acceleration issues and there are potential engine oil problems.
    I know VAG V6 are know to gobble oil like crazy but my Saab 900 turbo used absolutely NO oil with 10k changes even at 140K miles.
    I tell ya, a reasonable used Venture is looking like a good prospect right now, nice looking van and at least I expect it to break down at some point :P
  • myodyeatsoilmyodyeatsoil Member Posts: 5

    I had to call up Honda to get the address to send in the registered mail. When I got hold of someone, he asked for the VIN and said that only the title of oil consumption was there.. I'm like, are there no notes? he said absolutely none! ((angry face))

    I told him I spoke with Mary for at least 30 mins and she said she had noted everything. He told me, maybe she forgot to press save.... bs!!!

    Anyhow he asked me to restate the issues so that he could type in notes. When i told him what was happening He immediately had an answer for me... suspicious

    I think he read the notes and claimed that she did not save them only to rebuttal the lemon claim...

    He told me that 1 Quart per thousand is fine ..... i then told him about Honda's Maintenance Minder system and when each warning would come on, etc.. If the van has 4.7 Quarts of oil , But the minder shows up around 4500 to 5500 or even higher depending on driving, Does that mean the van's crankcase should be bone dry? negative .7 quarts or so ?
    I then asked him, why is there no low oil light??!!! shouldn't there be a warning so i don't inadvertently ruin my motor?

    No where in the manual, OR the Honda Training I received tells the consumer to add oil when you fill up the gas.... This is not a 2 stroke lawnmower, nor a Mazda Rx7!!!

    anyhow i sent of the paperwork friday and i'll find out in the next 10 days or so.... or so they say..

    My odyssey sits right now with a little over a quart down and 1000 miles since last oil change....

    ~myodyeatsoil :( :confuse:
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