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Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Problem



  • blowbyblowby Posts: 2
    Any one have a problem with a 2010 Odyessy with the VCM function have a rear cam lock-up? It seems Honda has a design defect whereby the rear cam does not get enoguh oil and it locks-up! Happened to me at 4000 miles and of course the valves went smashing into the pistons...Honda and Dealer are installing the "new design" heads to cure my problem...Geez with things like this going on makes you wonder where to buy a car next. This was my third and last Honda!
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Ive never seen reference to this "design defect" before. This is not a new engine, and its used on several models I believe for many years. Have others heard of this defect?
  • johnny81johnny81 Posts: 2
    I am seriously considering buying a 2010 EXL with RES and NAV. This forum is scaring me! Are the oil consumption problems in prior year models... and have hopefully been fixed in the brand new models?? There is another forum about transmission problems and excessive road noise. It seems like a very nice van but these forums are giving me pause to re-think this.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you....
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    I just bought a 2010. Great van and drives nicely.

    Please take these (and any) forums with many grains of salt, and understand that they are NOT a representative sample of all buyers.

    If you are buying a TV, you can DEFINITELY find someone on the World Wide Web who either (1) hates the TV and thinks its picture sux or (2) had their TV crap out on them.

    Does that mean that all TVs will have that problem?

    Please go read the threads on Toyota Sienna and you will also be scared if you read enough.......and then read the threads for other cars.

    Read enough threads, and you will be walking........because there are gripes about EVERYTHING!
  • johnny81johnny81 Posts: 2
    hogan773, Point well taken. Do you experience the wind noise at higher speeds? i will test drive this weekend. thx.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    edited March 2010
    I dunno - not really - I am coming from a Honda Pilot and that had pretty noisy tires I guess. I was cruising at 85 the other day and the Odyssey seemed fine to me. Its not an S-Class Mercedes Limo, or a Lexus LS450. But those cars dont have 3 rows of seats, a DVD screen in the roof and room for my luggage and strollers in the back.

    Thus far I really like it. I'll be taking it on a road trip soon so we'll see what I think after that.

    I think the Internet is great for researching things - I do it to a fault. I prob saved $1000+ just from reading these boards! But sometimes its bad, because you haven't even driven it yet but you're getting scared away from a message board.

    Take the info seriously for research purposes, but I think the biggest mistake on these boards is extrapolating too much.....someone literally said on here they believed that ALL Odysseys had failed transmissions! Doesn't pass the sniff test I'm afraid.....

    Go drive it. If you like the way it drives, and you like the functionality of the interior (we did a lot), and you get a good deal, just buy the thing. If you're really freaked out after reading message boards, then waste spend $750 on an extended warranty.

    The good thing about minivans, if that's what you're needing, is there are really only TWO choices......Sienna or Odyssey. So either you read the boards and decide that you might have a problem with either (cause hey, someone else did!) or you just get what you want/need and enjoy it. If you are unlucky, then you deal with it thru warranty. Life is full of risks - don't deprive yourself of the TOP RATED minivan for several years running because a few vocal posters came to a board to tell everyone the sky is falling.
  • brob68brob68 Posts: 6
    I agree.

    Also, most people don't come here to brag about what they have, they come to complain about it. If all the people with problem free vans were to post here you wouldn't be able to find the bad posts.

    I have a 2008 Odyssey EX that i've driven from Florida to Canada and have yet to need anything but oil changes.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Ok so I just drove 200 highway miles today in the new Odyssey. During part of the trip there was quite noticeable wind noise up to the left of my drivers I thought "this is what everyone is complaining about"

    But then for another part of the trip, it was pretty hushed.

    I think it has something to do with the external wind.....if its blowing in a crosswind then perhaps the noise is greater, but if its calmer outside then not so much. In neither case was it enough for me to start a thread on here called "I HATE HONDAS THEY ARE SO NOISY IN TERMS OF WIND!" I just thought it was interesting, and if memory serves, I've seen this effect in my other vehicles too.....
  • blowbyblowby Posts: 2
    Well believe me there is an issue as when I had my new 2010 in the dealer there was three other people in there with the same issue. Evidently Honda changed somethign for the 2010 model year and are revertign back to the other design heads.

    I traded in a 2003 Odyssey with 120k trouble free miles to purchase my new one. I should have stayed with what I had.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    I took my 2008 Odyssey 1,665 miles after the dealer changed my oil and the van was down1 quart 3 ounces. It barely registered on the dip stick. Please HONDA how can any new auto use that much oil. I did not sign up for an oil pig when I bought this van.
    I passed on the information to the dealer about the design flaw in the cam on the 2010 that was on this forum, I'm sure that hit the garbage. I guess because all the dealers say that anyone can write anything on the internet forums. I agree, except it is happening to my Honda, when I first found out about my oil use, I searched the internet for similar problems and came across Edmunds forum. I was surprised to see others with the same problem, so I sincerely doubt Ford or GM wrote it up especially since we all have the same problem with the same engine.
    I wonder if Honda can spell TOYOTA, if they let this go on and on like Toyota we will see an American public go back to American made automobiles. Now the question of the hour is, have the US auto makers learned a lesson about quality?

    My next question is did Honda write into Edmunds with the excuse some TV's are bad and some TV's are good? I was in the electronics business and I have to say some brands were 99% always good and some brands were not. I can also go along with a occasional lemon, but not the problems we are having that is a design flaw that has to be addressed.

    So what now people, do we just sit back and throw thousands and thousands of dollars down the tube when our engines blow after the warranty? Or do we add oil every 3 miles?

    How many of you have registered a complaint with Federal Government, the Better Business Bureau and Honda Corp.? I thought my oil use was a one time fluke but I was wrong. I have to get to addressing these people too. Good luck to all keep writing
  • kohyutakohyuta Posts: 16
    Just to chime in here...

    2009 EX-L w/RES, 20k miles, 2 oil changes... not an oil eating monster. We traded in our 2003 EX-L w/RES that went 80k... just regular maintenance on that one too.

    LOVE the Odyssey!
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    WOW you must be the exception! ;)
  • I appreciate all of the comments about how good a few Odyssey's are on this site.

    The troubling part about this site are for the unfortunate ones that have this oil eating problem, and Honda's refusal to correct it.

    I am now at 13,000 miles, and still burning oil. I am somewhat resigned to the fact that this is "how it is", but it's still unacceptable.

    So, to all those that love their Odyssey's, and are not having this problem, that's great.

    The ones having this issue are trying to band together, get Honda to realize they have an issue, and step up and get it handled.
  • brob68brob68 Posts: 6
    I remember reading something last year about the wind noise you described. It could be heard outside of either front seats just over the shoulder. It was caused by the outside vertical molding on the front doors vibrating with high cross winds. There was a TSB for this that the dealer will fix at no charge. I'll try and look it up for you.
  • brob68brob68 Posts: 6
    Here is a link from another post. It applies to the 08 model but you may still find it useful.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    People, not all the brakes on all the Toyota cars, trucks etc. are bad. What makes some of these people think it is OK to let their fellow Honda owners go down with the ship????
    Wake up and smell the coffee happy Honda owner, can't you use common sense and see our dear friends at Honda are NOT TAKING CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR OTHER HONDA OWNERS, MAYBE YOU ARE NEXT. Then what will you do??? Maybe it will not be oil maybe it will, let me think brakes for example. How many years do think people have been dying and yes going to jail because Toyota did not address the brake problem years ago. Well, there is a man in Minnesota who has been in jail 3 years facing 5 years more, WHY YOU ASK, BECAUSE HIS TOYOTA BRAKES WOULD NOT STOP and he hit a car and 3 people were killed. Did Toyota know about their brake problems when this poor man was on trial? I bet they did and as usual denied it was their problem. Maybe us oil burner folks will be on the road side with a blown engine and we get killed by an oncoming car. The issue is, for these giant companies to follow through with their corporate responsibility and stand behind the product they charged tens of thousands of dollars for.
    We are not talking a bad TV, we are talking about a design flaw in a very expensive and dangerous automobile. I take issue with the comparison of a good TV and a bad TV, that is not even close to the serious issue of a automobile being defective. I also take issue with people who minimize the serious problems others are having and Honda wants to blame us for their junk burning oil like our engines have 80,000 miles on them. We are talking about new vans with few miles that burn oil like a high performance race car. This is crazy, I think the Honda employees who wrote on this forum should be ashamed of themselves, and I hope this doesn't happen to them. These corporations, insurance companies, banks etc. need to man up and have moral responsibility and ethical responsibility.
  • I called Honda Customer Service @ 1.800.999.1009. They told me that there are numerous complaints about similar excessive oil consumption issues but Honda does not have an action plan. They told me that my vehicle is normal. They asked me to call back if my van consumes more than 1 qt per 1k miles. For those who have similar issues, please call and file complaint with Honda.

    Does anyone know where to call to file with the regulator?
  • Folks I researched this issue with the Oil usage I was having a few months ago and this post was not yet established.

    I'm Glad/sad to see that this issue is just not restricted to our Odyssey, but many others.

    I've worked for Honda in Sales for just under 2 years. I've sold many odysseys and this is not usual for any of these vans. Our 2006 Touring R&N PAX ran perfectly!

    (1)no oil usage---

    (2) no weird/harsh shifting from under 45 or driving over washboard feeling

    (3) no rattling coming from the top corner of the driver's window.....

    (4) no spongy brake pedal either.

    (5) No oil low light

    All I can say is that right now I'm very unhappy with this van. My wife is the main driver of this Van and I fear for her and my two baby's safety with this van...

    The Honda Dealerships has been pushing me off not really explaining why the van is consuming soo much oil.

    The shortly before time to take the van in for it's second oil change the van had a check engine light. The report was that the VCM reported low oil pressure and when the engine was drained there was only 1 quart left.... this was at 10k....

    We are on the 5th oil change (just over 21k), each time there is no oil registering on the dipstick and the engine has used almost all of the oil but 1 quart or just above that. between the 4th and the 5th, the van only went 1844 miles and the dipstick's reading was well below the crosshatching, so I brought it in.

    The Dealership was stumped, They took it back to their head tech immediately and they kept it for about an hour and then the service writer came and got me and told me that they'd pay for a rental car... I say, well tell me the truth, whats happening? he reply's well we don't know, the van is definitely burning oil, we've put in a call to Honda's tech line and wont know what to try untill tomorrow.

    I'm glad that they finally admitted there is a fault in the van.

    He called me the next day saying that they pulled the plugs and found no signs of burning there, and they redid the oil change with special "honda" bottled oil. and told me to bring it back in 500 miles. Well I did bring it back and there was no usage so far, they say that well it may just need more mileage to start showing the usage. I agreed.

    My concern is that for the first 20k of mileage on this van, it has been running on a very low amount of oil. I'm concerned that this issue will get worse as the van gets higher mileage AND I'll be paying for a new engine out of my own pocket! This is unacceptable!!

    I called American Honda and the lady there was very nice and noted everything, and she advised me to call the State Attorney office and follow up with them on the situation.

    I called the State Attorney's office Lemon division and I spoke with William, I gave him the story and his reply was, well after going 4000 miles or so and using about 4 quarts, is , well, slow oil usage... I stopped him right there and told him, Sir, with all due respect, this is not a 2 cycle Mower! this is a brand new Odyssey Van, there is no instructions that say add oil when you add gas!... he agreed.... he told me to fill out the lemon sheet in the back of the lemon booklet we got when we purchased the van and register mail it to American Honda....

    well thats where I am now with the van..... I want a new Odyssey or I want Honda to buy it back!! no compromise.

    I'll keep you guys updated on what happens.

    Oh yeah.... I forgot to mention the incessant rattling noise by my left ear coming from the van's driver side window.. but dont worry it only happens between 45 and 60mph.. oh wait.. thats the most common speeds the van travels!! UGH!
    The dealership "cannot replicate" BS i can replicate everytime 100%

    The transmission shifts strange under 45ish it sometimes "bucks" or either gives us the feeling of driving over a washboard clay road..

    The brakes are spongy but they do stop....

    I'm very frustrated and worried about this odyssey..

    Please call Honda and your Attorney General and complain.. Please keep in touch
  • We were comparing the 2009 Sienna and Odyssey but could not make a choice, Mrs QH liked the Odyssey because it looks better but I thought the Sienna drove better.
    Now Toyota and Honda seem to lie/hide from us brake and acceleration issues and there are potential engine oil problems.
    I know VAG V6 are know to gobble oil like crazy but my Saab 900 turbo used absolutely NO oil with 10k changes even at 140K miles.
    I tell ya, a reasonable used Venture is looking like a good prospect right now, nice looking van and at least I expect it to break down at some point :P
  • Hello

    I had to call up Honda to get the address to send in the registered mail. When I got hold of someone, he asked for the VIN and said that only the title of oil consumption was there.. I'm like, are there no notes? he said absolutely none! ((angry face))

    I told him I spoke with Mary for at least 30 mins and she said she had noted everything. He told me, maybe she forgot to press save.... bs!!!

    Anyhow he asked me to restate the issues so that he could type in notes. When i told him what was happening He immediately had an answer for me... suspicious

    I think he read the notes and claimed that she did not save them only to rebuttal the lemon claim...

    He told me that 1 Quart per thousand is fine ..... i then told him about Honda's Maintenance Minder system and when each warning would come on, etc.. If the van has 4.7 Quarts of oil , But the minder shows up around 4500 to 5500 or even higher depending on driving, Does that mean the van's crankcase should be bone dry? negative .7 quarts or so ?
    I then asked him, why is there no low oil light??!!! shouldn't there be a warning so i don't inadvertently ruin my motor?

    No where in the manual, OR the Honda Training I received tells the consumer to add oil when you fill up the gas.... This is not a 2 stroke lawnmower, nor a Mazda Rx7!!!

    anyhow i sent of the paperwork friday and i'll find out in the next 10 days or so.... or so they say..

    My odyssey sits right now with a little over a quart down and 1000 miles since last oil change....

    ~myodyeatsoil :( :confuse:
  • JJamiJJami Posts: 8
    I have an 2009 odyssey with 21500 miles on it with only 2 oil change and 3rd one pending in about 500-1000 miles... i have done both oil change in dealership.. i was thinking about going to either meineke or monro muffler for the 3rd one as its lot cheaper then what dealerships charge. what do you guys recommend?
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    Anyone in Minnesota?
    I think it is time to seek legal help before all of our engines blow up and we are stuck with a $5,000.00 bill plus what we owe on the van or suv or any Honda with this VCM engine.
    It seems obvious someone is still trying to blame us for the defect Honda designed and built.
    By the way I got 664 miles 1Qt low, black smoke came out in a huge cloud only once I noticed but it is hard to see when I'm driving what else maybe coming out the back. I think my new Odyssey is going to blow up any minute, hope I'm not on the freeway
    Has anyone else had black smoke coming out of the exhaust??????
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    With the oil issue I'd probably have it done at the Honda dealership. If you decide to have it done at Mieneke make sure you save your receipts.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67

    My Honda dealer had a new owner education event and explained that they don't even want to see us until the oil life percentage is down to 20% and then they will do everything that the codes that appear says needs done. So far I've got 4500 miles since my last oil change and still have 50% oil life and it hasn't burned a drop, in fact it is so clean on the dip stick I had to trun it sidways in the light to see it on the stick/cable.

    One thing they said was that if you get the oil changes somewhere else to please get the aluminum crush gaskets that Honda recommends to ensure the person changing the oil doesn't overtighted the bolt and ruin the port in the oil pan. It's a 15 cent part they will sell you so it's not like he was trying to make money but it was good to know. So if you go to Meineke or somewhere else ask if they have the metal crush gasket and if not or you don't trust the pimple faced 17 year old working on oil changes, then just buy a few and give them the gasket when you get the oil changed, and be sure to wait until you get the codes to know what else is recommended for the maintenance.

    BTW, mine is an '09 Touring so I don't know if they all do the codes, but from the dealer meeting it seemed they recommend the metal crush gaskets on all. Much cheaper than a new oil pan. oh, and my dealer has the 29 minute oil change program so it's as convenient as any iol change shop, and at $24.99 for oil and filter change I don't think any potential savings of a couple bucks every 6 or 7 thousand miles has any material impact on my pocketbook, but that is just me.

    Good luck with your vehicle - Happy motoring.
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    Sorry, I was wrong it is blue smoke coming out, and the oil residue is on the bottom of my white bumper and up to the top. It is most certainly oil, now what?????

    Has anyone had blue smoke coming out the exhaust? I wonder how long I have before this thing blows up???
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    I think its going to blow up on May 12, maybe 10th if you're driving aggressively.
  • metcoatmetcoat Posts: 1
    I bought a 96 odyssey with 127,000 miles....runs great, no smoke, but uses tons of leaks.....have used 3 quarts in 3000 miles...first time I checked the oil was at 128,000 was oil pressure light, or warning it was low....changed the oil and have used two quarts where did it go? Any ideas?
  • Consumer Complaint, Honda Complaint, Odyssey Complaint, American Honda Complaint, 2008, 2009 , 2010 Odyssey

    Well i met with the Honda Rep yesterday, an elderly man by the name of David Carthcart.

    Well to start off, he was somewhat nice, but he turned into a suit wearing arrogant "doubting thomas" He proudly stated that honda's had a few of these lemon cases but we have not lost one yet. What a jerk huh?

    needless to say, i was convinced that he would do whatever it took to dismiss my claim. He acted as though I was bothering him while sarcastically reading through my complaints.

    He was adamant about the 1000 miles per Quart is normal, but when i explained to him, that I the customer, am supposed to go by the maintenance minder system to know when my vehicle requires attention, it states so in the owners manual. The maintenance minder shows oil change time around 6000 to 7000 miles, If this is the case and the engine holds 4.7 quarts, we should be bone dry or negative 1.5 quarts or so... He added sarcastically, our engines dont even need oil, sometimes the techs drain the oil and dont add any back in and the motors still run fine. customers get down the road and see a light then come back.... I say well what affect do you think that does to the engine's internals? he responded, "but you are supposed to check the oil" , well what good is the freaking maintenance minder system to us then!?!?!!? You know what they say about assuming Mr Cathcart!

    His response to my van using oil is that "Some do and some dont" "these engines are designed this way, there are pockets in the motor for oil to stay" I told him, well I was under the impression that I was paying for one that did not use oil..

    He Behaved like "A real know it all" and did not respond well to criticism, after he realized that he was crossing lines with me, he's commented " im a consumer too and i want to help you..." "im on your side here" whatever!!

    One of the concerns, minor compared to the oil consumption was the rattle in the windows. Well not to be biased, If you send a Senior citizen to check for noises, you are not going to find much...

    After the test drive with Mr Cathcart and the Service Manager they check the oil level once more. They checked it 4 times to sure, it was barely registering on the bottom of the dipstick, as they were putting it back together, i asked them " do you see a lot of odysseys with this symptom? " they said " no" Im thinking , then why the hell wont you give me another van!!!

    I believe Losing/ admitting there was a problem or replacing the van was never an option for him

    Anyhow Honda wants us to believe that we are all stuck with Odysseys that are burning oil, I Refuse to!!! I know it is not normal.

    two different service managers admitted that it is abnormal to add oil in-between oil changes OR they've never seen anything like that.....

    not to mention their shocked looks on their faces when they see no oil on the dipstick at 50% maintenance minder (31xx) miles..

    I really wish i knew or was notified at the time of purchase that this van would require oil in between oil changes and it would have DEFINITELY made me drop the idea of even buying a Honda.....

    This is a very worrying issue and I think that an injustice was done here not notifying customer's prior to purchase that this would happen....

    I guess the biggest pill to swallow here is the fact that our 06 odyssey was perfect.. I didnt want my money back i just wanted a proper working replacement van and I would have been happy.

    please do research before you purchase a Honda Vehicle. The Honda big wigs will tell you its normal for the engine to use oil.... but i Bet you that they wouldn't want to own one of these oil hogs for the long-run themselves! :mad:

    I now will seek legal representation and i'll keep you posted, I will not roll over and play dead on this.

    I hope American Honda will read this
  • dendrodendro Posts: 19
    hang in there and don't give up, too much money, my engine is going so mr. cathcart is wrong the vcm engine doesn't do well with no oil, i had 1 quart so my engine, in his opinion must be ok. i am going to have to disagree with the rep. they do not do well with no oil. i will use his quote if nothing else for a good laugh, check my earlier posts.

    this is just too much to comprehend a company like honda would treat it's customers like this. the blame game is a fine art with honda and their dealers. obviously they have a lot of practice. honda has trained their dealers well. almost all of the complaints i've had with this van were answered with, that is normal, there is nothing wrong, except of course the brake recall a few months after my first complaint.

    i have to wonder if all makes treat their customers like this, i've purchased 10 new vans, cars, suvs and i have never ever been treated bad by any of the other brands.

    I will be busy the next few weeks but i sent a note to edmunds to see how i can contact others with the same problem i am having. in reality honda doesn't want to admit they have a design problem with the vcm and or the assembly of the engine. where was you van assembled, mine was down south, not japan not in canada. could that make a difference with the vans having this problem????

    I am not a mechanic but i have talked with several, they all say 1000 miles to 1 quart is not normal. even for the type of engine we have. i wonder how many of us are having the same issue, and what do our vans have in common? keep it up don't stop contacting as many federal and state agencies as possible.

    when i bought mine now that i think back there were numerous new vans on their lot, I wonder why, when this is supposed to be one of top selling mini vans.

    i smell a rat and a cover-up, the only way to put the blame where it belongs is with numerous complaints backed up by facts. i am being told by my dealer they never heard of this oil problem before. are they telling the truth? or is honda not sharing their information with their dealers. i am very thankful for edmunds and odyclub forums, i maybe would have thought i was the only one. several posts were on this oil consumption problem before i found this forum. i will keep checking my email is set to forward new posts on this forum.

    I have a sick feeling honda is afraid this vcm engine is going to be the same as GM's in the i think 1980's. that was a disaster for GM and I hope it isn't for honda, i just hope honda honors their warranty and will put an oil pressure gauge in their autos or at least tell the consumer watch your oil, our vcm engines use oil like gas, or at least write a clear owners manual. but then again how are they going to sell parts and keep the dealers repairing them so they all can make more money.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hi I read on ROC forum on how to check engine oil for the honda ridgeline.. So honda pilot, and odyssey may be the same way to check engine oil.

    1st. start the engine.
    2nd. wait for the fan to turn on.
    3rd. turn off the engine. wait 20 minutes.
    4th. check the engine oil..
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