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All-New 2010 Legacy/Outback



  • eps105eps105 Posts: 216
    > Doesn't that seem too long? Does Subaru use synthetic oil? I am very leery about going 7500 on just regular oil. I can't find anything about the CVT maintenance interval. Does the CVT use synthetic fluid?

    That's because you and most everyone else have been successfully brainwashed by the oil companies and quick lubes to believe that you must change your oil every 3,000 miles. Most manufacturers have been recommending 7500 mile intervals under "normal" use for years and years, with regular dino oil.

    The Outback CVT does not require any maintenance for the life of the car, under "normal" use. It's in the manual. Not bad, eh?
  • jtny1jtny1 Posts: 18
    ok after researching and th ehigh prices subaru wants i just did it myself with a portable ok its not as nice as having it in the radio but it works
    went to best buy bought the sirius starmate 6 i think it was sale for 49 bucks
    into car put the radsio where you want i hooked up atena to sit on dash near drivers passenger side inside rin the wire easily under dash up side of dah under rubber and it sits without moving right up against window

    the other wires went right into thte console where there is the jack you ;ug the one end of cable into the radio the other into the jack in storage console and also the outlet for power is right in the console too
    perfect crystal clear reception not aalot of wires (i put my radio colse the cup holders)
    and its a fine and perect just swwitch radio to aux and the sirius is playing you can adust volume from steering wheel too just not change the sirius channels but no biggie for me since i usually listen to the same channels

    total cost 49.99 plus tax sure beats 475 plus tax
    hope this helps
    really really easy to do
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    What are the all season tires that come on the 2010 Legacy and how are they in snow now that some of us have had some snow on the ground? I've not had to change to winter tires on a Forester that I used to have nor on an awd Ford 500. I live in Upstate NY and am considering a new legacy.
    Thanks for any info.
  • I have a 2007 legacy wagon, I switched to winter tires after sliding around on the all seasons. IMHO there just isn't any comparison to winter tires on the subarus. The vital thing they do is stop you. All seasons can get you going all right, but where they didn't work for me was stopping. I slid into several intersections while going slowly and they just didn't grip. With the snows, I get great traction AND stopping power which is what I'm really concerned about. I urge you to get snow tires, they're well worth it I think.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Just don't do any hard acceleration (don't bottom the gas pedal or bring the rpm over 4k) in 1st 1,000 mi, you would be OK.

    From the manual of my 07 Outback ...

    New vehicle break-in driving
    – the first 1,000 miles (1,600
    The performance and long life of your
    vehicle are dependent on how you handle
    and care for your vehicle while it is new.
    Follow these instructions during the first
    1,000 miles (1,600 km):
    . Do not race the engine. And do not
    allow engine speed to exceed 4,000 rpm
    except in an emergency.
    . Do not drive at one constant engine or
    vehicle speed for a long time, either fast or
    . Avoid starting suddenly and rapid
    acceleration, except in an emergency.
    . Avoid hard braking, except in an
    The same break-in procedures should be
    applied to a newly installed or overhauled
    engine or when brake pads or brake
    linings are replaced with new ones.
  • My dealer installed RS uses the key fobs that come with the car. You press a combination of buttons to start the car. What I didn't know was that you LOOSE THE VALET KEY that comes with the car. My understanding is that the valet key is installed inside a box under the car and is needed for this dealer's installed RS option. Does anyone know if this dealer installed option voids the electrical system warranty? It sounds like the installation cuts into the cars wiring?
  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to decide between a 2.5 CVT Premium or Limited. Two questions if I may.

    1- Does the cruise control on the 2.5 CVT do OK up and down rolling hills? The CVT in my current Prius is all over the place and can't hold
    a steady speed.

    2- What do you think about the Limited climate control? Consumer Reports was very critical about prior Subaru model's automatic climate control reporting that the temperatures varied dramatically. Is the temperature well regulated or do you experience hot air for awhile then cold air to compensate?

    Any comments from your experiences on Limited vs Premium will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Mike
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 192
    We just drove our from the front range up to Vail last week and thought the cruise on our Legacy was as good as on my old Maxima or my wife's Lexus. It's funny to watch the "slight" variations in RPM on the more gradual hills though. We're going to Estes Park later this week and I have a feeling that on that hill, steep then gradual, we might just use the "manual" option and put it in 4th.

    I can't say that I really noticed anything on the climate control, so it was either doing really well or whatever wasn't working right wasn't noticeable. I'll pay more attention this week. I do know that it didn't blow hot then cold, I'd have noticed that as it was between 0 and -15 (F) for the entire 2 1/2 hour drive.

  • If you're set on the CVT then I'd go for the Limited. Given all the extras you get: leather seats, faux-wood grain trim, power passenger seat, upgraded HVAC with two additional fan speeds, all-weather package, HK audio w/bluetooth, and the option to select the navigation/back-up camera. Just getting leather alone makes it worthwhile. I wanted the 6-speed manual so I'm quite aware of what I had abandon in return.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    I have had automatic climate control in two cars: 03 Forester & 04 Audi A4.
    In my opinion, it sucked on both cars. In both cases, it seems that either climate control blows either hot or cold with no such thing as "a bit warmer or a touch cooler". After 30 minutes the auto climate control usually settles in OK, but it is still a challenge to make subtle changes. I much perfer the simple lever that can be slid over to warmer or cooler as found in most cars from my 1963 Ford Galaxie to my Honda del Sol. But, the auto climate control has somehow gotten a "deluxe" cache & more & more manufacturers are using in. The 2010 OB we have on order will come with auto climate control & I hope that it works better than my previous ones.!
  • Hello marty40.

    I am having the exact same issue you described. I will be having the dealership investigate why the fm stereo sounds muffled but the cd 's sound good.

    Did you get any updates what might be causing this issue? Thanks
  • eps105eps105 Posts: 216
    What do you think about the Limited climate control? Consumer Reports was very critical about prior Subaru model's automatic climate control reporting that the temperatures varied dramatically. Is the temperature well regulated or do you experience hot air for awhile then cold air to compensate?

    Careful, CR is highly critical of the Forester's climate control. Blows me away that Subaru never improved it from the 2nd to 3rd generation Foresters. CR is happy with the Outback's.

    I had an 03 Forester with auto climate and it was hyperactive. I now have a 10 Outback 3.6R Ltd and the dual-zone climate control is top notch.

    Of note is that it doesn't blow for long (or at all) on the highest fan setting, so it stays relatively quiet even when first warming up or cooling down. In the Forester, it would blow at full fan speed for 20+ minutes on the hottest days.

    If you can afford it, definitely get the LTD.
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    One of the best things on the engine break in is not to use the cruise control in the in the first 1K miles. You'd have a very hard time keeping the same kind of constant speed on your own that the cruise control can.
  • Well, it happened! Not paying enough attention, I brushed my side mirror on my 2010 Legacy 3.6 R against the garage wall on my way in to park and --boom--it cracked! So now I'm going to have to buy another mirror. My last Subaru--a 2004 had a retractable side mirror, but they seem to have cheaped out on this one. Just another comment--I love the car, but the equalizer function in the Harmon-Kardon audio system is impossible to figure out except by a expert sound engineer and the manual is totally useless giving no info on this. As a matter of fact the entire manual dealing with the NAV system and audio is practically useless, as if the person putting it together was in a rush to finish it. Just venting--really irritated about the side mirror which is probably going to cost a good five or six hundred bucks out of pocket!
  • That's one of the reasons I didn't get the Outback. I think they cheaped out on things like that.
    But it's off the radar anyway. I had two minor fender benders in the last 5 years. 38 years driving with no problems, but just had these two small accidents. My insurance said the "had" to drop me. So with my legacy coming off lease next weekend, and having just been told by the insurance company last week. I'm under gun to find something else to drive.
    Here's the real kick. I spoke with an insurance agent today for a quote in case I wanted to buy out my 07 legacy wagon. I also asked about a used 03 outback. The quotes for both cars came out to this (I suggest you sit down...I had to).
    Just over 10,000.00 a year. 840 a month with 1700 down.
    Even the 03 gets that.
    Another agent had quoted 5500 which now seems like a bargain.
    I feel this is punitive and unfair. It's one thing to double someone's coverage but to quadruple it is just ludicrous. I have to have a way to get to work that's reliable and at those rates, I'll have to take on a second job, just to pay for the :"privilege" of driving. I'll be working for my car, and those companies.
    I'm stunned and no sure how to proceed with very little time left. I have gone slightly over the allowed mileage, so I'll get hit with about 1.5 grand for that. There goes any savings on getting an older car compared with a newer one.
  • eps105eps105 Posts: 216
    Sorry about your mirror. You'll have to let us know how much it cost and how hard it was to change.

    If it makes you feel better, expect it to cost under $200, not the $500+ you guessed. My wife cracked her Honda Pilot mirror 3 times on our garage and it is a retractable AND heated mirror and it was like $180.

    Replacement is an easy DIY job. Pop off the plastic trim cover from the inside (I just did it now with my fingers -- no tools required, it just pops out with moderate force) and you will see two screws and a wiring harness (for the heat and power mirror). Pull out the harness, unscrew the screws and the mirror will pull right off from the outside.

    10 minute job, tops. Don't let your dealer charge you for the install -- just buy the mirror from the parts counter.

    Regarding the nav equalizer -- it's a little confusing at first, but easy once you understand the cryptic terms (agree the manual stinks). It's a 4-band parametric equalizer (Google that), which is actually pretty nice.

    With each of the 4 bands, you can pick the center frequency for (essentially) the subwoofer, bass, midrange, and treble. Then for the Q value and dB, think of a tent with a pole in the center: The Q value is the spread (how wide the tent is) and the dB is the boost (how high the center pole goes up).

    So if you set the bass at 120 Hz, and set it to +3db, it will boost 3 dB at 120 Hz and taper off to both sides. Q value of 1 will taper off twice as slowly as a Q of .5, IIRC meaning that (in this example) 60 Hz will be boosted more at Q of 1 than it would at .5. (Sorry if these numbers don't match the choices, I'm doing it out of my head.)

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks, fellows, feeling better already what with your helpful comments. Was actually sitting outside in the car trying to figure out the equalizer function, then, in frustration, closed the manual and drove into the garage--no mirror! I'm almost laughing now! Will be back this weekend with a good summary of my experience with the car over the past three months. Night all and thanks!
  • Oh just before I hit the sack I have to comment on this insurance thing. It's awful what they're allowed to do--practically the same thing happened to me a few years back. They insure you until you use it, then they drop you. It's really unfair. I would say make a complaint to the State Insurance Commission--they might be able to help you. You have my sympathy--my little mirror problem is nothing compared to yours. Good luck and good night.
  • We have 1K miles on a 2010 OB Ltd with 2.5 CVT Nav, SR etc. Our auto climate control works perfectly. It has been set on 70 since new for both sides and it has been perfect so far in the cold weather without adjustment.

    I understand exactly what you are saying about auto climate control because I've experienced cars where they were constantly changing temps, fan speeds, air outlets, and it never was stable and comfortable. I have a Cad DTS where it works very well 90% of the time, but in the summer it sometimes over cools during early evening or cloudy conditions. Haven't needed AC in Subaru yet.

    The cruise works perfect and keeps speed constant.

    This is our first of 5 Subaru's (OB or legacy) where we went to the leather and the deluxe features. We like it. I actually don't care as much for the new smooth fabric as the softer felt type material that was used on older OBs.
  • imho Subaru wants too much money (over $500 installed) for their integrated Sirius tuner, at least with the Nav. As an after market purchase from Subaru I've been told both that you get 3 months free subscription and also that you get nothing. That seems really high to buy these OEM satellite units when the satellite radio cos subsidize the after market units. Also these satellite companies are not that financially strong and there is no guarantee they won't go bankrupt. They'll be facing competition from internet radio and cell phone cos.
  • We are currently getting hammered with snow here in the northeast and well I couldn't resist the chance to take my new 2010 Outback out to play. Wow! Am I impressed! by far the best handling car in the snow I have ever driven. So I didn't go too far...just up the side of a mountain and down again in approx 5 inches of unpaved snow. It chewed right up the steep egress and down again with out flinching once. I also made some sharp turns and aside from the crunching sounds of the high snow under us I would have sworn we were out for a sunday drive. Man I love this car! :blush: I have to admit it handles better than my burly Xterra in 4wd ever did, and that is saying a lot :-)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Took my wife 2 hours to drive from Baltimore to DC last night, but she made it safely in her Forester. Wish I'd been with her since I have more experience driving in the snow, but I couldn't make it, and she was OK. :shades:
  • Just want to summarize my three months experience with my 3.6R. First of all, I really love the driveability of the vehicle. Its handling and road feel is so much better than a Lexus e333 I had, and is on a par with a 99 BMW540I that I have as a summer car. I find the controls and instrumentation to be very good with the exception of the paddle wheels for manual shifting that I find to be just a gimmick. Far better that they would have put that money into retractable side view mirrors (the mirrors don't have this feature and I just broke one last night pulling into my narrow garage.) I also definitely don't like the location of and functioning of the auxillary brake. It's on a little panel and it is counterintuitive to apply it. Moreover, it is in a group of other buttons that one might mistakenly push, including the hillholder and the remote trunk opener. I truly dislike this kind of brake, particularly at night when it is lost amongst the other buttons. The seating in the car is fine (I'm 6'2, 215lbs) and I feel very comfortable in it, even driving long distances. The sound system (I have the upgraded Harmon-Kardon with the Nav Package) is just outstanding. I frequently will sit in the car to listen to a concert's end. On the other hand, expect to spend a whole afternoon at least learning how to use it because the manual is practically useless (the radio has a Dolby Logic system and its use is not even mentioned in the manual). Ditto the Nav system and the built in DVD player. It's obvious that these systems were developed at the same time as the vehicle was being developed and by different groups of people. The NAv manual and audio manual seem to have been done by a team of computer geeks separate and distinct from those who were developing the actual controls in the vehicle, so there is actually very little mention of actually how you get the system to do tasks. It is extremely frustrating that one has to work so hard to make these great features actually perform as they are supposed to.

    The gas mileage of this vehicle averages 21.8 mpg in ordinary mixed highway and city driving. The highest mileage I have ever seen is 25 on the highway. Definitely not a great feature, but the awd makes up for it. When all is said and done, I love the car, but just wish that somebody at Subaru would look into some of those irritating features that I have pointed out. Well, that's my short review for what it's worth.
  • As useful as these forums are to us and maybe SOA does look here, however, if you expect change -write to customer relations or the CEO of Subaru.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Better still, I just posted his write up link over at NASIOC, where SOA folks do hang out. :)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    How is the Navi, though, in operation?

    Do you like the routes it picks? Same way you'd usually go?

    How are the maps? Are they Navteq (if so what version)?

    Does the screen refresh quickly?

    Does the backup cam work well in dark areas?

    Fully agree about the side mirrors, BTW. I called that one early on, and knew it would happen to someone here. If our 02 Legacy had not had them we'd have broken it off at least once.
  • I really have only used the Navigation system about four or five times and each time it worked well. I'm a longtime Garmin user and thus it took awhile to get used to this new system which, for example, requires one to actually specify the state in which your target location is located before finding that location. Thus I spent a lot of time wondering why certain big cities in Vermont did not show up on the map before actually going into the system and specifying the state of Vermont as the unit to be searched. I used to know, but don't know anymore about the "versions" of maps--I'll check into it tomorrow. But the system generally works very well,finding, for example, an obscure farm in Vermont where I was going to buy a boat! It was barren out there, but the system came through well. As to the rear camera, it works well and you can actually see behind you in the dark. It's very useful. As to the sideview mirror, I ductaped it for the weekend and will be taking the car into the dealership this week--that really broke my heart to see that beautiful car defaced! Take care and have a good week everybody
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    specify the state

    Interesting...I observed the opposite. :confuse:

    The Tribeca I tested did not ask, but my Garmins do. Where to, Address, and the first thing they ask is the state (then city, then street #, then street name).

    Is this just something you do once, i.e. select your region or something?

    You have a good weekend, too. I just found out the Federal government here in DC closed tomorrow, so I have the day off. YIPPEEE! :shades:
  • eps105eps105 Posts: 216
    Hey all, Please see my posting at the link below for a 9 page comprehensive illustrated guide on modding the nav on the 2010 Outback/Legacy to override the navigation lockouts while in motion, and also to add a trick mod to view the rear camera even if you are not in reverse:

    I hope I'm not breaking forum rules linking to another site here... I actually tried to due my due diligence and read the forum rules to see if we're allowed to do this now, but after clicking around for a few minutes I couldn't find them. :blush:

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Kudos for posting that.
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