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    Just found this forum today...can't believe it exists and others, so many others, are having the exact same problem as am I. I just bought my car in January (3 months ago)...and yesterday was my first time getting stuck at Walgreens. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully I have an awesome boyfriend that answered his phone and came to jump me. We took the car immediately to AutoZone, who tested the battery with it saying it was a strong battery. I think there is something seriously wrong with the electrical connected to the battery causing serious drainage....seems like with all these people having this issue, Buick would have resolved this issue. We got stuck again today at the gas station...terrible thing since the battery is under the floor mat while we are wedged between two gas pumps while I"m out there helping push the car in rain so that some guy who feels badly for us can jump start it for me...better than waiting for the emergency roadside an hour or so to come jump us...Although I'd thought I found my dream car, I now just regret the purchase. I even did a background check on this type of car before buying it and it got such high reviews, and it costing so much, you'd think the seats were made of gold. I am missing my Ford Escape which was paid off every day now. My son no longer wants to drive in my car as he is worried we are going to be stuck. I am not sure what to do...Thankfully, through my teachers membership we get consultations with lawyers complimentary...I think the first step is meeting with a lawyer to see what are my rights...especially if GM isn't going to fix this problem. My first and my LAST GM car!!!
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    Hello nickybonita,

    I am really sorry to hear about the battery issues you are having. I would like to look into this for you. Can you private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle please? My email address is [email protected] "attn Crystal" in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you:-)

    Crystal L - GM Customer Care
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    I have a 2010 Buick Enclave and about a month ago, my wife was out and the car would not start for her. It was not a battery issue as when we tried to jump it, we were not getting a negative charge. The lights were all working, but the rear liftgate would not work (did not try any of the other electronics). Brought it to the dealer and they had it almost 2 weeks and could not recreate the issue.

    I had the car a week before it happened again. Same issue, engine would not turn over but all the lights worked. The car has now been in the shop almost another 2 weeks. This time they were able to re-create the problem the first day, but has not had the problem since then.

    I have been told they are bringing in a GM service rep to check out the vehicle. In the meanwhile, my wife has now lost faith in the vehicle (we have small children and she doesn't want to get stranded with them) and we will probably have to go out and get a different car.

    GM - stop messing around and just fix the issue.
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    Hi richard1979,

    I am sorry to hear about the issues with your Enclave and can understand your frustration. I would be more that happy to research this for you. Can you private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification Number, approximate mileage on your vehicle, and involved dealer please? My email address is [email protected] please put "Attn Crystal" in the subject header. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Crystal L-GM Customer Care
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    I have a 2008 Enclave CXL with 150k on it. I am the second owner of the vehicle and we are responsible for the last 42k miles. We have had many issues with the car but most not unexpected for the miles. The car still looks and runs good (when it will start). About 4 four months ago I had to go give my wife a jump. So after she got to where I could take the vehicle, I took it to have the battery tested (found that any test done by using the connections under the hood would always provide a failed battery response). Testing at the battery was then 50/50 for some testers. Decided that the battery being tested was 5 years old, so it could be bad so I purchased a replacement.

    During the next four weeks the wife noticed that the charging gauge would sometimes work it way down to 13 instead of staying around the 14 mark. If it stayed there too often, I would have to jump the car off again. I would go have the battery tested and it would test good. Two weeks later, I am jumping it off again. Now I take it to a shop (non-GM) and he says that the battery fails some "reserve cranking amps" test on his Snap-On tester, but all else is showing good - He could not recreate the near 13 volt output from the alternator. He would not diagnose further since he declares the battery bad.

    I take his report to where I bought the battery and they say the battery is good, but they do not have the same test he had, but they swap the battery out for me again. First replacement was an H6 the second was just a regular size 48. Two mornings later, I have to jump it off again.

    Sometimes when I start the car it will drop to 13 volts within 2 minutes other times (like when I take it to a mechanic), it will always stay above 14.

    Yes like the other people my wife now hates this car because she does not trust it and we have had to fix the transmission ($3800), the waterpump ($400), the powersteering pump ($400), and the system even scratched the OEM Navigation disc. This transient but persistent issue is like having a paper cut on every finger and working in a salt mine. :cry: Becoming very :mad:

    BTW - Who creates a gauge where the marks are 1.25 each.

    FWIW - Those of you who posted here earlier, it would really benefit the rest of us if you would post what your fix was. As for mrytleman's solution - my wife is not that patient when she is ready to get out of the car.
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    Hello tfmj,

    We're sorry to hear that you're having some issues with your Enclave. I see that you've been working with other shops, and haven't had much luck finding out the problem. Please let us know if you need any assistance locating a dealership for a diagnosis.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    So the concept of taking the car to certified shops is not good enough for you? As this forum shows this is not an issue that repeats well under the demands of the technician. As I told the wife - Yes the car is broken but it is only failing when you drive it just to make you made. It behaves for the four different mechanics, so how am I to ask them to fix what is not broken when they look at it.

    This forum indicates that I am not unique in this issue and therefore someone should have a found a solution for this "common" issue. Even maybe GM acknowledging the one guy saying that the backup camera and sensors are being turned on as you shift through reverse to park and are not being turned off could be a true cause. That sounds like a firmware update to the computer and everyone could be happy with nearly no expense from GM.

    There is an issue out there on this vehicle and either GM is trying to cover up the issue or they are only dealing with the cars still under warranty and do not care about 2nd owners. I like GM products, but not GM's problem resolution policies.

    I did send an email to socialmedia and never heard back from there, but I guess no answer from them is as useful as the reply on the forum though.

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    Emails sometimes bounce for what seems to be no good reason. And you have to fix the @ sign when you write your email, since we mask them to try to foil most of the spambots.

    So, you may want to try again.
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    Well it saddens me to see this is a legit issue with Buick but happy to know I'm not alone. Our 2013 Enclave is en-route to the dealership as it won't start. It's not the battery and has full power, just won't turn over. Does anyone have any updates to what their problem was? Fuel related? We've had the car less than 8 months so I'm hoping it's not a lemon! I'll post updates as I find out.
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    Hi soulflyin,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your new Buick. Please keep us posted on your service visit. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    I have had the same issue approximately 8-10 times since I purchased my 2009 Enclave from Critz Dealership in Savannah. They have my car now and will not give my pregnant wife a loaner vehicle for her and my 3 year old to have reliable transportation while I am at work. They and GM claim its out of warranty so they cant give me a loaner, but this has been an ongoing problem that's never been resolved. It was out of warranty the last time they attempted to fix it as well, but because they never fixed the problem and it was a recurring problem I was not charged.They told me they cannot diagnose the problem if I jump start it before bringing it in and to have it towed in each time. I had it towed in 4-5 times now. This time when I towed it in they jump started the vehicle. They are dumbfounded and dont know the source of the problem. The worst part is that GM pretends that this is not a known issue with other Enclave owners. Something needs to be done about this. It is a safety issue and we need to know that when we go to our car to drive it is going to start. GM...What are you going to do about this? Please stop pretending you don't know what's going on. Case # 71-1233079776
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    What's the point. GM is not going to do anything to fix it. I guess they will respond to a class action law suit. This has been going on for more than 4 years and GM pretends they don't know its an ongoing issue. This is absolutely detestable service.
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    Our 2008 Enclave was running this morning and then it stopped and won't start up again. Have you heard of any potential recalls? Or has GM gotten back to you?
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    No. They basically told me if it happens again (the 10th time) they will investigate further. Why they haven't investigated further at this point I don't know. Good luck! Please keep me posted on your progress.
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    UPDATE: So when the tow truck arrived it decided to start up. We took it to the dealership and they replaced the fuel face sensor (?) in the tank and re-coded our ignition keys. They had it overnight. We have not had the same issue since. However my wife was driving it last week and all of a sudden a loud explosion sound (like a blow out/backfire) occurred from under the car but everything seems OK. All in all the car has a mind of it's own it seems. I hope they get this straightened out for everyone.
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    I just discovered this board and wanted to share my Enclave experience. I always research the bulletins and the GM boards to see if another owner has been able to identify the root cause and how the dealership remediated and fixed the issue. My first job was selling Buick Cars as a Sales rep in MI, and I would strongly recommend the GMPP (http://www.gmprotectionplan.com/) plan to any new car buyer and Enclave owners that plans to keep the car longer than their payment book. I don't switch or trade out vehicles every 2 - 4 years. I have VOLVO's that I still own an maintain from 90, 95, and 99.

    The Enclave has been heads down a better value than the Lincoln Navigator I bought New and replaced with a New Enclave. Significantly better gas mileage, equivalent amount of interior room as the NAV, and a lot less wind noise in the compartment. Also, the NAV was 55K, and the ENCLAVE CXL was 45K, and I added 5K of aftermarket options and was still able to participate in the 0% interest rate. Value wise, I've been impressed with the business case for Buick.

    However, resolving customer service issues after the sale, I would suggest is an opportunity to improve the Buick brand and enhance customer experience. Within 24 hours of purchasing the Enclave, I contacted the dealership and Buick customer service regarding a issue with how the dealer recorded the sale, and the color of the vehicle was different than depicted. The dealer mentioned it was too late as they had electronically titled the vehicle with the state of MI, before I even signed the sales agreements. Buick Customer Service basically redirected me to the dealership, and after a few months of back and forth with the Dealer we reached a resolution and I bought the GMPP (Protection Plan) at a discount.

    As it relates to escalating potential service and safety concerns to the dealers service shop, and the service shop management team, as well as Buick Customer Service, and reaching out to executives via LinkedIN, I am less than impressed with that overall experience. The initial response or return call or email from Buick Customer Service and management is alwayspositive, but there was very little follow-up in my case, and found myself having to serve as the admin for customer service and dealership.

    I've taking my Enclave to three different Buick shops, including two in the ATLANTA area, and one in MI. An independent tech was sent out to the shop in ATL, and conducted their own investigation regarding the following issues:

    • Service Air Bag light constantly being on (not sure if the airbag will deploy)
    • Passenger Presence System (interrupts diagnostic alerts when phone present)

    E.G. It's possible, in my opinion, for a safety alert (door open) to not be displayed, or the Service Air Bag light to come on due to the Passenger Presence System issue that has already been reported when you have a cell phone with blue tooth enabled. I documented my initial concerns and suggested that this was a safety issue that deserved managements attention.

    Unfortunately the independent tech did not recreate the same scenarios I had documented. The independent tech use to work for GM. I received a letter saying Buick was not at fault. I had a not severe accident due to the PPS issue, and submitted a claim with Allstate. Allstate tried to pursue the subrogation path with GM, but that resulted in GM admitting they had no liability and Allstate not being willing to invest any more time on the matter, and telling me to move on with life. Two years later the same problem exists. Since then, the two issues reported above are still open even though GM decide to close out my case.

    NOTE TO GM SOCIAL: What I gauge from reading all the comments on this board, is that owners are frustrated with the responses have received. Owners are frustrated with the let's try Solution A, B, C service shop approach as it relates to why their car will not start. Redirecting owners to a Buick service shop is not a solution, as it will always result in some form of an un-reimbursed expense (whether that be loss of time, mileage, and money). Is the Battery Saver Active capability not working as originally designed the root cause of these issues?

    I reported the same issue to my service shop and I was told that I needed a new battery, and I paid for it in order to sure my wife who primarily uses the vehicle for our two kids does not run into an issue. Then I get a call or a text (always it appears when I'm traveling outside of ATL to visit a client) from my wife, that the Enclave (which was parked in the garage for two days) won't start. In my mind, it could not be the Factory OEM battery (but I went ahead and spent the $200 with the dealer) as the car was designed with a battery saver active capability, that would prevent you from running the battery dead. E.G. Radio is running, lights were left on by is mistake and car is not completely turned. The car designed shut down to preserve the battery from running out to any device load being a drain.

    She is now plugging battery tenders in each night which should not be required but she feels better that the car will start when needed.

    I will forward my documentation along to the Social Media address, VIN, etc, but I believe that any owner who takes the time to share their experience is trying to remain loyal to the Buick Brand as well. However, a key driver to whether you retain the loyalty of the owners in this forum, is how you address the issue. Or as my Grand Dad would say, "you can hide the fire, but what do you plan to do with the smoke."

    Buck Brand Owner Since 2009

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    2010 Buick Enclave owner....is anyone aware of class action suits regarding these vehicles not starting?

    I just experienced the most awful car ride. The car started to shut down..as I was driving with my kids in it. I gave the car to my husband and it stranded him at work the next week. I have 6 years of car records showing I am stranded yearly.

    We contacted GM...they offered no assistance unless we buy another GM product. GM advised we should trade in the car...even though they know the car is defective.

    Anyone else having the no start issues???

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    I have a 2010 enclave which I can't drive because I fear getting stuck somewhere. After driving the car for a while, I park it and when I come back to start it again it fails. Battery was recently changed and amps are fine. All power works, seats, windows, radio etc. No nav. system. totally disgusted with the car.
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    I am a first time participant in this forum....or any forum for that matter, but after searching this forum to gain some insight on the current problem I'm facing with my 2008 Enclave, I felt compelled to contribute. This is the only Buick/GM Product I have ever owned, and I need to be fair and say that it is the quietest and smoothest ride I have ever owned. However, I need to add that during my 8 years of owning this vehicle, I have ran into an unbelieveable myriad of problems. I have sunk so much money into this thing for repairs, that I hold onto it thinking that nothing more could possibly go wrong. I have repaired the transmission...then replaced the transmission, replaced the water pump, replaced the power steering, replaced the oil sensor, among several other repairs that presently escape my memory. I have been stranded and towed twice due to a build-up of "blow-by" in the air intake that becomes so great that it drowns out the engine. I am required to drain it at least twice per year, which is detected when the motor begins to sputter and the engine lights go on. I referenced this forum today to find the reason that this vehicle has not been starting consistently. I recently started and stopped the ignition 3 times in a short period of time while I was trying to reposition it for an oil change in my garage, and when I went to start it again after being off for five minutes, it refused to turn over. (A week earlier it left my family and I stranded at an out-of-town hockey tournament with the same issue...it wouldn't turn over). After charging it overnight, it showed 100% charged but displayed fluctuation between 12.5 to 13.5 charge on the dash battery gauge. I purchased a new battery and took the old one into AutoValue to get it tested, but the old battery checked good, so I'm now in the same predicament as many of you who have posted.

    For every prior issue noted above, I initially visited a GM Certified Dealership. I have tried almost every one in Calgary, each time with a "deer in the headlights" response to any of the issues. Each time I would present possible trouble-shooting tips, offering information on the inherent problems cited from various forums on the internet, they would refuse to acknowledge any of the noted problems responding as if it was the very first time they had heard of the specific issue. I actually directed a few of these so called "Certified Experts" to check out one of the Enclave Forums, but was met with resistance. Finally in frustration, I took it upon myself to google each of the noted issues, and then fixed them myself (except for the transmission and water pump problems).....and trust me, I'm no "Expert" mechanic!

    My point is that I share and sympathize with all of your posted frustrations, and will not be buying another Buick.
    If I learn of any solutions to the "no-start" issue, I will advise. Until then, thanks for allowing me to vent!

    I eagerly await a GM Customer Service Rep to offer symPATHETIC and helpful words of support.
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    Only had my new 2017 enclave for 2 days and it stranded me at work today and has been towed to the dealer for service. Very interesting to find this forum full of the same complaints for not starting. Only been in the lease for 2 days and already want out! Missing my Honda!

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    I know this isn't the issue mentioned here but this issue does cause the battery to completely drain so not sure if maybe it could still become a partial cause even if there is no water intrusion.  Just passing along in case it helps.   

    Engine Running With Key Turned Off

    By techeditor on March 1, 2008 8:06 PM

    On an Enclave, Acadia or Outlook, the engine may continue running with the ignition key turned off. This can happen if circuit 5985 (the ignition 1 circuit going to the ECM) has 5 volts or more on it when the ignition key is turned off.

    Check circuit 5985 at the ECM for voltage (5 volts or more) with the ignition key turned off.
    If voltage is found on circuit 5985, remove the fuse for the BCM and the TCM one at a time, and see if the engine turns off. If the engine does not turn off, and there is still 5 volts or more on circuit 5985, check circuit 5985 for a short to voltage concern. If the engine doesturn off when pulling the BCM or TCM fuse, replace the module that caused the engine to turn off with the fuse removed.

    Water Intrusion
    By techeditor on April 1, 2008 4:00 PM 
    This information supplements an article in the March 2008 TechLink entitled Engine Running With Key Turned Off, which involves voltage on circuit 5985 with the key turned off. The condition described below can be a cause of this voltage.

    The owner of an Acadia, Enclave or Outlook may comment that the engine continues to run after the ignition is turned off, or that the engine will not start. This may be the result of water intruding into the instrument panel (IP) BEC. Before proceeding with other diagnosis and repairs, here are some suggestions.

    Water from the right front sunroof drain hose exits the vehicle (fig. 13). If it then re-enters the vehicle through the front of dash sheet metal, it can drip from the right side dash onto the IP BEC.

    AÂ Â Water exits through drain hose

    BÂ Â Water reenters and drips onto IP BEC from sheet metal

    The seam must be properly sealed between the plenum upper and plenum reinforcement. This may be inspected from underhood through the opening in the cowl panel

    If there are voids in the bead of sealant, use medium-bodied sealant p/n 12378500 to reseal.

    The area to be sealed may be reached through two openings, and the seam must be sealed for its entire length (fig. 15).

    AÂ Â Access opening

    BÂ Â Access opening

    C  Length of seam seal 

    TIP:Â Sealant may be applied with the fingertip or with a plastic trim tool.
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    toriane said:

    Before proceeding with other diagnosis and repairs, here are some suggestions

    Remember that line when you have a problem that is difficult for someone to figure out. That is a way to cheapen the solution to a given problem, but leads to the technicians not getting to sharpen their critical thinking skills.

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    I have a 2001 enclave and have been stranded 2 because of this car.  The battery and alternator have both been replaced.  This is work carand mom taxi.  It is sitting  the driveway.  It will start but if you drive anywhere the battery goes dead and you are stuck wherever it decides to puie out.  WTH??   Buick is supposed to be top of the line and I cannot drive it because you cannot trust it.  :(
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    I don't know what it is redid the starter and the alternator and two batteries. It doesn't want to start then the battery ran down. I was crazy about this truck and loved it and now I can't stand it. This don't  make sense.
  • SunflowerSunflower DetroitMember Posts: 2
    My 2011 is doing that now new new starter new alternator new battery. Oh I will not be getting another Buick. I'm so done with this truck and that brand.
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    My 2015 Buick Enclave had these same starting and battery going dead problems as the above owners write about. I evenly learned that disconnecting the battery hot wire under the hood for a few minutes would allow the starter to start the engine. When the starter would not engage a jumper would not work until the battery was dead, or the battery cable was disconnected. I was also told it was a bad battery but am still using the same battery today.
    I eventally read a post by an Electrical Engineer that found a water leak into the under dash area caused a green crusty to grow and make a voltage path in a fuse box located by the glove box. Under moist conditions, caused high humidity or water leak, there is a circuit that back feeds voltage into the circuitry that is suspose to tell the electronics that the engine is not running, this voltage above 4.5 volts makes the compute think the engine is still running. With the engine running the starter will not function to prevent stater damage. The Engineer actually simulated the condition by applying d.c. voltage to this circuit giving the back feed and made the failure happen.
    In my case I carried a booster battery to allow me to always get the car started.
    Finally during after a 14 hour trip of driving thru nearly solid rain I found about 1/4 inch of water in both front seat foot wells. Then I really started looking fo the water leak.

    I taped the sunroof leak points with duck tape. The car was later setting out in a heavy rain and found it still leaked water into the floor mat area. The only leak area left from above was the top of the windshlied at the point where the roof grooves met the upper corners of the glass. Sealed this area with a good sealant, and no more water leak. Dried the carpeting and that was the end of my starting problem.
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    Quite a bit of detective work! I wonder if all these other owners have a similar esoteric problem or,hopefully, something easier to track down. Of course, inspecting the fuse box when there are weird electrical problems occurring is never a bad idea.
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    One thing I noticed is a bright engineer decided to locate the catalytic converter two inches from the starter. Now the converter operates at1500 to 1800 degrees and yes that will degrade the starter over time. The vehicle starts fine cold but after driving it awhile and turning it off and restarting the starter is noticably weaker from heat soak. You think they could have put a heat shield around the converter but instead it has a small shield on the solenoid but not the starter motor. GM needs to remedy this for everyone.
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