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    I've seen a few posts about the Buick Enclave radio having issues. My radio has shut off and won't turn back on. The entire screen is blank and nothing will play, but the lights in the buttons and on the edges of where you put the cd in work fine. Any suggestions??
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    The lights that you see at night are through a circuit for the other lights in the dash.

    There are other circuits that provide the power to the radio through fuses. Look in your glovebox owner manual near the back for a listing of the circuits that are related to the radio and CD player. There may be more than one. They will tell you which fuse box/block the fuses are in along with a diagram. The covers for the fuse boxes will have a layout diagram inside the top cover also.

    The listing abbreviations are sometimes difficult to figure out and a fuse may serve more than one device. But beyond that it's possible there's something else wrong, however the fuse is the place to start.

    Good luck.

    Another test if the fuses are okay would be to see if the security system works. It's my understanding for some years that the radio is integral to that. Leave the window down on the door. Lock the car with the key fob. Then open the door and see if the security system goes off because a door has opened. You may have to wait a minute after arming before the system is active.

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    I own a 2008 Enclave and got the bad news today about rack and pinion leak ($2151.96). I used to love my Enclave and contemplated purchasing a new to replace this one but if Buick will not fix an obvious error in their design, I will be shopping elsewhere.
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    #14329: Special Coverage Adjustment - Loss of Power Steering Assist - (Sep 16, 2014)
    Subject: 14329 – Special Coverage Adjustment – Loss of Power Steering Assist

    Has anyone heard of the above?
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    I have a 2008 Enclave 96k miles. Steering was making clunking noises at low speed turns. Was told that I needed a new rack and struts. The dealer McGuire in N Bergen, NJ would only give me the labor costs of 1300 but wouldn't tell me how much the parts would be. I asked about any customer assistance with this since I have seen so many posts about that. They just shrugged. I had to insist on getting copies of the paperwork because they didn't want to give me any. My check engine light went on today but they wouldn't look that up without charging me $120. I have never heard of such a thing.
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    I'm sorry to hear of your concern with the steering in the Enclave. Please allow us to look into this further for you. Can you please private message us your VIN, contact information including the name of the dealership you wish to work with for assistance? I look forward to your message and working with you.

    Marlea W.
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    Looks like I'm not alone with my ongoing 2008 Buick Enclave problems. I bought certified with 27,000 miles on it 4 years ago this month. I have never had a car in the shop so many times as this one!
    1. 5+ trips to Dealer to fix a leaking sunroof (fixed on the 3rd replacement).
    2. Back hitch button stopped working and replaced (probably didn't like all that water)
    3. Steering column has thumped for years, but was told by dealer it wasn't covered under warranty (April 2013) and would likely just break again. I figured I'd save that repair for when I wanted to sell the car.
    4. Replaced the water pump this past March (not under warranty)
    5. Other repairs that I can't remember and the repair invoices are in the glove compartment of the car - which is at the repair shop right now, of course.
    6. Engine light came on last week (83,000 miles), took to Dealer and they replaced the Solenoid on Monday. Appeared to have solved problem - NOT!
    I picked up my car from Dealer Monday night. It drove OK, but a little rougher than it used to. (It drove more like my husband's truck than a Buick). Tuesday was the same. Wednesday morning, noticed slight lurching back and forth when it switched gears while I drove my kids to school. Figured I better take it back to the dealer that day and have them adjust something. An hour later, the Check Engine light was back on and the car would not move forward or backward right away when I pressed the gas. After holding the gas down and revving the engine 5-10 seconds, it would lurch forward and maxed out at a speedy 35 mph making horrible noises. Lucky I made it to the Dealer without needing it towed! Got the call today that it needs a new $4500 transmission. At 83,000 miles?!?!? Of course, it's no longer under warranty. I can't believe this Buick (and SO MANY OTHERS) can't make it well beyond 100,000 miles before it needs a NEW TRANSMISSION!

    Friends are always asking me how I like my Buick Enclave. I LOVE the inside configuration of this car. It's perfect for a large family and has a huge cargo area even with the back row in use. But unless you want to spend all your time in repair shops - STAY AWAY from this car! It's been nothing but a headache.... a really EXPENSIVE headache. This is GM's luxury car line, huh (smh)?? I bought this car to support American auto makers at a rough time in the Economy. What a sucker I was - NEVER AGAIN!!
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    Just purchased a 2008 Enclave with 113000 miles on it, I took it for inspection and it has oil leaks in the front timing cover, the rear seal and is leaking in the steering gear. The dealer (Perry Buick in Norfolk) is charging me a ridiculously high amount of money to repair these leaks: $3000, Other than that I will need to replace struts ($650) and axle ($650).

    To fix my steering pump noise they are charging $1300, way too much!!

    I should say that I feel like the dumbest person in the world for having purchased this car. I have a Hyundai with more than 1700000 miles and none os f this issues.

    What is your advise? What should I do?
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    I was so excited when my husband purchased my 2008 enclave in 2011. I wanted the vehicle when it came out but had to wait to purchase one. I had previously owned Lexus, BMW, Ford and Chevy automobiles, but this design was gorgeous and I had to have one. A year after purchased the vehicle I became ill and had to retire. I believe my dream car has also became ill.

    1 month after I had it the water pump went out, I have had multiple sensor issues, the ac blower went out and I am currently experiencing the same problems I have been reading today, all at once. There is a whining noise coming from the steering wheel when I turn and it is often hard to turn, my speakers began to spew horrible loud static noises when, using the turn signals , locking and unlocking the doors, turning the ac on, or just driving; the radio would be off and the key did not have to be in the ignition.

    I am also having transmission issues.Of course like many of the post I have read warranties have long expired. And the recalls that are out are never the issue, I figured this out today after I took my car into the dealership for a diagnostic after looking up recalls on my car. I was told there was little power steering fluid so they added some (I have seen this action taken in a few post, and soon I won't be eligible for the recall ). I was also told that I had a loose motor mount that's why my transmission was acting up (the transmission recall won't be available to me in 4,000 miles).

    Oh and the loud noise spewing from my speakers was supposedly caused by a leak in my sunroof of which I had checked out (you got it no leak) and I have read in other blogs...and of course there was no recall on this problem just a bulletin since 2012 about the issue (GM has issued bulletin "#PIT5166A: High Pitch Sound From Radio Display" which acknowledges the problem ).. I actually read 95 blogs about the same loud noise problem.

    I say all of this to say I received a quote today to repair the said problems for right under $2000 dollars, It is a shame that my beautiful dream car is a lemon. I have just over 110,000 thousand miles. My 2000 ford Eddie Bauer expedition had 277,000 miles and no issues before I sold it in 2011 for the Buick.

    I will never buy another Buick product.
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    Sounds like there is a problem with the 2008 Buick Enclave power steering because guess what? You guessed it!!!! All that whining noise my truck has been doing and now my steering went out on me today. Haven't even had the truck and whole year yet. Is there a recall out on this issue yet? Very frustrating
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    Is this the same sound you guys are hearing? This happens at low speeds driving in parking lot, etc.

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    I have a problem with my 2010 Enclave spilling steering fluid every where when I start up my car. It has happened on many occasions. Plus light bulbs blow all the time, flasher bulbs go out all the time. Already have had pinion pan replaced, struts replaced, heating in driver side seat never works .....it is always something wrong with this car.  I am bummed it's a beautiful car....love it when it I can  actually drive it and not always in the shop.
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    I also have a problem with my 2010 Buick Enclave the hatch having a mind on its own and decides to open and close on its own! I'm getting really frustrated with this vehicle. Car will be parked in driveway not on at all and decides to do this.
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