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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bob__bob__ Posts: 8
    Yes, it's only $500 under invoice, but still better than Edmunds' TMV $38,115
    Next time I'll try harder. :)
  • rcomparinrcomparin Posts: 2
    It looks as if the Loyalty rebate in June is for Volvo owners only. I do not see that lexus or Toyota owners qualify. maybe that was only until May? Anyone know?
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I believe it was over in April. I ordered my car in March before it began, then we bought at the end of May and it was already gone. However, the dealer was able to get me the rebate in the end because it was active while my car was on order.

    The rebate now only covers Volvo owners.
  • coolmom09coolmom09 Posts: 12
    I have talked to two local Volvo dealers and they both quote me price higher than Edmund's invoice price! :mad: They won't even sell at the invoice price. Why are they so tough? (I am in Ohio). Should I try buy from another state? Is the east coast better?
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    You can buy for $500 - $1,000 under invoice in Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs of DC.
  • coolmom09coolmom09 Posts: 12
    The dealer I talked to told me a invoice price which is $1000 more than Was he lying?
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Yes, the dealer was lying. Edmunds invoice numbers for XC60 are accurate.
  • crsovr1crsovr1 Posts: 7
    We've had the T6 for about 6 weeks now and love it. We got around 2300 miles and average about 18.2 in mostly city/suburban driving with a heavy amount of short trips. I thought I'd just comment on a few features and things we've noticed:

    The Adaptive Cruise Control made our first road trip a breeze. I couldn't believe how well it worked. I was amazed. Even my husband who hate CC was really impressed and used it for his portion of the driving.
    the rear view mirror is dim and takes some getting used to
    love BLIS as it's a nice check for changing lanes; it doesn't always work well when it's raining though and if you're passing someone around 6mph faster then they are, it won't light up
    iPods older than 2005 are not supported. Our old iPod Mini wouldn't work so we bought a Nano that works great
    the Nav actually gets better with practice and by the 3rd or 4th time I got it down pretty good. While I understand why, it's annoying you can't make changes while driving. But we're probably a lot safer because of it.
    Bluetooth quality with my Palm Pre is excellent. Friend has 09 Lexus RX and hers is terrible.
    the ride has been comfy but for our 6'+ friends the back is not for long trips.
    the PCC is so worth it. I just leave my key in my purse and never worry about it. Tip: you gotta get in from the driver side to get the side mirrors to open. If you get in from the passenger, the mirrors stay folded. You then have to lock and unlock the car from the driver's side.

    Overall I'm thrilled with the car and glad we chose it over the Q5.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Congratulations on your new ride! We've had our T6 for about 6 weeks as well, and also love it.

    The lock-out of the navigation system is a huge disappointment. This is especially puzzling and stupid given the fact that it is not just the driver's controls that are locked out, but also the IR remote control for the passenger!!! What is the purpose of providing this control then???

    Another annoying "feature" or rather lack thereof is that you cannot program the car to unlock doors when you park. You can program it to lock when you start driving, which is great, but not automatically unlock. Weird!

    Finally, the auto-tilt function on the mirrors tilts it WAY WAY too much. I had to turn off auto-tilt because of that. Thankfully you can enable on-demand tilt when you're backing up just by pushing the left or right mirror button.
  • dan207dan207 Posts: 12
    leasing xc60 fwd base model, black, black cloth, 2016 miles,$502monthly payment. would like to transfer lease. car is too small for us. had xc90 before, but lease expired, wanted to try something else, but car is much in nyc
  • kev10kev10 Posts: 6
    Just got my 2011 Volvo XC60

    Base Price: 32,400
    Premium Package: 2,500
    Convenience Package 1,200
    AWD 2,000
    Destination Charge 850
    MSRP 38,950

    Dealer Quote 33,719 (including $1000 Volvo Owner Royalty incentive)
    OTD 36,121

    Plus Volvo 5-year/60,000 mile safe+secure plan (free maintenance and wear & tear replacements). I am very happy with the deal. :)
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 60
    that is a great deal, which dealer this is? thanks.
  • thor14thor14 Posts: 17
    Just curious. How much under invoice was that? Sounds like great deal for you. Nice job.
  • I haven't seen invoice price from anywhere. All I have the the window stick price. Volvo repackaged 2011 XC60 options. Moonroof is now part of premier package. So my best guess the invoice price is around $36,500
  • I wasn't aware the 2011 XC-60s were in production yet. My factory order is for the 2011 model and I am being told the first production is scheduled in week 46, 2010. I am in no hurry as the newer model is to incorporate the new navigation system.

    Who is your dealer??

    I purchased the 2011 XC60-Turbo with Climate/Technology package, Convenience package, Multimedia package, BLIS w/power folding, PCC, Classic wood inlay, classic wood and leather steering wheel, classic wood gear shift, Active Bi-Xeon headlights, 5 yr safe and sound, rubber trunk liner, mud flaps front and rear, locking wheel nuts, tow bar, side scuff plates, convex load carriers. MSRP over $53,000 --- Dealer Price $47,800 ---- my price OTD $43,417... delivery date in December...
  • Holy cow! 10 grand off MSRP on a 'first issue' new model year vehicle! May I commission you to make our next Volvo deal? Is yours an OSD deal?(Didn't sound like it, except for the price). Well done!
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    2011 XC-60's can be found in limited supply stock. It's possible the factory isn't accepting custom orders until week 46.

    Reported deal is possible if your brother owns the dealership, likes you a lot, and owes you about six grand LOL.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    Pretty sure his OTD price is a typo... Doesn't match the rest of the numbers, unless he had a trade-in.



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  • My $43, 417 OTD price is through the Military Sales Program, no trade-ins are allowed, strictly new purchase only. You can take delivery of the car at your overseas duty station and have it shipped to the US later, or have it initially shipped to your US duty station.

    This is my first Volvo purchase though Military Sales, I have purchased 5 BMWs through military sales and all were great deals. As I have gotten a bit older and closer to military retirement I am thinking more of safety these days. Through Military Sales you can buy any US or European made vehicle at super prices.

    This program is well known to the military member which is on active duty and deployed outside CONUS, its been around for decades.
  • 2010 XC60 R-Design Ice White
    - Climate
    - Booster Seats

    MSRP - 43,XXX
    Sale - 39,000

    Do you think this is a decent price considering it is 2010?

  • The price seems pretty good especially with the MSRP as you have posted. The R design is a nice touch. Double check with several Volvo dealers, especially through internet sales if possible. It looks like the factory is doing some terrific promotions with options and hopefully you can benefit from it.
  • My 2003 XC90 got wrecked last week; not my fault so I'm getting a decent settlement from insurance. Decided to try the XC60 as a replacement since we are now empty nesters and can have something smaller. Here's what I've got:

    2010 T6 AWD
    Premium electric silver, sandstone, no wood trim
    multimedia pkg (includes nav)
    towing pkg (dealer installed)

    Dealer's price: $41,475
    OTD price $43,180.25

    That includes all taxes, tag transfer, etc.

    Should I get it? I've put requests out for an XC60 with xenon and this was the only thing that came up. Most dealers in our area don't have any. They have all said that most only come as custom orders. So I'm tempted to snap it up. Does it sound good?
  • That sounds like a good deal to me. With all of the options, I don't think you can find a better deal.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    That is a very fair deal and an excellent group of options.

    We went from an XC90 to an XC60 T6, and we couldn't be happier with the new SUV.
  • It sounds like a really nice deal.

    IF you are in no hurry, the 2011 mid-model XC60 will have the new Nav system that is currently being introduced in the 2011 S60. It will do away with the steering wheel controls and introduce a round knob on the center console and will look pretty much like the S60, no more USB hump on the dash and a 7" screen.
  • Thanks for the replies. I did put a deposit on the XC60 and now can't wait to see it. They are getting it from another dealer so it will be there tomorrow or Monday. I was so upset to lose my 2003 XC90 since it had 102k miles but looked like new and had served me very well for such a long time. It handled perfectly in the accident; I never lost control of the car despite a side impact collision that literally crushed the front end of the other vehicle. No serious injuries, thank goodness, just a person who didn't look for oncoming traffic when attempting a left turn across a busy highway. I think I may like the XC60 better and I'm very excited about the great warranty they are offering. Will update when I take delivery with my impressions.
  • Ah well, such is life. There is always an upgrade around the corner! I can't wait unfortunately because the insurance co. is cutting a check for me on Monday and is paying for my rental car only until Friday. So, I do need it now. I don't use nav that much but do like having it. I'm used to the controls on the wheel already from the XC90. That does sound like a nice improvement though.
  • You're going to love it. We have pretty much all the same things and you're going to love the xenon bright and great at night around turns. Also I've gotten so used to the nav that I like the steering wheel control. Hands are always on the steering wheel. I also like the little popup info center...looking down at the nav screen definitely forces me to look down and away from the road but that might just be because I like my seat highish as I'm 5'6".

    Enjoy the car!
  • kev10kev10 Posts: 6
    There is no typo. ODT is 36,121. The dealer is Annapolis Volvo in Maryland. Sale rep is Tom L. You can mention my name Kevin and he will match the deal or give you similar discount. Volvo and Subaru use different discount strategy.
  • Kevin:

    Could you give the dealer's phone number? ThX!
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