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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I ordered my 2011 XC60 AWD 3.2L on 12/19/2010 with Premium, Climate, Convenience packages along with BLIS, PCC, 7.5 x 18" MERAC Alloy Wheels, Dual Xeon Bending Lights. The dealer told me to expect the vehicle to arrive in March 2011 also. I hope I do not have to wait that long.

    Since I have just realized that XC60 Technology Package will now include "Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake", I am in process of adding this also into the order.

    Since I use Costco program, the price is the invoice (Costco calls it Employee Pricing) with $500 taken off. I expect to get additional $500 Costco Cash Card 6-8 weeks after I file Costco Redemption Form.

    I have excellent experience so far with XC60 purchasing process. The dealership I work with has been very professional and helpful. I was considering other vehicles and tested drive them prior like BMW X3, Sienna XLE AWD, and Acura MDX so far I like XC60 AWD the most. Also, XC60 seems to have the most advanced technology (except navigation) of all the vehicles I considered.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    edited December 2010
    The last two Volvo's we've special ordered from the factory using the Costco plan, both over the Christmas/New Year shut down, have been delivered within 8 weeks or so. Many weeks faster than the original dealer estimates.

    With the options you've ordered consider the T-6 engine over the 3.2L. It won't be more than about $400 more, gets the same fuel burn, is much more powerful, and is a lot more fun to drive. Our salesman talked us into the switch, and we're most happy he did.

    Do it soon, so as not to delay delivery, and good luck!
  • My local dealer told me the 2011 mid-year model is at the port ready for delivery in the first week of Jan, from reading the posts here that doesn't sound feasible?
  • If your XC-60 was ordered in early November it could easily be delivered in early January. The mid year production change was effective November 22.
  • I am in Chicago and the local dealers have the 2011.5 version already. So I was able to drive one home today. I don't understand why dealers in Chicago got those earlier than east coast.

    This is the first SUV I got. I did not test drive this one but tested some earlier versions. The ride of the one I bought is not smooth. I can definitely feel it if there are some bumps on the road. Not sure if there is anything wrong with the suspension system on the new version. And there are only less than 10 miles on it when I bought it. I might need to go back to the dealer to check it out. Did anyone have the same experience?

    Here is what I got with the Costco program:

    Volvo XC60 2011.5 black/off black with Sensus system
    AWD T6
    Climate Package
    Convenience Package
    Navigation Prep

    I have a trade-in at $11,000 and the OTD is $32,153 with additional $500 Costco Gift-card.
  • The ship Falstaff has passed through the Panama Canal and should arrive in CA by the 30th So could easily get delivery on west coast early January.
  • IF they can find a port that's not covered in mud or washed away entirely! Good luck to all the Cali folks cleaning up after the storms!
  • neozneoz Posts: 5
    What is a "manufacturer's invoice"? I went to a local dealer and the person pulled out a sheet of paper from his binder for the car we are interested. That paper does include advertising fee. But I mean, I can print that paper. It is printed like using an old type writer.

    So what exactly is a "manufacturer's invoice"? Thanks.
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    My Volvo salesman pulled out that sheet of paper as well and it matched perfectly to the invoice price on Edmunds, Costco and other car buying websites. For the XC60 no telling what dealers pay all-things-considered but you're probably doing very well at $2000-$3500 below invoice, if that's even possible.

    Edmunds and still have the same old invoice pricing, but on other buying sites "powered by Zag" the invoice base price recently has gone up by $1500 and the fully loaded invoice has gone up by almost $4000. I'm sure the dealership would be glad for you to buy an XC60 at these "invoice" prices.

    There are four Volvo dealerships in my area and I didn't bother calling around to see which one could beat the others' lowest price on my factory order. Maybe I should have but I was too giddy from my test drive to care.
  • We just got a 2011 with the new Sensus. Custom order for delivery in 6 to 12 weeks.

    Final cost is below for

    2011 3.0T AWD
    Climate Package
    Convience Package

    Processing fee was $99
    Tags was $274

    Total price including a 6% sales tax was
    $40,500 OTD. We also got a $500 Costco card. So really $40,000 OTD. I think we got a pretty good deals when I checked truecar and other prices people paid for.
  • Your goal should be 3% of base MSRP before incentives. Everything else is just hurting the buisness and alot of dealers may turn you away at more then that. It doesnt make buisness sense, you are paying for them to wash the car, show you how to work everything, take you on drives and do all your DMV stuff (everyone hates the DMV. ) They have to make money somewhere and if its a family owned buisness you are supporting the economy if you want to look at it differently. The car buisness is the only place where everyone wants everyone to work for free or pay money for you to buy a car. Could you imagine walking up to a lawyer and asking him to pay his company to represent you?

    I want everyone to get a fair deal, but dont rape a dealer who then is going to find some else to make all that money back on. Your best goal is to make it fair on both sides. Expect a rise in prices paid on XC60s, the demand is really high - supply is really running short and there is a slow pipeline for XC60s per store with sensus coming.
  • The manufacturers invoice all depends on the vehicle being purchased pricewise. And yes what you were looking at is it. Its old school but thats the one
  • Just ordered a 2011.5 XC60

    Black/Sandstone Beige
    Premium Pkg
    Multimedia Pkg

    Paid 35,969 after $1000 loyalty cash incentive. Could've gone with a dealer in Baton Rouge for $400 cheaper, but then I wouldn't be able to use the loaner vehicles from my dealership in New Orleans when I take mine in for service, and its easier to deal locally.

    Expecting Mar. 10! Can't wait!
  • Shulmands 131 - Congratulations. Interesting that you got a precise date of March 10. I ordered mine on December 11 and was given a wide window of February 25 - March 11.
  • jjrnjjjrnj Posts: 13
    Just pulled the trigger on the following

    3.2 AWD w moonroof
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Booster Seats
    Black w beige leather

    MSRP 39,250
    Invoice 37,176
    Sell price 35, 676
    Loyalty 1,000
    Final Price 34,676
    Doc 199

    Got it in Central NJ.
  • wow! kinda jealous of your pricing! here on the Gulf Coast dealer competition is minimal and getting a good deal is difficult. There are only 3 other dealerships within a 2.5 hour drive. However, if I wanted to get free loaner volvos when I come in for service, I had to have bought from the local New Orleans dealer.

    They got me by the "you know whats" there!

    I would have liked to have gotten the Climate Pkg, but since it gets below 35 degrees here maybe 20 nights a year, it wasnt really cost effective. I really wanted to have the premium audio system within the multimedia pkg.

    I have the premium surround in my 2006 S40 and it is just damn hard to beat in this price range!
  • My ship landed in CA today, should have my XC60 2011.5 by late next week in Phoenix. Ordered through military sales first Volvo...normally BMWs. Looking forward to getting behind the wheel.
  • How long ago did you order it? I have my fingers crossed my delivery will be closer to 6 or 7 weeks instead of 10
  • Any opinions would be appreciated. I spent 45 minutes fooling with the Sensus system and I was having trouble figuring it out. The salesmen didn't know how to use it. Maybe if I got the hang of it, I would like it.

    I want to order a car and I'm stuck on which one.
  • I looked at the X3's and you get so much more for your money with the XC60.
    I found the Sensus system to be WAY easier to figure out than the iDrive system. There are actually some really good videos posted online about how to use the sensus system, plus there are built-in tutorials within the sensus software that explain how to use different features.

    do a google search for "Success with Sensus" from
    Each video is about 11-12 minutes and tells you how to use each feature.
  • Agreed...the X3 is fun to drive but the XC60 is a better deal overall. Now the X5 is a different story, but way more expensive..this comes from a 10 year BMW owner of 5 BMWs.
  • We have a deposit down on the last 2010 XC 60 on the lot:
    T6 AWD with moonroof with climate control package and booster seats in the back.

    MSRP: over $40K
    Our Price: ~$34K

    Is this a good price? Also, what is everyone's thoughts on the longevity of the Volvo brand with their somewhat recent acquisition by Geely?
  • I am going to buy a 2011 XC60 and want to pick it up in Sweden. The Salesman told me that on OSD you start with the msrp and then take the discount from that, as opposed to agreeing on a price then subtracting the OSD discount from that price. I thought that was strange since I bought a 2005 bmw X3 and did OSD. In that case I negotiated the price to $800.00 over invoice then subtracted the discount from that. Has any one done OSD, if so how did you negotiate the price?
    The quote I got for a 2011 XC60 T6 with the following:
    climate, xenon, convenience pkg., wood trim, metalic paint, and multimedia
    was $42,767.
    Does this sound about right?
    I know I might be able to get it cheaper by not doing a fixed OSD price, but the trip to Sweden is very appealing to me. thanks for any info. tom
  • Check out this web site which has the prenegotie OSD prices from the OSD web link... g_your_new_volvo/Documents/Volvo-OSD-MY11-XC60-Pricing.pdf

    Also, their phone is 800-631-1667...
  • So it looks like the price for OSD is fixed. Thanks for the info. Has anyone negotiated the OSD price? tom
  • Unfortunately, the prices are not negotiable. However, with the trip to Sweden its a great deal. You can of course thake this price list into your local dealer, it may give you a little bit more leverage.

    Be aware, the option prices listed are retail, no discount. Normally Volvo will announce some sort of option discount pricing or packaging. The big savings is off the model price.
  • I purchased my XC-60 June 2010, but waited for week 46 production with new sensus system, completed buld early Dec and then shipped out; about a month for the ship to arrive in CA.
  • iamsonyiamsony Posts: 12
    edited January 2011
    We were thinking of doing OSD since if you own a Volvo, they give you two extra days (Total of 3 nights free). But the problem is that dealers won't negotiate from the OSD set list. So when I did my negociations and compared the same price to OSD. It was much cheaper to buy it from my local dealer which I did. The difference was about $2000 which is a good size difference and that doesn't even include the $500 Costco card. And with that difference, I can use that money to buy tickets to any place in the world instead of being limited to Sweden. They do have a program where if you pay XXX extra you can include Rome in your trip before going to Sweden

    Honestly I wish they would allow negotiation with the OSD prices. If the price was a difference of $1000, I might have taken the OSD deal.
  • So, you/Costco negotiated over $4500 off (the $2000 diff you mention plus the ~7% off for OSD--closer to $5500 off of a loaded XC)? If Costco can work those numbers plus a $500 gift card, OSD looks a lot less attractive. Of course, we bought the 11th XC60 sold in central Texas and 'might' have gotten $500 off :sick: . That's the price you pay for keeping DW happy :) . We're considering trading our '08 C70 but will likely wait until summer '12. Hope Costco can work some magic for us!
  • iamsonyiamsony Posts: 12
    I checked and according to g_your_new_volvo/Documents/Volvo-OSD-MY11-XC60-Pricing.pdf

    I got the following

    XC60 T6 AWD: 36, 480
    Premium: $2,500
    Conveience: $1000
    PCC: $550
    Plus Dealer Tags: $99
    Plus Dealer Handling: $200
    Volvo Incentive: -$1000
    Taxes (5% MD taxes): $2389.74
    Total Cost with OTD: $42218

    I bought the car "Out the door" for $40,500 plus I get $500 card. I put the breakdown for OTD in my one of my prior post So it wasn't exactly $2000, more like 1718 difference. But still a big difference.
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