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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • dg0472dg0472 Posts: 87
    Consumer Reports has end-ran Hyundai's embargo by updating their previously posted review on the pre-production Limited Hyundai brought to their track to instead be remarks on a GLS they bought themselves. Overall, it's pretty positive. tml
  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    so where in new jersey is this dealership? i'll have 1 shipped down to florida for that savings.
  • Re. turbo vs V6... as a previous owner of a SAAB Classic 900 Turbo, I can assure you it had enough power and speed to keep up with a V6. And, with the new Sonata's more refined engine, its Turbo may even be better.

    FWIW...SAAB's naturally aspirated H-engine design remained the same for the Turbo. It was not necessary to beef up the crankshaft or rods - they were the same in both versions.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    hhr06, I tipped you off to Fitzmall in Clearwater that has '11 Ltds at 26150 sticker selling for 24256. That's only 541 less than that New Jersey dealer. I think it would cost you a lot more than that to ship it from New Jersey........if you're serious. They have seven on their website. all at 26150 sticker/24256 sell.
  • awahooawahoo Posts: 15
    I just received an internet quote for $19,668 for a Sonata GLS with automatic and popular equipment pckg. (Option group #2 @$750). Total MSRP was $21,800. How does this compare with what you guys are getting? I think it's pretty good....$2,132 below MSRP and $1,070 below invoice.
  • That's an excellent price. Does that incude a loyalty discount or something? How'd you manage to get it $1,000 BELOW invoice?

    Can I have your telephone number? Maybe I can call you and you can haggle with my dealer
  • To get that price, in your neck of the woods, you should just go to Sams Club, buy a $40.00 membership card and then order your car thru their auto program. You get it for cost (invoice) plus whatever other discounts you may qualify for (i.e. loyalty coupon etc.).
  • awahooawahoo Posts: 15
    Dealer said the quoted price included all internet incentives. So I don't know what was applied there. Does it make a difference if I got that, or someone goes to Sam's, gets the invoice price, then gets another thousand discount? This was only his quote in response to my internet dealer inquiry. Many a slip between the cup and the lip, so this may be too good to be true. We'll see. I'll surely come back here and confirm when I complete the purchase.
  • Hi guys, i am interested in a car that is almost impossible to find at any dealer in my area. And when i did find one it was not in the color i am interested in. So i am thinking of ordering a car from the dealer built exactly the way i want, basically a factory order. Has anyone in here done so and what should i know to avoid getting ripped off.
    I do have a few questions, #1 do I have to leave some sort of a deposit and how much is it usually. By all accounts one should never leave dealership without the car or money, so I am reluctant to give money upfront for a car that dealer told me will arrive in 6 weeks (another dealer told me 15 weeks)
    Do I have to sign a contract? Can I walk away from the deal?
    I also read that dealers are far less interested in haggling for a car that is not on the lot, I was wondering if that is the case.
    Can someone please give me all the ins and outs of the process.
  • That's essentially what I did for my new Sonata, which is coming in Monday (ordered on Super Bowl Sunday). They created deal paperwork without a VIN number. They looked around at other dealer's inventory to find a similar car's invoice to do the cost.

    Once it appeared in their inventory, indicating it was shipping soon, they redid the paperwork with the actual VIN number. To this point, they have not cashed my down payment check. I can cancel the deal at anytime, since I do not yet have my car.
  • When I recently went to the dealer and asked about a particular model and color combination, the salesman stated that Hyundai does not do factory orders like GM or Ford. He stated they instead use allotments. A particular batch of cars with certain colors and equipment packages are offered to the dealer and then they decide which ones they will accept and which ones they will decline. Usually the only way a dealer can get a car that was not in his allotment is to trade with other dealers.
  • That's probably technically correct, but it would also depend on the kind of stroke your dealer has. A high volume one can probably get more done than a "minor leaguer."
  • Does anyone know from the South Florida area where I can buy the 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited, venetian red, camel interior w/no nav?
  • I just test drove a 2011 Sonata SE this morning and am impressed. I think I'm sold -- looks great, drives great, feels good inside. I'm just under 6' and thought the back seat headroom was fine. The only downside was the audio system -- not even as good as the one in my current base Honda Odyssey. I think I'll live with it, but thought I'd offer that opinion.
    One interesting note -- the dealer said nearly all the cars (SEs at least) coming out of Alabama seem to be silver. Any of the other color SEs are actually being imported from Korea. Of course that could change over time, but that's the current state of affairs according to him. That's the running joke amongst dealders looking to trade for other color SEs -- they all have seem to have only silver.
  • caseybrucaseybru Posts: 47
    edited February 2010
    I live in northern California. I just got an offer from Roseville Nissan/Hyundai for the 2011 Sonata SE. MSRP $23,450 , Invoice $22,406 , and my price $21,788 plus Ca tax and DMV fees. Ca tax and DMV fees [$2133]. Ipod cable [$35] , wheel locks [$50] , and carpeted floor mats [$100] are all included in my price. I am happy with it and am waiting for my color to arrive. He has 7 GLS , 4 Limited , and 3 SE's on the lot and and 16 more Sonata due very soon. This company is very customer oriented with a lot of nice people.
  • I drove the 2011 Sonata SE about two weeks ago. We went to the dealership to drive a Mazda3. It was way too small and we drove the Mazda6. On our way back inside the dealership my wife saw the SE. She fell in love with the looks. We drove it and were very impressed. In order to get the features we wanted, we decided the Limited, without nav, was the way to go. We took ownership of it last Saturday. After driving it to work for a week, I've extremely happy with it. Plenty of power and very nice internal features. Here are my thoughts:

    The power is good. Not as good as my wife's 2000 V6 Solara, but definately better than any other 4 Cyl. that I've driven and close to some of the V6's we drove. The handling is very good. Road noise is good, but not great. It's leaps and bounds better than my 2001 Altima was. I'm very happy with the gas mileage. I drive 25% city during the week and 75% interstate. I'm averaging around 30 mpg right now. I'm satisfied with that. I think the only way you will get the 35 mpg is to drive around 60 mph on a fairly flat road. I'm in the foothills of NC, so there are no flat roads. I look forward to getting in the car after work. I love the USB connection for my MP3 files. The only thing that is a little annoying is the fact that it takes about 4-5 minutes when I get in the car for the phonebook on my cell phone to download to the car before I can use the bluetooth. This is the first time I've ever had bluetooth in a car, so I don't know if this is a normal thing or not. Overall I'm extremely happy with the car.
  • Herbie,

    I also just got my 2011 Sonata SE and love it as well - it is an amazing car. I have not had a chance to set the bluetooth up yet but I will read over the manual and find out, I am sure there is a way to have it store the contacts or something. I can tell you that I have driven a 2009 Malibu with Bluetooth, and with that you have to manual set all names/numbers into the car or dial them directly from the contacts list on your phone, which is tedious and defeats the purpose of hands-free.

    For anyone interested I uploaded some photos
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    You might try one of the Internet car search services such as Autotrader (available here at or You put in your zip code and how far from that you wish to search for the new car, and enter details on the car, and it lists inventory from local dealers. I think it is possible to specify color, and you can put "Limited" into the text search field to narrow the search to Limiteds.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited February 2010
    REF: 619
    Nice pics. Black on black looks great. What brand tires do you get on the SE? Are they the low mileage V rated performance type? (i.e., 260 A A)
    BTW, a real Italian would have included an engine photo? ;)
  • I will get a few more photos soon and put them up as well.

    The tires are Hankook Optimo rather V (149mph)
  • Thanks for the pics. Looks sweet!
  • Here is an article from the hyundai plant in montgomery, alabama about how many cars there going to produce in February. on-at-montgomery-plant-in-feb--763437.html
  • hickstickshicksticks Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    Last night we got the Pacific Blue GLS with Popular Equipment Package.

    It is a great car. I paid $3,725 as my down payment. I am doing 15,000 miles annually on the lease. My monthly payments are only $159 (including tax).

    I am very happy with the vehicle I purchased. I love the bluetooth and IPOD connectivity. I also really enjoy the look, feel and comfort of the power seat (the lumbar support is great).

    I am not happy about the buying experience. I could never recommend that Hyundai dealership to anyone, they were very deceiving and I caught them in several lies.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, I'll monitor this thread.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Thanks for the pics and info. How do you experience the ride and handling? I've taken test drives in a Limited and a GLS. No one has SE's in my area or in the Virginia and North Carolina dealerships I visited while traveling last week. Local dealer said the NO ONE can get nav systems at the moment.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Yeah, what is the dealership name???
  • jsmit86jsmit86 Posts: 116
    I drove a 2011 Limited today. It was my second test drive, the last one being a 2011 GLS. This is an impressive auto.

    I currently own a 2003 Infiniti G35, and believe it or not, I am considering replacing it with a 2011 Sonata Limited. The car has ample pick up for a 4 cylinder. During my test drive, I had the opportunity to merge onto a highway ramp from a rolling right turn. The Sonata accelerated smoothly to about 65 MPH. While it's no match for my G35, the 4 cylinder will not stop me from buying. This was my biggest concern.

    Before I purchase, I need to listen to the stereo in the Limited with Nav. There are some of them out there, but they are pretty scarce at the moment. The other thing I want to see is a camel interior in a Limited. The reason I haven't found one, is that the camel interior is not available yet. (Coming soon I am told). The manager at the Hyundai dealer says that the wood trim in the Limiteds with the camel interior will be a cherry tone. So far all of the internet pix show the same piano black that comes in the Gray and Black interiors. I think all of these photos are of Korean cars, or pre-production.

    I'd appreciate if anyone can confirm the wood color.
  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    hicksticks, of #625 thread

    how were u able 2 get such a low lease price? most here in florida are showing $199@month. was it because of the large down payment?
  • The SE has...
    Hankook Performance tires . The Hankook Optimo H431 . The H431 is considered a Grand Touring All-Season tire that is M+S rated. It comes with a UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) of 480 (treadwear) / A (traction) / A (temperature). 225/45R18 with 18" silver alloy wheels

    info is from...

    Nicholas Tufo
    Quality & Service Team

    Hankook Tire America Corp.
    1450 Valley Rd, Wayne,NJ 07470
    Tel : 1-800-HANKOOK (426-5665) X 616
    Fax : 973.633.0028
    email :
  • REF:630
    Excellent post w/ detailed info. Tires are $187 each + shipping on and they are a new model (or perhaps a new OEM tire just for the SE). Specs are better than i expected.
  • tripigtripig Posts: 3
    edited February 2010
    Just took home a 2011 Sonata Limited for 1000 under invoice from Rosen Hyundai in suburban Chicago. Very easy to deal with. Fantastic car! You won't be disappointed! :)
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