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Chevy Venture



  • I'm looking at a 2000 Venture because of the additional rebates. I see Edmunds has no info for 2001. When I looked at the Sihouette info. for 2001, I noticed it said that the LCD was bigger. Same thing for the Venture? (dealer was clueless on the phone)
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Since the Silhouette/Venture/Montana all use identical components, it's a good guess that the Venture's LCD screen size will be increased similarily as well.

    Hope this helps!
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  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Have you tried posting this info (in your post #575) in the Marketplace? It would be more appropriate there, instead of in this topic. You can do so by clicking here. All listings are free!

    Good luck!
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  • What is a "raw" seat? Is that a typographical error for 'row,' or is it a term for a one-piece bench seat?

    It is my understanding that the seat anchors for all the GM minivans are all the same; the middle row has 12 and the last row 8.

    Do I understand that your 3rd row has a single-piece bench seat? I had been under the impression that both the middle row and back row "bench" seats were both two-piece combinations that form a continuous seating surface by being placed right next to one another; that the middle row was a 40/60 and that the rear row a 50/50.

    I am under the impression that dealers will be unlikely to swap seats in your situation and that they will not sell just seats so that you can change the configuration yourself. Maybe that has something to do with the seat belt configuration; maybe the bench seat belts are only the lap type attached to the (removable) seat frame, while the outside portion of the belts of the split bench are the shoulder/lap combination that are anchored to the vehicle frame. If that is true, then switching a single-piece bench for a split one would result in no shoulder/lap belts for the outside seating positions. Perhaps an auto salvage yard could help you in this regard, seats AND belts.
  • I think you got it right in your assessment of seating and seatbelts in the GM vans.

    That is why we hunted for an 8 passenger version when we bought our Montana. It gives the most flexible arrangment and the most options.
  • Bought 2000 LT mid August and just returned from vacation at the beach. Spent 47 minutes(unsuccessfully) trying to put rear seats(2) back in....any suggestions?
  • step one: relax...(if I can do it,anyone--even you can)
    step two: slide the seat back as far as will need to push the gray plastic lever to allow the seat to be moved back ...
    step three:you need to line up the front "lobster-claw"-like lever with the metal bar which is attached to the floor bottom ...
    step four:push the seat in --- verify that the from lever is secured...the second lever (also in the front) should "fall into place" and align itself...
    step five ... this IMPORTANT !!! as you push the seat in... you need to PULL out the gray cloth loop to allow the rear claws to open up ...push the seat in...check to see if it is locked in...
    step six ...CELEBRATE...
    step a copy of this in the glove compartment !!!
  • Actually, what I have is what GM calls modular seats, where two 3rd row seats look identical to the second row seats (where there are 3 of them). Looking from the rear hatch, I see gaps between two rear seats, as they don't occupy the full width - I prefer the 50/50 split bench seats, which appears to have the same floor latch.

    Perhaps I should look into scrap yard to see if any totalled Ventures' with 50/50 bench seats are sitting around...
  • I know that this doesn't have anything to do with the seats, but I just replaced one wheel cylinder on my 97 that I just got 1 month ago, and only has 39000 miles on it, only to have to replace the other one first thing tomorrow. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Do the foglights from the Silhouette fit in a Venture?
    All the Chevy dealers in my area claim GM have no foglights for the Venture and I need to get an aftermaket one but the ones on the Silhouette look like they should fit into the space in the bumper.
    The headlights on my Venture are the worse I have ever come across in recent years.
  • I noticed the same thing! Seems the Silhouette foglights would fit nicely although GM would probably charge quite a bit for those lights. I think I'm going to buy some slimline foglights and do the job myself. Get some HID (high intensity discharge) replacement bulbs for your van if allowed in your area.
  • A short-lived topic in Vans, #1209, I believe, had a number of comments recommending aftermarket fog lamps over original manufacturer, either self-installed or by the after-market seller. The feeling was that original manufacturer fog lights were generally inferior to those available from other sources. One post said, in part, "Good ones to look for are Bosch, Hella or PIAA. Bosch and Hella are reasonably priced and PIAA is way too expensive. You can also get fog and driving lights in one unit."

    Another post in that topic (Fog lights versus traction control(?)) cautioned that one should evaluate how much electrical load they're adding to their vehicle to insure they did not over stress (my words) their alternator and battery's charging ability.

    Hope that helps. I have found that the fog lights on our '99 regular wheelbase Silhouette do not illuminate very much ground, even after asking that they be adjusted by the dealer. I uderstand your desire to install the equipment from a sister vehicle, but, because of these recommendations, and my experience, though limited, I would go with something else. Also, I'm not sure the opening at the base of the Venture's bumper would accept a Silhouette fog light; but, maybe it's the other way around. It is my off the top recollection that the Venture's foglights are round and fit in the bumper with no extra room, while the Silhouette's are horizontal at the outside edge of a much larger horizontal opening.

    Good luck.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Here is a link to that topic: Topic #1209

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  • Just purchased a '97 Pontiac Trans Sport Montana. Bought it since it had 4 of the 5 items I wanted as well as some extras and was extremely well maintained. The one downside is the seating setup - quad captain chairs. I have a family of 5 with 3 small children and would like either the 8 pass seating or the split bench in the middle row with integrated child seats.

    Has anyone ever looked into this?? Is a switch such as this possible or are there issues here such as location of floor mounts and/or seat belts?? I noticed in posting #443 that someone went to 8 passenger from the split bench - what about captain's chairs to 8 passenger? Would this be a fair swap financially if I found someone who really wanted the captain's chairs?

    Any insight from the town hall would be so greatly appreciated!

    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The key issue is whether the floor inserts are standard across the model range. Do not think seat belts are a problem on the swap from two captains chairs to three modular, as the two outboard seats use the seatbelts on the side and the center seat is just a lap one. (I have an 8 seater Venture)

    A good idea would be to remove the two Captains chairs and see how many floor fittings are underneath, as some maybe covered by the seats themselves.

    Then comes the cost aspect of buying the three second row seats....

    Let us know and if you measure, please no metrics here.!
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    It is my firm belief that the anchors in all the GM minivans of the same vintage are exactly the same. Therefore, swapping is theoretically possible. It is my understanding that GM new car dealers will not facilitate this, so, check used car dealers, and salvage yards. I
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    I have done the seat swap from a bench two seater to a three across. There is a problem with the outboard passenger side shoulder seat belt. I had to add a lap belt to this seat since the shoulder belt is not properly positioned for an outboard seat. I got the seats from the junk yard for $125 a piece, 2 seats one for the center and one for the outboard. The seat belt I purchased from the dealer.

    Good luck,

  • melismelis Posts: 7
    I currently own a '99 Venture LT & have had some minor problems as well as major problems. In Feburary of this year, the SES light came on, engine was running horrible so off I went to the dealership where I was informed that the #4 Fuel Injector was bad & would have to be replaced. Thank goodness I was still covered under the warranty. Just this past weekend, I started up my van to discover the SES light on again... I knew immediately that it was another fuel injector because of the way the van was running. So I drove it home & waited until Monday when I could take it into the dealership, this time it was the #5 fuel injector that was bad. Thank goodness we had opted for the extra warranty coverage since I currently have over 43,000 miles on my van. BTW, the #4 fuel injector went out at approx. 23,000 miles. Only 20,000 miles later the #5 fuel injector went bad. I had also reported that the airbag light was coming on again.. no record of it in the computer so it didn't get fixed. I had to pay $100 to have the fuel injector replaced. I have had the windshield wiper transmission replaced & have had the airbag modules replaced approximately 3 times. I've reported this to GMAC but have yet to hear back from them. My question is what options do I have at this point? I can't use the lemon law because of the mileage & I've had the van for approximately 1 1/2 years. It would seem to me that when you purchase a brand new van that it should last longer than this one had. Granted I've been able to have it repaired but is this what I have to look forward to in another 20,000 miles, another fuel injector going bad? Should I trade it in ASAP, attempt to get GMAC to buy back or just hang on & pray that nothing major goes wrong in the near future. We purchased this van with the intention of driving it for years & yes, we knew we would be putting lots of miles on it since my son plays hockey 80 miles away from our home. I also don't want to give up my 3.9% financing that I was able to get thru GMAC. Any suggestions would be great because I'm at the end of my rope with this van. I'm sure I just got a "bad" van but it frustrates me that I've spent all this $$ & have had problems with it.

  • arebeearebee Posts: 3
    I purchased my 2000 Chevrolet Venture from Boles Chevrolet in Pendleton, Indiana. 3 weeks later I discovered damage to it. I looked over the vehicle before purchase and still don't know how I missed around $1100.00 worth of damage. However, someone at the factory or dealership knew it was damaged because the right rear quarter panel had a coat of paint sprayed over it attempting to cover up a small dent and several deep gouges. Now That Is Honesty! Also, two cross-member sections adjoining the frame are dented, the bottom of the chassis on both sides are scraped up, and something drug across the rear portion of the roof while the paint was wet. There is a State law that requires disclosure of the damage if the damage exceeds a certain percentage of MSRP. I believe the damage meets this criteria. Since the damage was never disclosed to me, I requested the vehicle be replaced. My request was denied by the Dealership, the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center, and the Local Area Vehicle Manager. However, they did say the repairs would be made under warranty. Also, Boles Chevrolet says it is a GM problem and GM says it is a Boles Chevrolet problem. I have received no apology and nobody is taking responsibility for the damage. Furthermore, several request were made for the Local Area Vehicle Manager to contact me. He has yet to do so. In addition, I wrote letters to the CEO of GM, President of GM North America, and General Manager for Chevrolet and they did not respond either. Imagine that! So I filed complaints with the BBB and State Attorney General. I take the blame for missing the damage. I should have looked at the vehicle closer. But really, I shouldn't have to! The customer should be able to trust General Motors to stand behind their product. General Motors lack of quality, integrity, and concern has lost another once loyal GM Customer. A customer who has purchased or leased 6 GM vehicle in 7 years including 4 from Boles Chevrolet. Thanks GM. Now I Know What That Great GM Feeling Is! R.B.
  • Further to my earlier posting regarding seat swapping, I have confirmed that floor anchor location will not be a problem. Also, I don't think seat belts will be either as both the captain and modular config have two outboard seats. Greg, I presume you had a seat belt issue upon moving from a split bench simply because there wasn't a passenger side outboard when you got your van - please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I called the dealer and they would hear nothing of this - stating liability as the issue. Combing all the scrap yards came up with one set of 3 buckets - unfortunately they were grey while my interior is the taupe. Have also posted a swap ad in the local newspaper. Will let the group know if and when my search ends.

    BTW, does anyone know where one could find GM brochures for the 97 vans??

  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    Your correct about my seat belt issue. You should not have the same problem.

    Have you tried using the internet to look for junk yards to search for seats? Thats how I found my seats in Petersburg, VA. Most of the web sites have 800 numbers you can call directly to ask if they have the seats.

    I may have my old 97 venture GM brochure. What did you want to know from it?


  • All the GM headlights on newer cars and vans are weak. My last few cars I have installed higher wattage bulbs and new wiring available from
    They work great, improve visibility substantially, they do not blind oncoming traffic, and Competition Limited guarantees their bulbs and wiring for 90 days. I sound like a commercial for them, but I have been very happy with a new found ability to see at night. I have put the higher wattage bulbs on my 2000 Montana (the same as the Venture and Silhouette) and they work great. Slight glitch with the fog lights and the high beams, but the fog lights are worthless anyway. I leave off the fog lights and the headlights work perfectly.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    I own a 99 Venture, bought new, currently with 13K miles. The transmission is fine, but I've read so much about these transmissions screwing up that I wonder if pre-emptively changing the trans fluid now would forestall any future problems. Any opinions?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    RE 601: Personally, I have always got the fluid changed around 30K - 35K, irrespective of the owners manual etc. My transmission guy charges $45.00 and in all cars I have had, I consider it well worth it and such a small investment.
  • This weekend my wife and I looked at some minivans. The local Honda dealer wants $24,340 for a 2001 Odyssey LX. Also, the wait may be a couple of months for it. We also looked at the 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. It had the power package and middle bucket seats. The salesman tried to BS us with a quote of $24,300. The funny thing is, there are about a dozen of the same 2000 leftover vans still on the lot! He asked us what we were looking to pay and I told him $22,000. He checked with his sales manager and came back and said that he could sell it for that (including taxes & tags). Not feeling very comfortable with the whole deal we told him we would get back to him if we decided to go with the Dodge. After reading some posts on the Dodge and the transmission problems, it isn't an option for us.
    The next stop was the Chevy dealer. They had 2 leftover 2000 Ventures on the lot. They offer a $3000 rebate off the $22,831 sticker. That brings the price down to $19,831. It's an LS model with a CD player. They let us borrow it for the weekend to see how we like it. My question is, do you guys think it's a good deal? We are going to drive it around tomorrow and see how it is. Thanks for your help.
  • Has anyone heard of APR's of new 2001's for after January (purchased, not lease)? Right now, I see 5.9% for Ventures. Are there going to be lower ones in the future (like last year---Ford had some 0.9%). Has anyone heard? Thanks
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    Send me an email re: 2000 Venture if you want to hear about my 99.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    One of the motoring mags, runs a test on minivans this month, featuring the LS, Nissan Quest, Mazda MPV, Sienna and latest 2001 Chrysler van.

    They put the LS and Quest at tied fourth, and usual niggles by the writers about interior switches etc. However it is the fastest in its class.

    We have the 2000 LT 8 seater, and after 15,000 miles it has been mechanically fautless and good MPG (upto 32) on long trips. The 3.4 V6 engine can be a little noisy at first, but a silent highway cruiser on long trips.

    If you are into home maintenance, changing the oil is about it, even the airfilter is like wrestling with the devil.

    Good luck
  • kymbokymbo Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2000 Venture lease-return with 23,000 miles on it. Power everything. At first the power door was wouldn't stay closed, it kept reopening but it seems to have corrected itself over this past week. But other than that I just love it! We rented a Venture for a road trip this past June and I just fell in love with it. Although I had researched and re-researched and had decided to buy a Ford Windstar, top of the line, I drove one and just hated it. We went for the Venture instead and I'm still glad we did. I drove a Chevy Lumina sedan for 138,000 miles and only replaced the alternator once, the tires twice and the battery once. Other than that, no problems whatsoever. Hope this Venture is the same!
  • Gary, what part of the county are you in ??
    If our dealers would have come up with that sort of price for us, we would have jumped at it [ central Fl ]the best offer they would do for a venture lx with cd was $26,100 & that was not including tax & title [ but did include the $3000 or 0% apr ]I told my husband if we could get one at that price it would be worth travelling to get it at that price.
    We have been looking at the venture & like it very much, would love to hear from anyone who has one, good or bad comments !
    We were loking at a dodge durango but read a lot of negatives about it so we are looking at vans again !!
    Any help/comments much appreciated.
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