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Chevy Venture

Thinking of buying a Venture. Aside from crash
test reports, any pro and con on this van would be
appreciated. Thank you.


  • Here is my $.02. This sleeper van has all the features the other vans should put in: power slider door (remote,too!), split, fold and tumble rear seats that also slide back and forth, steering wheel radio controls. This van must have been designed by a mom. Lots of cargo room. Both front seats can be powered. Outside temp indicator. One of the best drives around. Middle windows open. You can get one probably cheap because they have such a bad rep.

    Cons: try tilting the second row captain's chair forward - you have to hold it up (as compared to T&C, it hydraulically lifts and stays). All the talk about cheap, loose interior plastic is true. The crash tests - but remember the new side impact bags for 1998. Reliability - Consumer reports just named the GM trio the most unreliable cars out there.

    Good luck.
  • melismelis Posts: 7
    We are in the process of buying a '98 Venture EWB Malchite Metallic with the 1SH package, CD, 2nd Row Captains Chairs. We have test drove this van twice as well as the other vans, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford & liked the Venture the best. We didn't find anything cheap about the interior & it drove quieter than the other vans. So far we haven't had much luck with the Auto By Tel Rep - he keeps wanting to sell us a bunch of extras that we don't want and/or need. We've managed to get one dealer to agree to $300 over dealer invoice but I haven't gotten a dealer invoice print out from him. We figured that we could get this van for around $23,400 which is around $2200 savings + we get the low interest financing thru GMAC. Good luck mumbly6 on your van!!
  • padekenpadeken Posts: 1
    looking to purchase a
    98 venture soon ,could
    use help with any info
    on vehicle from owners
    ,drivers etc..why the
    bad rap from consumer
    report`s on that
    model(what actually is
    wrong with this model)
  • kruegerkrueger Posts: 6
    To Padekan or to anyone wanting more info than what is shown in these two different topics on Chevy Ventures:
    Click on the blue name to find email address to write people who were looking for a Venture a few months ago. You can see what they have found out thru experience.
  • scottbuseyscottbusey Posts: 27
    I have a '98 Trans Sport Montana with about 2,500 miles on it and I love it. No problems, no adjustments, no nothing. Most parts are the same as the Chevy Venture. Car&Driver selected the Trans Sport over the Windstar, Caravan, and Sienna as best overall mini-van. In my opinion, the Venture is one of the best bang-for-the-buck buys going now.

    CR just happens to love imports. I don't know of any complaints about '98 GM mini-vans, but go look at the Sienna board...loads of problems! I think we're dealing with mythology here.

    Go to MSN.CARPOINT.COM and find the CarPointAutoPricer for the same info your dealer uses about options & prices. You can also buy through Carpoint at about Invoice + 3% if you like.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected] for further discussion if you like.

  • shadowfaxshadowfax Posts: 1
    We have a 97 Venture extended with about 8000 miles on it. We have had minor problems, broken seat, brakes squeeled (they replaced the pads, moisture in the headlight (they replaced it) and
    Firestone couldn't align the wheels due to a problem. However, it is a very nice minivan that
    drives well, handles nicely and is very roomy. I
    would recommend it because the price was affordable. I purchased it at $100 over invoice
    in Atlanta.
  • Imashmo2Imashmo2 Posts: 3
    Anyone considering these vans should look at NHTSA or insurance institute for highway safety web site. They are dangerous according to crash tests.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    Errrr, dangerous might be a little overstatement. Might be better to say they did poorly on the offset test. Be sure to read GMs response to this
    teseting, and the response to GMs response. These vans did OK in the government sanctioned full frontal test. For that matter are they the only minivan with side airbags? But I guess since there was no side impact test done on these vans, the side airbags don't make it any safer!
  • scottbuseyscottbusey Posts: 27
    Sounds like somebody is not happy when GM delivers a product that outshines the rest... Ralphie, is that you?

    Buy one and don't crash it! You should only crash rental cars. Plan ahead.

    Love my Trans Sport, and you guys goofing around with unofficial crash tests do not impress me.

  • SeabrookSeabrook Posts: 1
    We purchased a 98 Venture about 2 months ago.
    Loaded with all the bells and whistles except
    for the power sliding doors. At 3800 miles we
    can say we love it! No problems at all. An easy
    vehicle to drive, great gas mileage, and very
    comfortable on the long hauls. Will report back
    when we're at 138,000 miles!
  • scottbuseyscottbusey Posts: 27
    TO: Seabrook,

    Same with my Trans Sport. Congratulations!

  • kjliftonkjlifton Posts: 1
    We just purchased a white 98 Venture loaded with
    all the options including the power sliding door -
    which is great. Wish they had it on the other
    door. Only a few miles on it. I recommend that
    anyone considering a Sienna or Chrysler product
    consider it 00 if you can find one
  • hypermanhyperman Posts: 6
    George Parker is VP for Engineering Affairs
    for the Association of International Automobile
    Manufactures. Speaking on behalf of carmakers, he told Dateline the Insurance Institute a.k.a.(IIHS) test simulates an accident so fast, so severe, it almost never happens.“For a particular driver,” said Parker, “how many miles will they have to drive to have that type of crash, how many years of driving?
    Sixty-five thousand years of driving. That’s how
    rare this is.
  • hypermanhyperman Posts: 6
    George Parker is VP for Engineering Affairs
    for the Association of International Automobile
    Manufactures. Speaking on behalf of carmakers, he told Dateline the Insurance Institute a.k.a.(IIHS) test simulates an accident so fast, so severe, it almost never happens.“For a particular driver,” said Parker, “how many miles will they have to drive to have that type of crash, how many years of driving?
    Sixty-five thousand years of driving. That’s how
    rare this is.
    source: Dateline
  • jaguar3jaguar3 Posts: 2
    Here... Consumer Reports people. Ok, here's what happened: a LWB Olds Silhouette was going on a road at 60 MPH on a dark two-lane road. A 2-door Chevy Beretta was coming the other way at 70 MPH. They collided head-on. The front-end of the Silhouette basically go mangled, but the Beretta got flipped off the road into a ditch and it was all mangled. The driver of the Silhouette was treated and released for minor cuts and bruises. However, the Beretta driver was killed instantly.

    Bottom Line: Gm minis not safe, quackery!
  • kruegerkrueger Posts: 6
    We bought the red Venture, loaded, with trailer tow, 2 months ago and now have 3800 miles. It is fun to drive. Its gas mileage is anywhere from 23.3 to 28.3 (mostly country Ozarks driving. I, too, wish the power sliding door was on my (the driver's side) for easier loading, but I STILL like the power door, especially for my 85-yr old mother, and for the children.

    Inside dash plastics rattle a little on rock road, but I can tolerate it because it drives wonderfully. We have had no trouble with it. Praise God and thanks to GM. Paid $23,000 without a trade-in. I even got to sleep in it on the floor one night (moving the seats out of my way) while my husband was in hospital thus saving a motel bill.
  • kruegerkrueger Posts: 6
    It's a RED Venture not a read Venture. Sorry
  • scottbuseyscottbusey Posts: 27
    The Chevy Venture is a real sleeper of a deal. Some people are not looking at them, and will regret this as time passes.

  • tomp1tomp1 Posts: 1
    We have a 97 Venture with 15k miles on it. We have had a couple of minor issues that required dealer repairs (the emergency brake cable was too long and started rubbing making a funny noise, and the HVAC vents disconnected and needed to be reconnected). Other than that we love the vehicle. Still drives great and hasn't developed any significant rattles etc.

    See my post on GM minivans to understand why Consumer Reports data may not be nearly as useful as they seem to think it is.
  • kruegerkrueger Posts: 6
    We can't find a factory who makes fiberglass running boards of the 98 Venture. Can you post a company's name and phone number here, if you know of one, please? Thank you.
  • cardude1cardude1 Posts: 1
    Am considering a Chevy Venture for purchase today, so any quick info on Pros and Cons would be very helpful!!

    Also any negative experiences anyone made have had regarding reliability or repairs.
  • scottbuseyscottbusey Posts: 27
    Quick Feedback!! - Go for it. Get the Touring Suspension/Load Leveling package if you can.

  • emonacoemonaco Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Venture. I've had few problems with it. It handles well in the snow. I suggest the 4 door model. The seat removal is simple but not as easy as they say. It handles well for a big vehicle. Also, the gas mileage is good.
  • We just bought a 98' venture but it hasn't arrived to the dealer yet. We were wondering about the tires. It comes with General tires size P215/70R15. I have a set of BF Goodrich T/A P215/65R15. If we put them on how will that effect the performance. I know they are a little wider. will they rub on the front fender when we turn a corner?
  • To:ron14

    I would not be in a hurry to swap tires. If you ordered the Touring/Leveling suspension you will be pleased with the ride. My Trans Sport came with General's that are self sealing for punctures. You might want to find out if that's the case for your General's as well.

    It's a nice ride - Enjoy!
  • TWKTWK Posts: 1
    Hi! We are looking at the '98 Chevy Venture and think it's a good value. We're like the extended 4 dr model and are trying to decide on the second row captains chairs vs. the 3 modular seats in the second row ... any advice? Likes/dislikes one way or the other?
  • So far, everyone who has ridden in the back seat on the regular bench seats say they are comfortable and the tall ones like the extra leg room. I wish we had ordered 3 seats for the middle row so our family members could get in and out easier from both sides. (The seat is right by the door so they don't have to crawl over.) The seats are very very easy to remove. The sliding doors on either side open so easy that if I had thought more about it, I may not have ordered the power door. (That is the side that the seat is NOT close to the door.)
    We have 7000 miles on our extended 98 Venture.
    Took it to Minn., putting on about 2600 miles. We
    pulled a 16' boat with 40hp motor--3 of us and
    gear. And it did just fine. Love that front
    traction. Average mpg 22.3-24.

    Coming back, we heard air compressor running after
    turning off motor. Had to pull out fuse so
    compressor (pump) wouldn't burn up. Took it to
    dealer, and they found a hole in one of the rear
    shocks, so installed new one. Faulty factory

    The "service engine soon" light went on on the way
    to get shock installed. (I praised God that it
    was on the way TO the service department!)
    One cylinder misfiring--I could feel it, but they
    cleaned the fuel injectors and everything is okay

    I still like the car--lots and lots of room and
    good gas mileage.
  • To scottbusey:

    We got our van last saturday and I must say it's Great. It doesn't have the Touring/leveling suspension. That along with the Theft alarm is the only options that it it doesn't have. Seems with the low intrest rates and incentives that their offering it's getting hard to find just what you want but were very happy with what we have. Sandrift w/netural int. just the color we wanted. I will check out if the tires are self sealing. I've still got the Goodrich T/A's. Kind of thought I would use them and save the General's for when I trade it off in a couple years. I'll keep you updated.

    Later.....Van on !!!!
  • TO:TWK

    I agree with your choices, but add the Touring/Leveling suspension if at all possible. It really makes a difference with varying loads.

  • Does anyone have information to changes or improvements to the 1999 Venture? I am hoping they will have new color choices and 8 passenger
    seating (as TransSport does). I'm afraid that the
    TransSport body cladding will start to rattle after a few years and don't want to take the chance. I read "Gator's" response and would like to know more, and what his resources are. I have not been able to find anything on the 1999.

    How about the second generation door? Gator, are
    you out there?
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