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Chevy Venture



  • mull1mull1 Posts: 2
  • sah1sah1 Posts: 3
    I got the price in PA. Actually, it was about $25,000-a little over, but we should get about $2400 for my car when we trade it. We did not start negotiating with the salesman yet, so I don't know how low he would go. That's why I wanted to know if that was a good price before we start haggling. We might not go with a Venture or Montana now anyway because they did not rate too high on the offset crash tests and that worries me. They did the worst of any minivan.
  • mull1mull1 Posts: 2
  • Does anyone have info on model year 2000 pricing? Considering that the Honda Odyssey is cheaper, I would expect GM cut prices...
  • sweeterssweeters Posts: 5
    The crash tests referred to are the offset crash tests performed by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Check out the results at

    The tests were done on the 1997 GM (Venture, TransPort, Silhouette) line, and since all the vans share the same structure, and nothing has changed since 1997 with the engineering (I spoke to GM about this), the results would seem to remain valid for the 1999 line.

    We almost bought the Silhouette, until we saw these photos and read the driver area compression amounts.

    Good luck with your choice.
  • ahupkeahupke Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 99 Venture and love it...

    You should be able to get what you are looking for at 10-12% off MSRP plus $1500 rebate and with decent value for your trade-in (check Edmunds)

    If any dealer offers you less of a deal or devalues your trade, go else where..

    I actually found that the smaller dealers were able to make a better deal that the mega dealers.

    Check out and you can actually see what selected dealers have on their lots and see the window stickers.

    Skipping the automatic door appears to be a good ideas (I skipped it also) as many problems have been reported. I bought an LS with all the other options (instead of the LT package) All the other options are great...

    Took delivery two weeks ago and no problems so far...

  • rfc74lawrfc74law Posts: 7
    Does anyone know when the 2000 Venture or
    information about it will come be available?
  • sah1sah1 Posts: 3
    The website where I found the crash test info is as Sweeters referred to above. I found it under crashworthiness evaluations. That is the only thing keeping us from buying a Venture. We just found the perfect one yesterday. It is $25,825 MSRP for extended 4-door, equip. grp. 1SC, 8 passenger seating, and red. It is exactly what we want. We will probably end up with this van. We should get about $2500 or more for my car and the $1500 rebate. I am just concerned about its safety.
  • zmarthazmartha Posts: 2
    We have had our 98 extended Venture van with front and back air, power door, front traction and CD for 14 months. It has about 18,000 miles on it. It pulled our 16' boat just fine. I wish they had offered 8 passenger last year! The seats are easy for me, 5'4", female, to take out or replace. There is lots and lots of room.

    The only thing I would change is that I wouldn't get the power door. I don't have children so rarely use that side of car. It would be great to have the power door on left side for shopping. Besides, I think the doors slide easily enough that the power door isn't necessary, but it does impress the box boys and a few others, but don't think impressing others for $450 is worth it. :)

    The CD box has squeaked from the start plus a few other squeaks when I am on gravel roads, but I knew it would be noisy from other people's comments 15 months ago!

    Big people have ridden in the middle seats (not captain chairs) and have commented on the comfortable ride.

    Haven't had to use the front traction much--mild winter, but it has kicked in on rough roads.

    We like the car!
  • rkpattrkpatt Posts: 23
    Pros and cons from owners please so I can make the decision on which one to buy.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    You really need to do your homework. These are two very different vehicles. Minivans are great people movers, but if you need a full sized van for whatever reason, you don't want a minivan.
    Read up here or on any of the many other auto research sources.
  • crusoecrusoe Posts: 1
    Just made a deal on a 99 Venture extended 4 door with
    power door, seat, rear air, and audio. Got 12% off
    of sticker. Drove one when we were in Honolulu this past April. Just loved it. Do not trust Dodge etc. Will not wait 6-9 months for a Honda to come in. Will update about our van as time goes by.
  • fafanfafan Posts: 1
    Hi, Crusoe:

    Congradulations on your new Chevy Venture. When you said that you got 12% off of the sticker price, does that 12% off include the $1500 manufacturer rebate, or the 12% off does not include that?

  • I thought the same thing! Seems like 12% off sticker would bring you in under invoice!!

    I got mine on Saturday. Went in on Thursday offered 1% over invoice ($24708) plus Advertising fees ($265) for a total of $24973. Then I got the $1500 off! Deal took 15 mins!!

    The van is loaded with F&R Air, AM/FM Cass/CD, Power Slider & Theft Deterent. Leaving on Tuesday for a long trip, so the room will be GREATLY ENJOYED. Sure beats shoving the family into a Mazda MX6!

    Luv the ride and the toys. Will write more later in the summer!
  • heywoodheywood Posts: 1
    I'm used to driving a 4 x 4 with ofcourse a frame under it. Getting tired of crawling into my 8' bed so I am looking at a Venture LT with the Touring and towing goodies. It rides very nice and behaves on bouncy roads but being much lower to the ground with unibody type construction has given me some cause for crash concerns. Has any one checked this out or, unfortunately, been in an accident they are willing to comment on.
  • gridergrider Posts: 1
    Let me tell you about myself. Currently I drive a 1985 Chevy faded blue Astro-van. It still is running, but within a couple of weeks with the help of my parents. I am getting a new vehicle (I say vehicle because I have five options within the Chevrolet family). This will be my first ever vehicle and I want a vehicle with considerably good safety features, better than +20mpg mileage, performance, and built quality. I have been looking at everything in the Chevy lineup, and want your opinion. Which one should I get:

    - Chevy Venture 4 door base + options
    - Chevy Malibu LS + options
    - Chevy Silverado 1500 LS + options
    - Chevy S-10 LS + options
    - Chevy Impala LS + options

    My Mom wants to get me a malibu, but for some reason, I just don't like because it doesn't have traction control, and has a cheapy 3.1 150 hp. It looks like old 96 Camry.
    My Dad doesn't care, but wants me to happy, since I prolonged a couple of years before getting my first vehicle.
    I like the Chevy Silverado 1500 LS ext. cab with a short bed, but that sucker has a couple of dangerous blind spots that if you look in the rearview mirror (tunnel-vision). I checked out the Venture and was impressed because it has the optional traction control, plus 25 gallon gas tank, meaning 18-25 mpg = 450 to 625 miles, meaning I don't have to fill it up unto 300 miles, and for me that is a couple of weeks. Also at my working place (Disneyland) I see a bunch of Chevy Ventures driving around back stage. It looks good and I don't mind driving a minivan with my own style and flair.
  • ywang5ywang5 Posts: 2
    I have the same selection experience as Grider. Venture is an excellent vehicle, specifically for a family. I ordered a three door venture with 1SB and CD option. I really like to have traction control, unfortunately is not available with 3-door. I have to pay about $3500 to get the traction control. I finally gave it up.

    The reasons I prefer 3-door are 1) Better safety for little kids when I travel to any city streets because they can only asses to pedestrian side of the street. 2)Safer crash test result than 4-door. 4-D is just greatly weakening the body structure in terms of integrity. 3)It costs $1430 less (including tax) than a 4-D. Plus my wife does not care 3/4-D. The funny thing is all the dealers are stocking the 4-Ds. It took my dealer one week to find a 3-D venture for me. I like green, but all sold out. At the end only dark red and silver are available. We picked a dark red. I paid $22452 that covers everything. I paid dealer $500 above the invoice ($300 + options profit $200). My GM card deducted $3174 plus #1500 rebate, I just pay $17,778 for 99 3-D venture.

    The rear 50/50 recline and folding forward feature seat is a fantastic design that provides a flexibility for small size minivan gaining more back room.

    GM power train is on the top notch, even better than Toyota, Honda, ...
  • It's a pretty big stretch to say that the GM powertrain equals, much less surpasses, the Toyota or Honda powertrain. And if GM's powertrain DID surpass, or even equal, Toyota's then why isn't GM willing to offer the same 6 year/60K mile powertrain warranty as Toyota? Just some food for thought. You're comparing apples and oranges, in my humble opinion.
  • To: ywang5, re purchase 3-Door Venture:
    I am curious about the GM card deduction $3,174 plus rebate $1,500. Was the $3,174 earning credits that you redeemed? Also, was the total amount of $4,674 deducted at the time you negotiated the price of $22,452? Did you have a trade-in or was the $22,452 negotiated without a trade-in? Thanks.
  • mkstfmkstf Posts: 12
    bought 98 venture in jan 99, 5500 miles on it wiyh no problems , i should have bought one sooner. love it!!
  • ywang5ywang5 Posts: 2
    I negotiated first for $22,452 without trade-in. Then, I told the dealer all my deductions. The dealer found my 3-D venture from 200 miles away. It took me 7 years to earn that $3174 credit from the GM card spending. Later I knew another trick that can save you a lot is that you should take the GM card survey and tell them you are interested in purchasing a specific model in one or two months if you are the GM card user. 4 weeks later they might offer you another bonus credit. I did a survey 6 weeks ago, they mailed me 1000 credit bonus plus 1000 cash back if I buy GM mid-size sadens including Olds Intregus, Malabu, Lumina and so on. I struggled for a while whether to buy Olds Intrigus or Venture. Finally I picked Venture.
  • snehal2snehal2 Posts: 9
    I just bought a 99' Venture LT (Extended) with the
    LT (all-in-one) option package. Amongst other things, that package also included an in-dash cd player. I also had the dealer add to my van, a 12-disc changer (dealer installed option). The dealer did install that in the rear of my van and it seems to be working well. However, in the process, he short changed me of my in-dash cd player, his reasoning being, I would not be able to use that in addition to my changer. I am not sure if he's right or not. Or even if he is, should I have got any credit back for the cd player I was supposed to have.

    Anyone with similar experience who could enlighten me on this. Thanx.

  • TO: ywang5.

    Thanks for the info. I have been thinking about buying a Venture with everything. But, my budget is a few K less than what I would have to pay. You're info sounds good. Perhaps, I will try it. Thanks again.
  • clown2clown2 Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase 1999 chevy venture extend model with the pref group 3 package. Any advise or warnings??
  • jfehrjfehr Posts: 1
    Carefully evaluating/debating between (agonizing over) Venture (long wheel base) or Odyssey. With GM Card earnings, rebate $ (or free money (0.0% APR)) should be able to save handsomely over cost of Odyssey at MSRP ++. But, nagging doubts linger about quality, reliability, "value" of Venture. Is is (the GM) false economy? Can't wait another 18 - 24 months to see if Consumer Reports' reliability ratings for Venture improve. Then, of course, there are the disappointing off-set frontal crash test results for the Venture. (Although compared to the aging rattle traps in my household, even the Venture is far more crash-worthy)!

    So, any feedback out there? Wait 9 months for an Odyssey, only to find that ramped-up production to 120,000 units still dosn't meet demand, and the dealers are still getting well over MSRP ... or, will there be enough Odyssey's to go around, such that you one can actually negitiate a fair price?

    Is the Odyssey that much better built (nice fit & finish), have a more refined drivetrain (nicer motor and 4 speed tranny), and more relaible, with a better residual value, than the Venture.

    How about hearing from someone that has had a Venture for 12 or mor months? Whaddya think about the Venture?

    Thanks, in advance, for the input.
  • I do not own a Venture. I have been looking at all of the minivans since about May. I have driven the Chrysler, Odyssey and Venture. Of the three I've driven, I am extremely impressed with the Venture. I have looked at but not driven the Quest, Villager and Mazda. As far as I know, the Odyssey MSRP is not negotiable and you have to deposit $500 to wait from six to nine months not knowing what the price will be when it is delivered. The Honda people are by far the most independent car people I've ever encountered. That kind of arrangement is not for me. I really like the Venture LT and the equivalent in Ford or Chyrsler is four to six K higher in MSRP. The top model in Odyssey is about the same MSRP if you can find a dealer that doesn't up the price. In looks, I believe the Odyssey has the different kind of look which appeals to me but, no question, I would choose the Venture. But, I think I will wait and see what changes, if any, GM will make in the 2000 Venture.
  • Bought a used '97 Venture from our local Chev dealer in Feb '99. Fell in love at first drive...BUT since Feb has had replaced (under warranty thank the powers that be!):main seal, rear seat (2x's) fan motor, windshield wiper arm, piston, rods and rings (due to excess engine noise when accelerating-there is an advisory on this with Chevrolet, but no recall yet, ask your service advisor about this next time you're in)new rack and pinion. So, next week we are taking it back to the dealer to get a different vehicle. Think I got a lemon, I love it I just don't trust it much longer and only have 2000 miles left on warranty. Maybe if they give me a free extended warranty??? What does anybody think??
  • wendyg3wendyg3 Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried buying a car through the Costco Auto Program? They say it is a no hassle way to buy a car and that they beat everyone elses prices? Just wondering if anyone has done this.
    We are looking to trade in our '96 Grand Caravan, it has all the problems people talk about, unfortunately for us we did not find this web site until AFTER we bought it. So now we will be much more cautious and listen to what other van owners have to say. We are looking at the Venture now and hope to get one soon.
  • acurtoacurto Posts: 1
    My wife and I bought a '99 Chevy Venure LS Extnd back in April. It's currently got about 3500 miles on it. We went all the way from NJ down to Florida and back with it and the family (3 kids). Most comfortable ride I ever took, nice handling, etc. Terrific gas mileage. My kids and wife loved it: the kids were asleep in no time. Very, very nice. We just thinks its the best. Hardly any problems - only several minor adjustment problems, actually.(And a couple of these turned out to be a matter of simply 'breaking in'). The dealer handled them all to my complete satisfaction, so GM (and the dealership) really backed their products!!!
    Also, it was a good buy with GM incentives, etc.
  • than3than3 Posts: 5
    We just bought a '99 Chevy Venture Extended Length
    with 8 passenger seating an power-sliding right
    side door. The MSRP was $27,180 but we were able
    to haggle with the dealer down to $24,500. We took the 36 mos 0% APR using our GM card rebate
    as a down payment. So far, we love it but still
    have a nagging reservation about the Venture's
    reliability. We'll see what happen after 3 yrs.
  • Questions: How close to invoice are people coming these days on their purchase of the Chevy Venture?

    And, if you are coming close to invoice, does the 1500 incentive get you there or take you below?

    TIA- Garcia2ko in Texas
  • I purchased a '99 LS with Power, slider, 7 pass seating with captains chairs, CD/Cass, Front & rear Air, Luggage rack for 1% over invoice PRIOR to using the rebate. However living in NY cost me $2000 in tax, so the rebate covered that.

    So far the van is great! I need to have the Pass. mirror replaced (scratched prior to delivery, dealer ordered), but other than that, it rides great and the gas milage is avg 26 on the highway.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    I purchased a 99 Oldsmobile Silhouette on July 10th for $250 UNDER invoice and financed 100% at 0% for three years, which is savings of roughly $4,000. The price you negotiate with the dealer should be separate from the GM rebate/financing option. If you have not started negotiating, DO NOT LIMIT yourself to a price above invoice, because the invoice is not necessarily what the dealer pays for the car; the dealer could easily pay less than invoice. Once you use a number, it would be hard to go down, so start low, even a substantial amount BELOW invoice. I once would have said to start at 3% of MSRP below invoice, my understanding of what most American car dealers' usual cost can be, without manufacturers' incentives to the dealer, but in one of the Edmunds Town Hall topics, someone said start at 15% below MSRP! All they can do is not accept it. It depends on how long the vehicle has been on the lot; the shorter the period of time, the less interest expense the dealer would incur and the less they should theoretically have to make on the unit. The circumstances under which I got my deal indicates to me that GM wants to move their minivans and that the dealer was not contributing much, if anything, to the $1,500 rebate/3 year, 0% financing. I would push very hard for a low price on a 99; their 'blue book' (insurance) value is not as high to you as a 2000 model would be. If the financing on a 2000 is the same, I would still push hard but, perhaps, not quite so hard.
  • Thanks for the comments! I had a strong feeling that I could get the 99 Venture (GM) for at or below invoice. Adding the rebate to the equation will be even more substantial savings.

    Since I'm not in a rush (anytime in the next few months is fine), I will take your advice daverose and begin the negotiation well below invoice. And I'll make it clear that this offer does not include the rebate. For the sake of negotioation, I'll start low enough so that I can come up a bit, but still hit at or below invoice.

    I expect the dealers to say, "but how can I make a profit if I sell you the car below my cost?" Well heck if I know, except that I have decided what I want to pay and think the van is worth. Besides, I've purchased items and sold them for less at a loss because it was in my interest to move the product (stocks, for example) so it can be done.

    Anyway, how do you like the ride, seating, etc. compared to other models you've tried?

  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    We find the Silhoutte ride to be very comfortable. My wife has been on two trips with it and I one of those trips. We ordered it because dual power seats were available in cloth. You might want to shop all versions of the GM minivans. It is my understanding that there are noticeable differences in the feel of the seats, the tuning of the suspensions, the combinations of features available, and prices; not just the nameplates and minor cosmetics that you might think of when considering corporate sibling vehicles.

    Don't let your ability and personal disposition to wait keep you from getting a good deal and a vehicle that fits your needs; 100% financing at three years at 0% interest is quite an incentive and better than the $1,500 rebate. Most other low-interest rates are for shorter periods of time. At this point, I believe those incentives expire on September 30. I am unsure if they apply to 2000 models.

    We ended up with a GM vehicle because my wife could not comfortably fit behind the wheel of a regular length Caravan that we were offered for $800 BELOW invoice. We were offered a Grand Caravan for the same $800 below invoice, which my wife was comfortable in, but the additional cost of a Grand Caravan was no longer competitive with either length GM minivan and we did not really need the additional capacity of the larger vehicle.

    We were impressed by a single afternoon's look at and short test drive of a Windstar, but their prices seemed substantially higher and it only comes in the longer length. The Town and Country required leather to get dual power seats; only I test drove the regular length while my wife slid around on the leather seat. Had she test driven it, we would have found out sooner that she could not fit in the current configuration of the regular length Chryslers; we have a 1987 regular length Caravan. We did not look at the Montana, the Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, or any other brand.
  • Thanks for the additional feedback. I am wondering, how long did the negotiation take with the salesman to get your deal? Was it an afternoon or matter of minutes? Did you do any contact via the internet or was it all on visit(s)?

    I'll take your advice and look at the other brands of GM (Olds and Pontiac), too. Priced the Pontiac and it looks close to the Venture -- guess I'll have to look at it check out the interior differences.

    On another note, stopped by the Chevy dealer yesterday just to look. The salesman told me there werent any available to test drive -- "just sold two today," but he might be able to order or locate another one. Funny thing is that I stopped by about a week earlier on a very brief visit with my four year-old daughter (her attention span isnt too long, so we didnt hang around) and there was only one Venture on the lot. I asked as rep why just one, and he said, "oh, we have a storeage lot a few miles away with a whole bunch more."
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    In our short experience, after we had test-driven and fairly thoroughly checked-out the cars, we found that starting out saying something like, "We're looking for below invoice pricing, how well can you do?" seems to cut through a lot of game-playing. The $800 BELOW invoice I was offered for either a regular or Grand Caravan was over the phone; we asked for the salesman from whom we got the brochure a day or two earlier and were given the sales manager. Site unseen, he made the offer. The very funny thing about the deal we ended up with for the Oldsmobile, which occurred on our second visit and the first time we talked price, took maybe 10-15 minutes between our giving our "line" (see above) and the salesman's return, was that our deal turned out to be with the son of the Dodge sales manager. We had all the brochures for all the vehicles we were considering with us and he saw the logo for his father's dealership. We have always seen the invoice when we talked price anywhere.

    I would chalk up the inventory numbers to lack of professionalism/ignorance on the salesperson's part. Many do not know their vehicles.
  • What a great story, you ought to post it on the board that discusses buying at (or below!) invoice, too. That information really helps, because I dont want to play games when I go in to negotiate, but on the other hand, I would like to use a formula that has worked for others.

    My family and I are going on vacation in about a week (kinda late, but better to beat the crowds at Disneyland after school starts) and will rent a Chevy Venture to really get a feel of whether or not we want one for keeps.

    By the way, I test drove the Windstar a couple days ago, but didnt really like it too much. I think it had to do with personal preferences that differ among everyone, but probably also due to the psychological effect of hearing about all the problems with 95 Windstars. My father is deciding between the Windstar and Sienna, and the availability of the former is winning him over. He doesnt like the low driver's position in the GM, whereas I do. Thanks again for the advice and info! -- garcia2ko
  • bigdtvbigdtv Posts: 2
    We were in the Odyssey/Venture quagmire until I found out how long it takes to get an Odyssey. No thanks! We have four kids, ages 10, 7, 5, and 1 month. Of course the 8 seats are mandatory, as well as the power side door and rear A/C.
    My question is - does anyone know what colors Chevy is planning to offer on the 2000? We went to a local dealer to test drive one and it appeared the only color they had was the sandstone. The dealer had no brochures from the manufacturer, and Chevy's website hasn't been updated to show the 2000 model info.

    Another concern is the power side door. I've read about the same number of responses for it and against it. Is it a roll of the dice? I guess we'll see.

    Any information anyone might have will be greatly appreciated.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    One of the other GM minivan sites in Town Hall mentioned brown being added, but not what was or might be deleted.
  • We just purchased a slightly used 99 4 dr extended Venture (3500 miles). We have only had it 3 days. We just noticed that the bumper was sticking out from the side of the van (driver's side) and found the bumper had ripped away from the wheelwell screws. As far we know it has not been hit by another vehicle. We aren't sure if this is a defect or not. Has anyone else had this problem? Since it is the weekend we haven't contacted anyone with GM yet.
    We also have an extremely sensitive Check engine light which we will have to have looked at as none of the recommendations in the book seem to help. Has this been a problem for anyone else?
  • This weekend I noticed that my 99 Venture with 4500 miles has these problems:
    1) The lens and the reflectors for the daytime running lights (yellow) are hazed/fogged above the bulb. Seems that the heat of the bulb is creating the haze.
    2) The rubber molding on the bottom of the side door has a tear. Seems that the lower sliding guide for the door may have cut the molding due to a misfit.

    Anyone else seen similar problems?
  • I've read that the headlights and driving lights on the ventures are having moisture problems. I would definately report to the dealer and have the whole assembly replaced.

    I had an Escort do the same thing. After the car was 10 yrs old, I drilled VERY SMALL holes in the lens to drain the H2O, but I refuse to do this on a NEW van!
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    It's been awhile since I did this, but I think the hour and minute buttons are below the tuner knob (left, lower big knob). They're very small, black, and blend into the background. There may or may not be a little "H" and "M" on them. Another idea-maybe it's not a factory installed radio.

    Your cruise and brake light problem are probably related. A crapped-out brake switch or wiring problem can cause cruise and lights to not work. I'm not sure about the traction system-may be related too.
  • skip19skip19 Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying a 1999 leftover. What has the reliability been. Are things really just"hanginging" all over the place, such as wiring etc.?
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    I have a 1999 Venture extended, bought in March, has about 3,000 miles on it. I got recall notice in May from GM about problems w/ power door but had had no problems at that time.

    Well, times have changed.

    Power door will close, then open back up again immediately. Or, door will not open in power mode w/ any of the switches. Once, we got out of van, closed power door and saw it close, locked van, then went into restaurant for dinner. Came out and power door was wide open, though van was still "locked" (I'm sure this kept out stupid criminals who only tried to break in through front doors!)

    After a week or so of hassles with it, sometimes working, sometimes not, we finally turned off the "power" and began to just open/close it manually. It is VERY difficult to open/close manually (not like the driver side sliding door which is easy). We also are having trouble getting it latched closed, probably because it is so hard to move. It makes that door, the safe one for kids to use, virtually unuseable. Now my younger son has broken his arm and this is really a problem.

    I called dealer's Service Manager about getting the door fixed and he didn't really know what I was talking about. Apparently, they have not yet fixed a single one, so he was unable to tell me how long it would take. And even though the recall letter said the dealer would provide shuttle service or courtesy transportation while work is being done, the dealer said basically don't count on it - no courtesy transportation and I could have to wait hours for the shuttle "service". I'm going to be VERY unhappy if I have to use 1/2 day of vacation time to fix something on a brand new van!

    Advice - This recall (#C99016) applies to the power sliding door on 1998 and 1999 Venture vans. Y'all need to go get this work done as soon as is convenient for you. Don't wait for the door to malfunction (like I did). I now have to open and close the door myself every time my son gets in or out - which kind of defeats the purpose of spending all that money to get the "convenient" power door!

    (But we sure loved it when it worked!)
  • It is the control module that fails on early rev 2 (late 1998 short wheelbase and all early 1999 models) power doors. If your dealer does not want to do what the GM notice says that they should do, contact GM and complain loudly.
  • H E L P I am having problems w/ my 99 LS venture van. I took a trip from Washington state to Carson City Nevada and made it as far as Susanville Calif before breaking down. The check engine light came on and according to trip computer was only getting 14 mpg. Managed to limp into Chevy dealer in Susanville, and since it was late and they getting ready to close, didn't express to much interest in looking at van. I advised that would try to make it to dealership in Reno. Got couple blocks from dealer and van stalled out. On restart, experience heavy surging. I limped back to Chevy dealer who took the van back in and had to rent a van to complete trip. The van had 8000 miles on it at this time.
    The dealer worked on the van and advised that the problem was bad 02 sensor, and said that he didn't wouldn't be able to get new sensor until the following Monday. He said that could probable make it back to Washington as once he cleared the code, he test drove the van and could not get it to act up again.
    I asked if I picked up a new sensor and dropped it off if they would install it. He said yes, and I was able to locate the sensor in Reno and dropped it off to him. He installed the sensor, and I was able to complete the trip home w/out further event.

    About a month later w/ 11,000 miles on the van, my wife was at work and she had a hard time getting the van started and once it did start, it started to surge and the check engine light came on. She attempted to make it home, and only got a cple of blocks before the engine started stalling out. She was able to get it back to the parking garage where she left it. The next day, I had the van towed to my local Chevy dealer where I bought the van and they ran tests and could not duplicate the problem. I am contemplating going after G.M. on the lemon law and was wondering if any else has had similar problems. Thanks for any help that you can offer.
  • My wife and I are interested in a 2000 Venture LT...but we can't find anything that indicates what has changed from 1999 to 2000 model years. I have heard rumblings that you can get a TV, VCR and power drivers door. Can anyone confirm any of this...
  • msantacroce, yes, it is true chevy is coming out with the 'warner brothers venture fun van', it has a LCD screen which folds down from the roof of the van in the center and a vcr under the dash (on the floor) between the driver and front passenger. The msrp will be around $28,995. I received info directly from chevy on this van. According to the literature they sent me, these vans will only be made in a limited edition the first year. They will be very similar to the silouette premiere van gm came out with recently. From my understanding, you will only be able to play pre-recorded videos, no TV tuner.
    You will also be able to hook up your video camera and view your video's on the LCD screen.
    Sounds neat, doesn't it?
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