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Chevy Venture



  • Hi all! ...and congratulations on your new purchases.

    I just ordered a 2000 (extended) Venture Plus. This is a change for me, since, previously, I've owned a '96 Caravan SE and a '98 Grand Caravan SE. Hopefully I will be happy with my decision.... I almost bought the 2000 Grand Caravan SE.

    In many areas, I prefer the Dodge. I put 90,000 miles on my '96 and 75,000 on my '98 with absolutely NO problems. The Dodge is very solid and has a bit more cargo space. And, the 2000 Dodge now includes power locks and power windows (rear quarter windows too) as well as most other common convenience items. Plus, the back seats are more comfortable. However, I am tired of the overly generic/utilitarian interior. More importantly, it is a pain to take the rear seats in and out. The 3rd seat weighs 102 lbs!!! This is a problem for me, considering that I regularly convert my van from a people mover to a utility vehicle and back again.

    I would say that this was the most important factor for me. The seats in the Venture weigh, at most, 45 lbs. I also appreciate the standard remote keyless entry. One insignificant complaint that I have is with the daytime running lights! I mean, it can't get much geeky-er than that.... riding around in a minivan with your headlights on all day! But, then again, with the 25 gallon fuel tank, you can literally drive around ALL day.

    I would like to hear other comparisons between these two vans. Plus, what do my fellow Venture owners think of the Charcoal Odor filter, the Multi-function Alarm Locks and Lighting (I'm not even sure what that is), and the overall comfort of this vehicle?

    Good luck to all!
  • a06570a06570 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2000 Venture LT in November and it has been in for transmission repairs twice already. Has anyone else experieced transmission problems with their Venture. Apparantly, the 2000 model has an updated transmission from the 99 models.
  • I thought that the interior air filters were a great idea...until it came time to replace them.

    It takes two, and they cost $30 each! These are currently available only from GM.

    Mr. Goodwrench's kids must have needed braces.
  • kgun34kgun34 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2000 Venture and haven't had a single problem with it. The transmission appears to be fine. How many miles have you put on yours. I have only put 550 on mine.
  • venmanvenman Posts: 5
    I recently replaced the filters and found that pep boys automotive supercenter stocks these for $15 each, they are made by usa filter company
  • iolan1iolan1 Posts: 4
    We are about to buy a 2000 Venture LT. Our main concern is the wipers being in a tunnel at the base of the windshield....has anyone had problems with ice or snow? Does it immobilize them? Easy to clean out and get going?
  • You might want to take a look at the Pontiac Montana topic forums. I seem to remember this topic posted there --- and yes, ice and snow were getting trapped, making the wipers unusable.
  • running lightss are a safety feature and a good one. Sometimes that second look to right or left at a intersection will reveal an oncoming car because of its running lights
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    We picked up our new Venture on Friday, Jan 21, and drove straight into a winter storm which is still in progress here (Greenville, SC). Each morning I have had to scrape the windshield & free the wipers, but I didn't notice that it was any harder than on any of the household's three other cars.
  • We have a 1999 Venture van and have had trouble
    getting a noise corrected. It is noisy while hitting a series of bumps. The front strut was replaced and it was quiet for about a month. Now the noise is back. We have only 8800 miles on the van. Would like to know if anyone else has had this problem? Or would someone have a suggestion to cure this? This van has been back to two dealers a total of eight times. Thanks.
  • ferg0ferg0 Posts: 2
    I'm getting a lease on a venture 2000 LS. I know what the MSRP is and that there's $500 loyalty and $1500 rebate and to deal as close to the dealer invoice cost as possible, but how does the GM plan B work, I get it through my mother-inlaw who is retired and has no idea about it.Is it a set price that doesn't allow me to deal down the cost or is it an additional % off the dealers cost or like an additional rebate? Any idea how to figure that in?
  • iolan1iolan1 Posts: 4
    Thanks kkollwitz. This really helped with our decision to get the LT. With my GM discount, we are getting it for $1000 below invoice, and should have it by next week.
  • ferg0ferg0 Posts: 2
    The $1000 below invoice is that Msrp invoice or dealer invoice? and is that including the current rebates of $2000?
  • iolan1iolan1 Posts: 4
    dealer invoice. We have choice of $1500 rebate or 4.9% financing for 5 yrs. We are going to take the financing. Then there is the returning customer $500 rebate, which we are applying to the cost.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 840
    Rbrown, I think you need a second opinion. Personally, I would take advantage of a free diagnosis at a suspension shop. It sounds like something else in the suspension may be bad, like a bushing, and it could continue to cause strut failures. I would tell them of the noise, and not offer your own diagnosis, and see what they come up with.

    I could be wrong, of course, and they could have a bad batch of struts...

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • than3than3 Posts: 5
    I am trying to get the mud guards for my '99
    Venture. I have tried to order from my dealer.
    They took my $40.00 and a week later said they
    didn't have it. Anybody have any idea where
    I can get them? I have washing the dirt off
    the side of my van.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    Just changed my air filter at 32k miles. Very, very dirty. Even had some grease on it. Don't know where that came from. Anybody else notice this? The car has been running fine and still does, but I hope it increases gas mileage. We get around 17 mpg in city driving only. Get between 21 and 27 on the highway depending on conditions.
  • I get about the same gas mileage on my 99 Silhoutte. Had one of those quick oil change places replace my engine air filter. It took three of their technicians half an hour to get it done! Remember the good ole days when loosening a wing nut on top was all it took?

    I had roughly the same experience getting a new battery installed on a 97 Silhouette. The poor mechanic just about lost his religion on that one.
  • jfe2jfe2 Posts: 1
    Thinking very hard about purchasing new Venture WB Edition as a cross-country cruising vehicle with 2 entertained kids in back. The wife says she saw an article in USA today that showed the WB edition with portable tables as an option. I suspect she may have seen something from an auto show and am wondering of this option is currently available or if anyone knows when GM will offer it.
  • n4slun4slu Posts: 3
    I am a GM employee who works where we build the Venture, Olsmobile, and Montana Vans. The GM Plan B is for employee's who buy from dealer stock 2% about factory invoice. It is a set price.
  • n4slun4slu Posts: 3
    AWD comes in 2002. Haven't heard of optional tables, but the WB version will get bigger TV screen and wireless headphones in 2001. Also coming is remote sliding driver's side door. Wait till you see the Montana Thunder Van in 2003! It is wild!
  • We currently bought a WB edition, wish I would of known of the new options, might of waited. Anyway we got it for $300.00 over invoice but the dealer would not take off the Holdback or Advertising fee Also the van already had 500 miles on it.

    I have been waiting for the headphones sets. The dealer is saying it could take up to 6 weeks. We bought the van on the 22nd of Jan. Has it taken 6 weeks to get them?
  • Is the length of the van(cargo area) the only advantage to getting the LS extended vs the regular LS? My friend who bought a 99 extended says that he thinks there is a difference in the leg and head room of the passengers in the back seats.
  • than3than3 Posts: 5
    Is the front suspension of the '99 Venture too low? I have noticed the scraping sound the
    van made whenever I drove over a speed-bump
    or dip on the road. Any one has any idea?
  • we are about to lease a 2000 venture lt with power sliding door. any comments good or bad regarding this feature? is it a maintenance head ache?
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    We own a 97 Venture extended. The door has not been a problem for the most part. The door will sometimes not close, happens maybe once every three or four weeks in the winter. This is most often after a rain then cold weather. Maybe some freezing of the latches or something. Usually it will close on the second try. Only a couple of times has it taken more than that. We haven't had the dealer look at it since it is hard to reproduce. Other than that we really like the car. It handles well and has a comfortable smooth ride.
  • The standard option the the Venture is a Chrome grill, on the value package it is painted. Our 2000 WB edition is plastic Chrome painted.

    To me Chrome is metal, I cannot find anywhere where it defines what is chrome to the manf.

    Anyone have a metal grill?
  • n4slun4slu Posts: 3
    There are no metal grilles in those vans. Also coming is a collision sensor that will beep in the event of a reverse collision. This will beep, say like when you are backing up and didn't see your kid's bike or another object.
  • I have a BRAND NEW 2000 Venture. No miles, extended version. Champagne color. Fully loaded.
    MSRP is $28515. I will take any offer that is reasonable. ANY OFFER. The van is paid for so I don't need to pay off a loan. My email is [email protected] Roger
  • We just purchased a 2000 Chevy Venture LT with the power sliding door. We love it so far! We just ordered an extra FOB (remote entry & power door control). The dealers want $60-$80 to program it. The FOB itself was $60, plus $60 to program, this seems steep. Also, $25 to have a key made? high security keys with transponders in it? Are the dealers trying to take me for a ride? Any info would be appreciated.
  • I am considering buying a 2000 Venture LS. Can anyone let me know about the reliability of this van. Is anyone having any major problems with their Ventures. Thank you.
  • I really think you are getting takin on a ride
    I had a key replaced at the dealership for free
    no questions asked. also the fob can be programmed yourself in less than 5 minutes
  • If your dealer gave you a free key replace, kudos for him, but the keys really do have something inside them. If you have one cut at a hardware store, it will not work. On the other hand, I convinced my insurance company this was an auto enabling theft deterrent and save much more then a $25 key.
  • I have a 1999 Chevy Venture minivan. So far I have driven it 7000 miles and have only one complaint - the sound system!! On an intermittent basis the audio becomes "tinny" or "scratchy" - almost like a weak signal and on occasions I have heard other background audio. When I took the vehicle back to a dealer it was checked and "found to be to factory specs" and no problem detected, hence nothing was done and I still have a poor system. I questioned the fact that the minivan is the only Chev. (I believe) with a built-in windshield antenna - all of the other models now have the outside antenna.

    Has anyone experienced the problem with the Venture or know if the windshield antenna may have a bearing on the problem?

    Dennis W. Hetherington
  • I am looking to purchase a 2000 Venture LS. Can anyone let me know if they have encountered any major problems with their vans. Should I purchase an extended warranty as I am expecting to keep this van for 7-8 yrs. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Yes I am aware that these keys really do have
    a chip in them that actually opperate off of a radio frequency but I do believe the dealership
    is overcharging him.
  • I'm looking at used 199 Venture LS with 4 doors, one being power, power seats, AM/FM/Tape/CD, dual
    heat/air, 7 seats, 2 child seats, plus a few other standard items. Has 25,000 miles and is dark red. Looking for input on value for the price. Dealer is asking $19,995. Is this fair?
    Are there any problems to be aware of on these vans? Have had a Dodge Grand Caravan bought new in 1989 and have loved it, except for tranny problems and now the nickle and dime repairs! Only put 86,000 miles on it, so the replacement van will be driven about same. Need something reliable the won't have repair expense. Venture would come with remaing warranty of 3yr/30,000, but would it be necessary for extended warranty?
    Please advise on all aspects of the Venture at email [email protected] Thanks!! M.DiCello
  • leased a 1998 Venture, new. Now has 60K mi. The sound system w/windshield antenna has reception better than my wife's caddy. Have had no absolutely no troubles. Really like it. My only complaint, being that I spend lots of time in car, is that I wish the seat was a little softer.Originally compared w/chrysler products, and found the handling more like car, the stereo quality about the same, but the speaker placement really sounded much better, quieter ride.
  • anderschandersch Posts: 1
    I am about to start negotiations for the purchase of a 2000 Chevy Venture LT or LS with options. If you've been through this process recently I would appreciate knowing what sort of deals you where able to negotiate.

    Also any advise on whether the LT is a better buy than a loaded LS would be great.
  • For you, louvg1 & andersch:

    It's a little difficult to pre-determine the reliability of a new model. Let me suggest that you visit In the Prices & Reviews section (aka Looking for Prices?), there is a subsite called Reliability Ratings, maybe that may help you.

    The Venture LT is considered an upgrade from the LS trim. However, it really depends on what you consider priority in a van. The LT does come with several extras as standard, but then again, you may not want ALL the extras, just some. So you're stuck paying for things you really don't NEED. Also at, in the Prices & Reviews section, there is a subsite called "Price It With Options." That may be very helpful for you as you can price an LS with extras added ala carte. Compare that with the LT. Ask yourself, do you really need rear audio controls? Traction control? Power sliding door? Hope this is of help to you two.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re #305. You can price out an LS with all the options that come standard on an LT, and from memory it worked virtually the same. I looked at this because we had a test run in an LS, loaded up but without the rear audio. This was a rare one off on the dealers lot.

    We went for the LT in the color and 8 passenger seating, so if you going to spend that sort of money go for the LT up front rather than compromise yourself on a LS.

    We bought via and you can go and do a check. LS seem to be more popular with the dealers, just depends what they has in stock.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    We ordered an LT with 8 passenger seating so we get three modular seats in second row. LT is listed as getting a child seat, but not with the standard Captains Chairs.

    Has anyone got the above configuration and does it come with the child seat behind passenger ? Is it uncomfortable with the safety harness underneath compared with the other two seats.

    Guess we will know in a week....
  • After months of shopping around, test drives etc we finally bought the Venture with extended wheelbase. I've had many comments already about the smooth and comfortable ride. After reading the many posts on the other domestic products (Chrysler & Ford) and the problems they were having the Chevy seemed a logical choice. Also the 1.9% financing over 4 years (in Canada) was too good to pass.
  • kwf904kwf904 Posts: 1
    Hi I am about to purchase a 2000 LT extended with no other options. After looking in the Edmunds pricing and adding in 3% I came up with a price of $26,677 How does this price seem? Could I do better? and if so how much better? Any thoughts on this would be helpful thanks
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re #310. Is this before tax/title? Too Much. Go to and price it out. Chevy still have a $1500 rebate until April 3.

    I have a Venture LT coming next week via and unfortunately the price I got of $23039 plus tax/title $1458 for total of $24497 is no longer available. The rebate was $2000 at the time and carOrder gave away the dealer holdback of 3% as a promotional issue.

    Now it looks like they are adding 1% to dealer invoice in the current calculation, but the $1500 is there.This should be good enough to use with a dealer if you are in a hurry, but as usual it depends on color/seating (we took the 8 seater N/C option )and availability...

    If you go to the carOrder in the Town Hall you can read some of the exchanges first.

    Good Luck
  • venman1venman1 Posts: 6
    For anyone who wants added gas mileage and power, I put a K&N filter in my venture and noticed a
    significant difference in gas mileage and power.
    I now get about 23 in the city and about 28 to 29 on the highway.Also anyone who wants to keep the back window and liftgate clear of road grime,I installed a EGR dustgaurd on my venture and it stays clearer alot longer than without it.ckeck it out at . They are the only ones who makes this product GTstyling will have one in about 90 days.
  • mayogrmayogr Posts: 2
    I just purchased a new 2000 Venture. A day or two after I got it home I noticed the exhaust system has a lot of rust. The sales book says the exhaust system is stainless steel in front of the converter and "Aluminized" behind it. I thought stainless steel and aluminum wouldn't rust. Do other people have the same problem?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re #313. I am picking up mine this Thursday and will check out. My old Lumina APV was all stainless steel and never rusted after 9 years.

    I think that Aluminized means it is steel that has been painted with aluminized paint you get at the hardware store. This is not rustproof....!

    Assume warranty would cover if that bad.
  • mayogrmayogr Posts: 2
    RE # 314. When I picked up my van I was so excited I never looked it over closely. When I got it home I notice the windshield had three cracks in the blue shaded area. You could only see them from the inside. I stopped at another dealer and one of their vans had the same three cracks. It must happen going on or of the trucks for transport. Just a suggestions not to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new vehicle and to check it over closely. My windshield was replaced the next day but I was really annoyed they sold it to me that way.
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