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Chevy Venture



  • nillabeannillabean Posts: 2
    I'll throw my hat in the ring here for input on the Venture as well---we are considering one to replace our 1993 Aerostar (134K miles with dead a/c). Thanks ahead of time for the info!!
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    Well, except for suspension tuning, finishing details and feature group, they are they same van, so there is no reason to think the Pontiac or Olds
    info will not apply.
  • davy1davy1 Posts: 3
    For those looking for Venture feedback. We have had our 99 extended Venture since late October. We love it. The two biggest problems have been:
    1) on trip over Christmas holidays we awoke at the hotel to a snowy rain mixture. The windshield wipers would not clean up the mess. We stopped at a Chevy dealer in a small PA town who replaced the wiper blades and assembly (20 minutes). It appears that my blades were left overs and were already old rubber. PS- this dealer was great helping us.
    2) our power door was acting up (not closing) in Nov-Jan timeframe. To close we needed to hold the door as it moved into the frame. This little added pressure was enough to make it work. Every time I tried to get it to the dealer it would work perfectly so they did not want to adjust it at that time. The problem has not come back since Jan. (We live in eastern PA). Perhaps the humidity/temperature combo affected it.
    My kids still think the the power door is the greatest. They also get a big kick out of the rear audio.

    The only other problem is that the plastic cover around the base of the seatbelt strap on the last row passenger side catches on the seat frame as you move the seat forward and back. This has put a tear in the plastic cover that catches and hinders your moving the seat. A minor inconvenience and not a safety hazard. I will have it replaced when I take the van to the dealer in the future.

    Both Chevy dealers that I have dealt with for the Van have been fantastic. Much better than my prior few years dealings with Olds and Acura dealers.

    If we needed to purchase another minivan today, no question it would be the same exact vehicle.
  • nillabeannillabean Posts: 2
    davy1~~Thanks for the input, we brought our new Venture home yesterday and we are confident that we made the right choice to replace our 1993 Ford Aerostar with this van. After many dealers and many different test-drives, the Venture just fit our needs perfectly. Thus far, the dealer has been great, too. Hope that lasts!! LOL
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    I agree with you - when I was in the market for a van, and even since I bought my Venture the end of March ($100 over invoice, 0% for 36 mos) there just hasn't been much info here about this van. At 1st I wondered why. Then I figured that "no news is good news". If there were problems with this van, you can bet there'd be plenty of people here talking about it (see Chrysler and Ford vans!).
    I decided that the Venture is just sort of boring for some reason, but a decent quality van. I got the extended version with 8-seat option and have been very happy with it. Kids like it too and other adults who've ridden with me in front seat or in middle seat say it is comfortable with lots of room.
    Re: comment above about sliding door - I just within the past week got a notice in the mail to take my new van back to the dealer so they could make a change to the door. I personally haven't had any problems with it, but apparently a problem has been identified and they're going to fix it.
    I went with Venture because: Honda too expensive and didn't really like it (too big on outside with not so much room inside); Sienna and Quest too small; Windstar and the Caravan/Voyager have too much history of quality problems. The Venture is not quite as roomy as the Grand Caravan/Voyager, but seems to be built better.
    Another major plus for me with the Venture was that you can get the 8-seat option which isn't available in any other minivan that I know of. Being involved with sports and scouts, the ability to fit one more kid in (esp since they can't sit in the front seat) is very important.
    I think I made the right decision for me (time will tell re: quality). Good luck with your decisions!
  • xray731xray731 Posts: 1
    In 1993 when we purchased our Ford Aerostar - we got a great deal on one that had been used by the dealer for test drives with only 6,500 miles on it. The invoice was marked NEW.I'm now interested in a new Venture but after calling GM Card - I was told they didn't think I could redeem my card $ on such a vehicle and to check with a dealer. Has anyone used their $ on such a vehicle?
  • cmwalshcmwalsh Posts: 1
    Seriously looking at the extended four door version and wanted to ask a few questions on options and such.

    1) Seems most people are happy with the 8 passenger seating so I'll go with that.

    2) Is the rear A/C standard on this model (4 door extended)?

    3) On the dealer hold back (3%) and the current incentive I see in the papers in NJ ($1,500), do I deduct both of these amounts from the total MSRP or what?

    4) I guess on the options I really would only like to get rear A/C (if not standard)and the power back vent windows (for convenience purposes) but it looks as if I have to spend a couple of grand to do that via the option package. Any suggestions?

    Think I'll stay away from the power option door if possible. Mother in Law has it on her 98 Silouette(sp?) and has had problems. Anyway, the kids are young and strong so they can open it manually!

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Hopping to buy in mid July off a lot somewhere.
  • sah1sah1 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the invoice price goes down or if it is easier to get a good deal as the year goes on? We are looking at a '99 Venture and the 2000's have already been ordered.

    Also, is $23,000 a good price for a '99 4 door extended Venture with a preferred equip. group 1SB package with luggage carrier?

    Any imput would be appreciated.
  • carol1carol1 Posts: 1
    I am looking long and hard at the venture and have contacted autobytel rep. in my area.
    The rep. has stated that it will cost me $100. more to get a van if he has to do a dealer trade.

    My question is: Is that a legit charge or is that part of doing business?
    I know that dealer trades are done all the time. But is normal to charge the customer for this service?

    Also the rep stated that current incentives and fin. are good through Sept. I thought that the current exp. date is 7/30/99. I would hate to take the dealers word and loose out on 0% for 36 months. But then again I also want to get what I want and not just buy something to beat a dead line.
    Has anyone else heard anything about deadline for current incentives? Edmunds states 7/30/99.
  • priefxpriefx Posts: 1
    Looking for pricing info on Y2K Venture extended van? Plan to buy in Sept. W/1SB Option and rear air. Also want to know if GM will still offer 0% financing for 36 mo. on 2000 models again?
  • mull1mull1 Posts: 2
  • sah1sah1 Posts: 3
    I got the price in PA. Actually, it was about $25,000-a little over, but we should get about $2400 for my car when we trade it. We did not start negotiating with the salesman yet, so I don't know how low he would go. That's why I wanted to know if that was a good price before we start haggling. We might not go with a Venture or Montana now anyway because they did not rate too high on the offset crash tests and that worries me. They did the worst of any minivan.
  • mull1mull1 Posts: 2
  • Does anyone have info on model year 2000 pricing? Considering that the Honda Odyssey is cheaper, I would expect GM cut prices...
  • sweeterssweeters Posts: 5
    The crash tests referred to are the offset crash tests performed by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Check out the results at

    The tests were done on the 1997 GM (Venture, TransPort, Silhouette) line, and since all the vans share the same structure, and nothing has changed since 1997 with the engineering (I spoke to GM about this), the results would seem to remain valid for the 1999 line.

    We almost bought the Silhouette, until we saw these photos and read the driver area compression amounts.

    Good luck with your choice.
  • ahupkeahupke Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 99 Venture and love it...

    You should be able to get what you are looking for at 10-12% off MSRP plus $1500 rebate and with decent value for your trade-in (check Edmunds)

    If any dealer offers you less of a deal or devalues your trade, go else where..

    I actually found that the smaller dealers were able to make a better deal that the mega dealers.

    Check out and you can actually see what selected dealers have on their lots and see the window stickers.

    Skipping the automatic door appears to be a good ideas (I skipped it also) as many problems have been reported. I bought an LS with all the other options (instead of the LT package) All the other options are great...

    Took delivery two weeks ago and no problems so far...

  • rfc74lawrfc74law Posts: 7
    Does anyone know when the 2000 Venture or
    information about it will come be available?
  • sah1sah1 Posts: 3
    The website where I found the crash test info is as Sweeters referred to above. I found it under crashworthiness evaluations. That is the only thing keeping us from buying a Venture. We just found the perfect one yesterday. It is $25,825 MSRP for extended 4-door, equip. grp. 1SC, 8 passenger seating, and red. It is exactly what we want. We will probably end up with this van. We should get about $2500 or more for my car and the $1500 rebate. I am just concerned about its safety.
  • zmarthazmartha Posts: 2
    We have had our 98 extended Venture van with front and back air, power door, front traction and CD for 14 months. It has about 18,000 miles on it. It pulled our 16' boat just fine. I wish they had offered 8 passenger last year! The seats are easy for me, 5'4", female, to take out or replace. There is lots and lots of room.

    The only thing I would change is that I wouldn't get the power door. I don't have children so rarely use that side of car. It would be great to have the power door on left side for shopping. Besides, I think the doors slide easily enough that the power door isn't necessary, but it does impress the box boys and a few others, but don't think impressing others for $450 is worth it. :)

    The CD box has squeaked from the start plus a few other squeaks when I am on gravel roads, but I knew it would be noisy from other people's comments 15 months ago!

    Big people have ridden in the middle seats (not captain chairs) and have commented on the comfortable ride.

    Haven't had to use the front traction much--mild winter, but it has kicked in on rough roads.

    We like the car!
  • rkpattrkpatt Posts: 23
    Pros and cons from owners please so I can make the decision on which one to buy.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    You really need to do your homework. These are two very different vehicles. Minivans are great people movers, but if you need a full sized van for whatever reason, you don't want a minivan.
    Read up here or on any of the many other auto research sources.
  • crusoecrusoe Posts: 1
    Just made a deal on a 99 Venture extended 4 door with
    power door, seat, rear air, and audio. Got 12% off
    of sticker. Drove one when we were in Honolulu this past April. Just loved it. Do not trust Dodge etc. Will not wait 6-9 months for a Honda to come in. Will update about our van as time goes by.
  • fafanfafan Posts: 1
    Hi, Crusoe:

    Congradulations on your new Chevy Venture. When you said that you got 12% off of the sticker price, does that 12% off include the $1500 manufacturer rebate, or the 12% off does not include that?

  • I thought the same thing! Seems like 12% off sticker would bring you in under invoice!!

    I got mine on Saturday. Went in on Thursday offered 1% over invoice ($24708) plus Advertising fees ($265) for a total of $24973. Then I got the $1500 off! Deal took 15 mins!!

    The van is loaded with F&R Air, AM/FM Cass/CD, Power Slider & Theft Deterent. Leaving on Tuesday for a long trip, so the room will be GREATLY ENJOYED. Sure beats shoving the family into a Mazda MX6!

    Luv the ride and the toys. Will write more later in the summer!
  • heywoodheywood Posts: 1
    I'm used to driving a 4 x 4 with ofcourse a frame under it. Getting tired of crawling into my 8' bed so I am looking at a Venture LT with the Touring and towing goodies. It rides very nice and behaves on bouncy roads but being much lower to the ground with unibody type construction has given me some cause for crash concerns. Has any one checked this out or, unfortunately, been in an accident they are willing to comment on.
  • gridergrider Posts: 1
    Let me tell you about myself. Currently I drive a 1985 Chevy faded blue Astro-van. It still is running, but within a couple of weeks with the help of my parents. I am getting a new vehicle (I say vehicle because I have five options within the Chevrolet family). This will be my first ever vehicle and I want a vehicle with considerably good safety features, better than +20mpg mileage, performance, and built quality. I have been looking at everything in the Chevy lineup, and want your opinion. Which one should I get:

    - Chevy Venture 4 door base + options
    - Chevy Malibu LS + options
    - Chevy Silverado 1500 LS + options
    - Chevy S-10 LS + options
    - Chevy Impala LS + options

    My Mom wants to get me a malibu, but for some reason, I just don't like because it doesn't have traction control, and has a cheapy 3.1 150 hp. It looks like old 96 Camry.
    My Dad doesn't care, but wants me to happy, since I prolonged a couple of years before getting my first vehicle.
    I like the Chevy Silverado 1500 LS ext. cab with a short bed, but that sucker has a couple of dangerous blind spots that if you look in the rearview mirror (tunnel-vision). I checked out the Venture and was impressed because it has the optional traction control, plus 25 gallon gas tank, meaning 18-25 mpg = 450 to 625 miles, meaning I don't have to fill it up unto 300 miles, and for me that is a couple of weeks. Also at my working place (Disneyland) I see a bunch of Chevy Ventures driving around back stage. It looks good and I don't mind driving a minivan with my own style and flair.
  • ywang5ywang5 Posts: 2
    I have the same selection experience as Grider. Venture is an excellent vehicle, specifically for a family. I ordered a three door venture with 1SB and CD option. I really like to have traction control, unfortunately is not available with 3-door. I have to pay about $3500 to get the traction control. I finally gave it up.

    The reasons I prefer 3-door are 1) Better safety for little kids when I travel to any city streets because they can only asses to pedestrian side of the street. 2)Safer crash test result than 4-door. 4-D is just greatly weakening the body structure in terms of integrity. 3)It costs $1430 less (including tax) than a 4-D. Plus my wife does not care 3/4-D. The funny thing is all the dealers are stocking the 4-Ds. It took my dealer one week to find a 3-D venture for me. I like green, but all sold out. At the end only dark red and silver are available. We picked a dark red. I paid $22452 that covers everything. I paid dealer $500 above the invoice ($300 + options profit $200). My GM card deducted $3174 plus #1500 rebate, I just pay $17,778 for 99 3-D venture.

    The rear 50/50 recline and folding forward feature seat is a fantastic design that provides a flexibility for small size minivan gaining more back room.

    GM power train is on the top notch, even better than Toyota, Honda, ...
  • It's a pretty big stretch to say that the GM powertrain equals, much less surpasses, the Toyota or Honda powertrain. And if GM's powertrain DID surpass, or even equal, Toyota's then why isn't GM willing to offer the same 6 year/60K mile powertrain warranty as Toyota? Just some food for thought. You're comparing apples and oranges, in my humble opinion.
  • To: ywang5, re purchase 3-Door Venture:
    I am curious about the GM card deduction $3,174 plus rebate $1,500. Was the $3,174 earning credits that you redeemed? Also, was the total amount of $4,674 deducted at the time you negotiated the price of $22,452? Did you have a trade-in or was the $22,452 negotiated without a trade-in? Thanks.
  • mkstfmkstf Posts: 12
    bought 98 venture in jan 99, 5500 miles on it wiyh no problems , i should have bought one sooner. love it!!
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