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Chevy Venture



  • Take a look at response # 575. It is still available.
  • Just bought a new 2000 LT with leather- $26,100. Also got 5 yr 0% financing. Combined with $3600 GM card rebate- I couldn't pass it up. I almost gave up on finding a yr 2000 close to what we wanted, but there are a few still out there. Never owned a GM before. This was the most pleasant car buying experience ever (dealer was great) lets hope ownership goes the same way....
  • I am planning to purchase a used 2000 Chevy Venture Value Van. The van has 17K miles, power everything, and is in excellent condition. The owner is asking $14,500. Is this a good buy? I see brand new Ventures listing for $18,400 at a local dealership. Are there any Venture owners out there that are dissatisfied with their vans? This is my first domestic car purchase!
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    I have a 2000 Venture LS with 15K , hasn't given us any problems yet. Which has suprised me as I've hated GM products for about 3 decades! I also have a 2000 Windstar SE with 6K which has been back to have a new accelerator pedal unit and a new gear shift lever (those are the "safety" items which needed fixing, I won't bore you with the trim ones!) When they hit 50-60K then I'll make my final opinion about how good they are or aren't!
    14K for a car with 17K miles doesn't sound too bad. You lose several grand the minute you drive off the lot!
  • My 2000 Venture LT has water leaks.

    Water accumulates in the rear quarter panel where the jack is stored. During heavy rainfalls the water also leaks at the joints in the paneling of the inside rear storage area. Purchased in March noticed large quantity of water in storage area in July. Since August Van has been back to dealer five (5) times. Forth (4th) time area representative present during fix. Fifth (5th) time was by Chevy Engineer as service representative identified him. Car Still leaks.

    Recommend anyone buying a Venture perform a water leak test on vehicle before acceptance of vehicle.
    Run water for approximately 15 minutes over top of vehicle. Vehicle should be on slight angle to allow water to run off the Right Hand Side of the car by the Automatic Door. Check inside paneling for water drops and jack storage area. Other cars returned to my dealer also have leaks in the overhead console information center.

    Anyone else have water problems. Please post if you do and if fix was found.
  • jnattjnatt Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 venture plus and also experienced problems with water in the jack area, however the dealer could not find where it was coming from so I took it upon myself and discovered it was coming from the rubber boots when you open the hatch they are mounted on the van to cover the electrical wires and such. I found they was'nt sealing against the van surface, and every time it would rain or I would wash it the water would roll right under the seal and run right down to either the jack area or sometimes the driver side area.give it a look and let me know . goodluck
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    as I discovered when replacing a flat last week (swapping tires was very easy using the toolkit). I suppose my rubber boots are also have y'all fixed this? Offhand, I'm tempted to try Shoe Goo or equivalent.
  • My 1997 Venture is 3 1/2 years old with 55k miles and it is in the shop with a cracked head and major damage to the engine. As a result a new engine is being installed. Up until now we have been very happy with the car. We are not sure how or why this happened. We have always brought it in for its regular maintenance, which is usually just an oil change or a tire rotation. Has anyone out there had the same problem?
  • Hello folks,

    I have a 1998 Pontiac Transport, but since it was a Venture clone and there seem to be more folks here...

    My driver's side wiper blade comes all the way past the windshield and wraps around slightly to the top of the drivers door. It tends to wear out the blades more quickly, and it makes an annoying "thump" when the blade slides off the glass and over the edge :)

    I have mentioned this multiple times to the dealer when I am in for an oil change, but they haven't done anything. It doesn't seem to me that the blade arm can be easily calibrated; I tried by loosening the nut and moving the arm down. Didn't work.

    Anybody else had this problem, or am I just lucky?

  • I had this problem with my 2000 Silhouette. The dealer fixed it right away by replacing the arm assembly; it was bent, but not very noticeable.
  • Can one of the Venture owners in North America answer this? I'm living in Europe and took delivery of my 99 Venture here. I was thinking the daytime running lights were wired into the headlights (fine in Europe). In my vehicle, my running lights are always the parking lights. Running around with the parking lights on is frowned upon (not legal) in many parts of Europe, especially where I live. The van is awesome for highway and trips. Parking is not easy in big cities.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    Yes. My '97 Venture uses the parking lights for the day time running lights. It's odd the Europeans have a problem with that.
  • sintrasintra Posts: 15
    I had exactly the the same wiper blade problem 2 years ago and the dealer fixed it. It made a terrible noise each time I started the wipers, but only when driving fast. I live in Europe and my minivan is an Opel Sintra, which is a short wheelbase Venture with a 200 hp Cadillac Catera engine. It was built in the same plant as the Venture, in Doraville, Georgia.
  • The problem is with the rubber boots at the top of the rear hatch. I had this problem in mid-April within the 1st week of ownership and it took 3 attempts to fix!

    The rubber boots for the 2000 models are a clip style that relies on the geometric gap to create the seal. The 1999 models have a design like the side door hoses where there the rubber boot ends are threaded and make a better seal.

    The fix was to apply a silicone sealant to all four ends of both hoses... I hope this helps...
  • Thanks for the responses.

    Nothing is odd in Europe, just European. They use parking lights when they stop in the road, or double park (I live in Paris). They do not show parking lights when the vehicle is moving.

    To the Sintra driver, I see lots of Sintras here. Lots of the panels look the same. The Opel dealer does my routine maintenance.
  • Hi. My husband and I are shopping for our 1st minivan and drove the Venture today. When I drove, I noticed that the glass was a little it was warped. The only way I can describe it is that it's like looking through a window with really old glass. The dealer, of course, didn't see it, and neither did my husband. Has anyone else noticed this? It was about half way up on the driver's side. I saw it on 2 different Ventures.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    Sorry for getting a little off topic but I have to ask this question. Don't they have emergency flashers in Europe? That's what is used in US when someone pulls off the road or double parks.
  • I once made an insurance company replace my windshield in a Plymouth Laser 3 times until they found one without optical deformities. It was replaced initially because of rock damage from a dump truck, and after the first replacement, I would actually get physically ill driving my car!!

    The insurance company thought I was crazy, but I consulted with my eye doctor, who confirmed the deformity (in the windshield, not me!!!) and explained that people with astigmatism (me) are very sensitive to distortion.

    My advice, if you see a problem in the windshield, keep looking!! I do own a Pontiac Montana (similar to the Venture) and haven't seen anything in my windshield, so maybe the one you're looking at comes from a bad batch of glass. Look for vehicles manufactured weeks or months apart to see if they all share the same flaw.
  • Thank you so much! My husband will definitely be reading your post. I KNEW I was seeing something. Just looking through it made my head hurt. Well, we test drove the Toyota Sienna today and are going to go with that one. Drives very nice...even my husband who is an American Car fan liked it and commented on how solid it felt. Sorry Chevrolet...those windshields are warped!
  • I've got some great "tips" for getting the best deal from ANY Dealer. I used to sell cars for a few years and want to help those who are looking. I'm not selling anything and am not charging a fee. Email me at
  • evetevet Posts: 1
    Bought a brand new Venture 2000 in March, I love everything about it, we bought the WB edtion, and within the last couple of weeks I have been noticing my temp gauge rise, when I are driving in heavy traffic, usually when you are at a stop and go, it starts to rise, but when the traffic is flowing its pretty normal, is anyone else noticing this problem any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Most vehicles have a range of normal operating temperatures. Usually, on the highway, the temperature will remain in the lower reaches of that range. At a standstill, you are likely to hit the upper limits.

    What you describe is probably normal, but you can do the following to make sure:

    1. Check the owners manual for a description of the normal limits. If the gauge doesn't go above the maximum specified in the manual, you're probably okay.

    2. Next time you're in traffic, roll down your window a little and watch the gauge and listen for the electric radiator fan. As the temperature gauge rises, the fan should kick on, and then you'll see the temp. fall a little.

    If these two tests check out okay, I'd say you're fine, but a trip to a mechanic might give you more peace of mind.....
  • I have had my "98 Venture for about a month now. It has just over 50,000 miles on it, and recently I have noticed a raw gas smell, especially on the drivers side. I just took it in for an oil change, and I had the dealer look at it. He kept it for 2 days, and replaced the purge cannister. He said it was full. It was OK for 2 days after that. But now the smell has returned, and my Venture will be returned to the dealer for more repairs. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    its a little different to the 'emergency flashers", you can selectively turn on what is essentially the turn signal light just on one side of the car and have it on continuously without flashing.
    why do GM use the "turn signal" as its DRL when almost everyone else uses the headlights????
    does anyone know if you can use a brighter bulb in the Ventures headlight, the beam is so dark I thought I was going blind!
  • After purchasing my 2000 Venture in 3/00 for my wife, we found the vehicle shutting off at low speeds. My wife almost racked the van up on a highway exit. We took the van to a different dealer, (great service department) and after two tries, the dealer figured out the the wiring harness had become disconnected from its fastener to the firewall, made connection with the manifold and melted creating a short. I filed a complaint with the consumer protection agency and would suggest everyone with this problem do the same. Its the only way to get a recall.

    My only other complaint is getting the dam change oil light to reset. I change my oil every 3-4K, not the 7,500 recommended. Therefore I can't use the oil life monitoring system because I change the oil more frequently. Its a fight every time.

    Other than these issues, my wife would never give up the van and my kids love it.

    I got the plus value - extended with the upgraded cd radio system and rear air conditioning. I've had the van now for 10 months have have put 15,000 miles on it.

    I took a close look at the Ford Winstar and Dodge Caravan and clearly found the Venture a better buy.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Refer above message and have consistently changed the oil myself every 3000 plus new GM Filter. I have found that Exxon 5-30 Superflo to give the best gas mileage. (I used Castrol GTX 5-30 twice and the mpg went down so reverted back to Exxon and back to higher mpg).

    In reading the handbook, 7500 is the top mileage for an oil change and cannot imagine there is much integrity left in the oil. The value/cost of an oil change versus potential engine damage is a compelling reason for me to stick to the 3000.

    I reset the oil change light each time and have not had a problem. The handbook is clear that the system measures other criteria - heat/engine revs and not mileage based.

    We are close to 18000 on an LT since March and we love the long haul/distance capability - college, ice hockey etc.
  • I have a strange 'problem' with my new 2000 LT- a couple of times now I have noticed the headlights flicker- or dim- for a split second while driving. It doesn't seem to matter whether the headlight switch is on or the photo sensor has turned the lights on. No big deal yet but it seems strange- anyone else see this? Also- as a response to a previous comment- I have seen the overhead display get brighter briefly although I have only seen it once.
  • I have a Montana, and I've seen the flicker as well. In one of the GM trio forums, I saw someone say that GM had issue some kind of advisory to service managers that replacing the alternator will get rid of this problem.

    I'm in no hurry to do this, though....I kind of go with the "unless its broken, don't fix it" rule.
  • During our recent Thanksgiving trip, I found water leaking in several spots... I originally had problems with the rubber boots at the top of the rear hatch in April (see earlier posts) that took 3 attempts to fix... so the dealer wasn't really thrilled to see me in again...

    the leading bottom corner of all four side popout windows was leaking (the wife felt a draft and I told her she was imaging things and then the next day in the rain it let water in the next day!)

    and I found good couple of inches of water in jack area (due to previous posts regarding this problem)

    I got the service manager at the dealership to talk with GM technical support before he got the vehicle...

    solution to side popout windows... they put some silicone spray on the side windows and mentioned this has to do with less body stiffness due to the dual sliding doors... my response (being an engineer) was that they should have put more stiffness in the frame / floor and/or the roof... I can't wait till it does it again... I don't think GM is the only one is this design situation... if that is the case, what happens to the new quad door full-size pickups with a good load in the rear?

    solution to the jack area... they sealed the jack area front the inside and outside and then sprayed an undercoating on the outside area... they found one of the body seals was not fully welded...
  • I have a air bag light that keeps coming on. It has been to the dealership 5 times and they are very confident that it is fixed, as they were the previous times. Does anyone else have this problem? It will help in my lemon law case against the company. Thank you for your help. It is a 2000 LT. You can e-mail me at Have a great holiday everyone.
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