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Chevy Venture



  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148

    I have the same rear thumping noise and I notice that for me it doesn't happen on my 2000 Venture until the fuel gauge is about 1/2 a tank of fuel, whenever I come in for a stop I hear a thump sound and sometimes I hear it when I turn a corner real sharp, i'm not sure if there is a fix for the fuel to slosh around like that. when my fuel tank is full I don't have this thump. I hope this helps somewhat.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Now that I seen other posts this is the fuel in the tank that makes this noise. As far as I know there is no GM fix. This was a subject several months ago, but wouldn't bother trying to scroll back.

    It can appear on a variety of situations, especially when braking or accelrating say from traffic signals.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The GE Bulbs available at Wal-Mart sometimes in a twin pack are not much better than standard, but you you get a price break to find this out.

    I just find the beams are not very good and scattered expecially to the right side on low beam. The only thing I have not seriously done is to adjust the height of the lamp to get more distance on the beam. If nobody flashes you on high beam are they too low ?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Did have this problem under warranty and it is the fuel gauge sender unit, which is like the size of a video cassette mounted in front of the tank. I am sure they are not cheap although it is all relatively easy for the dealer to install

    I had one installed under warranty, but they damaged the sealing ring which caused an EVAP warning on the Check Engine Soon and required a new seal. Be warned
  • I have a 2000 Silo Premiere that does the same thing since the day it was new. If you look closely at the steering wheel where it meets the steering column (on the back of the steering wheel), you might notice that the rubber rubs the column when you turn the wheel. This is what causes the squeak in mine. It doesn't bother me much, but I don't drive it much, my wife does. If it is bothersome, you might try putting Armor All on a cotton swab and using it to lubricate the rubber between the steering wheel and column. I suppose you could use something else, like silicone grease or a dab of Vaseline, but The Armor All should work as it is pretty slippery and isn't as messy as grease can be.

    Let me know how you make out.
  • Just got back from the dealer and they were unable to figure out the thump. It is not from the gas tank. If it was it would likely be a broken baffle in the tank. May have to just live with it for now but it is on record as a complaint and we will see what develops :-).

    Thank you to those who made suggestions

  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    One good thing about owning a Chevy, you get a chance to drive other Chevy loaners while your vehicle is in the shop for the 3rd time in Feb for the same problem, erratic door latching.
    Looks like they have exhausted their diagnostic options, and are now working with Tech Support in Detroit to resolve. They know it's an electrical problem, but can't find the exact cause.
    They gave me a 2000 Venture with 58K miles. It seems to operate at much lower temp than my 2001, barely reaching 1/4 on temp scale.
    I also did notice the thumping as mentioned in earlier postings. This can be heard when moving from complete stop (traffic light), but a little sudden acceleration is needed. Doesn't sound like gas in tank (almost full tank), but hard to say where it is.
    Probably will have car for a week or so as dealer said this is a very diffcult job. Seems like the perfect test vehicle!
  • sc_sixxsc_sixx Posts: 1
    I have recently replace the bulbs on my '99 Venture with PIAA Super White bulbs, DOT approved. I found that they are at least twice as bright as the factory bulbs, but a little pricey at $150 CDN.
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    I bought a 99 Venture 3 yrs ago. Have had LOTS of problems: driver seatback broke, battery failed, steering column needed fixing, have had sliding power door fixed 3-4 times, blower motor needed replacing, rod clip broken, driver side inner door panel came loose, rear window washer hose was pinched and needed repair, airbag light wouldn't turn off, had to replace steering rack assembly, etc. Got GM to give me extended warranty to 5 yrs/60k miles. Last few months van's been great. When it doesn't have any problems, I love the van.
    Problem - with one more payment to go, someone ran a red light and smashed into me. Not sure it's repairable. So, I like the van, but don't want to go through all those problems again. Did I just get a lemon the first time, and if I buy another it'll be great, or have other people had problems like this? I would feel like a fool if I bought another Venture and ended up with all these problems over again!
    Thanks for any insight/advice.
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    First, hope everyone is allright after the accident. Since you're talking about a replacement vehicle, sounds like that is the case.

    Next, how many miles are on the vehicle? If all these problems happened in the first 25k miles, I'd be more worried than if you had like 100k miles!!!

    I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana with about 24k miles. So far, it has been to the shop for two power sliding door recalls, and once for a problem with a voltage fluctuation that was repaired with some type of connector.

    Other than that, no problems and we're very happy with the van. It sounds as though you may have had a bit of a lemon. I've seen the reliability statistics for the GM triplets, and they're not great, but so far (knock on wood), everything seems good. Who knows what will happen in the next 25k miles, though!!

    As far as advice, take a look at what's available today and see if the Venture is still what you want. If so, I can't see any reason not to buy another.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    I'd say the Venture's are very reliable, they'll be little problems that will crop up, though it seems yours weren't major problems such as transmission or head gasket issues where you're van wouldn't be driveable, and a battery can actually be replaced. were all you're problems just within the 3 year time span or was it right after you brought you're venture?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    You should not have to live with this noise.

    I would remove all seating in the van as well as the jack accessories and anything else that can be removed, this will allow to hear better as to the location..or it might have gone away.
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    The problems I've had have gone on steadily for the almost-three years I've had Venture. Most recently over Christmas the transmission fluid developed a leak and had to have parts replaced. I was over the 36,000 mile warranty, but dealer covered it because of all the other problems I've had. When the van got totaled last week it had 41,984 miles on it.
    Re: safety - I got hit pretty much straight on, right at front passenger side door. Guy was going 35-40 mph, ran redlight. Window shattered, but I didn't have one cut or anything broken. Spent a few hours in ER, have follow-up visit this week. Still feel kind of bruised/sore but am assuming it'll go away with time. I was VERY glad to be in that big van! If I'd been in a small-midsize car I think the other guy, also in a van, wouldn't gone right over me.
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    SLD1, What did you have to do to get GM to extend your 3/36 warranty to 5/60? Please advise. Tx.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    I posted this in the "GM Triplets" board but thought others would be interested also.
    Got my Extended Component Warranty for the engine knock in mail yesterday from GM, 5year/100,000 mile for engine only. Guess I won't be keeping this truck for 10 years after all. Where as I don't own a Venture I do own a defective GM product with the 5.3L engine. The "Knock" occurs during cold starts and lasts about 45 seconds.

    Ray T.
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    I first called the GM Customer Assistance toll-free #. Went round and round and got nowhere. Finally asked for the phone # of GM headquarters. It's 313-556-5000. I talked to someone there, went over the long list of problems I'd had with van. (Got a maintenance history printout from dealer - it listed every time I'd brought the van in, what the problem was, what they did to fix it.) She said that she would contact the selling and servicing dealerships and conduct a complete review. I also had talked to my service dept who had given me the idea to go after them for an extended warranty in the first place. They knew all the problems I'd had and said they would recommend the extension when GM contacted them.

    The area manager got involved, to review all the records on my van.

    Finally took almost 2 months, but I got it. Of course while they were investigating I periodically called GM HQ back to report new problems (coolant leak due to bad intake manifold gasket; problem w/ CD player; etc).

    They sent me something to keep in the van, but also said that any GM dealership I went to would be able to see the extended warranty by looking up the VIN.

    Of course now that my van is totalled, the only good the extended warranty will do me is to hopefully increase the amount the insurance co will pay me.

    By the way, other than calling a lawyer, does anyone have any advice for dealing with the insurance co, to maximize the payout/minimize my financial loss? Thanks.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Your vehicle is worth whatever the book value shows accounting for mileage of course, the defects or problems should have no bearing unless YOU brought them up to insurance company, if you did that was unwise it's like cutting your own throat. Insurance companies have nothing to do with vehicle warranty issues they just guarantee coverage in case of accidents and such.

    Ray T.
  • brophbroph Posts: 85
    A lady I work with spent many dollars trying to figure out what the rear thumping was in her 94 continental. It turned out to be the rear windshield and a bad seal. If you pushed on the window from the inside, it would move in/out. She even had the service man riding in the trunk, trying to figure out what the noise was. Once they replaced the seal it was fine, no more thumping. Maybe the same problem. Just a thought.
  • hfdadhfdad Posts: 29
    I changed my headlight bulbs today to GE high output bulbs, no better than OEM. I drove around with my high beams on and no one flashed theirs at me. Could it be that mine need adjustment. When I stand in front of vehicle they seem bright enough, just don't light up very far down the road when driving.
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    Can anyone help? I'm trying to find a 2001 or 2002 Venture (silver, 8 seats, touring pkg, radio/cassette/CD, etc) but am unable to. I have looked at the inventories of all the dealers in my immediate area (Memphis). I have contacted the GMPowerBuyers at two dealerships and they have been less than helpful. It's almost as though they don't feel they really need to sell anymore vans, so why bother with another customer!

    One question I have is how can I look at dealer inventories that are outside my area? I would think there'd be a way to see what was available in this region, but can't figure it out.

    Another question - if I "order" the van I want, how long would that take to come in? Seems like dealers must be getting new vehicles in weekly and could simply put in a request for what I want and it wouldn't take that long. But one dealer told me it could be 6-8 weeks.

    Also, the current incentives ($2,002 cash back and 0% financing for 36 mos) expire the end of March. Is there a way to find out if these will be extended any?

    I may be stubborn, but this is a major purchase for me, and I plan to drive the van until it dies (I still own '86 Toyota that my son has at college). So I want to buy the van that I want and not settle for something I'll pay a lot of money for and live with a long time and not be happy with. I don't think that what I'm looking for is unusual. I can't understand why I can't find it and why the dealers won't help me. Any clues?
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    You can search dealer inventories thru GM Buypower, as you go further from home, just pick a zip code in the next area. And I think the incentives are $2002 or 0.0% for 36.
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    SLD1, with all the problems you've had, I thought your next vehicle would be something other than GM?? If someone offered me close to retail for my 2001 WB, I would jump on the opportunity and dump the van and all of its problems onto someone else. Never again GM.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Just because you changed bulbs and are running around with high beams on with no one flashing their brights at you doesn't mean their out of adjustment, maybe their just more curtious then someone riding around with their bright lights on.

    What you should have done PRIOR to changing lamps was face vehicle at a garage door or wall, make note of where the beam pattern is hitting then change the lamps to higher wattage, most headlight assemblies do not change their aim unless you change the adjustment, simply changing bulbs does not. If the wattage of the new bulbs is same as old you have literally changed nothing but the bulbs and gained nothing. GE High Outputs are more then likely the same wattage as OEM bulb but a whiter light. Most domestic vehicle low beams are 55 watt, high beams are 65 watt. I changed out my high beams to PIAA Super Whites 110 Watt, they are illegal but at least I have control as to when I use them, I would not mess with the low beams since this can get you in trouble, you do no good to the oncoming traffic you are blinding and you cant turn them down as w/high beams.

    Ray T.
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    How important is the touring suspension? I will be using my van mostly just around town, but take 6-10 trips/year (vacation + gymnastics meets). My preference would be to have it, but am having trouble finding the van I want. I've found one pretty close, but no touring suspension.

    Also, is that something that the dealer could add on to the van or does it have to be factory installed?

    Any feedback on the leather/cloth seats? Again, my first choice would be NOT to get them, but to get other things I want in a van, I may have to take them. I transport boys, to lots of sports, so there is a fair amount of dirt/mess that comes into the van. I've never had a vehicle w/ leather seats before so I'm interested in hearing about their durability, how to keep them clean, etc.

    Thanks a lot for any feedback.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    The touring suspension I think may be unnecessary for you. I have a Venture with 8 pass seating w/o touring suspension. The van rides great under all loads that I have put in it, family of 5 on a road trip, trips to home depot, etc. The only reason I regret not having it, is that I plan on doing some light towing, and I believe the load leveling feature would be beneficial then.
    I do recommend getting the fold flat rear seat, it has been very useful to me many times.
    BTW my van is an 01 Silver, LS ext, does not have the cass, just CD player, and no touring susp.
    As far as cloth vs. leather, I think that is personal preference, mine are cloth and that is what I prefer.
  • HI-

    Well- I'm a 2000 chevy venture owner, and have had so many problems with the van, I don't even know where to begin. My most recent problem is that my plastic shield in front of my steering wheel has started to just crack for no reason. I noticed the cracks after a very cold night. I took my van to the dealer and they said, "we hit it"....not true at all! They will not replace the shield. It has now started to crack in three other places. I'm taking this problem to the Better Business Bureau.... I'm very disappointed in GM! I was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem....I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    I'm looking at a Venture LT that has the stereo with 6 disc CD changer for $295. But I don't want that. I would prefer the radio w/ CD player and auto-reverse cassette that comes standard with the LT. Dealer said he could put in what I want, but then I'd still have to pay the $295, PLUS pay for the radio/cassette/CD unit PLUS pay the labor to take the one out and replace with the other. I thought they could swap out units (put the one they take out of my van into other van), but dealer says no.

    Question - Is there a good place (cheaper than the dealer) to get what I want? Is there someone who has a good reputation for doing quality work that might might give me credit for what they take out of the van and put in what I want for less? OR would I be better off maybe paying a little more money to have the dealer do it and then it would be covered under warranty?

    Thanks for any advice.

    By the way, dealer said rebate on Ventures just went up today to $3,500!
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    Printed off a window sticker for a van at a local dealer and noticed it seemed to have a few errors. The van is a Warner Bros, yet sticker added a $555 charge for touring suspension (which is stnd on LT and WB) and added $350 for driver-side power sliding door, again std on LT/WB.

    Where do these window stickers come from - does each dealer make their own or do they come on the vehicle from the factory? My initial reaction is to make me skeptical of this dealer...

    Any thoughts or info on this?
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    SLD1, I have a 2001 WB, and I can assue you neither of the 2 options are standard. I really didn't care or had the need for the touring suspension, so I looked for one without it. The passenfer side door is power, and standard, but the driver side power is an option. If you want further info, try Chevy's homepage.
  • sld1sld1 Posts: 12
    I have the 2002 Venture brochure and it clearly specifies that both those things (touring suspension and two power sliding doors) are standard features on the LT and WB. Perhaps that's been a change from the 2001. But I will go to the Chevy site and see what it says. Thanks for the feedback.
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