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Toyota Venza New Owners Report



  • hfnychfnyc Posts: 2
    I'm considering purchase of Venza V6 FWD. Live in New York City and need more cargo space than current sedan but not as much as most SUV's offer. Like the look and feel of the Venza. A bit concerned by reports of paint peeling and dashboard warping. Also, does anyone know if the V6 is quieter than the I4?. And, I like the idea of the brake over ride system supposedly on production after April 15 but can't seem to find product availability yet in the NYC area as of June 11.

    Curious about any thoughts out there on the car and related questions.
    Thanks, cityguy
  • Replying to hfnyc:

    I just took my Venza for a 1000 mile road trip so I feel I have a more informed opinion of my Venza now. The big pluses about the car are that it is stylish and unique (unlike the ubiquitous Camry). The exterior is fine so far. My problem is with the interior -- the Venza interior is not as sturdy as Toyotas from previous years (e.g. the plastic panels feel less substantial). I checked a few 2011 Toyotas (Sienna and Camry) and I found they have the same problem so this interior quality problem is not unique to the Venza and could be the way Toyota is making cars for the next few years. I reported the warping in the forum but I also tend to notice little things and the slight warping may not bother you -- check with Venzas that have been on the dealer lot for several months in the sun and check how the dashboard panels fit together; and if you're okay with how the panels fit then the warping issue shouldn't be a problem for you.

    The Venza cargo space is really not much more than a sedan if you want to still be able to look out from the rear window. The v6 is somewhat quiter than a v4 but not by much after the car is broken in. At the stop light, I can barely hear/feel my v4 engine running. You should know that (from reading the boards) people find it hard to achieve the stated fuel economy. From my experience unless you drive 55-70mph, it is hard to achieve the stated 29 mpg.

    I bought my car last month and from the manufacturing info, my car was made in early April 2010. I was told by my dealer that all Venzas made after March 2010 have/should have the brake overide system.

    Despite the quibles I have with my Venza, I like it. It is a fun ride esp with the moonroof. But you should really negotiate hard with the dealer. I still got a pretty good price, $100 over invoice, but the car with rebates for grad and military one can do much better.
  • hfnychfnyc Posts: 2
    Thanks for your input. As far as I can tell the dealers in NYC area don't seem to have vehicles produced after April 2010 yet. I've considered the alternatives and the Venza seems the best choice for us. Still trying to find one that has the brake over ride. It may not be the answer but does make me feel a bit safer.
  • Allisonian,

    Did you ever get your issue resolved on this "thinks on a hill" response by Venza? Was this resolved by recent electronics system retrofit to have brake pedal override accelerator (I think they are two different issues"?

    Thinking about buying a 2010 Venza--also debating waiting on the 2011--thoughts?
  • Need to buy a new car--have a Camry, new ones feeling small--considering a Venza instead.

    Should I wait for 2011 or go with 2010's?

    Also, net net net, any real concerns with Venza--i read about rattles, expensive 20" replacement tires, blind spots--are all these minor issues considering overall value?

    I am a big guy, 6'4" 275 lbs and dont want to go all the way up to SUV.

    Any thoughts appreciated. Really concerned that TOY quality has gone downhill but reviews of Taurus and Chrysler are even less encouraging...Thought about Avalon but know those are getting facelift within 2 years..would like to stay at max $35k.
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    I had my heart set on the new 2011 sonata. We were disappointed in it and looked at several other cars. Wife spotted the venza, then we compared with other somewhat "similar" vehicles. We bought a 2010 6 cyl venza. We had a small rattle in the back (cargo net holder) and I hand tightened it. I'm not aware of any blind spots. We have the backup camera, but I don't really use it. I think the visibility is very good. The 20 inch tires will probably last you a very long time. They range in pricing, but you can get them for reasonable prices - I believe the Goodyears are about $109 each. We love our venza and do not regret buying it at all! Our first ever toyota. If we had a beef, it would be that on the slightest pull or hill it will downshift. Perhaps many of the cars do that, idk. My wife tells me I drive like "an old man" and I get about 25 mpg - all highway. When we compared it to Edge/Murano/Traverse, etc, I honestly think this was a no-brainer decision for us.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Aren't you concerned about Toyota using cheaper parts, probably many of them from Red China??! ly-means-using-ch/
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    edited June 2010
    No, I'm not a bit concerned about where toyota gets its parts. The venza is 80 percent american parts and 100 percent american labor. However, that means nothing to me. I've bought quite a few cars over the years and the only "disqualifier" with regard to where or how something was made would be being built in a union plant. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me, burn me five times and I become committed to non-union plants. Just my experience, not interested in convincing anyone else.
  • Other things I've mentioned about my Venza are not major concerns. My major concern is the blindspot because it is a safety issue. The roof supports are large but the C-bar (rear roof support) are big enough to hide a person so now I have to be a little more careful backing up.
  • Recently purchased a 2010 venza. We traded a 2005 lexus es330 for the venza, which was a demo model with 7K miles. Got a great deal! First off, the car is absolutely beautiful and looks and feels brand new. It is the v-6 AWD, nav,dvd,back-up cam, HID, smart keys and tow package. The venza drives just as good as our lexus and much better than our navigator(v-8) which we also sold. The handling is much better than the lexus and the ride is just as smooth but not as quiet. Im 6'3 280 and we love the room. I am able to place the front seat in a comfortable position and then sit in the rear seat very comfortably. The rear reclining seats are very nice. Kids love the dvd with headphones and the 120v hookup for the ps3(very convenient). No problems with blind spots and the camera is a good assist to backing but cannot be used independently. Nav is very user friendly and stereo(jbl 13-speaker) is very nice. Bluetooth phone sounds great. I cant even tell the wife is in a car. We took a 300 mile road trip last week and avg about 22 mpg while avg 78 mph(I have a heavy foot). Rides great in the 90-100 mph range and has good power.
    -no memory seats
    -heated seats but no cooling
    -no rain sensing wipers
    -had alarm/faulty hood latch problem-awaiting backordered part now.

    besides these wants/few issues, we love the car. Will give another update down the road.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    We've gotten one highway tankful @ 29 MPG on our FWD 4cyl.
    Got 26 MPG w/a Thule cargo box driving 65-75 to OBX.
    Luv the interior - dual zone climate controls are helpful.
    Great forward visibility-not so great rearward.
    This would be a good candidate for a hybrid system!
  • I am a neophyte on most technical car issues. My question deals with the 20" tires on the Venza. They are a lower profile tire than normal. Will this cause them to wear out quicker than, say, 18" tires? Also, will the ride be a little less "civilized"?
  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19
    I read about the Venza for six months before I went for my test drive. There is a lot to love about a Venza. My test drive was more than generous. I had the car for 48 hours. I was so disappointed in the "ride" that I changed my mind about purchasing a Venza. I decided that I just wasn't a woman who could appreciate 20" tires. To be fair I must tell you that I had been driving a sedan, not an SUV. That would affect a person's perception. I couldn't bring myself to buy the most cushioned drive I could find either (Buick). I spent thousands less and am very happy with my Honda Accord. I sill love the appearance of the Venza when I see one.
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    edited July 2010
    Our venza has 20 inch tires. The venzas we test drove each had michelins and we found them to be smooth and liked the ride. The venza we ordered and own has goodyears. We do not like the ride with the goodyears at all. The ride is very hard and you feel every bump. With the michelins we found the venza to have a sedan-like feel. We have never owned an SUV, but I suppose the goodyears may make it feel like an SUV - very stiff. I want to get rid of the goodyears and buy michelins, but my wife doesn't want to "waste" money on tires. Fortunately, in addition to not riding well, the goodyears have a very low treadwear rating and will likely only last 25k miles at which time they will be replaced with something else.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When you drive over a perturbation in the roadbed something MUST "give".

    If the give is entirely left to the springs then the follow-on bounce, rebound, can be "compensated" for, damped, by the shock absorber. Obviously any "give" via the tire sidewall cannot be compensated for.


    Personally I would never go above 18" for a typical road-going passenger vehicle.

    Probably a more important measure would be tire sidewall heigth.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,862
    You may not consider yourself fortunate when you get a hold of the price on those 20 inchers.
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    edited July 2010
    Cost is not an issue for me. Wasting money by replacing new tires with new tires IS an issue for my wife. It's one of those "two vote" things. I would gladly pay $1,000 without hesitation to get rid of the goodyears, but my wife won't hear of it. I plan to keep the venza a long time and when the tires are worn I will do my research and simply buy a smooth riding tire. I'll probably drive a few venzas with different tire types before buying anything.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,862
    There aren't those many 20" tires, but it sounds like you definitely want a soft, all weather tire instead of a touring or SUV tire. Good luck
  • bowfrontbowfront Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 FWD V6 Venza that's loaded with everything, Before buying my wife and I had the l4 overnight for a test drive. It seemed a liltte under powered and noisy. Next we tested the V6 out for a test could immediately see the difference in ride and noise. I would highly suggest the V6 over the l4. FWIW I my average is 22.8 mpg with 20,000 miles (about a 50/50 split of city and highway). I have the Micheclin 20" tires, which do give a better ride over the Goodyears (we tested both). My only concern is that I have several paint chips on the front hood that Toyota claims are due to highway rocks. Could be but my previous Jeep Grand Cherokee went 100 k without any similar chips. I;m not sold on the paint job because of this. Other than that no problems. I love way it handles and the blue tooth phone and iphone music.
  • Somehow, Edmund did not accept my new topic post about Venza's alarm sounding off randomly for no reason. Anyway, I did a google and discovered other Venza owners having the same problem. For mine, I took it to the dealer and they discovered that it was the faulty HOOD SENSOR. I bought my Venza Feb 2009 so kind of short time for the sensor to fail. Anyway, Toyota replaced it for free and all is good now.

    Overall, I just love driving this car. I already put 32,000 plus miles...One thing I noticed, my driver seat right side is now touching the center storage console when the lumbar support is all the way up so it is making a squeaking sound when I move. I had to adjust the lumber support half way. Not sure what Toyota can do.
  • Short answer: Is there going to be any difference at all between the '10s and 11s? My impression is no, but I may be wrong, so waiting would be pointless unless you are banking $ for the downpayment. If so, then wait. If your present transportation may not make it another month, then buy now.

    We're in no hurry. The 2011 is going to be based on the outgoing Camry platform and the 12 should be based on the new platform. Besides, if we fully load a 4 cyl, it will come in around 30k, about $32k for a v6, so we'll be riding our 2 reliable toyotas while banking $ for the venza. Also a couple concerns about the present model. The 4 cyl has very limited tire replacemnt selections, the gas mileage on the upcoming model hopefully will be a bit better and I think Toyota's drive to grow resulted in some slippage of quality/reliability based on reviews. Perhaps better to wait a year or two (or 4, in our case!) and see how their drive to regain their reliability crown goes.

    Besides, who knows what bells and whistles will be added by then! But that's just me. Bells and whistles are fun for about the first month, then it's all a matter of reliability for the next 119 months. :P
  • I doubt your doubt. Very happy with Toyota after owned Fords and realized if they can't figure out how to build a RELIABLE automatic transmission after 100 years in the auto business, another 100 years is unlikely to yield any improvement. Ford builds job security for their service departments into every automatic transmission vehicle they build.
  • sammy56sammy56 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Just bought a new I4 FWD Venza a couple hours ago.

    Anyone else notice their car rolling back on a 10 degree hill? Did not notice that before buying and still would have bought it but... I use to work in a shop so I understand how this can happen, though I do find it somewhat strange because all my previous cars have not rolled back .. well ever.. On a steep enough hill, sure, but on 10 degrees?

    Am I alone or is this standard on the Venza due to added weight (my other cars have been sedans, my Camry, for instance, doesn't roll back at 20 degrees).
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Now that the use of the torque converter lockup clutch is common above 1st and second gear the torque converters need not be as efficient at coupling torque. So must vehicles now have hill-hold.

    Press harder on the brake pedal as soon as you're fully stopped to engage this feature. Shortcoming is it engages the brakes and doesn't release them until you again depress the accelerator and then there is a short delay in DBW throttle response until the brakes can be released.
  • I have 18 " wheels Bridgestone Dueler tires in my 4 cyl. The ride as you say is not a soft ride as my late 2005 Highlander with Michelin tires. Every imperfection on the road is felt like a 1950 pick up truck. who knows the solution for a better ride?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    15 or 16 inch wheels....
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    I have the 20" goodyears on my venza. Yes, it rides very rough. You feel every imperfection on the road. I rode in a 2002 tacoma - stripped, no options - this weekend. It rode smoother than my venza. Perhaps those who have owned SUVs and pickups in the past do not find it bothersome.
  • Thanks, but my Venza 2009 is a lease for 36 mo. I think i can not make any changes on any Toyota factory parts or accesories, am I correct?
  • We just bought a 2011 Venza V6 about 3 weeks ago. I just recently started to pay attention to some of the dashboard details and noticed that our Venza dashboard is warping in some of the sections as well. Not sure if I should take it to the dealer afraid they might just make the problem worst, not sure if I should wait until it gets worst and then take it, or not sure if we should wait for a Toyota recall on that issue. This really sucks! Considering we have just bought a brand new car which is already showing problems for the next 5 years. What a screw up! Good luck to us the Venza owners!
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    I would take it it to the dealer so they can note the problem on their records. You can then decide whether to have it repaired now or in the future. Very doubtfull that a recall would be issued for a trim problem--not a safety issue.
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