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Toyota Venza New Owners Report



  • yatrayatra Posts: 1
    Any suggestions to fix or comments on why my Venza has bouncy ride? Within first week, dealer checked and replaced defective tire, but ride still bouncy.
  • The same old problem appeared again today, the VSC stayed-on during startup and the Venza wouldn't move. Had to restart. It had been good for about two weeks since I have it checked by the dealer who, of course found nothing wrong and asked me to call Toyota, for the fourth time, to request a field rep appointment.

    The Brakes/transmission gear griding noises are getting worse and worse, especially if the venza has been under the sun for a while. The technician said that all Venza have those noises, therefore it was NOT a problem, because they were by design. What a logic!

    This is the worse $35000 I have ever spent!
  • Have you had any luck in finding what will allow for a better ride on your Venza? We have recently purchased a Venza, but have found the bumpy ride to be very frustrating. Toyota service suggested smaller wheels and tires, then Toyota Customer Service discouraged that idea. They told me if I wanted a smooth ride, maybe the Avalon would be better.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Smaller wheels, maybe 16", with the appropriate TALLER sidewall tires would most definitely help.

    I don't understand, other than BLING, why suddenly we're seeing such LARGE wheels on so many new models. Maybe wheel "net" cost lower than tires with more rubber...??
  • Are you aware of anyone that has switched to a smaller wheel and tire size for the Venza? I am interested in hearing if someone has taken that step with results yet?
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    Maybe it's just me. But if I just spent 30K for a new car. I don't think I would be real happy about spending another $1200 for a set of new tires and wheels just to make it ride better :sick:
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I had been considering a Venza as opposed to a 2010 Outback but the reports of transmission problems and the 20" wheels have put me off.

    Why didn't they use smaller wheels and tires???

    I do like the fact that you can get HID headlamps, however.
  • You should test drive both the Venza I-4 and V-6 and decide for yourself if the wheel size is a reason to look elsewhere. Ride quality is a very subjective thing, so you should really experience it for yourself. My wife's Lexus IS has 17" wheels and rides much more firmly than my Venza with 20-inchers. But it is designed that way. And don't listen to folks who say that the 20" tires are extremely expensive to replace - the Tirerack lists several 20" tires ranging from under $100 to over $200, but there is a reasonable selection. The choices for the I-4's 19" tires, on the other hand, are very limited. I have had more than 5000 trouble free miles from my Venza and I'm very happy with it - and my previous vehicle was a Lexus RX350. Most of the "transmission problems" I've read about are related to the hill-assist feature that may sometimes slightly delay the activation of Reverse or Drive. Once you know it exists, it's no big deal, but it is not really a problem.
  • mervasmervas Posts: 8
    I lease a Venza 4 cyl, AWD, great ride, great comfort, so many standard features comparing to other brands I have a little over 1k miles.....BUT ENGINE SOUNDS LIKE A DIESEL...ESPECIALLY IN THE MORNING...SO ANNOYING ....I see that I'm not the only one with this problem. Is this a general complaint for all 4 Cyl? Beside that noise I love the car.
  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    I got used to it, even though I don't like it. Let's me know the engine is indeed running. The engine block and pistons are all aluminum and the clatter is piston slap. As the engine warms up, the pistons expands and the slap quiets down. I've talked to a couple of dealer technicians at different dealerships and they say it's "normal". Now if the slap continues while the engine is fully warmed up, that's a different story.
  • Hi from Laval,Quebec
    Please let me know your general impressions on your cars. If you like the car, are you glad you purchased the car...etc..
    Can you suggest a good dealer, where you purchased your car. I would like to purchase the car in 2010.

    Thanks for your help
    Best Regards
  • I just bought a new 2009 Venza AWD V6 with Touring package 10 days ago. The computer reading for the current average MPG jumps all over the place 6 mpg 25, 42 90 etc. all within a couple of miles
    There is not problem with the computer showing average MPG.

    I went back to the dealer and took out one from the lot and it does the same thing.
    My car was built Sept 24/09.
    Knowing this problem, Toyota should of have this fixed by now!!!!
    Anyone else having this problem.
  • I do not believe this is a defect. The current average mpg you refer to is essentially an instanteous reading extrapolating mpg to provide current fuel consumption. This will vary widely based on whether you are accelerating hard or coasting or somewhere in between. The primary use of this feature is to enable the driver to monitor current fuel consumption and modify driving habits to improve fuel economy. If you want to see the display of average mpg over a period of time this can also be selected on the multi-information display as you noted.
  • i know this is obvious but make sure you are on average mpg and not instant mpg. on instant it jumps all over for me as well depending on how i accelerate.

    if you are on average i would ask the dealer to inspect it.

    good luck
  • Yes, but it should not bounce all over the place if I am on a flat road travelling 30 mph. It goes from 5 mpg 26 18 39 54 85 all within a mile distance on a flat road and AT THE SAME SPEED.



  • I have a 2009 Toyota Venza of which I purchased in Nov of 2008. I've noticed that the paint has begun to flake around the wheel wells\finder flares, particularly around the rear wheel wells. This it evidence of a poor paint job or poor quality paint used by Toyota. I only have 20,000 miles on the vehicle. I'm wondering if any other Venza owers has noticed this as well.
  • tauny10tauny10 Posts: 1
    Your number 3 problem sounds very similar to the noise my Venza makes upon first or cold start up. I took my car in and they said that the car is reving high and then comes back down. Not the noise that I hear. I took video and am taking the car back in to stay overnight so that hopefully they hear what I hear. My brother thinks it may be lifters? I know next to nothing about cars so I am going in blind, but I know this problem just started at the 4 month mark and at about 4300 kms.

    Anybody find any solution to this noise? I will let you know what happens at my end.
    So far they say it is normal. Not in my world.
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    My Ford Edge lease is up in February and had been trouble free. I now have my eye on the Venza. I live in hilly terrain and am concerned that the 4cyl just may be overwhelmed by the weight of the Venza. Also I am hearing excessive noise complaints for the I4. I would appreciate your owner experiences and would you do it over again?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The Venza I4 will eventually (soon..??) be converted to DFI, so I would wait.
  • I actually traded my 2009 Venza in for a 2010 Ford Escape because it didn't do hills very well. It also started shifting into gears roughly and I only had 7000 miles on it. Stick with the Fords. Venza's are beautiful cars though.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..stick with Ford's..."

    Yes, by all means, jump from the frying pan into the FIRE.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    I doubt if the Ford fire is as hot as the Toyota frying pan at the present time.
  • buyer101buyer101 Posts: 80
    The Venza I4 does make a lot of noise when it is idling. Almost like a Mercedez Benz 240 D (diesel) from the 1980s.
  • carync1carync1 Posts: 4
    Wow! Thought my flaking paint in the Wheel-well was from flying rocks or something?
    Even though the area is about 1-1/2" long.

    This on top of a failing Transmission. (40,000 miles on it now)
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    Waited 5 weeks for our venza. Love the looks and the interior and love many things with the car. A few disappointments, though. With 300 miles on it now, we notice a small rattle on the passenger side dash and a rattle somewhere in the back. The transmission clunks when put in reverse and it often clunks between first and second and second and third gears. This is not the ABS test (1st to 2nd) but a clunk. At the speed limit, it shifts on the slightest pull (non-flat road area), which was a surprise for us in a 6 cylinder. No choice in which tires came on it, but ours had the goodyear and they seem to ride pretty hard. Pleased with the car, but the transmission clunking is a disappointment. With all the attention toyota has been having in the news, I thought they'd put a little more emphasis on quality control.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The more "gears" you have the more often the gear ratio will change, shift, with even the smallest roadway pertubation.
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    The more "gears" you have the more often the gear ratio will change, shift, with even the smallest roadway pertubation.

    I am very much aware of this. I think this car would have done better if it weighed less or with a 5 speed, though. It's almost like mentioning the word "hill" results in a shift.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Your car's engine control computer is finely tuned to achieve the best FE possible. That means always being in the highest gear possible, lowest engine RPM, CONTINUOUSKY SEEKING the gear ratio wherein the engine is just barely able to produce "just" enough torque to move you along in the current roadway conditions. The more gears you have the more finely it can perform that task.

    Weighed less, yes, 5 speed, no.

    With a 5 speed you would lost some of the finely tuning capability insofar as FE is concerned.
  • ted_driverted_driver Posts: 4
    Look closely at your dashboard. Is the plastic warping? I have a new 2010 Venza and just wanted to see what was happening to others dashboards and plastic panels. Other than that, I'm happy with my purchase. BTW, I already took it in once and the service department said yes that part of the dash was defective -- now it seems anothers parts is. Look for places where the plastic panels joins to be coming apart ever so slightly or areas warping or bowing.
  • Hello Ted,

    I have a 2009 Venza V6 AWD.
    The only issue that I have had is with paint chipping and flaking particularly around the wheel wells.
    The Dealer tried to say it was a result of 20" tires blasting debri against the paint. I explained to the Service Manager and Toyota Rep that I now difference between flaking paint due to a poor paint job and paint being blasted off by debri from the tires.
    In short, the complaint got Toyota to pay for the paint job.
    Other than the paint issue, there has been no mechanical problems at alomost 25k miles.
    I really enjoy drive the Venza and it was a dream to drive in all the snow we had this winter.
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