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2000 Toyota Celica GTS

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Wow, this car seems a dream hatchback! Has anyone
taken a spin in one yet?



  • mrspeedmrspeed Posts: 21
    You're a little too late! Everything about the car has been discussed in topic #60 under "Coupes, Converibles and Sports Cars". Also under hatchbacks in topic #260.
  • I've taken test drives in both the GT and GT-S 2000 Celicas, and I'm very happy with them. I'm in the process of selling off my truck to buy one actually. To be honest, I'd go with the GT if I were you. The engines are exactly the same in both models, the only difference is that the bore and stroke is changed by a few millimeters to increase horsepower and torque, and if you get an automatic transmission, you can't tell the difference between the two. But if you're wanting the leather seats and premium wheels which you can get wheels and tires twice as better for the same upgrade price, you'll have to get the GT-S. I myself am getting one with black exterior and interior, power package, spoiler and fog lamp package, and auto transmission. That way, you really can't tell the difference between the two models.
  • rascal8rascal8 Posts: 54
    The GT-S offers the sportshift and 40 horsepower more than the GT. Although the extra 40 horses live at the second cam (6K - 8K rpm range). I use the normal auto transmission most of the time; however, when I want to merge on the highway or I just feel antsy I'll use the sportshift and keep it on the second cam longer - it is a pretty good rush to feel the second cam kick in. If you don't care about the sportshift and some of the other extras (e.g. rear disk brakes) the cars are pretty much the same.
  • I just put an order in for a black celica gt--pretty much with everything the gts has but without the extra horsepower and leather seats. Has anyone recently tried to buy seems to me that this particular one was hard to find..i had to order it from the factory. All i see out there is Silver ones'.. But I got a really good deal going through the internet to find prices..
  • If your still thinking about whether you should buy a 2000 Celica, simply follow the Nike slogan and "Just Do IT!" I have owned my Carbon Blue 2000 Celica GT for a month now and can't get enough of it. It turns heads everywhere I go. Before going with the GT, I also drive the GT-S. Honestly, it's worth the extra money if you have it, keeping in mind that making use of that extra power involves really pushing the engine. On a day to day basis, you won't feel much of a difference between the two. I am also on a college budget. A quick summary of my experience with the new Celica; 9 out of 10 stars. Race car like handling that won't kill your back, exotic styling, affordable to own and maintain, with Toyota's reputation of building long lasting high value cars. I purchased this car under a lease, and will probably buy it well before the lease is up.
  • I to am going with the internet to get a good price. I am going to get the GT because as everyone has said, there isn't too much difference if you are going with the automatic trans. Does 18,500 sound reasonable? I am basing that on the basic GT plus automatic trans., 15'Enkei Alloy tires, anti-lock brakes, rear spoiler, mats and upgrade pkg. I figured out the dealer price to be 17,955. so add in 3% plus the 2% holdback they get if you order it and the salesman still makes $905.00..anyone have any input?? Thanks
  • i paid over 19,500 for my celica gt. but i'm happy to say that this car is awesome. the reason it came out to this much was cause i made it look exactly like the gt-s on the outside with moon-roof, spoiler, alloy wheels and all that. There were a few things i didn't want on the car but alas because i couldn't wait for a factory orderd one i had to settle on the one which match all the trimmings i want and then some.
    I believe that the only thing my car differs from the gt-s is the engine and also it doesn't have ABS. other than that everything is like the gt-s.
    it's an awesome car and everywhere i went people comment on it.
    2 things i didn't like about the car though is the factory combo cd/cassette receivers and also the non-retractable antenna.
    Too bad i'm married otherwise this would be one heckofa chick magnet for sure.hehehe
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My friend and I share a 2000 Celica GT. We both love it to death! We always get comments on the styling everywhere we go. One thing: The engine is a bit noisy and slow to build power (automatic), but it is liveable. Handling is perfect. Also, sound system and interior materials are great as well. The price (20K loaded) was definitely great (everything but the sunroof and premium stereo). He had to pay full retail because he purchased when they first came out (first one on the road around Baltimore), so it was definitely worth it. Great car and with the promise of Toyota reliability, definitely a winner!
  • To anyone that owns a celica with a the seat adjustments help at all with visibility? Thanks
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am 6'3 and our Celica has the rear spoiler option. I have no trouble seeing behind (using the spoiler to gauge where the back of the car ends), but changing lanes is tricky. That has nothing to do with the spoiler, but with the styling that makes the back of the car look pinched. The spoiler really does not affect visibility for my friend either (he is 5'8). You just have to get used to driving such a car that sacrifices some visibility for its drop-dead good looks. If you buy one, be ready for everyone to ask "What kind of car is that?" and also be ready for stares and long looks. Makes you feel REAL good though! :)
  • I've had a new GTS with the spoiler since November. No, the spoiler doesn't completely block your view to the rear but it does impede it somewhat. At night, it seems to be at just the right height to block headlights behind you. Great for glare reduction but difficult to tell just how far back the following car is. BTW, I'm 6'1" but most of my height is in my legs. I don't think ANY seat adjustment would help with view to rear. If I had had the chance, I wouldn't have gotten the spoiler (but then I like the looks of a "clean" car better than one with all the doodads. Guess I'll never own a Pontiac then.....)

    View to the side - yeah, for a while I was bothered by view to side too until I found out that I was not adjusting my side mirrors correctly. DO NOT adjust your side mirrors so you see ANY part of your own car in the mirror. If you do that, you will find that the same car you see in the rearview is also in your sideview. Angle the sideviews out (try doing this in stop-n-go traffic) until the car in the sideview does NOT show in the rearview and vice versa. As a car is going by in the right lane, you should see it first in the rearview. As it disappears from the rearview, it will appear in the sideview. By the time all you see is the tail of the car in the sideview, you will see the nose of the car out the passenger side window. Hope this makes sense.

    My advice - get the Celica (GTS if you can swing it). You will not regret it.
  • anybody see the 0-60 time time for the GTS. It is not listed on edmunds or on the toyota home page. The dealer told me 6.8 but that sounded a little ambitious. thanx
  • I've heard of published times as low as 6.6. I've also heard of published times as high as 7.8. I assume you're talking manual as I don't think I've seen any times with the automatic.

    Please understand that there is NO USE in trying to determine what THE 0-60 time is for any make or model. Times will vary according to the following conditions:
    Number of miles on car
    Track (or road) conditions
    Ambient weather conditions
    Condition (state of tune) of car
    variations between cars of identical make/model

    These are by no means the only variables. One driver in one car on one track in one hour could make 10 runs and get 5 different results. What I'm trying to say is there is no "the time" for 0-60 for ANY car.

    I will say this; my GTS is pretty quick. From the published results, I'd say its a tossup in a race with a large number of cars ranging from Preludes to Eclipses to Integras, including R's. Winner would just as easily be determined by the driver as anything else.
  • Hey guys come to the No.1 2000 Celica Site on the Net. You will find all the info you need!!! Toyota Claims 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. And from some of the reports on the Message board I believe it! 1/4 mile times reported by Honda guys at the track posting on our site of 14.9 right off the showroom floor. This is the GT-S. So imagine this car completely broke in! It still had the temp tags on it!!! Another guy ran 14.1's with intake and exhaust, plus the street legal drg slicks nitto 555's. Very impressive for spending under $1000.00. Stop by there is tons more to see.
  • Thanks for the Blind Spot advise..I actually did order the should come in 3-5 weeks..anyone have GOOD luck with ordering?
  • I test drove a GTS recently while I was impressed with most everything on this car, I did notice
    the weight issue. Toyota made it very light, and when there is strong wind on the Highway this car actually gets knocked around a bit. This is a cool car but I don't know how safe and secure I feel in it. This door closes nicely but without that German car's solid bank vault shut, for a Japanese car this is typical I guess. Any comments?
    I am trying to decide between 2000 GTS,Infiniti G20 and SAAB 9-3...
  • Hi,

    I'm new here, and I'd be grateful if some of you could give me some advice on this. A dealer here has a GT that he says he's been driving as a demo car. It has about 2300 miles on it. My questions:

    1) Is it worth it? I don't know how it's been driven, how many different people have driven it, etc. It's the 5 speed manual (which means, more chance that bad things have happened to it, right?)

    2) If it is, what's a fair price on this car?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • I think its worth it! Toyota is quality,2300 miles
    is nothing I know people put that much on in a few weeks. Test drove it and if it feels right then I say go for it. The car is under warranty.
    Also as far as price goes, I would talk it down as much as they will let me, they need to get rid of the demo and you need a car. So look up its dealer 's cost on Edmund's than offer $1500 less, then ask they to put on the car alarm and a cd changer.
    That's a lot to ask, and if you can get half of what I said here you done good. Demo car takes away dealer's ability to jack up the price on a hot new car. My opinion anyway.
  • I got the Gt for 19k is it a good deal? ok i have sunroof, spoiler, 15 " wheels and the other package.
  • Does anyone know what the price is for a 2000
    Celica GT with Automatic transmission going for
    in the Miami area? I have checked out some of the
    Toyota dealership websites and the prices are way
    over invoice due to dealer installed options.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Dee,

    I am also in search of a celica in south florida. i'm more north the west palm area and i have seen prices as low as 20,500 and a high as 26,000. the problem south florida has is that all the dealers get their cars from the same guy (jm family) and he installs options before the dealer gets it. if you find the car you want you should ask to see invoice on the car and start dealing from their. try not to pay more than 700 over invoice the less the better of course. if not do the same dealing but just order the car the way you want it and wait 2 months i think.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Try going to ( and getting your Celica from there. You will actually be able to get one cheaper than retail. They seem to be going for retail at most dealers because they are so popular, and for good reason. Believe me, I already own one. Anyway, go through cars direct. Their price for a 2000 GT with automatic, All Weather Guard Pkg., Upgrade Pkg., alloy wheels, and spoiler (the way most come from Toyota anyway) is $18,677 (MSRP is $20,156!). Check it out for some savings.
  • ipoipo Posts: 6
    trd - who is reporting a 14.1 in a GTS???!? He's lying. That car just does NOT have the torque to run a low 14. 14.9 is pushing it in terms of believability. Let's not exaggerate how quick this car is for crying out loud. 6.5 is also ridiculous - maybe downhill I could see it.
  • Hi All..
    I'm looking at getting a gt celica. Has anyone had the chance to drive one in the snow. My 87 celica does ok in the winter I was wondering how the 2000 stacks up to the snow. I know allot of people would store the car in the winter if they had the choice but I don't at this time.
    As for the rear spoiler blocking your vision...Well try driving a 73' mustang mach 1 once, you can't even see out the back window on that car. After awhile you don't even notice it and you forget the spoiler is even there.
  • why get a demo if you can get one with 10 miles
    when people test drive a car they tend to push
    the car to limit ,I did .they let me test drive
    a blue one 5 spd when we got back the sales man
    ask me if I like it , hell yah and told him I'll get the red one. the first 700 miles is the critical part of brake in, imagine 2300 dog miles
    don't get it.
  • I owned a 2000 gt I live in new jersey, never again I'll drive my car when it's is great but the tires sucks.can't for spring new sets of tire and a rims.

  • dastrd,
    Hell, the MSRP on that car is only 25K and change, didn't you do any research??!!

    I'm going to pick up my GT tomorrow, I'm soooo psyched. Recently my 82 Toyota Tercel got crushed (see

    I've owned two Toyotas, an 80 and 82 tercel- both were the oldest, most miles, and never left me stranded. The 4 other GM cars- well thats a different story...
  • Yes IPO those numbers are true. I help run the biggest new celica site on the net. There was a report from a Honda Civic Si owner that saw one at the track. Totally stock with the dealer tags on it running 14.9 off the lot! And a lady was driving it!!! This is no lie. Most times would be around 15.0 -15.1. And the 14.1 time is true also. A guy down south with a GTS is running 14.0's now with an intake, exhaust both from Rod Millen Motorsports and Nitto 555 Drag radials. You have to stop by the site and check it out. I just got the intake on mine and can't wait to take it to the track! The new Celicas have more torque than the Integra Type R's and they run 14.8's completely stock! So for a Celica with exhaust, intake, and drag radials I more than believe it.
  • I was wondering if anyone test drove the celica with manual and automatic transmition. Which did you like better? do you normally prefer manual or automatic cars? did you think the gts or gt was a better buy? i would appreciate it if you would give me some feedback.
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