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2000 Toyota Celica GTS



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have a GT with automatic. Starting off, the power could be a little better, but it is good enough. The passing power is astronomical. I think the GT-S would make more sense with the stick, because the engine has to be worked hard to get the extra power out of it. If you do not plan on getting manual and revving the engine up, save a thousand or two and get the GT. It is a great car, gets looks from everyone, and handles like a race car. Also, it does pretty well on gas for a sports car, and does not require premium fuel (but the GT-S does).
  • thanks for the insight
  • Has anybody test driven the GT-S and noticed the speedo to be off? I thought that maybe the speedo indicated a speed which was faster than I was going. Maybe it is just an illusion driving such a responsive car. I test drove 2 different GT-S's. Had one of them up to 120mph. It got there pretty fast.

    Another question: I am considering buy a used GT-S. That's right, a used one. Apparently a guy bought one and his wife wouldn't let him keep it. There are 1450 miles on the car. What would be a good price? Invoice? Should i start dickering at a grand below invoice?

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    A used GT-S with automatic or stick? I saw a used GT with 3K for something like $17,000. If the GT-S has leather and is loaded, then $20-22K is not an unreasonable price for it. If it is well equipped, try $19-21K. Add about $500 for automatic.
    One more response to the speed thing: My friend and I have a GT with automatic. I can easily hit 100 and the car feels like it is going 60 or so. It is so stable and quick, you do not realize. I am passing everyone and wondering why and then look down to see than I am going 90 or something. Be careful because this car can EASILY rack you up some speeding tickets very quickly!
  • Hi Folks,

    I'm tinkering with the idea of buying the 2000 Celica GT...I am 6 feet tall and by looking at them on the dealer lot, it may not be a comfortable fit. I will test drive on this weekend, but was interested in any feedback that you may have...It is a very cool car, with Toyota reliability...the reviews have been very good..
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My friend and I have a Celica GT without the sunroof and I am 6'3. My leg hits the center console a bit with the seat all the way back, but head room is fine. You should not have any trouble with it. But before you get the sunroof (if you want it) try a car with it. It cuts in just enough to be a problem. By the way, what color are you considering? I like red, but we have the liquid silver one. It definitely gets the looks from passers-by. Enjoy.
  • I'm 6'1" and have been driving a spectra blue mica GTS 6-speed since November. Yes, I have the sunroof. I don't have ANY problems with headroom. I agree with vocus about the console; my right leg tended to rub the console when I first got the car - after a week I didn't notice it anymore.

    You might check out the resources here at Edmunds: in the new car section, you can look up the head, leg, shoulder, and hip room of any cars you may be interested in. I think you will be surprised if you check the Celica against its main competition.

    My only gripe so far - don't get the spoiler unless you just have too. I'm probably too old or just have a bias against spoilers but I don't like having my view out the back partially blocked by somebody's idea of a fashion statement. I must be getting old......
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    We have the spoiler on our GT, and it does not block my view. It actually helps me when parking in the city. I know the car ends where the spoiler is, so it makes it easier to park. Rear visibility is nothing to write home about, but that is true of any sports car. As far as the Celica, it is one of the hottest styled sports cars out there. Someone in the Cougar section said that Toyota copied Mercury on the styling. I say that he is full of it. Toyota is becoming original on their own (ECHO and Celica and the MR2 coming back). Go Toyota! The Celica has great power (for an automatic 4 anyway), great economy, and flashy styling. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I am 6' tall and I have sunroof in my GT. I don't have problems with the head space, there is still about 1" over my head, but when it is dry hair stems to stick to the ceiling. I would probably take the model without a sunroof, there must be an extra inch there, but they didn't have one.
    I tried Cougar with sunroof, it seemed that it had less head room, while the one without sunroof had more than my Celica.
    BTW, I don't feel so confident in Celica at >100 mph. It is, of course not Dodge Colt which flies off the road at 80mph, but there is also no comparison to Grand Marquis, where only cruise control helps me to avoid speeding tickeds.
  • I recently bought a 2000 Celica GT-S with the six speed transmission and leather trim. I bought the car for $25,800. My dealer was trying to sell it for $28,000. If your thinking about buying the GT-S with the "E-shifter", Make sure you drive the six speed first, because there is a really big change in acceleration. I've had the car since December and the only real complaint I have is that the door panels and center console scratchs easily. Does anyone else notice this? If not I guess I'm just crazy. I recently raced my friend's 98 Prelude V-TEC and killed him. He even had a AEM intake, DC sports header, and Tanabe exhaust. I think he's in the process of buying a GT-S now, That's amazing because he's been working on Hondas for about 10 years now. If you haven't drove the Celica yet your missing out on all the fun.
  • I hate it when people say that Toyota copied the Cougar. Well I feel sorry for the Cougar owner who tries to step up to a Celica GT-S at a stop light, because they're going to get burned. Even if they had a V6, theres still no hope. I think the automatic GT-S can even kick the crap out the Cougar V6. And even If Toyota did copy the Cougar, they did a much better job. That's just my opinion.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    Yes, this plastic in Celica is not very robust. It is easy to scratch the door plastic if you release the belt and simply let it go, when the latch strikes the plastic it leaves scratches.

    Cougar is a good car too. Obviously Toyota copied the exterior style - when I parked Celica at Merqury dealer one of the salesmen thought it was Cougar. For city driving Celica is more fun. I I would have to do more interstate driving I would take Cougar. I am, of course, comparing GT to V6 as those guys are in the same price range.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    As an owner of a '99 Cougar V6 I personally like the styling of the cougar better. But, the celica GT-S will kill the V6 Cougar. Thats a given. The Celica is probably a great car and for the price, it should be!!! But damn, the Celica looks like a large toy car. It looks like a remote control car. The Cougar, in my opinion, is better on the highway(cruising) and the celica is..........well, I'm sure its better at something. Ah, its faster!!!!!!

    Just my opinion!!!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I think the Celica looks neat. This, of course, is coming from a 21 year old. I think they are nice to ride in and drive as well (my friend and I share a GT automatic). Also, the Celica GT is about the same price as the Cougar. And the quality is better in the Celica as well. Proven Toyota reliability people. Try one. You'll like it!
  • Anyone who loves the Celica should go that web site "" Because it rocks! And while your there please sign the petition for the 230+ hp awd Celica to come to USA, because I'm tried of all those Integra and Prelude owners talking their Hondas all time, not that I have anything against Hondas, Its just getting kind of OLD. I hope Toyota shows us they mean serious business. This is kind of off subject but I also wish the MR2 Spyder had the option of the 180hp GT-S engine.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I agree with you about Toyota reliability. Yes, I have tried on. I have owned to Corollas(80 and '93). two great cars, though boring.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I don't mind copying. BTW, all cars have a lot of things in common, like 4 wheels etc.
    Reliability? For Cougar it is pretty much known as this is basically Contour. For Celica we will have to wait.
  • elig1elig1 Posts: 2
    Hey guys, i can use some help here if u don't mind. Over the past year ive fallen in love with the GT celica. Id love to buy one but unfort im still in grad school and prob wont be making real bucks for a while. But im 25 its time for som real wheels so im going to lease(which i can afford w/o probs). unfort ive never done it before. A dealer offered me the following deal so let me know what u think please:
    GT w/ manual--sunroof, upgrade package, spoiler, fog lamps
    48 months 15k/yr 205/mo
    Im putting down my olds 92 cutlass ciera which has 103,000 miles
    It sounds not bad to me but i could your opinions--thanks and enjoy ur rides!

    I'm in love with this car!!

    Got a 2000 GT-S with the following options.
    Moon Roof
    16" Wheels
    Sport-Shift Automatic Trans.
    Spectre Blue (Georgeous color!!!)

    Paid 22,100 CASH.

    I believe the power everything comes standard w/GT-S...

    The speedometer goes up to 160!! OMG

    The spoiler looked like it would make it a pain to wax with only a .5 inch clearance with the body... (maybe I just say that because this one doesn't have a spoiler LOL call me an optimist!!)

    I have owned a 72 Corolla Wagon, a 76 Corona, a 74 Land Cruiser (want another one of those) a 72 Carina, a 77 Celica, a 91 Pick-up, and traded in my 96 Tacoma X-Tra cab V6 for the Celica.

    All of them (even the 72 Carina I got for 50 bucks) have given me outstanding performance and rock-steady reliability.

    Toyota's best fan
  • navy4navy4 Posts: 44
    What is the residual? What about lease start-up costs? How many miles a year do you think you will drive?

    But it does sound like a fair deal.

    Let me know if you go for it.
  • hi celica owners! i'm going to buy the new 2000 celica but i have a quesiton that maybe some of you could help me out with. i know this is strange but i really don't like manual transmissions, to get an automatic one i would have to pay about an extra thousand. do you think this is worth it? thank. and what do you think is a fair price? in edmunds,it's about 17,000 for standard features. do you think with tax, a moon roof, and spoiler, i could get it for about 20,000?
  • Im not trying to start a flame fest here, but I am trying to decide between the celica GTS and the Acura GSR. If comparably equipped, the GTS is about $2,700 more than the GSR (Leather seats, moon-roof, ABS, etc). However, acura body style hasn't changed much since 1994 and is a little dated ( although I do like it). I know this is a little open ended, but what do you think.. any input is welcome.
  • elig1elig1 Posts: 2
    we havent decided on a residual yet--what do u suggest would be a fair resid?

    i will prob drive 15k the 1st year but then i start my medical residency and i will be way to busy for any road trips for at least the next few years.

    what's the lease start up costs?

    i was told the only thing i need to do is put my car down. I was given an offer of 2750 for it which is way more than its worth. I assume they did that instead of other deals (rebates etc)

    Thanx for the input
  • Hi Gradient
    Here are a few facts....

    The Celica has more interior room than the GSR.
    1.3 cu. ft. more passenger volume
    1.4 in. more legroom
    1.0 in. more hip room
    .9 in. more front shoulder room
    and finally 3.6 cu. ft. more trunk room.

    According to a recent Road&Track magazine test, the Celica is 0-60 is 6.8, the GSR 7.2
    60-0 braking the Celica 130 ft. GSR 137 ft.
    Lateral G Celica .86 GSR .80
    Slalom Celica 63.6 MPH GSR 62.0 MPH

    The Celica has 10 more horse and 2 more torque.

    My GTS has fog lights, amplifier, rear heat ducts (under front seat), 2 more speakers than GT, leather wrapped steering wheel...

    The stereo JAMS!!!

    I can shift with the steering wheel buttons if I want...

    And best of all it's a TOYOTA!!!

    And can you believe the 16" wheel option was only
    $60 retail... duh... easy decision there...

    Y2K Styling AND performance...

    I got the technical data from a TOYOTA brochure called Edge. (From local dealer)
    It compares the TOYOTA to the GSR, the Eclipse, and the Cougar...
    I'm sure the GSR was better in some things, but THAT wouldn't be found in this particular publication...

    Hope this helps...
  • If your a big Honda fan then you should wait for the new Integra that should be arriving here in a year or two, but if you need a car now I have to agree with spacecase, because I have a GT-S six speed and I love it.

    Does any one know the gear ratios for the automatic GT-S and the GT, because my girl friend wants a GT-S but she can't drive stick and I want to compare them to see which would be better for her. And some 0-60 times would be nice too. Thanks
    P.S. That guy who got his GT-S Sportshift for 22,000 got a really good deal!
  • Motor Trend or Road & Track, last time I checked, listed 40 mpg during NORMAL highway driving. If this is true, then that is truly amazing for a sports car. But I wonder how fast they where going? If this is correct then how did they get this number, because I heard it was around 30-35 mpg on the highway.
  • Seems like a perfect opportunity to teach your girlfriend how to drive a stick. With the Celica, it should be real easy. I taught my wife how to drive a manual using my old 5.0 Mustang with a Ford motorsports clutch and I came up with a really good technique to teach a beginner with.

    Step one: practice getting the car moving WITHOUT EVER TOUCHING THE GAS. Go from the clutch fully in to fully out in 1st gear. This teaches the beginner where the clutch engagement point is and what it feels like. It may get boring but if they do it for 15-20 minutes, the rest of this will go real easy. They can also practice feathering the clutch which will come in handy latter when they are learning how to start on a hill. After they are comfortable with clutch engagement then...

    Step two: practice the coordination between clutch and gas. If the driver has step one down pat, this will be easy since the only thing you're adding is a little gas.

    I found out the hard way that its pretty difficult if you try to teach the whole gas-clutch-shift thing at once. Get them used to where the engagement point is and how it works though and the rest is very easy.
  • navy4navy4 Posts: 44
    The residual value is the estimated market value of the car at the end of the lease term. You don't negotiate this, it is set by the leasing company, i.e. Toyota Motor Credit, BankOne, etc. Lease start up fees are usually, the first months lease payment, acquisition fee and any delivery handling charges. It sounds like the dealer is taking the start up fees out of trade allowance.

    If you feel good with the deal - payment, mileage per year, they go for it.

    P.S. Make sure it is a closed end lease with a guaranteed residual value.
  • If a GT-S is over 100 lbs lighter then a Civic Si and has more Hp and Torque, how could edmunds even say it is slower? I didnt even mention the six speed gearbox...even not driving the cars u can tell that the GT-S is much faster. Does anyone have a comparison against the new integra Type R? I am interseted in those results too. A quarter mile test would tell u much more about the performance. the intergra type R has a higher redline, but still a 5 speed. thanks for any info.
  • GTS vs Si - It's generally a bad idea to do a direct comparison of acceleration data (or slalom, braking, etc.) from test "A" and compare to test "B" UNLESS you know the cars where tested under the same conditions on the same track and preferably by the same driver. I generally find a real comparison test as done by several auto mags (ie the 7 sports coupe roundup in C&D in 12/99) much more reliable.

    Type 'R' vs. GTS - I drive a GTS 6-speed. I haven't seen a direct test comparison between the two but I would expect the GTS to get its clock cleaned. The Type 'R' is much closer to a real track car that is civilized (to a point) for the street. I would expect the 1/4 to be pretty close but would think the R would walk away on a road course (under the hands of a competent enough driver). As I understand it though, you've got to be pretty good to get all the R has to offer.
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