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2011 Kia Sorento

luvwowluvwow Member Posts: 11
I found a link on yahoo auto with info about this new upcoming car they are planning to release
in the third quarter is what I have read have contacted a dealer have yet to hear about it. We are downsizing from a van to a suv with three growing boys am looking at mdx,and a few others

I wish I knew how to imbed the link to this article about this car they showed this new model in the car show this month as well just wanted to pass on the information good luck on your car shopping.


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Click on the HELP link at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to post links.

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  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    make sure you are familiar with their rather intensive routine scheduled maintenance before you purchase a KIA...the warranty sound great until you look at the maintenance schedule...
  • mbzxmbzx Member Posts: 9
    Kia's Korean Home Page says the new 2010 Sorento R equipped with a diesel engine can achieve 14.1 km/liter, which is equivalent to about 33 MPG. The following is the the link to the site...

  • munnymunny Member Posts: 10
    Whenever I turn the wheel can feeling the steering mechanism under my feet (under driver side floor board obviously). Is this normal?
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606

    On September 15th will be shown in Europe the 2010 Kia Sorento at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Germany.

    This 4x4 vehicle with 3-rows of seats seems the ideal car I was always looking for. The 2010 Kia Sorento will be sold in Europe in November this year and in the UK and Australia at February 2010. Nothing is said about the USA market.

    Could someone in this forum has any acknowledge if this vehicle is going to be offer in the USA and if it is going to be sold in the USA when will be? What are the goodies of this vehicle? The car is already being sold in Korea since April this year. Any idea of prices and engine sizes?
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    I think that the 2010 Sorento will not come to the USA this year or never because this vehicle has Diesel engine (2.0 cc/2.2 cc/2.4 cc/2.7 cc) and that is the main reason to start selling the vehicle in the European market (Diesel fanatics). There is not at the moment any information that the car will be produced with other fuel or bigger engine. I might be wrong!

    The dimension of the Korean car (Korean Market) is: L: 4685 mm, W: 1885 mm H: 1755. Tires: 235/65R17 and 235/60R18

    Only the 2.2 cc is sold with AWD 6A/T at 13.2 km/liter. Prices are in Korean money as follow: 2.2 4WD 6 A/T LX: 29,520,000 (235/65R17), TLX: 32,210,000 (235/60R18), Limited: 37,440,000 (Navigation, HID, Leather, Sound, etc).

    100 Korean Won = US$0.08. A vehicle with the price of 37,440,000 is approximately US$ 30,000 a price similar to the price of a 2009 Outlander XLS V6 AWD with the main 3-packages, e.g. Navigation (rear view camera), Luxury, and Sun and Sound.
  • luvwowluvwow Member Posts: 11
    I checked the kia world website they were talking about sept 15 release of the car I have not called dealers and checked but did have a call from bremerton hyundi dealer today and he said that car is out now as of this week they are next door to the other dealer again I have not checked it out yet been sick with the flu for few days. happy shopping :surprise:
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sorry for cross-posting this, but the 2010 model is going to be short-lived.

    "The Sorento is stepping up its game in a big way for generation two, which goes on sale as a 2011 model in January."

    Weekly Top 3: Why You Should Care About The 2011 Kia Sorento (Edmunds Daily)

  • luvwowluvwow Member Posts: 11
    thanks steve am checking this out am waiting now to see and test drive the 2011 before choosing our new suv for our family looks like a sweet ride love the two toned leather interior. Kiaworld has a dealer in the states think in seattle that posted he already test drove it this month (december) kid ickrius

    happy hunting
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Member Posts: 936
    I drove one a few days ago.I liked it.There is also a $1000 rebate plus a loyalty reward of a $1000 if you have a KIA already,and you don't have to trade it in either.We drove the GLS with the popular package.it listed around $24,000.Had all the usual toys plus heated front seats and a trip computer.It has a very nice ride the engine has a nice sound.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    I just drove an EX V6. Our local dealer has six of them. All black, silver, or white.
    I was impressed. I don't think it is outstanding in any one area, but seems to do most things well. With the exception of standard equipment, where I think it has a leg up on some of the competition.
    Having Sirius or XM built in sure beats the $300-400 many are asking for the adapter on top of the subscription. I also like the fact that rear backup protection (sonar) is standard in the EX trim. Plus, you can get a rear cam with the monitor in the rear view mirror if you don't want to over-splurge for the Navi (which IMO is overpriced in any car offering it).
    It handles quite well, it seemed to have excess understeer though. This was in a FWD model. I've heard the AWD handles a bit better. Could have to do with tire pressure settings also. The ride was very stable, not as soft as some of the reviews tend to say, but that could be tire settings too. The V6 had enough power, for me.
    I've been checking out the Subaru Outback also. I think the Kia is a better deal money-wise, but if you spend a good deal of time in snow country or some off-roading, the Subie is the one to have. You can't beat the road clearance or their AWD system. But that is also a car that can really nickel and dime you on options.
    But for a decent crossover that is roomy, and appears well screwed together, the Kia is hitting a high point I think.
    Reading the fine print in the brochure, it appears there are about 6 options you can order separately, and not get stuck having to buy a 'package'.
    If I can get the dealer to let me do it that way, I may be putting in an order sometime soon.
    It would appear the 2 tone leather is part of a package. I thought it looked cool as well.
  • 1hhead1hhead Member Posts: 18
    Also just drove a 2011 4cyl LX model and checked out the EX 4cyl yesterday (Jan 16) and looked at a few of the combinations dboe referenced here. After cross shopping '10 Outback, Equinox, Santa Fe for several months now, here are a few detailed points that I haven't seen on the web-site reviews to date...

    1. I'm 6'4" (a little long-wasted) and with the power seat, my head grazed the roof headliner in the Sorento EX with sunroof and the power seat. The manual seat and no roof, fit just fine with at least 2" of clearance with seat straight up.

    2. Compared to the Santa Fe, the front seats are MUCH better as far as bottom seat length and bolsters to fit a tall person's tush. They are firm as noted on the reviews, but still very comfortable IMO. Heated seats worked well on a cold January day.

    3. On the EX V6, the rear sunroof has a nice sunshade, but does not open. This keeps the kids from poking their head out the back roof!

    4. On the 5 seat and 7 passenger variants the rear (or middle) seats recline easily but do not slide. Rear legroom is OK for kids, but not nearly as much as the equinox if you have teenagers or adults in the rear seat regularly. Also, the Subaru comparison chart on Edmunds shows it's just ".2" inches different, but the Subie front passenger seat-back is not as deep so the effect is it gives a more clearance for the rear passengers' knees... Seems more like 2 inches better in the Subie when I did an apples to apples test by sitting in the back seat with the front adjusted to fit my long legs. Seems trivial, but this is important if you're tall or have bigger kids folks. The Equinox rear seat has the best leg room by far, but you trade off in other areas, especially cabin width (Sorento is wider). GM simply tried to protect their large SUV money maker Tahoe/Suburban sales by not giving enough size to the "middle-level" Equinox interior dimensions IMO.

    5. If you tend to like gold metallic colors, the "White Sand Beige" is NOT a typical gold metallic. It's more of a "creamsicle" color if that makes sense... Trust me on this... it's going to be one of those "1 year wonder" colors that a buyer either loves or hates and causes resale issues down the road. The new car dealer won't tell you this today, but the Used Car Manager will later! The rest of the colors are really appealing. Wish they had an offering in the light Green khaki shades like the '09 Sante Fe had though... And wish they had tan interior with one of the silver/gray color options. Maybe in 2012?

    6. I found the 4cyl in the Sorento to have plenty of power. Even downshifts for passing were reasonably quick with 2 people inj the car. Fully loaded might be a different story of course... Haven't driven the 6cyl yet. The 4cyl Equinox seemed sluggish and "heavy" in comparison (as did the 3.0 v6 Equinox as well!). The Subie is the nicest of all 4cyl options since it's car-like and "lighter" due to the use of high-tensile strength alloys. Didn't drive a 4cyl Santa Fe in 09 or 10 models though...

    7. My dealer (in NW Atlanta area) had plenty (at least 10) Sorento's in stock in base, LX and EX levels in most colors and trims (also had a couple with the 2-tone Limited package interior setup which looks pretty cool). Interestingly enough, they also had about 6 new Soul's in Alien Green plus other colors on the lot as well (I thought these were impossible to find a couple of months ago, so that craze may finally be fading).

    8. On the base radio, the front sound quality is pretty good. The rear sound is very poor /low output though. Didn't test the upgraded radio on the EX Limited w/the Nav which is likely better though...

    9. The rear air vents for the Sorento are a nice touch in this class (Kia borrowed parts from Santa Fe's parts bin to put these on the B pillar.) I wish the Subie had them, but they didn't make it to the US version of the Outback for 2010. THe Equinox has vents under the drivers seats with no controls and these are only marginally useful for heat (they don't help at all in the summer so beware of complaints from the kids back there Equnox shoppers). So the Sorento beats Subie/Equinox but ties Santa Fe here. Only glitch I noticed was you had to shut a couple of vents up front to get good heated air flow to the back.

    10. The 4cyl handling and supension were 2nd only to the Outback to me. The Sorento goes where you aim it and feels "light" to steer in traffic and well planted on turns in typical driving in town. The Equnox felt "vague" to me. The Santa Fe felt "light" but also a little top heavy on turns (it's a heavier vehicle with the 6cyl & higher center of gravity of course).

    Hope this helps!
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Member Posts: 936
    I do wonder why they call it a 2011 model,when reality it is a 2010.Either that or they just skipped a year.
  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    I do wonder why they call it a 2011 model,when reality it is a 2010.

    Because it was introduced after 1/1/10 - calling it an '11 model is allowed.
  • needapilotneedapilot Member Posts: 3
    Test drove a 2011 Sorento EX V6....LOVED IT! Wanted to know if anyone could give me some info on prices they paid. Also would love to hear experiences driving the V4. Any information would be greatly appreciated. :)
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    There is a review of the 'I4' right above your post. It seemed a bit anemic to me.
    I found the V6 just right. With only about a 1mpg less on the open road, the V6 would be a lot less stressed, especially on long grades and under windy conditions, with a fair size load aboard.
    I like the braking a lot. Nice quick and stable stops. Handling is secure.

    The 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe has debuted in Canada..but not here yet. Really the same car mechanically, but might be interesting to see what the price structure will be as well as the option packages.
  • thebabies2thebabies2 Member Posts: 6
    We are picking up our new Sorento EX Limited with Premium Package 2 tomorrow. We got a black on black. We got everything but the AWD. Ours actually came with HomeLink too...the rest of the stuff comes with the options above. Looked at the Hyundai VeraCruz and the Acura MDX -- not much difference in some of the options and Kia is much better in price.

    Nice ride too...we are paying just under $33,000 OTD (includes all taxes, title and destination etc...). You can get a much less expensive Sorento for quite a bit less if you don't need all the bells & whistles.

    My husband is over 6'2" and the front seats are comfortable for him.

    You can go on the Hyundai website and compare the Kia and Hyundai with any other car you make be looking at. It's surprising that the Kia has similar dimensions and also similar options for much less.

    Don't know if we could have gotten a better deal -- maybe, but we are happy with the car. We were able to take advantage of the $1,000 rebate but not the other rebates because we don't have a Kia and we don't have a competitive car.

    Any others out there get a similar price or much better?
  • luvwowluvwow Member Posts: 11
    there is a coupon for 1,000.00 off a kia if purchased think it before feb 1 but I signed up for info about the sorento and it was mailed to me a month or so ago.
    I am not sure if that is the rebate you used or if that is a different one.

    I know there is a military discount as well not sure that applies to you or not either we liked it as well my hubby said there was more clearance on the top of his head in the kia vs the santa fe he is six foot the new tuson had more head clearance for him vs the santa fe.

    I cannot wait to hear what ya think about your new car be sure and post pictures if we can on this site.
  • dknelson99dknelson99 Member Posts: 7
    We took delivery or our 2011 on Sunday. We bought the LX model in AWD. We opted for the Conevnience Package which includes the heated seats, fog lamps, backup camera and roof rails. The only other options we got were the floor mats and the cargo cover. MSRP was 26,130. We got the $1,000.00 rebate and the $1,000 loyalty cash because we already had a 2004 Sorento LX 4X4 (which we traded in). This is primarily my wife's daily driver. She loved the '04 and likes this one even more at this time. My only complaint is you can only get the V6 if you go with the EX model. I would have paid a bit extra for the V6 but did not want to pay for all the other things that come with the EX package. The way my wife uses the vehicle, the 4 cylinder will do just fine.
  • thebabies2thebabies2 Member Posts: 6
    What did you pay OTD? Does it have the 3rd row and sunroof/moonroof? What color did you get? Any other extras -- isn't the LX similar to the EX except the engine? We got the Navigation too -- we are getting ready to move to another state and we thought it would be good to have it in the car. Congrats!
  • dknelson99dknelson99 Member Posts: 7
    I am out of town now and don't have the contract in front of me. It listed for 26,130 and with rebates and etc. I got about $3,000.00 off that so it was $23,130. Some sales tax on top of that but the taxes were reduced by the value of my trade.

    It was all those extras that come with the EX that I didn't want. I would have paid for JUST the 6 cylinder but did not want nor wish to pay for the 3rd row seats, sunroof, etc. The only options that I got are the Convenience Package (heated seats, backup camera and sensors, fog lamps, roof rails), the rear cargo cover and the floor mats.

    We pretty much always buy white. Our '04 was white as were most vehicles before that one. We got the white with gray interior. The navigation is nice but we already have two Garmin units and I like being able to take them into the house to update software, add routes, etc. Plus the ability to move them from vehicle to vehicle. Just my preference.
  • dknelson99dknelson99 Member Posts: 7
    I just realized that I probably didn't address the original question. Is the EX similar to the LX except for the engine? In my opinion, not really. As I said, I would have paid a bit more to get the V6 engine in the LX package but unfortunately, upgrading to the EX would have required me paying for a lot of other stuff that I just didn't care about. Just a few examples are rear air, third row seating, 18" chrome wheels.....etc. Those are all nice features but they weren't important to us. I just wasn't willing to pay a lot of extra money for features that I didn't care about just to get the V6 engine.
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    It's true, going the V6 route gives you more than you ask for, or want to pay for.
    However, I did notice on one of the brochures I was sent from Kia, and it was mentioned in the cover letter they sent, under 'some Highlights'... that the 3 rows of seating, Panoramic Sunroof, Leather Seat trim, and AWD can be ordered as optional equipment, not only as part of a package. I suspect this is to satisfy LX purchasers who just want one or two more features from the EX package setups.
    However, on one of the brochures there is also a footnote that the upgraded radio and rear camera system are also available as individual options.
    In any case, I made it clear to my dealer that I am in no hurry, and would prefer to piece-meal out as many options as possible and order it built.
    He said considering it is new production vehicle things are still a bit slow, changeable and it will no doubt take some time, but that is certainly doable.
    He will need a $500 refundable (up until the car is delivered) deposit.
    I may well go that route...we'll see. No hurry.
    I may 'get stuck' with the 3 row seating, I don't need the additional 'a/c' for the back, but would like the chrome wheels. Saw a picture on the internet of a Dark Cherry with the wheels, and decided that was my car. LOL
    I am pretty jazzed on this car. I like how it felt when I drove it. And I like the room it provides in still a fairly compact vehicle with nice styling.
  • biker1biker1 Member Posts: 3
    Recently placed an order for a 2011 EX V6 4X4 (pacific blue) with premium package #2, auto dimming mirror with homelink, and floor mats. List price I believe was $32,690. Price negotiated $30,300 after $1,000 competitive vehicle rebate. Could have got an additional $1,000 rebate but elected to take 48 month no interest financing instead. Was told it would take about two weeks to get car (ordered Jan 13th).
  • dboedboe Member Posts: 69
    That's a pretty quick turn around, congrats!
  • ckgrier2ckgrier2 Member Posts: 2
    I just picked one of those (FWD) off the lot at my Atlanta dealer. Kinda nice to have drive a really nice SUV made in Georgia.
    Price was MSRP $30815 but got them down about $2k before the competitive rebate was factored in. I also took the 0% financing for 48 months.
    This V6 and 6 spd auto is very solid and smooth. The I4 probably would have been fine, but I expect to load down the car now and then - so the V6 will make those trips much easier. I also needed the 3rd row, and you just can't beat this car for gas mileage and space for passengers. Nothing comes even close in the price range either.
    My kids like the voice command and dual sunroof. I like the USB plug for MP3 files I carry on a flash stick - which worked the first time I plugged it in.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    what is the recommended maintenance intervals on the 11 Sorie.....the early models had the vehicle in the shop every 30K for something, trans or diff fluid change, 60K for tuneup and timing belt change.....etc......have an 03 Sorie with 125K on it but repair intervals were often and expensive in order to maintain the 100K drive train warranty. Front dif failed on the AWD at 105K and dealer wanted nearly 4.5K to replace it.....stated it couldnt be rebuilt.....took it to an independent shop who rebuilt it and installed for 1K out the door....

    what does the 11 owners manual recommend for fluid changes, timing belt, and plugs.....just curious....
  • vrmvrm Member Posts: 310

    Can you change the name of this forum to 2011 Kia Sorrento?
    Not sure why this change has not been done yet.

  • aggie94aggie94 Member Posts: 15
    They are definitely dealing, even though this is a new car. Before incentives, I bought an '11 EX 4-cyl with premium and 3rd row for $700 below invoice. Final price was $24300 after $1000 competitor rebate and 0% for 48 mo. We have been extremely happy with the car over the last week. It is not a luxury vehicle, but the ride, handling, noise levels, and refinement are head of the group. The 4-cyl is OK, with 0-60 under 10 sec and relative quiet operation. For the 1st 300 miles on a new engine and mixed hwy/city driving we are averaging 22 mpg - good IMO. A new 200 hp theta engine comes out later this year with direct injection and better fuel economy. It would be good if it made it to the Sorento. The base stereo, on the other hand, sounds average at best, and I am no audiophile. The next package with audio and nav was only $2k more but we didn't need it.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Can you change the name of this forum to 2011 Kia Sorrento?

    No, but how about 2011 Kia Sorento? ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 1hhead1hhead Member Posts: 18
    aggie94, Am shopping for this exact trim level... Was there a trade-in on this deal?

    Many thanks.
  • doug35doug35 Member Posts: 5
    We recently test drove a base EX with the 6-Speed Manual Tranny. Very impressive power considering how heavy this fairly large SUV is! Big improvement in every respect compared to our older model Sorento (even though we still like that one too). 29 MPG on the highway makes this a pretty compelling alternative showing how far Kia/Hyundai has come in their internal combustion engine technology. Very nice vehicle for the money, but we are still going to wait for bigger rebates - with Kia, you can count on it.
  • saminpittsaminpitt Member Posts: 1
    As a Costco member the Costco Auto Program identified a dealer for me in MD who could get me exactly what I wanted.

    Took the train one way to MD from Pittsburgh PA to be picked up by the dealer at the station in the car I wanted to buy and was on my way back in 2 hours. Thanks to Costco and King Auto in Gaithersburg MD.

    About the SUV - excellent for the price I paid with 2K discount and an additional Costco discount - EX 4x2 with premium package and third row seating cost me only 24350.00 before taxes and tags. I had to spend about additional 200 for going there and driving it back - of course added about 300 miles on the car from MD.

    It has been 3 days and wonder why people tailgate all the time - realized they want to see what make the car is - as it looks sturdy and a well designed SUV on the road. Drives very good - pickup as expected from a 4 Cyl vehicle . I am sure 6 cyl will be much better but less gas mileage and additional 2 K for KIA dissuaded me.

    The only task I have to get done is get the inspection stickers on the vehicle as per PA state law which will cost me additional 50 dollars.

    But price wise no PA dealer could beat the price - It is new had 80 miles on it when I took delivery of the vehicle.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    can any of the new Sorie owners answer this question(s):

    what is the recommended maintenance intervals on the 11 Sorie.....the early models had the vehicle in the shop every 30K for something, trans or diff fluid change, 60K for tuneup and timing belt change.....etc......have an 03 Sorie with 125K on it but repair intervals were often and expensive in order to maintain the 100K drive train warranty. Front dif failed on the AWD at 105K and dealer wanted nearly 4.5K to replace it.....stated it couldnt be rebuilt.....took it to an independent shop who rebuilt it and installed for 1K out the door....

    what does the 11 owners manual recommend for fluid changes, timing belt, and plugs.....just curious....
  • dknelson99dknelson99 Member Posts: 7
    I'm out of town right now and in my company car so don't have the manual in front of me. If nobody else responds by the time I get home on Friday I'll do so. I did look at it briefly and saw nothing that bothered me. I pretty much do all my own maintenance though so don't spend a lot of time running to Kia for it. I document my oil changes and etc. and never had any problems at all with them refusing any warranty work on the 2004 that I traded in.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide should match the manual.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    2011 maintenance schedule not posted yet online
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    thanks....no really concerned about the oil changes...but rather the differential fluids, timing belt, and plugs.....my 03 EX required dif fluid changes every 22.5k, coolant flush at 30K, timing belt and plugs at 60K. To me that is often and expensive for the dealer to do...In addition...some of the earlier Sories required Kia Red fluids only sold at the dealer and not available after market for the difs and trans....It was also a royal pain to change the plugs as it seemed you had to disassemble the engine to get to them....thus a larger labor cost...

    average 20-25K a year on a car...and these intervals come up quickly....my other vehicles..(all GM) dont required any major maintenance until the 100K mark as recommended.....I however do fluid flushes every 50K as a rule...
  • robbiegrobbieg Member Posts: 346
    Ok, I am sort of confused. What are the Sorento's competition. I know Sante Fe, and Equinox. What Ford, Edge or Escape? What Honda, CR-V or Pilot, What Toyota, Rav4 or Highlander? Any others?
  • luvwowluvwow Member Posts: 11
    rav 4,crv are consided utes I believe and would be competive models for kia sportage or the new tuscon the smaller cars I did test drive the 2010 tuscon
    really liked it but too small for our family no third row.

    hylander is considered a comparable for the sorento we have had one since 2001 been a good suv for us getting old time to replace soon.

    good luck on your search for new car

    fin :)
  • ckgrier2ckgrier2 Member Posts: 2
    With Price, gas mileage, and passenger space as big factors, I was only able to identify the RAV4 with three rows as competition. Nothing else came close on those three factors. KIA rocks in 2011! I didn't even test drive cars with under 25 mpg highway.

    I'm noticing the base price for the 2011 has now gone UP. Maybe KIA has decided they weren't charging enough?
  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    The Sorento is sort of an in-between ute.

    In 2 row form, it'll go up against the CRV, RAV, Equinox, Forester, et al. The RAV's 3rd row is so small, I wouldn't consider it.

    In 3 row form, it'll go up against the Santa Fe and Outlander - both available with 3 rows.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sorry, I didn't click through far enough.

    Kia supposedly has them online, but you have to register and be an owner (I assume they ask for the VIN and perhaps other info).
  • luvwowluvwow Member Posts: 11
    2010 santa fe is not getting third row is what the dealer told me when test driving so if you are looking for third row you can take this one off your list if that is requirement it is for us for additional kids or adults I have tried the third row in outlander and santa fe in 2009 models vs the third row in 2011 kia sorento so much better in the kia sorento my six foot husband has room for his knees and his head in the kia.

    fin :blush::)
  • zupermariozupermario Member Posts: 8
    Just wondering if anyone got any good lease offers for the two trims?

    Im looking for something 36 mths, 10k, $0 money down just taxes/reg/fees up front.. interested to see if theres a good program for February.

    Thanks all !
  • dknelson99dknelson99 Member Posts: 7
    The best thing is to go to kia.com and click on "Special Offers" in the upper menu. They ask you to enter your zip code to see what offers are available in your area. They do show a special lease offer for my area but it includes a cost reduction payment up front. It may vary where you are though.
  • glovesdonahueglovesdonahue Member Posts: 2
    I'm very intrigued by your comments about possible "a la carte" ordering of options. It's frustrating to think that, in order to get the upgraded sound system, I've got to take the overpriced installed navigation system and other things from that package.

    Also, what's with the inability to have the roof rails with the sunroof? Why is that an either/or situation? :confuse:
  • cmunizcmuniz Member Posts: 604
    The Sorento packages are indeed a little strange. For example, you can only get the V6 with the EX package. If you get the V6 EX, then you have to get the third row seats. If you don't want the third row seats you have to get the 4 cylinder engine. You have a choice of either the moon roof or the entertainment package, but if you get the navigation you don't get the roof rails with the moon roof. However, if you don't get the navigation, you can have both the roof rails and the moon roof. That weird combination of options has me looking at the Hyundai Santa Fe which is the same vehicle with totally different options, a V6 and no third row seat.
  • dknelson99dknelson99 Member Posts: 7
    Yep, I agree completely. I bought EX with convenience package. That gave me everything I wanted with the exception of the V6 engine. I hope that Kia reconsiders this issue and will offer the V6 as a stand alone option in the future. If they do though, I will end up with a bit of buyer's remorse but I can live with that. The fact is, I seldom drive the Sorento as I bought it primarily for my wife and she is perfectly happy with the 4 cylinder. I will put a hitch on it but it will be used mostly for a receiver mounted bike rack. There are very rare occasions though when I pull a utility type trailer with a large motorcycle on it. I travel a lot on business and will once in a while run across a good deal on a motorcycle that I will buy, restore and sell. I use the Sorento to go get those bikes. They are usually large touring type bikes and the weight of the trailer and the bike would be very close to the max trailer towing capacity of the 4 cylinder Sorento. My '04 Sorento did a fantastic job for this but I don't know how the '11 is going to handle it. It's usually only once or twice a year though.
  • klrssklrss Member Posts: 28
    Just wanted to stop in and say I just bought a new 2011 Kia Sorento EX with Premium Package 1. I got it for my wife and she loves it! I have always been a GM man...mostly buying Chevrolet. After going to the Houston Auto Show, we took note of the Kia, and mainly because we liked the rear A/C vents for the kids.
    We decided to go with the Equinox, so we went to our Local Dealer here in NW Houston and test drove one. We liked it, and actually went in to work a deal. When the Chevy sales guy set the offer down on the table showing sticker price, I was floored! He said they were selling really well, and so they were not moving off of the sticker. I could not believe what I was hearing!! Chevy finally gets a car that seems to be a winner and so when customers come in to support the brand that took bailout money just to stay in business, they show their appreciation by telling them " Pay sticker or dont buy!!" Well, Homey dont play dat!
    I told the guy I needed to go drive Kia, since he was wanting sticker. He said he would see about any lease offers and would appreciate getting the last chance at the deal once we finish driving the Kia. He walked us out and told me " I want to try to keep you in an American car, and I know you have always been loyal to Chevy, so come back and see me". Whatever!
    Me and the wife got a bite to eat then headed over to Kia...found a nice one, test drove it and WOW...we were impressed! GREAT features were included, nice quiet ride..it really shocked us! We found ourselves actually thinking about NOT going back to chevy and seeing if we can deal on the Kia. That is what we did! We got a little over a grand off the sticker, got the 1,000 rebate, and got what I wanted for my trade! Image that! Kia...who is selling a totally redesigned auto, just like chevy is, and Kia is selling them for under sticker! Oh, and there were PLENTY of folks there that day test driving all sorts of Kia's including the Sorento, so even though the Sorento was selling well, they are not ripping off buyers!
    The chevy sales dude called and left me a message and told me he hadn't seen me and wanted to know if I had gone with the Kia. I called him back and told him we DID buy from Kia, and they DID come off their sticker and worked the deal we wanted!
    I am really dissapointed in the whole chevy attitude...."lets stick it to the faithful who are actually coming into our dealerships". That is why they needed the bailout.
    When I jumped on the Kia site and started polking around I saw they have a HUGE plant in Georgia...I told my wife " Hey we just supported the jobs of Americans working in Georgia..go us!" ha!
    Anyway, hope everyone enjoys their Kia Sorento and I will be checking in every now and then to keep up with any issues the 2011 might develop and read about everyones experiences and tips.
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