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Chrysler PT Cruiser (2005 and earlier)



  • hardoohardoo Posts: 31
    Don't you have a wife to whom you have to answer? :-) Every time I mention the Turbo, I get a subtle shake of the head.

    I agree with you on the Subaru. It offers something like 224 hp with AWD, and Subaru is right up there with Toyota in terms of reliability. You can even get it in wagon form if you're looking for competitive utility. I just can't get past the looks.

    So it comes down to the Turbo. I'd be interested in hearing the invoice price as well as the impact this purchase has had upon your insurance and your gas budget. Any ammo I can use against the wife would be much appreciated.

    Finally, I'll leave off by saying that I would have waited for the stick. But I'm just saying that because I'm jealous. :-)

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for sharing all the details of your PT Cruiser Turbo purchase. Btw, I believe you're the first one here to purchase the Turbo! If you have a spare moment, please feel free to also share (copy/paste) your notes in our new PT Cruiser Turbo discussion. We look forward to hearing more about your ownership experience.... Thanks!

    To everyone - For those interested, look for a direct link to our PT Cruiser Turbo discussion in the helpful Links on the left side of the page. Happy motoring. ;-)

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  • Congratulations on your NEW Turbo PT Cruiser. I just read Edmund's nice review of 2003 Turbo PT Cruiser where it stated 215 HP and 245 Ft Lbs Torque (same as Chrysler 3.8L V6 in T&C / GC).
    Since first seeing and sitting inside the PT Cruiser, I have wanted one. We finally test drove an automatic and was surprised at the acceleration with 3 adults and 2 children aboard. However, it was a windy day and the PT was buffeted much greater than our 2002 T&C eL on the same road (I-15) just prior to and just after the test drive of the PT Cruiser.
    If I could talk my wife into having 2 vehicles I would buy the PT....but with only one, the T&C is a wiser choice.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    Good for you. That is one of the things I have noticed about PT buyers. They look forward to getting a PT even before they see one. I didn't feel I could wait for the turbo but I know when the convertible comes out I may have to trade in my B2500 to get one. These cars have captured a spot in our culture or at lease in the auto enthusiasts culture that I haven't seen in years. I can't remember when I had a car in the last ten to twenty years that I wanted to buy things for. Like it has been said the fuzzy dice are only the beginning. Pinstriping, duel pipes, cold air, chrome battery covers, colored wires. These are not the things I used to think about. They are now.
  • Drove PT GT about 10 days ago and again last Friday. Compared it to Limited. GT has enough power, but is not "fast." Ride and quiet about same as Limited, but turn in is better.

    Checked a number of dealers and found many have several. Some dealers (SoCal) are marking them up well over factory sticker while other are selling at factory sticker, with at least one selling them below factory sticker - with no add-ons.

    Chrome accents package and Woody package not available on PT GT.

    Noted the wheels do not have an outer lip to attach wheel weights.

    Ordered one.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,130
    Thanks revka...I'll mosy on over there.

    Hardoo, I indeed have a wife. That's how this whole thing started she needed a new car and thought the PT was "cute". I ended up buying it for myself and she took over my 300M. That's another long story, too. If interested I posted more details in the Maintenance and Repair Thread in the Zaino Part II topic.

    Using my guesstimate on invoice price (about $1,500-$1,700 below MSRP), I would say that invoice on mine was about $24,200-$24,400. Dealer gave up all but $550 of the "over invoice" profit. OF course, dealer still makes the holdback, too.

    Mine is equiped with every option available, including $200 extra for the "inferno red pearlcoat", leather, side airbags, sunroof, heated seats, etc. Maybe the only thing I could have got were the dealer installed options like custon graphics or a CD changer.
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  • I noticed that the 2003 PT Cruiser numbers were just posted at

    This includes numbers for the Turbo!

    A PT GT Turbo "Loaded" with the 2CR package is $23,738 invoice, $25,450 MSRP in Michigan.

  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I've had 7 pickups since '88 and the first thing I have to do is the Flowmaster Exhaust and K&N Filter. And chips in the earlier ones. (The ones that had chips that you change). I'd have to do the same thing with a PT!
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    This will not be the first time for me either. What I feel is that it is easier to get things for the PT than it was for just about anything I have fixed up over the few years. with the exception of a civic I can't think of more sites dedicated to working on a car than the PT. There is a fellowship of PT owners that I haven't seen in car enthusiasts in years. If you want more power or a better suspension or just a better looking car all you have to do is ask and that information is available from one owner or another. I got more questions answered on the PTFYI site in one visit than I did in two years working on my old prelude. I not only plan on keeping this car but after the convertible come out I want another one. I am sure I will fix that one up as well.
  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    Can you fold the passenger seat flat in the new Cruiser's?
    I want to get a recumbent bike and want to carry it inside if I could.
    TIA Frank

    Also, does it need premimum fuel?
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    With the 2002 the front passenger seat folded on the touring and limited edition cars. The classic seat didn't fold. I haven't seen a 2003 or a brochure on it yet. There are still a lot of new 2002's about.
  • illini4illini4 Posts: 140
    Cruisers use regular 87 octane fuel, except for the Turbo which requires premium.
  • Another reason DC needs to make a larger version with room for a more economical, better performing PT with a V6. The DC 3.8L currently has same power ratings as the Turbo 2.4L I4 and will probably require less maintenance. If DC wanted to really have a performer, put the 3.5L V6 300M engine into a larger PT Cruiser.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I heard on the news tonight that all PtCruisers are being recalled for a fuel leak. You should all be receiving your notices soon. Good luck!
  • I heard the news also and am glad you gave the reason for the recall of ALL PT Cruisers.
  • I have not seen the actual news, but I heard that the PT Cruiser fuel leak recall is to decrease the chance of the fuel line or filter being severed and leaking after a crash. The recall involves installing a cover.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,130
    I called my dealer to make sure mine wasn't affected (it isn't), so it's not ALL CRUISERS. The way the service manager explained it was it's a quick and easy "fix". This is one of those, "maybe, could be, perhaps" a problem if the crash is done in exactly the right place with the exact right amount of force. Nothing's been reported and Chrysler's doing it on their own dime.
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  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    He told you wrong then. All 450,000 Cruisers were recalled. The 01 and 02 models were recalled for 2 possible leaks whereas the older ones have only 1 possible leak. The main problem is with the fuel pump needing an extra top seal to avoid leaks in accidents. The 01 and 02 models have a possible leak under the hood. The fuel line runs too close to an AC line and can be worn over time.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,130
    Mine's an '03.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • I proudly bought my new Stone White PT in May. I love the car. Why are all kinds of people giving me a hard time saying its a "chick car". GOD I hear this ALL THE TIME. I know what your going to say-don't let what people say bother you. Well I was fine with it but man it just does'nt stop!! From my bosses to co-workers to neighbors. Its getting depressing!! I'm a 43 year old guy I can't think of any other car I really want. I feel all self-consious driving down the road now.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    just like what you like. Why worry about what other people think. By the way, I don't think its a chick car. In fact I hear more interest in it from men than I do women. It's not the car for me, but it is a good offering that's different from just about anything else out there (that's good!).
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    that drive Corvettes too!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,130
    I don't think I've seen one woman yet driving any of the PT Cruisers I've seen on the road. If you go to any of the other Cruiser internet sites, you'll notice the vast majority of owners are men, who like to customize and modify their Cruisers.

    Not that women aren't welcome in this little fraternity. As a matter of fact, most Cruiser groups could use a little estrogen injection to balance all of the "machismo" that seems to permeate throughout the Cruiser owners.

    I went to my first "Cruise-In" last weekend. OUt of the 30 or so Cruisers that were there, only one was owned by the fairer sex.

    Sounds like your co-workers are jealous.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Women driving PT's here in Austin. But then I know quite a few Males who try thier best to influence the choice of thier "Fairer Sex". So they have the chance to drive it too!
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    my first Cruiser event last Saturday. It was a local event in Lancaster. It has been a long time since I have been to a event where people like their cars as much as Cruiser people do. The last time I had this much fun was maybe 15 years ago when I went to several sports car events. I did get a few customizing ideas and I think I just might order a few parts this weekend. I can tell one thing, fuzzy dice are mandatory.
  • hardoohardoo Posts: 31
    I've heard the same thing, especially from my father-in-law, as I've been shopping for a new car. I think there is the perception that guy cars sacrifice appearance for performance, while chick cars sacrifice performance for appearance. And the Cruiser is certainly more of a looker than a performer. But there also comes a time in a man's life when performance should take a backseat to practicality, functionality, utility, and afforability, and the Cruiser seems like a reasonable compromise.

  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    at all the Rallys there seems to be a lot of men owning PTs. Today performance cars are image as much as anything else. The P-5 is considered a performer in most of the auto mags yet the times of the PT and the P-5 are just about the same. I think what makes the PT attractive to many owners is practicality but also after market support. The Honda Civic is no pocket rocket stock but many a Nissan owner has lost a few bucks to Honda owners because of after market support. Getting a PT is like buying a car show quality car with 80 percent of the work done. The owner that wants to fix up their PT has a whole wealth of after market people that have a ready made supply of interior as well as exterior parts to customize their cars. These parts are within reason compared to many of the other brands of cars one might buy today. Engine and exhaust parts are just as easy to find. The new Turbo may entice some younger buyers into the club but I think the real lady killer will be the Convertible. My wife has already said she wouldn't mind getting one when they come out.
  • Thanks for the feedback regarding it being a chick car. I feel better, and like some folks said in the feedback-other people are just probably jealous. I love my PT, the style, room inside (I'm 6'2 and its unbelievably easy to get into)and the way it handles the road. I also feel good about the 7/100K waranty and the support I keep hearing about. So I'll keep my stone white treasure shined up and keep waving and you other folks out there!! CRUISE ON!!
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    You got it. Let the others whine. You know better as you cruise with that smile on your face.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    live and in person had a set of Chrome Custom Wheels on it and was absolutely gorgeous! Fell in love with the White right then. About the only color I've seen that I don't care for is that Aqua color. Apparently they don't have a plain red. When first lookinhg at them on the web before they were out they did have a red. And at least on the Website it didn't look that good. The Inferno is really sharp though.
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