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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Hard to believe that a brake light out would cause this problem, but I'll check them tonight.

    I don't think that it is the switch because the indicator light on the dash goes out when I step on the brakes. You never know, though.

    I just got a factory service manual. I'll follow the recommended troubleshooting steps when the weather warms up a bit.
  • yespadsyespads Posts: 8
    The vibration is from the steering wheel.

    It has low milage. I purchased it at 26k miles and not is has 31k miles on it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    When you say you changed the tires, do you mean you got new ones or rotated the ones on the van?

    If you rotated the tires, I'd suggest thinking about some new ones, since the original tires on most cars aren't that good (my original Quest tires lasted about 34,000 miles).

    If you have new tires, then maybe you can find another mechanic to test drive it. Vibrations can be the result of lots of different things, and they are hard to diagnose over the net (esp. by me - I can barely turn a wrench).

    Try a "Discussion Search" in here for "vibration" too.

    Steve, Host
  • yespadsyespads Posts: 8
    Yes. I brought the new tires at front and rear. I did search based on the vibration and requested dealer to look for steering pinions. Hope this could fix the problem.

    I will check on milage after 30k service
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    And I guess you saw Revka's suggestion to another poster a month or two ago about checking the brake pads also. Anyone else got any suggestions for a steering wheel vibration for Yespads?

    Steve, Host
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    It's possible, but not likeley, that the new tires are bad too. It's happened. They could either be out of balance or out of round or have too much runout (side-to-side variation). Try having the shop that installed them re-balance them, let them know you are having vibration problems in the steering wheel, and maybe ask them when their balancing machine was last calibrated. It could be you just got a bad balance job on the new tires.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, have the shop check for runout or out-of-round problems. They may want to do this as they reblance them the first time.

    If none of this fixes the problem, it could be a bent wheel, or worn out tie rod ends or ball joints (in descending order of probabliity.) If the shop does repairs other than just tires, they can check this out too.

    Hope this helps.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Here's my previous post (#1232) on the subject. Hope this is helpful.

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    I went out and bought a Fram instead :)
  • usma82usma82 Posts: 8
    I’ve owned three Villagers (’96, ’98 and ’00) and I have never experienced this problem before. I only have 25,000 mile on the Van and I just installed the third set of front brake pads. This time I also replaced the rotors because I was unable to solve a persistent groan/vibration problem when braking moderately. The groaning problem started shortly after the first brake job. I’m pretty good at doing a proper job as I always turned the rotors when I replaced the pads.

    Has anybody else had this problem with excessive brake wear/noise?

    I found three service bulletins on the NHTSA web site ( concerning excessive brake wear and noise for late model Quests and Villagers but I’ve been unable to get the details from any source (including Mercury / Nissan Dealers and the NHTSA). The Villager SB # are: 13744, 99194 and 7907 (the Quest numbers are different). Does any one know the details behind these SB’s?
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    I have a 99 Quest. The light comes on whenever I turn right or step on the brake. It turns itself off shortly after. The brakes are not seizing. Fluid level is still good. I'm guessing a malfunctioning sensor of some sort. Anyone with this problem ? Is there a fix ? Thanx.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,363
    It may be the fluid lever. IIRC, the sensor is overly sensitive. Anyway, if the brakes have never been done, probably a good idea to have them checked,

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • ajones1ajones1 Posts: 2
    On our '99 Quest, we had the same issue of the brake light coming on during braking. It turned out that the fluid was slightly low. So we just topped off the brake fluid and the problem stopped.

    Our brake pads needed replacing after only 40k miles, so you may also want to have them checked. Sometimes the low fluid issue can be linked to worn brakes.
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Unless there is a leak, brake fluid in the reservoir will go down as the pads wear since the pistons in the calipers rest a little bit more towards the brake disc. If you top up the fluid, you will end up having to drain part of it back out when the brake pads are replaced.

    I would check the pads prior to topping up the fluid.
  • bigbob8bigbob8 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Villager with 43000 miles on it. Car has been great, but recently have been troubled by a very occasional problem of accelerator pedal being stuck when attempting to start moving from a stop. It take great pressure to move it, then it is fine for many, many days. Once, many months ago, it failed to release to idle when attempting to stop, but never had a further problem with the pedal until the recent sticking problem. A somewat cursory examination by a mechanic revealed no obvious cause. Has anyone had a similar problem or thoughts on the cause.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds like you have the well-known "sticky throttle." It's relatively easy to fix yourself or any mechanic can clean the carbon out of there. That your mechanic missed it tells me that s/he wasn't too interested in helping you out.

    Here's a good post about it:

    dhoff Jan 24, 2001 4:54pm

    Try a discussion search for "throttle body" if you want more. I've done my '99 twice now at 80,000 miles and I think the dealer did it once for me early on.

    Steve, Host
  • bmartin5bmartin5 Posts: 5
    '93 villager with 140K miles. The rear fan stop working completely last month. Any suggestion..... Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out this post:

    dhoff Jan 9, 2001 5:41pm

    Steve, Host
  • bmartin5bmartin5 Posts: 5
    would try it this weekend. Thanks.
  • desertkevdesertkev Posts: 76
    My mom has an 01 quest and they run it up and down the east coast to visit family. They hate the seats in the front...does any one know if there are more comfortable seats that could be taken from a junked van (villager) and fit safely into the Quest?
  • usma82usma82 Posts: 8
    Sorry, the seats in the Villager are the same. Only thing that you could change is if you found some that had leather or power feature. However, I don't think it would make them any more comfortable.
  • okmomokmom Posts: 37
    My 2000 Quest head light has very lose connection.
    I put the black tape to keep it in the place.
    sometimes works, sometimes have to re tape.
    Okay, I went the Nissan dealer this morning.
    The engine 100m harness (#24012-7B115) $545.50 +tax !!

    I didn't bother to ask about the labor.

    Does anyone bought the used parts on the web?
    Which one is reliable?

  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Are you past your warranty period? If not, this should be a warranty repair (unless you have had damage due to an accident).

    My '99 villager had problems with one headlight connector. The dealer replaced both connectors (spliced into the wiring harness) under warranty.

    If the problem is at the headlight connection, you should be able to get the connector replaced for much, much less than you are being quoted for a wiring harness.
  • okmomokmom Posts: 37
    My 2000 Quest has over 50K miles.
    so, no warranty.

    The Nissan dealer said there is no "headlight connector" for my car.
    I have to buy the whole unit.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think you need a second opinion from a different mechanic. Kymike isn't the only one reporting connector problems here - try a Search This Discussion for "headlight" for some more.

    Steve, Host
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    If your dealer will only sell you the entire harness, I would look for another dealer willing to be creative or for an independent mechanic.

    I had a similar problem on my Miata where the connector had corroded and a wire broke off when I went to change the bulb. My Mazda dealer sold me wire connectors that I could splice into my wiring because a connector was not sold separately. Make certain you have the appropriate size wire connectors.
  • yespadsyespads Posts: 8

    During the 30000 miles service, dealer found that the steering pinions need replacement and he did it. Still, I am getting the vibration but, negligible. I am working on milage problem now.

     Steve and Revka : Thanks for the suggestions.
  • activex111activex111 Posts: 41
    The rear wiper on my '96 villager stopped working. The washer fliud works but the wiper does not. I checked the fuse and it is fine. I saw a few posts about rear wiper not working on this forum but did not see any solution. Can someone please post their experience if they solved such a problem, such as what and where to look etc... thanks...
  • reggimonreggimon Posts: 1
    To All: My Villager just passed 267,000 miles.
    Around 70,000 miles the engine was recalled and replaced free of charge by Ford. So far, no transmission or engine problems. I'm shooting for 1M miles...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    What year is it anyway? Are you doing anything special for your "routine" maintenance?


    Steve, Host
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    is your Nautica? I have a 98 with almost 54k. Bought it with 38k last year. I really like the van, so any info I can is appreciated.
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