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    "Let's see the new pricing structure for the 2011 models, a 2.7l 4 banger will be the base engine. EPA numbers are slightly better, FWIW."

    This is cut and paste (sorry, not sure how to format columns on this forum):

    5312 Base L4 7-passenger 5 Van 6AT $24,260 11MY
    5328 Base V6 7-passenger 5 Van 6AT $25,500 11MY
    5314 LE L4 8-passenger 5 Van 6AT $25,345 11MY
    5338 LE V6 8-passenger 5 Van 6AT $28,900 11MY
    5366 LE V6 AWD 7-passenger 5 Van 6AT $31,130 11MY
    5342 SE V6 8-passenger 5 Van 6AT $30,550 11MY
    5348 XLE V6 8-passenger 5 Van 6AT $32,175 11MY
    5376 XLE V6 AWD 7-passenger 5 Van 6AT $34,515 11MY
    5356 Limited V6 7-passenger 5 Van 6AT $38,500 11MY
    5386 Limited V6 AWD 7-passenger 5 Van 6AT $39,770 11MY
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    The limited awd is going to cost 39,770 plus 800 shipping. Then add the sun roof, dvd player and navi? Anyone seen the cost of adding these items? Maybe 42,500 plus 800 shipping for MSRP for a loaded mini-van?
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    It's why it's called a Limited. It's for those that can and will pay that yet not blink. It's not for the general public.
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    Pricing for the LE, XLE and Limited FWD versions appear to be about $2500 higher over 2010; AWD versions about $1900.

    I think they made standard a number of items that were formerly included in extra cost option packages. Nevertheless, it seems like the day is approaching where --- when it comes to Toyota minivans, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.
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    There is always a significant difference in the pricing between the outgoing model and the new one due to incentives and discounts. I'd guesstimate that, Yes, a $2500 differential would seem about right for the difference between a 2011 and a 2010 Sienna. But your numbers appear to be WAY off if the 2011 numbers from above are accurate.

    As an example take the most common LE Sienna V6 7-Pass which will definitely remain the volume leader:
    2010...MSRP as per Edmunds here LE w/QF + CF = $30,955 before rebates
    2011...MSRP as estimated from above...LE V6 7-P ( +??? ) = $26,300 Base + ???

    You might be jumping to conclusions ... in order to justify a preconceived belief by chance?
  • tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293
    Here's the original article:
    2011 Toyota Prices
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    Tks, the nuance that I didn't see is that the high-volume FWD LE V6 will not be offered in a 7-Passenger config, only as an 8-Passenger. The 7-Passenger LE will be AWD.

    The 8-Pass LE FWD will have a Base MSRP of about $30000 with mats.
    The 7-Pass LE AWD will have a Base MSRP of about $32000 with mats
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    I wonder why in the world the FWD LE V6 would not not be offered in the 7-Passenger? Toyota is beginning to annoy me.
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    Well, keep in mind it's now a mother-in-law seat. I wonder if the floor pan will differ from 7- to 8-passenger models like before, but my guess is no.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Let's keep in mind no other van offers AWD, and that alone is a $2000 value. Power folding 3rd row and HIDs aren't exactly necessities, either. Let's not blame Toyota for offering more content at a price.

    An LE in the upper 20s has all the basics covered.

    An optioned up XLE should be mid-high 30s.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Also today at the NAIAS Toyota presented its factory installed Mobility assist for the 2nd row seating. Nicely done.

    Mobility Assist
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    Any dealer connected friends can tell me what is realistic date of arrival of Toyota Sienna at the show rooms ? I am holding off my minivan purchase as I heard they might be coming out in Feb 2010.
    Also, is there a brochure on price/options for each Trim levels ?

    I am in Texas.
  • tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293
    I am not a dealer, but yes, they are in production now and will be arriving in February.

    2011 Sienna Full Product Info

    Prices for models are in a link in Msg #107 above. Not sure about $$$ for option packages yet.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    ...they like it. Something for everybody.

    2011 Sienna 4 cyl LE first drive

    Motor Trend takes the new I4 LE Sienna for a weekend around SoCal and are quite effusive about it. But it appears that the new SE is really what he wanted to drive.

    Autoblog in its first drive actually uses those exact words..."..something for everybody.."
    Autoblog 2011 Sienna first drive

    That brings up the one issue some people might have with the second row seats: They don't fold flat into the floor like the Chrysler Stow 'n Go system. When asked abut this seeming oversight, the Toyota reps were quick to explain their choice.

    Anyone who has sat in the Chrysler's second row seats can tell you that they aren't the most comfortable place to be on long trips. The sacrifice in padding needed to get them to fold flat into the floor is noticeable even on short jaunts. Toyota thought long and hard about it and decided that people are in those seats more often than large objects occupying the cargo area. In short, Toyota's engineers say they chose passenger comfort over cargo loading ease. As if to put an exclamation point on that decision, Toyota now offers a Lounge Seating package on Limited models that features two ottoman equipped recliners -- similar to the rear thrones in the $408,000 Maybach 62.
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    time to 60 mph was a moderate 9.5 seconds

    That's actually not bad at all. 22 mpg is good since the best van in the C&D comparo could only manage 19 mpg (Sienna V6, BTW).

    Alloys and 3 zone climate control even on the base 4 cylinder.

    highly recalibrated electric power steering system with increased weighting and responsiveness

    Miracles do happen. My 2007 has very numb steering.

    Very good review. :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Comments on the Autoblog review:

    39.1/87.1/150 cubic-feet

    I think the old one had ? and 98 and 148. So there is a little more total space, but a little less behind row 2.

    Edit: they liked the steering of the SE, but not the other models, so still a concern?
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    In comparing specs of 2011 to 2009, it appears there is significantly less leg room in all three rows (I'm using 2009 'cause I have a brochure for it. I'm assuming 2010 is the same as 2009).

    2009 frt: 42.9
    2009 mid: 39.6
    2009 rear: 39.5

    2011 frt: 40.5
    2011 mid: 37.6
    2011 rear: 36.3
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    Geez, I hate to say this, but out of curiosity I just looked up the 2010 long wheelbase Kia Sedona, and it has more legroom than the 2011 Sienna!! I must be missing something somewhere.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    So is it going to have a hard to find replacement tire that has poor traction like Highlander and Venza?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Don't know. Haven't seen the tires yet, nor done any research on Tire Rack. The two reviews like the handling especially on the SE.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    The Sedona is an inch longer then the 09 Sienna, and isn't the new Sienna even shorter?

    Also, the max cargo space in the Sedona is 141.5 cubic feet, so overall the Sienna still have more space.
  • tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293
    Oh, yeah, cargo space. I just compared the space of the '11 3rd gen Sienna to the '10 2nd gen, and it looks like the '11 is less in that category, too (down from 150 cubic feet to 148.9). Baffling.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    You've really got to see it and check it out before you decide because its about "usable" cargo space, so sometimes statistics can mislead.
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    Do you have any information on the price of the "LE Preferred Package" for the 4 cylinder version (the package contains most of the goodies that come along with the LE V6 version, like dual power doors, backup camera, steering wheel controls, etc)?

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Not yet. Nothing official has been published as yet. This is pretty typical. The full official prices often don't come out until the vehicles are enroute to the stores. Lots of negotiations and approvals needed between Torrance and Toyota City.

    I'll keep you posted here though if something does pop up.
  • dbtdbt Member Posts: 298

    It seems that Toyota is significantly simplifying the option packages on the Sienna. We might even get to the point where different regions can get the same vehicles! (although pricing etc will differ from SE etc) I think it's a good move.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    The differences between regions is simply a decision on the regional sales group, Boston, NY/NJ, CAT, SET, Gulf States, etc

    Each region decides what it wants to sell, what kind, how many of which, etc. Toyota actually has no say in the matter as long as the regions don't order something that they don't make.
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    After all the issues I have had with the past two Toyota's. I've come to the conclusion the 04 would be my last. I may need to rethink, that is a very nice re-design. Some of configuration we found fault with seem to be addressed and changed. Hmmm, may need to take for a test drive. One of biggest issues the wife and I had were the brakes and in the test report that may have been corrected.
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    Any predictions on a price drop for 2nd gen Siennas after the new ones come onto the market? Looking into getting a used 2G and wondering if it'll make a significant difference in price by waiting until the 2011's are on lots. I see between about $4k difference between the 1st and 2nd Gen models.
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    The last two model years of 2nd gens were short years ('09 Sept of 2008 to May 2009; '10 from May 2009 to Feb 2010). Sienna MY 2010 prices same as MY 2009. Big jump in prices, though, to MY 2011. If not in any hurry to get a 2nd gen, yeah, probably a good idea to wait. The question is: how long? Not sure when KBB and NADA will be updated for this model. Also, 2nd gen prices may hold for a while as I've read accounts where some dealers taking deposits on the first 3rd gen Siennas are adding big markups to MSRP. There are always those who will pay for that, but in this economy one can only wonder how long dealers will be able to get away with the practice.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160

    We are three weeks away from the arrival of the first 2011 and we have exactly TWO new Sienna's in stock. We also have 50% of a very large metro market on the EC.

    The reason for this very low inventory situation is that Toyota normally has near perfect planning on it's production and sales. As the old model is being wound down they stop making it ( this past December ) and begin switching over to the production of the new model ( this month ). The result is that well-run stores usually have little or no inventory left over. What is left over will be slim pickin's. This is why the Detroit 3 have never been able to match Toyota and Honda in production cost efficiencies.

    My suggestion would be if you want a low price then buy in these next three weeks. By Feb 1st you'll find that the variety of choices will be severely limited and the one you want may be several hundred miles away. In early Feb the new model will arrive and like all new models it will have no incentives, probably will not be discounted and probably will be mostly the fully loaded versions. It may be late Spring before there is any kind of variety of the common LE models.
  • olt1892olt1892 Member Posts: 12
    Do you know if it is possible to get a 2011 Sienna with V6, AWD and 8-passenger?
  • dbtdbt Member Posts: 298
    No. AWD are 7 passenger only.
  • toyohotoyoho Member Posts: 8
    I visited the cars.com site today and saw 91 2011 Sienna's available nationwide. I checked all the dealers in close proximity to me, and there are three. I'm excited because I'd like to view one in person--even test drive it if possible--but I thought the official sale month was February? Have I unknowingly waited pretty much the entire month of January for this van, when it fact dealers were already selling them? And, has anyone actually seen one outside of the auto show circuit? Details, please, if anyone has them. :)
  • wasabeewasabee Norcross, GAMember Posts: 31
    Toyota website has not yet posted the new 2011 configuration information, but I searched for my local toyota dealers' new car inventories and there were over 1000+ new 2011 toyota sienna coming beginning as early as 1/27/2010.

    From the inventory list, I was able to find out the cost of the some of the available options and the details.

    From what I can gather on the 2011 sienna inventory lists, the interior leather color only comes in bisque and light gray leather. I was hoping for black leather interior, but I guess that's not an option in the 2011 Sienna like the 2010 Sienna. Darn it!

    Oh yeah, even though the MSRP of the 2011 Sienna AWD tops at 39K, if you add the entertainment system, it adds another 4K plus on top from what I saw on the inventory list.

    Go ahead and go to toyota.com and from there type in your zip code to find dealers near you, then go to their website and click on the links for new inventories, from there select 2011 inventories and you will have see when they are all coming. Have fun!!!
  • tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293
    Where we live (Twin Cities area) we cannot see 2011 models on local dealers' websites yet. Only one of the nine dealers even allows you to enter '2011' in the year field, and when you do it returns "0 vehicles matched criteria." The others have pull down menus where your only choices are 2008, 2009 and 2010. You can't even key over the year to make it 2011. So, we must wait until they update their websites to see the 2011 Siennas.
  • nobonobo Member Posts: 305
    If the only interior choices are bisque and light grey, might just pass on the 2011 Sienna. Strong preference here for a medium to dark grey interior.
  • dbtdbt Member Posts: 298
    My local dealer has 2 on its site, but they are not arriving for a week or two.
  • dbtdbt Member Posts: 298
    Actually, check IGT. There are 2 there (in bound though).
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    None at my local dealer yet. Should be a matter of days.
  • stoyotastoyota Member Posts: 28
    Is there any side-by-side comparison available with all 2011 models?
  • wasabeewasabee Norcross, GAMember Posts: 31
    To further elaborate...

    Maybe they are saving the black interior leather for the SE model which is due out in April along with the 4 cylinder engine size on the Sienna.

    I am in the ATL area (southeast). I guess it is not too far from Indiana.

    I wonder if we still need to pay that hefty destination charge fee, just a thought.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Once they arrive I'll take a tape measure to my dealer. I'm curious about the total width of the 2nd row, compared to mine.
  • wanta2011wanta2011 Member Posts: 1
    I started looking for a 2010 with as few options as possible, but with leather. Slim pickings, so I am now thinking 2011.

    For MY 2004-2010, leather could only be packaged with 7 passenger models. Does anyone know how to find out about packages for 2011's? Can I get an LE 8 passenger with leather?
  • husker92husker92 Member Posts: 44
    I was looking at a 2011 LE V6. 2 dealers quoted me 28,974 (with mats). That is about 1,500 over invoice, 1,000 under MSRP. No incentives yet.

    Maybe they will lower their price if sales are slim with all the recent quality issues. Or maybe I can find a "can't pass up" deal on a 2010. Time to play the waiting game I guess. I am in no hurry - my MPV still looks and drives great (for now, it has 111,000 miles on it and counting).
  • hitchens97hitchens97 Member Posts: 62
    You can find all the options available right here on Edmunds.
    Virtually no options for base and LE, and for XLE - packages around nav, ent, and for ltd also safety.

    I think I'm after an XLE with just the nav (not the ent)

    That's about it really.
  • stoyotastoyota Member Posts: 28
    Is there any place I can compare side-by-side all the 2011 Sienna models (LE, XLE, Ltd etc.,) ?
  • nobonobo Member Posts: 305
    So you have physically seen the 2011 Sienna at a dealership?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I haven't, but I heard someone say they did. They should arrive soon, varying by a few days for each region.
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