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    Absolutely agree on the 2nd Row '8th seat' if you call it that. The ironic thing for us is our 05 Sienna 8 Pax seating is exactly the reason we went with Toyota then. We had an Odyssey, but needed 8 pax seating for three child seats in the second row and the new 05 Odyssey 8 pax had the same very tiny I wish I was a real seat slipped in-between the two outside seats. The Sienna, had 8 real size seats so although the HVAC and Entertainment controls were more convenient in the new Ody and the ride was a bit firmer, the real 8 pax capability of the Sienna got our money.

    Now fast foreword, Toyota is the one who doesn't have a real 8th seat and the press release from Honda talks of three real size seats that all will accomodate child/booster seats.

    The wife absolutely loves here 05 Sienna, and although I think the ne SE is the best looking van ever, Toyota's 'awful afterthought 8th seat is the reason our replacement will be something else.
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    Consider a 2010 8 passenger model for those 3 wonderful adult-sized seats.

    Bummer they got rid of that.
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    Very nice - note that the structure/safety cage score in the side impact test actually improved.

    That means so far the 2011 has improved (slightly) in crash tests.
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    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but with the "old style" 8-passenger (3 full-size seats in the middle, row), how do you get to the 3rd row when you have 3 car seats in the middle row?

    I assume the middle seat in the 2nd row can be removed if you aren't using it, is that correct?

    I haven't looked at the pre-2011 model very much. I'm wondering if you'd be better off going with a 7-passenger, then you have the space between the 2nd row seats to get to the back, and maybe more comfortable 2nd row seats....................I appreciate hearing from those of you who own one.

    I'd like to see the 2011 Odyssey, but it needs to be here by the end of June!
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    Both outboard seats fold down and then tumble forward.

    Makes access quite easy. The Ody's seats slide forward and fold down but do NOT tumble, so with all seats in use it's harder to access the 3rd row.
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    Dunno if you folks have seen these, but I find them hysterical.

    The hot babysitter one is my favorite. It's called "Diaper Bag".


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    Thanks for your reply, that is what I suspected. So, if I understand correctly, if I have child safety seats in the outboard 2nd row seats, I would have some difficulty getting to the third row unless the middle seat of the 2nd row is removed. Essentially, you'd use it like a 7-passenger if you have two car seats in the middle row - going between them to get to the third row.
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    Yeah, I've been digging these ads. Good on Toyota for these.

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    Well, if you have 3 kids, odds are one of the older ones are already in a booster seat (I think you move to those at 40 lbs).

    Unless you have triplets. But then you'd have bigger concerns! :D
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    Direct link to the one I find funniest:


    I like self-depricating humor.
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    The 8pax had a similar effect in our decision to go with the '08 Sienna. There were other things we preferred about the Sienna over the Ody (price vs desired features, control layout, ride and seat comfort), but if the 8pax situation were reversed we would have been much more torn on the decision and may very well have gone to the Ody.
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    We have generally used two configurations of the 8pax with our 3 boys. First we put all three car seats in the second row with the older boys on the outboard sides which is good for the huge volume behind the second row with the third row down and as long as the baby was small. Lately we've moved the oldest to the third row with the youngest still in the front-and-center position where he is easier to access and can take up to 3 more adults in a moment's notice. This is a lot more flexibility than what we would have in 7 pax or what I call the mother-in-law 8th seat of the current Ody and new Sienna.

    The second row outboard sets tumble forward for very easy access to the third row. Also all three second row seats can come out individually and cleanly, so you can use the van as a 7 passenger with an aisle to the third row or have a 2 seat bench. With all three second row seats removed and the third row folded a 4x8' sheet of plywood or sheet rock will lay flat in the back.
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    No it does Not come with body side moldings.
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    With about 100 freeway driving with the eco light on getting 28mpg
    With 90% local driving, lots of hills and 5 min trips I'm getting 17.5mpg
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    Does anyone know if the 2011 Sienna Limited AWD shares the previous years' (2004-2010) trailer hitches configurations? Does one need to get a Toyota brand wiring harness for it as well or are aftermarket brands ok? Thanks!
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    Please bear with me.
    I know I am ahead of myself.

    We are planning to buy an SE, but are disappointed that Toyota has picked a lousy tire for SE - Dunlop SP Sport 7000 (235 50R-19).

    Going thru Tire Rack and only found 2 good tires for SE –
    Michelin Primacy MXV4 @ $244 and
    Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza @ $177.

    The Bridgestone one happens to be for Crossover and SUV.
    So my question is : Can I use this tire for Sienna SE ?

    Any comments are appreciated. THX !
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    I would check CR ratings for tires.. Especially their recommended ones. The Dunlop is not the top most but it scores well and is recommended. You should be fine with those Dunlops. Replacement time-- well Michelin Primacy MXV4 is the top rated tire and would suggest going for this.. But till that time -which may be 4 yrs or so - other tires may come out and may be much better than existing ones with better prices.. :P

    So my advice-- Just enjoy the Sienna SE -the sporty Sienna :shades: - even though my preference is the floaty,boaty LE/XLE... The Dunlops should be fine for atleast 40k miles..
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    I know you have an 07 Sienna and pretty much know quite a lot about this van.
    So I wanted to know your opinion between the 2010 and the redesigned 2011 Sienna.

    My thinking is - the 2011 is evolutionary rather than revolutionary.. Unlike the 2004 which was a game changer compared to the really crappy 2003 not accounting for reliability..There was a sky and earth difference between the 03 and 04.. Not so much between the `10 and `11. Also I had an 07 Odyssey which I sold it back to the dealer and it had only 600 miles.. Just was not the van for us-- firm taut loud ride with high road noise.. And we were not using the van at all-so we got rid of it and were happy the dealer gave a very good price on it.. :shades:

    I just bought the Odyssey based on the reviews ..Yes,it`s a very good van with very good reliability and resale -just not the type for me. I have a Lexus GX and a camry - and so I prefer the comfy,plush,quiet rides.. And the Odyssey was exactly the opposite.. I really liked the 07 XLE?limited trims--they were really like my Lexus and the ride was similar to a Lexus... Iwas feeling bad later about trading in the Odyysey base LX but then I look at the XLE trims and I feel I made the right choice and newer versions were coming anyway . 2 years down the line a used XLE/Limited with less than 30k miles for less than $25k is what I may be looking at or maybe the2011 LE with less than 30k miles. :P

    So that brings us to the 2011 Sienna. I looked at it but it certainly did not wow me like the 07. The dash was hard plastic and the steering wheel also was not as nice as the 07 Limited wood trim. The quality of materials is also not upto the 07..Infact it is inferior.. I know carmakers have to cut cost somewhere-- we pay the same price roughly but the newer redesign has to take into account the design costs,marketing costs,more safety features and tech like backup cam etc etc and yet the price has to be the same-- so cuts have to be made somewhere and the cuts were made in the interior fit and finish..

    So how do you feel about the 07 and the `11 .. I hope the new Odyssey is very good-- puts pressure on Toyota and keeps prices in check and it`s a win win for the buyer.. Competition is always good--keeps them on their toes or else they will stagnate like GM or Dodge..!! ;)
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    Most car makers pick or have a tire designed for the vehicle that they are making. Would think that Toyota has this figured out pretty well in spite of what the media is currently doing to them. Have had three new Siennas at this point and all have been a wonderful ride. Save some money and give it a try. Most good tire dealers will give you a good trade if you don't really like the tires.
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    I'm flattered that you care about my opinion, so I'm happy to offer it.

    I agree the 2004 was a break-through, and that's when the minivan market became "mature". All the best entries were big, had magic folding seats, and 2nd row windows that opened. It gained power and weight yet gave up no fuel efficiency.

    I guess we get diminishing returns, since the outgoing model was already so good. The 07+ already had the 2GR engine with the timing chains (no belts to change) and even more power and great effiency.

    Tough act to follow.

    Toyota still made some break-throughs, though. 6 speed automatic. 16" DVD screen, for those who opt for it. Maybach 2nd row seats, albeit for short folks only. More features available in lower trim lines - backup cam, 3-zone climate control (std on base model).

    But...I'm not paying several grand for the DVD, and the I'm too tall to enjoy those 2nd row foot rests. The big 8th seat is gone, perhaps the biggie for me. That was just dumb - it's the main reason I picked my Sienna.

    The hard plastics don't bother me. Let's be honest. You touch them once - when you're car shopping. Then never again. IMHO they LOOK better, but they FEEL worse. Thing is, how often do you sit there stroking the dash? If you answer more than once please see a shrink. ;)

    Also, I much prefer the new styling. No contest. I realize this is purely subjective, but it's the most handsome van extant, and the new Ody just looks odd with that dog-leg rear window, to me at least.

    Overall, I'm in the same boat as you. Tough call.

    I'd look for a bargain on a 2010 8 passenger model, and enjoy the soft dash and big 8th seat.

    Or I'd look for a 2011 with a backup cam and maybe add a power rear hatch as well. Prices are high for now but they'll come down soon enough.

    If the 2011 were the same price, 2011 all the way. For the styling alone, inside and out. I'd draw the line at maybe $2000 more than a 2010, then I think I'd take the 2010 and the 8th seat.

    Honda could sway me if the new Ody really does meet the hype about the better mileage and the 2nd row fitting 3 child seats across, though I really need to see that interior to say for sure. I can overlook the odd exterior if that interior delivers.

    Fortunately I love my 2007 so I can sit on the sidelines and wait to see what happens.
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    Thanks for the response.. So all eyes on Odyssey now.. If the Odyssey delivers ,then Siennas can become great deals !! But it`s much tougher to predict the Odyssey interior as there have been no other new comparable Honda models except maybe the pilot.. For the Sienna--there was the new Venza and Highlander--and the Sienna has interior features similar to them.. And the new Odyssey will give us clues on the new Accord !!
    So, let the battle begin !! :shades:
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    My concern is I don't think Honda designs have improved. If anything, I'd argue they peaked about one generaton ago.

    So I'm not assuming I will like it better.
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    I've got some questions and comments about the 2011 Sienna..

    First, what's up with that ultra-wide 16" DVD screen, which is way too wide even for Wide-Format movies? To see 2 at a time? Isn't that a stupid idea and confusing to watch? In that regard I believe the Chryslers are much better off, offering dual LCD's for 2nd row and 3rd row seats! Isn't that clever and more intuitive than the Sienna’s single ultra wide in the front?

    Second, about the interior door pull/grab handles. Like many reviewers mentioned already at many other vehicles, they are much more comfortable and accessible when the grab handles are FULLY OPEN THRU so your fingers can hug the handles and your nails still touch the palm of your hand. This is actually called a "handle". On the 2004-2010 Siennas it was great. I sat in the 2011 a few days ago and was disappointed to see that they changed to just a small well. Very uncomfortable (for me at least). I would hope to have something like the Camry, vertically aligned handle which is very comfortable to grab and to use as a handle while driving. It looks to me like an afterthought. Why on earth should Toyota change it?

    Third, I must point out again my disappointment that Toyota does not offer an integrated hard drive system like Chrysler/Dodge. I have currently a Chrysler T&C minivan (lease expires soon), but even though I hate the driving dynamics and bad quality all over, I LOVE LOVE the entertainment system, with a built in hard drive to store all your music, pictures (not so important), and uses the h.d. for the navigation system as well, unlike Toyotas (and Hondas) which still use old-school DVD-based systems.

    And finally, I am repeating this for maybe the 100'th time: Why on earth doesn't Toyota offer the power door lock and window/mirror switches with ILLUMINATION, like ALL OTHER COMPETITORS???? What are they thinking or waiting for??

    I am also bummed that there is no auto-dimming outside mirrors, only on the Limited. I was thinking of getting the XLE but I need that dimming mirror. By the way - I still can not figure out why the interior / exterior mirrors does not share similar features -- meaning, the outside mirrors are (almost) always powered operated and thus possible to set it on exact position easily (with memory on higher-end models), while the inside mirror you must manually adjust and it is difficult to set it the exact position you like it; Meantime, the interior mirror mostly have an option to auto-dim (even though in the van it's not as necessary due to the tinted rear window) while on drivers outside mirror you must opt to top model to get it! Could these 2 features please marry and be together on all MIRRORS???
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    My driver's window switch is illuminated, IIRC. :confuse:

    Hard drives are faster and more responsive but it's also harder to install updates.

    DVDs you can just order a set over the internet from any dealer. How do you get updates on your Dodge?
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    I just test drove an XLE-AWD this morning and I thought it felt secure. I didn't have a tape measure with me, so I had to crudely measure the width of the floor between the wheelwells with a sheet of paper (11"). It looked as though it was about 46-47" across. Could someone confirm that it is indeed at least 48" at the floor? It's one of my requirements.

    My 00 Odyssey is at the dealer getting it's 3rd tranny which is just shy of 90,000 miles. The original was replaced just shy of 60,000. So, the 2nd unit only went as far as 30,000 miles, but was replaced for free under the extended warranty. There's no way that I feel confident that anything is going to change with this new tranny. I am paying for half the cost, $2K + Tax. I wanted to keep the car until 200K miles, but I don't want to take the chance. The full cost of the replacement tranny is almost as much as the value of car.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing with their new Siennas and I'm on the fence about whether I should wait for the new Odyssey before making a decision. If Honda gave me a loyalty voucher, I would definitely wait it out. I thought that the Sienna looked better in the photos.
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    I heard they made revisions (model year 2004+?) to help the Ody trans. The new one may not fit on a 2000 model, so it hasn't helped you.

    A lot of us want to see what Honda does with its new interior.
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    I heard they made revisions (model year 2004+?) to help the Ody trans. The new one may not fit on a 2000 model, so it hasn't helped you
    The revised transmission (a 4 shaft one developed for the Ridgeline, rather than a 3 shaft one) was put in Odysseys starting the 2007 model year. There are still complaints (shudders) on 2007 and later, but nowhere near the same as the failures of the 2000 etc vintage Honda 6cyl ATs.

    Btw, the 4 shaft AT in my 2007 Pilot has been flawless.
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    Without tearing apart the interior that is set up for a German Shepherd, I measured 48". I believe that has been true of all the Siennas I have had (3), one of the selling points that you are able to haul sheets of 4x8's. After an 04 and 06, I have no complaints other than the normal getting use to different locations of switches etc. All in all a wonderful van. My original question about a trailer hitch has been answered. A couple of days ago, I installed the same U Haul hitch that I used on the 04 and 06 models. There is a plastic pan attached under the back trunk well that you have to modify but it works great. The pan is a little "scrunched" but it works as I couldn't wait for any new modifications.
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    Foggy6, so you have purchased a 2011 Sienna?

    We also have dogs. It is mandatory that we have a flat floor with the middle seats removed. Is this possible? We need the space to put down the dog crates.
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    It is mandatory that we have a flat floor with the middle seats removed.
    As far as I can tell, no, it is not a flat floor, because the bases that slide along the tracks remain.
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    Yes, took possession on Feb. 20. We don't use crates...her "Highness" has a tool box with padding in front of the right rear Captain's seat and two very large pillows wedged between the sliding door and the seat and box. She loves to curl up and snooze there. The seats do slide back quite a ways, and the tracks are raised a little but would surmise that it depends on the type and size of the crates as to whether they will fit.

    Why not test drive one and go home and see if they will fit.

    We love this van as much as the previous two. It is the Limited with AWD, same as previous ones. Hope this helps.
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    With dogs I'd toss a blanket or some sort of liner on the interior anyway. Should be OK with that.
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    Sienna Hitch:
    With the hitch installed, how much clearance is there from the ground? I have a Hidden Hitch on my 00 Odyseey and it does scrape the ground just a bit with very steep driveways coming off the street. Also, when the flatbed pulled the minivan up, It just scraped the roadway. Otherwise, it's got reasonably good clearance.

    Just for confirmation, the second row seats on the rails can come out, correct? I wasn't sure if they only folded up as appears in the brochure.

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    Not quite that easy. Our pass time is attending and showing at dog shows. Each dog has their own crate. Each crate has a 4" thick foam mattress. They travel in style. We have three dogs. We fold the 3rd seat down flat and take the two middle seats out. Two crates are loaded from the rear hatch area, and the third from the side. Our luggage and equipment goes in the remaining available space. So to put the crates in, we need a flat floor. Now we can build up a floor or smooth it out some with plywood or carpet pieces. But the floor needs to be flat at some point.

    We looked at some 2011s Saturday. Store very busy, so no sales people hanging on us. On the 8 pass XLE, does that back floor console come completely out?
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    The height of the bottom of the receiver where the draw bar is inserted is 8.5" from the garage floor.
    I believe that the removal of the seats may depend on what configuration you get in the seat plan for the particular vehicle. I have not attempted to remove my seats. I do see an apparent release lever on the lower back of the seat.
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    Gotcha. You have special needs, so what I'd suggest is taking the actual crates you use to a dealership, to do a "test fit".
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    "...How do you get updates on your Dodge?...."

    Same way. You get a DVD on mail (or available for download on a CD I believe), and pop into the CD/DVD player slot, and it does the rest by itself. Like you install or update something on your computer.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    OK, that's a relief. I thought the dealer might have to hook up a port to their computer or something.
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    Anyone know when the 4 cylinder model is coming out? Sounds like it would be adequate for most situations plus the slightly higher mileage helps.
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    Funny thing is I previewed these at the auto show but have not been to a dealership since they got the 2011s, so I have no idea.

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    All that's been said is 'spring availability' for the 4-cyl and the SE...

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    Hi All.

    I started this thread back on June 8, 2009. Was in the market for a new minivan, but decided to wait until the new 3rd generation Sienna came out.

    With all of the excitement that preceded the release, one would think the Pope was coming to town. We all figured that every copy of the 2011 Sienna would be sold before it got off the truck at the dealer.

    This morning I checked the inventory of a popular high-volume local store. Over 30 Siennas in stock.

    There are things to like about the new model, but then again there are things not to like. The list is different for everyone. In our case, we didn't like the hard plastics in the interior, the looks of the Limited trim level, or the option packages. The worst thing of all for us was the second row seats. On the Limited you had no choice but to take the barcolounger seats, and on all of the trim levels there is this crazy seat chassis or cradel thing left behind after you remove the second row seats. Those barcoloungers weigh 75 pounds apiece.

    The numerous reports on the NHTSA database about Sienna sudden unintended acceleration didn't scare us. They were for pre-2011 models. The new 3rd generation models have a brake override of the accelerator that Toyota will be incorporating in all of its 2011 cars and trucks.

    But the recent articles about Toyota's EDR (Event Data Recorder) issues is problematic. There is growing evidence that the company deliberately doesn't store information about certain events, and that there are only a few EDR readers in the entire country. Toyota says they are increasing the number of readers to 150 by the end of this month, but contast that with GM and Chrysler with EDRs that can be read by any one of thousands of PCs throughout the country.

    Nope, we just couldn't do it.

    We shopped around and decided instead on what will be our 4th Chrysler minivan. I know, I know; what about the horrible quality concerns of their newer 5th generation model? It's true. The quality of the 2008 model was horrible. Brakes that would wear out after 13k miles and faulty power sliding doors were the major concerns. By the 2009 model year the quality had improved, but still wasn't up to snuff until about mid-way into the model run. Yes, we're crossing our fingers with the 2010; and we're buying a third party extended warranty.

    My point is the new Chrysler minivans really deserve another look-see. We got a 2010 Town & Country Limited. Geez, the thing comes with all sorts of goodies as standard equipment that Toyota charges an arm and a leg for. High intensity discharge headlights? Standard on the Limited model. So, too, power adjustable pedals, rain sensing windshield wipers, rear backup camera on a 6.5" touchscreen without requiring navigation, remote starting system, turn signal indicators on the outside review mirrors, and a bunch more goodies.

    And it has an impressive smooth ride and quiet interior. Oh, and the 2nd row seats are the sto-n-go variety, so no need to remove them and find a place to put them in the garage. You end up with a perfectly flat floor. We found one with the only option we wanted: the towing package. No nav or backseat entertainment shtuff. We'll get a nice portable unit with free lifetime map updates to use for nav.

    There are only a kazillion of them out there, and it was easy to find and stop owners of 2009-2010 models in the parking lot who were willing to answer questions about them. They love them. 2008 owners... not so much.

    Finally, while the deals aren't as good as they were say a year ago, they are still certainly better than Toyota (although I imagine Toyota will be making deals soon to clear their growing inventory of Siennas). We managed $3k under invoice after all discounts and rebates. For $500 more we took the 0% financing over 48 months. I went in thinking I'd pay cash for the vehicle, but jumped at the chance to use GMAC's free money instead of my own. The current deal is you get $1500 cash back, or $1000 cash back AND 0% financing for 24, 36 or 48 months. Not bad.

    So, that's it. I'll probably stop by and check this forum once in a while. Lots of good people here. If the 2010 T&C Limited turns out to be a bust, I'll be honest and let you know. Based on our experience as previous owners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Chrysler minivans, we're fairly confident things will be okay (the trick is to use only Chrysler certified transmission fluid), but you just never know these days, eh?

    All the best,
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    I saw some threads on the new 8th seat being a bad design. Apologize if this is a duplicate post, but can some 2011 sienna owner talk about their experience with the 8th seat.


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    "...models have brake override of the accellerator...?

    Pure BS on the part of Toyota/NipponDenso...!!!

    A BTO, Brake/Throttle Override that is simply a firmware subroutine running in the very same engine/transaxle ECU controller has as much chance of being failsafe as was the "supposed' BTO in the Sikes incident involving a runaway Prius last week.

    Only a completely separate, indendent "add-on" BTO would be a true foolproof failsafe.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Have you been following the Sikes "incident"?

    The guy's a scam artist. He's been caught with insurance fraud, he runs AdultSwingLife.com, makes porn, and it three quarters of a million dollars in debt. Data logs show the brakes and throttle were cycled 250 times and NHTSA concluded he could not have been pressing the brakes.

    No fail safe in the world would have made a difference because this was a hoax, pure and simple.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "...hoax, pure and simple..."

    Not so simple if you bother to look behind the curtain..!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Have you read up on the case? NHTSA wrote to congress that him being on the brake pedal hard was "not feasible". Sikes is quoted as saying he was standing on the pedal (he even repeated himself).

    Either he's lying, or NHTSA is. NHTSA put this in writing in a memo to congress, so they felt confident about it.

    The only curtain is the one Sikes is using to try to hide his sketchy past.
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    According to Toyota's OWN documentation you could stand on the brakes as mightily as a 300lb person might and unless the brake light switch works there will be NO braking available, NONE...!!

    Yes, we know that the brake lights were working in Sikes case, but do we know for sure that the HSD control ECU/computer was properly communicating with the skid control ECU/computer..??

    Read the recall for the 2010 Prius with regards to delayed frictional braking resulting from an initial ABS activation. ABS will initially result in disabling regenerative braking in favor of the use of ONLY frictional braking. That is probably, mostly, to more evenly distribute the braking forces over all four wheels rather than just on the front wheels, braking of regeneration.

    But users of the 2010 Prius are reporting, rarely, a period of 1-2 seconds of absolutely NO BRAKING upon this transition. The "reflash" is to revise the firmware such that the frictional braking, SOLELY controlled by the Skid control ECU, comes on line much quicker once ABS disables regenerative braking.

    Other than a firmware flaw what do you suppose would result in a braking gap of 1-2 seconds that could be fixed by a simple "reflash".

    In Sikes case the HSD control computer was so busy managing an infinite "set/accel" acceleration rate it did not repond to the skid control computer's query " I need 160HP of braking effort, tell me how much you can provide using regeneration?. Absent a response of...NONE..what level of frictional braking might the skid control ECU provide by default...?
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    The heat of braking hard against the engine at high speed leaves a wear signature on the brake pads and rotors. As I understand it, Mr Sikes car did not have that wear pattern therefore was not braking hard during his high speed run.

    The guy's story doesn't hold up, so we have every reason to believe the guy is an opportunist looking to profit on all the bad publicity Toyota is getting.
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