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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure

speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
edited December 2013 in Dodge
OK, first off, it's amazing how this site has changed from when I posted here years ago.

I need some help. My wife pulled into the post office parking lot and the engine just died. No clunks, no thuds, no sounds, nothing. It just stalled out. She tried to restart it but to no avail. I had it towed to my mechanic and he told me that my ENGINE SEIZED!!!!
62,000 miles, I have kept up with all the maintanance. I even just had the oil changed last week.
Has anyone had this trouble with this motor? i'm still under warranty, but I know Dodge is going to fight replacing the new engine. Has anyone else had similiar problems?


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome back!

    Did your wife notice any evidence of overheating before the engine seized? You may also want to have a look at Dodge Durango Overheating Problems.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    Thanks. No overheating problem nothing. Truck was running fine. Ihave had some issues in the past where the engine just died, but it always restarted right back up. i figured same thing here. I just had it towed to the dealer and I'll see what happens.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Let us know what you find out from the dealer!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    Well, got the call. Apparently a rod drooped into the block. Don't know what caused another 2 weeks of figuring it out.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Ouch! I hope the damage wasn't too severe. It's a good thing that you're still under warranty.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    Well, the dealer still wont tell me what went wrong. All they said wsa that Chrysler approved the repairs and a new engine was being shipped from Detroit. But they wouldn't tell my WHY THE FIRST ENGINE FAILED in the first place. All they said was that "You need a new engine."
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I am sure they have some clues but are reluctant to name a specific cause since it might scare off potential customers. My guess is that it was just a fluke. Quality control doesn't always prevent something under par from rolling off the assembly line. That's the nature of statistical sampling and it was just your "lucky day." :(

    In any case, I'm glad you've gotten the problem resolved as quickly as you did! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • powapowa Posts: 1

    Chrysler is apparently avoiding answering problems.

    This is their position. And they will not budge until the Government Agency mandates some answers.

    We have had All the same problems and more. From the very beginning our truck would stall, their call cente has no recored of us ever calling.

    Our horn clockspring had to be replaced. The horn would 'blaze' the airbag clock spring also had to be replaced.

    We have had three insrument clusters. The area manager knows about the stalling and admitted to the "shame on us" factor at Chrysler for not investigating the matter. He said he would look into it. And has now ducked responsibility.

    We also loose brake pressure and steering control as the engine fails.

    We have had 2 batteries, these problems have obviously drained the 2 prior.

    Windows work sometimes, sometimes they don't.

    Oh yeah, has anybody ever experienced the engine dying and then just like that it starts up again. But yeah the awful thing is that you don't even realize you have no power until the brakes and steering are no longer compatible.

    This is not a fluke, if continued it could be considered murder. not fun to have semitrucks behind you at 70-80mph when your "stuck" but actually appear to be moving. The wheels are still spinning,no power or control
    [interior electrical or mechanical]. We have experienced the fire under the dash, they refused to cooperate to tell us what damage had been done.

    They do not want to have to refund us all. But if you don't quit you win.

    Oh yeah, the unpompous explaination for engine failure"your egr valve is designed to open at freeway speeds and close at idle." So what doe sthat mean everytime we go through a drivethrough will have a power failure. Get real.

    Make sure that every time you speak with a dealer, or rep from chryler at 1800 992 1997 you watchfully ensure they repeat back every statement made FOR LEGAL DOCUMENTATION PURPOSES. They will paraphrase in their own words and that is ok.

    I've talked to some of the younger and older reps they have all been helpful lately.
    They have thanked us after we told them to make sure they "cover themselves" so that they do not become some person's fall guy in the process of things.

    This things just about at the end ladies and gentlemen March Soldiers!!

    This is what Americans are made of. We know how to fight for what is right. The right way. You just keep praying, get answers on what to do next from God and Do Not Quit!!!

    Always ask right away to be transferred to America. Offshore is to submissive to evil authority. For weeks we thought we were working with the "Lemon Law Desk".

    No Greater Love Than A Man Lay Down His Own Life For His Friends
    (Its for those not as strong as us, Huh what about the children)?
  • I had the EXACT problem with my 2004 Dodge Durango. On 10/30/2009 I started my car in the morning and the whole engine failed! NO WARNING, NO NOTHING!!!! I was told a rod broke and there was a hole in my engine! Of course I have 85,000 miles on it! I have had it relegiously tuned, oil changes every 3000 miles....just had the last oil change in September of 2009. My truck has now been at the dealership for two weeks, with still NO news....Chysler is "reviewing" the options. It seems to me like this has been a somewhat common problem and they are aware of it! Is there anyone else who has had this problem?? Or any success with Chrysler?
  • My Durango was still under the 7 year/70,000 mile warranty. Yes the exact same thing happened. THe valve stem broke and the rod dropped into the block. After about 2 weeks, without any questions, Dodge put in a rebuilt motor. I was a little annoyed when they told me that the replaced motor is only covered by the balance of my warranty, (about 5500miles left) I have since been having numerous issues with it stalling while slowing down. It's at the dealership now, still under warranty. As usual though, it's not stalling for them.

    I have found various articles on the web in regards to 2004 Hemi Motors. Apparently there has been an issues with the valve stem braking and the rod dropping into the block. Dodge supposedly fixed it for 2005 and up, but the seem reluctant to do anything for the 2004's except for hope it happens after warranty. Good Luck..
  • Well just got the news....Please keep in mind that Thankfully, I have a friend who is a mechanic, the morning this happened he came over and looked at the engine....He said, "well I have bad news for you, it appears that a rod has broken and your engine has a hole in it"and he had NEVER seen anything like this especially with a Hemi engine....needless to say I was completely shocked!!! So I bring it to the dealership where it sat for almost two weeks, meanwhile they are "Dissecting my engine" taking apart different things, taking pictures, etc....basically having a science experiment, becasue "no one" had ever seen anything like it, so they say..Today I finally get the call...Chrysler will pay $3200.00 for the "diagnosis" and I am responsible for $2500.00....!!!!! AND they will be putting only the short block and they will use one of my old heads, basically piece together the engine, and they will only warranty it for 12,000 miles...Seriously, they are going to pay $3200.00 for something that was obvious when I brought the truck in and then charge me for the rest of it!!!!! The very fact that this is a "commonly known about problem" and they are acting like "they are helping me, when the truck was out of warranty" well lucky for them, MY truck did run out of warranty! There has got to be some sort of way around this....Does anyone know who to contact if I would like to pursue something against Chrysler...?? Seriously, a truck that is $40,000 brand new should not have this sort of problem after 85,000 miles....In an earlier post, someone mentioned contacting NHTSA...but can they really do anything....I just think of ALL the people who are suffering as a result of the negligent Chrysler company, who dont take the time to post on a sight like this....there has got to be some way to pursue this further....If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them!!!
  • That sounds excessive. THe entire diagnosis and engine replacement cost just under $4000 for my truck. Howeer, it's now back in due to stalling issues. Apparentlu the EGR Valve needs to be replaced...
  • I need help! I bought my 2004 Dodge Durango in june of 2005. It has the V-8 5.7 Hemi engine. From the time I had it i noticed a light ticking sound when it was idling. I took it to the dealer but they didn't hear anything. Now the warranty has run out and the engine has died! My daughter was using it and she called and told me that it didn't want to go. So she made it to a shop and they checked it out. They said something about no pressure from somewhere and not all the cylinders firing. They said I need a new motor. Since it's not under warranty anymore, is there anything i can do? Is there any type of class suit since so many people are having this problem? i changed the oil every 3000 miles, had it serviced regularly. It had started cutting off when I came to a stop after driving it a while, but when I put it in park and crank it back up, it ran fine. My daughter is beside herself. she can't believe a truck that we barely had 4 years would go bad so soon.
  • So sorry to hear about your problem too!!! How many miles do you have on the truck? We called Chrysler and they are willing to help me with the cost of a new engine....I am thinking the dealership is trying to "mark - up" their costs. Long story my truck still sits at the dealership (3 weeks later)....still "waiting" for whatever part...This whole process has been terrrible! Funny thing, as posted before by others.....the 'Dealershp" still has no "reason" as to why this has happened.....They just "cant figure it out"....I have been researching online for class action suits....I am finding there is already one for the 4.7 engine, problems with engine sludge....however we DO know for certain that was NOT the reason my engine failed....there was in fact a broken rod..., no warning, no signs, nothing....why or how that could happen is still yet to be determined.....
  • I think it has 110,000 miles. But a engine should last longer than that. I just had it towed home from the city where my daughter lives. Was your truck still under warranty? I wonder if Chrysler would help me with another engine? They said there was no pressure in one of the chambers or compression or something to that nature.
  • Pretty much the same as the other posts. Wife went to start the 2005 Durango one morning and that was it. 81,000 miles. Broken rod. Did everything right with respect to maintenance and oil changes. Any ideals on the scrap value?
  • so what ended up happening with your durango? the same thing JUST happened to my 2004 5.7 durango. no warning, no signs, nothing. it just died in the middle of the road. it has around 80,000 miles, so no warranty anymore. I could start it back up but the idle was really rough and it would die again. the shop that I took it to (not dodge) said "the motor was bad and that the 7th cylinder was not firing at all." they hadn't said anything about a rod. please give me any info. thanks!
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    Mine was still under warranty (if only a few months). One dealer kept giving me a hard time, demanding all maintenance reciepts and then saying that "It may take WEEKS to figure out the problem... and that my rental car wouldn't be covered until they found out what the problem was and determined that it wasn't caused by something I did.
    So, I went to another dealer and they gave me a rental car and replaced the motor. Only paid $100.00 deductible. I was told that the 2--4 hHemi motors have problems with the valve stems, they brake after a while thus resulting in the piston dropping into the engine block and basically destroying the engine. The problem was supposedly fixed for 2005 Hemi motors and on, but the never did anything about the 04 Hemi. No recall, no nothing.
  • capt62capt62 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 300C, Started it up last month and it shut off, when i restarted it, it idled very high then would shut off again. Finally i started it again and it blew the rod right through the block. The engine has 78000 with regular oil changes. Chrysler said they have not had any complaints.
  • cougar17cougar17 Posts: 1
    Yep it just happened to my wife. This car was garaged and maintained. At 75000 miles while leisurely driving down a street - BANG. Now there is a hole in the side of the block. Any update on Dodge stepping up to the plate?
  • jorgesajorgesa Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I called the customer service number for Chrysler posted on its website. I was told by the person on the other end that this was not a problem and that no recall existed for that engine. I told the person that there would not be until there was a statistical significance and the government got involved. I mentioned that I had seen a half dozen or so other issues posted on this Edmunds site and that all were at approximately 65K to 85K miles. This I would assume to be a design issue. With that I was transferred to a case manager and assigned a case number. I currently have the car at dealer where it is being looked at.

    Tonight I thought let me look at the February posting I did. I was surprised to see a number of other complaints logged since that February posting. I would suggest to all that they give Chrysler a call. With today's technology and metallurgy there should not be a catastrophic failure such as this occurring at this mileage level - in warrantee or not.
  • I have a 2003 Ram 2500 that developed a "miss" a week ago while moving at 5 mph. It felt like a bad coil pack, but ended up being spark plugs with the bottoms smashed flat from the piston slamming the valve into the bottom of them. The truck has just under 76k (6k out of warranty) and was bought new by me and maintained regularly. I called Chrysler last week and was told that they know of "no known issues with the Hemi".
  • jbarnett7580jbarnett7580 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I have a 04 dodge durango with the 5.7 Hemi in it. It is starting to stall or miss. It seems like it only does it when at a low RPM. But it could be doing it at a higher RPM also, just not able to tell. I am going to pull the spark plugs tomorrow. It has 85k miles on it, and after reading all of the post, that seems to be when stuff goes wrong. I have had the computer scanned but the only error that is present is that the EGR valve is stuck open. Is there anything that Crysler is doing about this?? Or do i just have to hold my breath and hope that a rod doesn't come out the side of the engine?? If a ignition coil was bad would the computer log an error code??? Any help on this would help out alot. Thanks in advance. It is only missing / stalling some of the time.
  • Chrysler told me that mine was out of warranty so there was nothing they could do. While mine was in the shop, a 2004 dodge 2500 with the 5.7 came in with a broken valve spring (exact same spring broke as mine). After seeing the aftermath of my 5.7, if it starts to miss again, I plan to take it to get all the valve springs inspected/replaced. I thought it was a coil-pack so I didn't turn it off. Now I'm left with a broken valve spring, broken valve, broken valve guide, broken piston......heap of scrap metal.
  • my 2004 durango limited hemi blew the same way, 7 months ago , i have 110k on the engine. always mantained at a dodge dealership. i went to start it in the morning, hit the key, and boom, 2 rods snapped, when i called dodge they told me it was the 1st hemi that has happened to, this is BS, any ideas on how to go at dodge would be great. Liars, and i also sent a report to ntsb, about a year ago, that seemed like a waste of time, about it just stalling, sometimes at idle, once at 90 mph on the highway, with no brakes, steering, lights,nothing. then starts right back up????????
  • smleistsmleist Posts: 2
    I think I may be having the same problem. My wife went out to the Durango sunday afternoon and said it wouldn't start. I went out and tried a few times and got it to start. Then I noticed there was a knocking sound coming from the engine. First thought, was that the starter was hanging up. Removed starter and found no problem there. Have listened very closely to engine from all sides and beneath. Knock is louder from underneath towards the rear of the oil pan. I live on a very tight budget and pray that this is not what it seems like it is. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Clearly, there is a trend. Yesterday, my wife's Chrysler stopped running at 65K. No pressure on #1. Calling Chrysler in the morning.
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    Luckily mine was covered under warranty, but it seems many of you are being screwed and something needs to be done. What can be done?
  • I personally have been keeping a record of all of these posts and I have also spoke with several people, via friends on facebook, who have also had similar problems in the Dodge Ram's with 5.7L Hemi's....THERE IS DEFINATELY a problem, so keep posting on here and encourage all who you talk to, to post problems...I am not sure what we can do at this point...
    Also after my engine was replaced, it makes a funny knocking sound. It did not make this sound in the old engine, and when I questioned the dealer who installed the engine, I was told "the sound was normal and that is the way all Hemi engines sound"....
  • bklynwenbklynwen Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Durango with Hemi. It is 5 years old with just under 55,000 miles and has been well maintained. About a year ago I had similar loss of power issues (check engine light came on). A local mechanic diagnosed a faulty sensor and replaced it and all was fine. A couple of months ago we took the vehicle in for the instrument cluster and fuel gauge recalls and, while it was at the dealer, we had additional routine maintenance done to the tune of nearly $3000. This past weekend, the car stalled out (no check engine light). It started right back up. I took it to my mechanic again. They ran a diagnostic scan and drove it and nothing unusual came up. I however am fearful about driving since it gave no warning. I am going to contact Chrysler. I can't imagine in light of all that has happened with Toyota that they are willing to overlook this.
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