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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
    Apparently I'm having the same problem that a lot of durango owners are having. First the vehicle was stalling out at low speeds and then I'd have all sorts of warning lights coming on. I had it in to my mechanic who could not figure it out and he sent it over to the Dodge dealer to see if they could figure it out. The dealer said that they had no idea and they would have to tear the engine down at an hourly rate. The engine has 146K on it with all of the scheduled maintenance having been done. My mechanic (who i've been with for 20+ yrs) finally got the vehicle to work w/o any error codes when without warning the engine locked up. He suspects a valve spring sheared off and something else catastrophic. He thinks that the it will need a used or rebuilt engine. Right now i have an immobile wheeled piece of scrap metal. I'm thinking of having a used engine w/ 60K dropped in so that i can just trade it in for something non-dodge. Do i have to put another 5.7 hemi in? From the forum, it seems like this is a not unusual issue with the 5.7 and if i put another hemi in, who knows how long that will last. Chrylser clearly wont admit that there's a problem despite what seems like numerous complaints. If this was happening to Toyota's SUV, the government would be all over the manufacturer for answers, but hey, at least Chrysler got a government bailout. I bought this thing for $32K with 24 miles on it; it should last for more than 5 yrs. That's the last Dodge that I'll ever buy.
  • If you find anything out please let me no, this is killing me, just paid 11k,cash, and don't have a vechile to drive , with work and 4 kids its killing me. thxs
  • did dodge do anything for you, there are alot of us with the same problem, need help!!!
  • if you hear anything, let me no, this sucks, and im sure they are hiding it, because im sure its killed poeple!!!
  • keep me informed buddy, sitting in the same boat. 2004 limited 5.7
  • if you hear anything please let me know, my 2004 limited hemi did the exact thing
  • 03pos03pos Posts: 1
    Yep my '03 ram just seized up at 120k miles. Pulled the plugs and a valve on #3 cylinder on passenger side snapped and flattend the plugs. Would really like to get a recall or class action going, no way am I paying $5k for a new motor. I bought it used last year so don't know much history but I've only put 3k miles on it.
  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
    Well, I had no choice but to replace my 2004 engine because otherwise I'd own a piece of scrap metal. $3,843.00 total for a used 2005 engine, new water pump, master seals, miscellaneous. As my trusted mechanic told me, the problem is not unique to the Durango but occurs with any of the Chrysler/Dodge engines with a .7 in it (such as the 5.7 liter that I have) Everyone suggests a class action lawsuit but you'd need to find a professional class action lawyer whose willing to front the costs. For the time being, I would suggest that everyone who has this problem file a complaint online with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Office of Defects Investigations. The website is There are 507 formal complaints re the '04 durango if you don't specify a specific component problem although just sifting thru these indicates that the majority of the complaints pertain to catastrophic engine failures preceeded by stalling out and flashing dash lights. Of course, I suspect that there are probably hundreds of more similar incidents that were never reported to NHTSA. The '05 and later models do not show anywhere near a similar amount of engine failure complaints. I'm guessing that the government won't do anything because (1) I can't see where there has been any accidents with injuries/fatalities and (2) it doesnt involve Toyota. (The gvmt was all over Toyota for a supposed floor mat maybe sticking on an accelerator. I would suggest that if you do file a complaint, point out whether you were moving at the time of failure since once the engine cuts out you immediately lose power steering and brakes. At high speeds, I surprised that there has not been any injuries when this occurred. I'll be persistant in pestering NHTSB and hope you will as well. In the meantime, if you can, trade-in that '04 durango as soon as possible. Good luck to everyone!
  • I have a 2005 Durango with the Hemi engine. Yes it did the stalling once in a while. But last Monday we were on our way back to Florida coming down a steep Mountain in Tennessee (highway 24) when our engine seized. No you don't have power steering and brakes!! I was very lucky that my husband was driving since we were driving at a high rate of speed. We coasted down the mountain and to safety. We were very lucky!!!
    The tow truck company said that this had happened less than two weeks before ours to a lady with a 2004 Durango (hemi).
    We were towed to Dodge where they tried to talk me into trading it in. Of course my car isn't worth much without an engine. So I couldn't afford to trade it in.
    It is costing me $6400 + tax to replace my engine. I had 156,000 miles on my car. We shouldn't have had to replace it!
    I am a Real Estate Agent, I need my car to make a living. And of course they want their payments even though my Durango is in the shop!
    Dodge needs to step up to the problems with these engines. I will be more than happy to join any law suit!!!
  • dgolfdgolf Posts: 1
    2004 Durango 5.7 Hemi, well maintained, about 89,000 miles. Mostly used for highway driving, has never towed or been off-roading. Last drove it Saturday 06/12 and was running fine, no warning lights, no funny noises. Stayed home the following day, Sunday. Monday morning went to start it up to go to work, turned the ignition, heard a loud thump then would not turn over. Had it towed to shop, was told that a piston had gone through the side of the block. Would like to hear back from others who have had this problem and contacted Chrysler. Has anyone actually gotten any assistance in replacing engine if it out of warranty?
  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
    You really need to file a complaint with the NTHSB about what happened. I've been down that same mountain road many times on my way to Florida and its dangerous enough when your vehicle is functioning properly. It's actual injuries/fatalities and near misses such as you've experienced that my eventually prompt the government to force a recall. Save your receipts for the repairs because if something is ultimately done, Dodge will have to reimburse you for the costs of repairs. Glad to hear that no one was injured.
  • dmprincsdmprincs Posts: 1
    the same thing happen to me two days ago,and the mechanic told me he never saw something like that,now it is costing me 3500 to get a new engine.
  • You got a good deal. It cost us $6400 plus tax to replace the engine on our 2005 Durango.
  • kaykaywckaykaywc Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 Durango 5.7 Hemi and when it had about 128,000 miles on it the motor went out. I'm like everyone else, that's not enough miles on a truck for it to be going out. the mechanic said that it had lost its compression. So I had to have the motor replaced. I did not get any assistance since it was out of warranty. I would be glad to to join a lawsuit.
  • can you please give me your e-mail that is not on here they keep spamming me
    and take my post off
  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
  • think they will spam all of us out...try spelling out the symbol "at"......

  • durangocrapdurangocrap Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    DITTO! My situation is the exact same as yours, including the amount of money I paid for my truck and same mileage. I sent you an email, so you have my contact information. I did have to put a new engine in mine, well a "rebuilt one" and it cost me roughly $5000.00. My mechanic also did not have a good explanation as to why it happened. My truck only had 84,000 miles when it happend, October 30, 2009.
  • Reading your posts- I'd like to join in-
    I own a 2005 Dodge POWERWAGON with the 5.7 Liter... While doing 80 MPH down I-4 in Florida I was almost about to test out the seatbelts! The engine with 125K miles on it blew- The conn rod shot out of the side of the block- Being an Engineer on ships for years, I knew the sound. I just didn't expect the reaction of the truck- EVERYTHING shut off- NO power steering, Brakes went limp- NO idiot lights other than "Check Gauges" came on?? .. Scared the living piss outta me- After nearly side swiping another vehicle and almost rolling the truck in the median, I made it to the side of the road, I observed the damage- Surprisingly the atomized oil didn't catch the entire rig on fire because it sprayed all over the exhaust. Looking at the nice hole in the side of the block where the conn rod was sticking out, I knew this was not right given the low miles (125K) of the truck and the extent of which I service this engine. The dealership is currently replacing the engine with a Re-Man and I expect to have it back next week. The dealership loaded my Blown engine into the back of my truck per my request. When I get the old engine back I will be conducting a full tear down and investigation on the engine. Determining the root cause of failures is my specialty and what I do for a living. If anyone would like access to the report- it will be done in several weeks after I receive the engine. In reading all of your posts- There seems to be a commonalty between these engines... I would like to contact those of you for additional information on your engines that have had failures- i.e.- Serial and arrangement numbers along with any pictures or service reports indicating the Mechanics notes. With this report I will be submitting it to MOPAR headquarters and the NTSB for follow-up and an explanation. I was able to narrowly avoid a severe crash but would not be able to sleep should anyone else have this problem and not be so fortunate. Thank you, Scott
  • zan1zan1 Posts: 1
    Had same thing happen 80,000 miles motor blown mechanic says he has no idea of cuase all fluilds where good and had been serviced reg. would be greatful for any info as far seeing this prob addressed by dodge. orrlok@yahoo
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • So many similar stories in this forum. I have a 04 Durango with 5.7 Hemi. It is clean and very well maintained...I love driving this SUV! I never had an issue with my Durango, had dealer perform all scheduled maintenance as suggested in the manual. One morning I turn on my Durango and thump, thump, thump...engine dead. I don't understand or accept that an engine that was simply humming in harmony one day can die the next with no warning. I'll keep calling Chrysler knowing that I will never hear "we'll send you a new/reman engine"

    The dealer is asking approximately 7,000 for a replacement engine. I live in Kentucky, outside of Louisville. Does anyone know of engine suppliers that may come in less than what I have been hearing? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Lost without my Durango =(
  • smleistsmleist Posts: 2
    Looks like i'm stuck with a $10,000 lawn ornament. I can't afford to have the engine replaced. Luckily I wasn't driving when mine went. Maybe that is why I don't have a big hole in the engine. I am still able to start it, but it makes a very loud and fast ticking noise. Won't be driving it, that's for sure. What sucks the worst, is that i'm still paying almost $300 a month in payments for a vehicle I may never drive again. I can't let my credit take a hit on this, because I will need to get another vehicle eventually. My 3 kids are hoping for a recall as well, so that they don't have to be dropped off at the day-care at 5:30 in the morning anymore. Keep me posted on what comes down the pike. smleist at hotmail dot com
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I had the Dodge put mine in. I really didn't have the money to do so, but I figured that if I am spending $7000 on a new engine I wanted a warranty. So now my Durango has an engine with a warranty.
  • jkthorpejkthorpe Posts: 1
    Hello Airborne,

    I have a 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7L Hemi and I am on my 4th engine. Each time it has been replaced I have asked for the accompanying tech form for the engine and each time I have been told that they do not exist. Also I have never been told what happened to the engine. I got 30K miles out of the original, 2K out of the second and 6K out of the third. I have also requested a call from the Chrysler Regional Manager but again nothing. I would be interested to hear the results of your tear-down if you have the time.

    Best regards,

  • After reading most of the posts in this forum I am not feeling good! After driving around all day, no issues, I went out to start my truck and it fired then stalled. On re-start it cranked until i opened the throttle then it started rough and would not idle. I was able to get it to the dealer by maintaining rpm with my foot on the brake. It felt like restricted fuel flow or a plugged exhaust at first, no loud bangs or rods through the block. The dealer finally called me and told me #7 had a dead miss, ignition checked good, may be a bad valve spring or rocker arm assembly.
    With everything I have read here it should be an interesting discussion on Monday. The truck has 145,000, excellent condition and maintenance, no heavy use unless pulling a horse trailer for 4H counts has heavy use. Like many others no warning at all, just stalled at startup.
  • I have a 2006 jeep commander with 77k oil changed every 4k with mobil1 at 100.00 per oil change my wife came out of the store started it BOOM 0 comp #1 cly smashed spark plugs dents in the piston. the only good news I am a ex mech of 25 years I can fix it myself for a fraction of the cost when I have the time. the BAD news is for dodge is I have been in business for myself for 18 months and doing well was looking at a 2010 ram with a hemi for a company truck and a challenger for my daughter when she turns 16 you just lost $60,000.00 in car sales I will do like the rest of the americans get smart and buy a nissian or honda
  • vadacvadac Posts: 1
    I had been having problems with my Durango starting, the check engine light came on, took it to the Dealership to have it checked. They said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. It had 120K miles on it, they said to do a tune up. We keep up with the maintenance like clock work, it is paid for and I want to keep it a few more years before jumping in to another note. The dealership quoted me $650 parts and labor to change the plugs and wiring harness. We purchased the plugs and wires at Oreilly for under $100, and spent the afternoon changing them ourselves. The light went off and it ran fine for 3 days, the light came back on and then I had to start accelerating it to get it to catch. It would try to turn over, but wouldn't start unless I gave it the gas. It got worse so I took it in and told the dealership what was wrong. They called me 2 days later and said the Auto Light Platinum plugs I put in it were gaped at .056 and I needed .040 and that Auto light plugs won't run in a Dodge, I needed any other brand but Auto Light, WTH???? Oreilly and Auto Zone both recommend the Auto Light Platinum on their web sites. I called 2 Oreilly stores and they both recommended them also.
    After hearing all of this, I am really scared now. I can't afford to replace my engine. I am going to the dealership on Monday, we will see what happens from here.
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