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Audi A6 Wagons



  • I see that many people have a handle on dealer cost and lease incentives. We are shopping for a 99 A6 Wagon, and would like to know what's normal for N.Calif
  • buvverbuvver Posts: 7
    Not only will the AVANT not be offered in 2000 with the 2.7, it won't even be offered with a manual transmission even though the sedan will be.
    In Europe, they offer every combination you can think of in the AVANT in both auto and manual transmissions.
  • Does anyone know id Audi will provide the US version of ath a6 avant with a bigger or turbo engine. I have one now and it is a slow dog...
    of course that is my only complaint...
  • buvverbuvver Posts: 7
    I have been dying for an A6 AVANT manual but it won't be offered in 2000. No S6, no V8, automatic transmission only. If you ask me it's a shame especially when they offer all of these in Europe.
    I inquired about these choices for the 2001 AVANT and was told that they have no information.
  • My '99 A6 wagon has some type of whistling vibration, possibly wind driven, when driving on the highway between 70 and 80 mph. Two trips to the dealer have failed to solved the problem. Any ideas on what it could be?
  • bobk3bobk3 Posts: 3
    The Allroad Quattro was to start production in February 2000 at Neckarsulm, Germany. Does anyone know when the North American introduction date is and what motor / transmission it will have?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Edmunds just reviewed the A6 with a 250 hp twin turbo 2.7 liter v6 0-60 in 6.0 seconds with a 6-speed manual - available this year. There is also a 300 hp v-8 available, but it is no faster because of extra weight.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Those engines mentioned above are only available on the Sedan. Yet another manufacturer believes that having children removes ones will to own an enjoyable automobile. Let's see some fun wagons. ;)
  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 8
    my kids are grown. i'd like a wagon because we go to the (plant), the farmer's market, home depot,etc. i also like to drive fast. so, audi is ignoring another audience segment.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    According to an email I got from Audi USA last month, there will be no Avants with 2.7T or V8. So I went out and bought an ML430. I love it. I wanted more power and room. Audi has lost me. A former Euro 200 owner. As far as I am concerned, Audi and VW ignore the US market. For example, you can buy a V6 awd Passat wagon in Germany but not in the USA. In Germany the Avants are available with the 2.7T, not in the USA. Why?
  • Has anyone seen or ordered or considered the Audi navigation system for the 2000 model year? Interested in hearing thoughts on the onboard system compared to an aftermarket system.
  • The 2.8 serves the vast majority of wagon drivers
    exactly to their needs. I am sorry spockcat went out and purchased an ml430. It simply is inferior
    related to handling, safety and looks. Acceleration is adequate in the a6 avant---everything else is second to none.
  • buvverbuvver Posts: 7
    So what ? It appears to me that a lot of us would like a wagon with little more power. Feel free to buy yourself a 2.8 but don't assume that your opinion covers the vast majority of drivers.
  • Anyone know what is in store for the 2001 A6 avant
    engine? If they dont put in the 2.7 turbo I am
    buying a volvo V70 R...

  • Although I am in PA,your wholesale price of $23.5k makes absolutely no sense. Wholesale prices for moderately equipped 1998 a6 wagons exceed $27k. If you really paid $45k for your wagon it was a very full price. I paid $40.9k for a 99 with everything except warm weather package. There was a style change from 98 to 99 but you still should check around for better pricing assuming there is nothing abnormal about your car's condition or mileage. Also,BUVVER-not opinion, just fact.
  • It's got barely 3K miles on it and is fully loaded. Dealer's asking $36K. Based on rparian's posting about "fast" depreciation above (24 Oct 1999), perhaps this is somewhat high...any thoughts?
  • I just bought a 2000 a6 avant--month old--and love it. The acceleration definitely seems quicker than the 99 I test drove, but I haven't seen any spec data. The owners manual and the audiusa web site both say the acceleration number is not yet available. Has anyone seen any actual numbers? Anyone else with a 2000 a6 2.8 have any observations on the acceleration change??
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Why does BMW offer a 540i Sportwagon? Why does Volvo offer their V70R? True, not every buyer wants or needs more power but what I cannot understand is that Audi offers Avants in Europe with the other engines. Why do they give the USA no choice?
  • lkanlkan Posts: 2
    I just happened upon this website and i must say your conversation right now is exactly what I'm thinking about. Which is very good (and convenient!). Will the 2001 A6 Avant be offered with a more POWERFUL engine? And when do new year models actually arrive (to showrooms and to actual delivery)? For example, when did the 2000 models arrive? On March, July, or September of this year? And also Bordeaxx (#74) mentioned that the standard 2.8's modified transmission makes it a little more lively this year; is that true and by how much compared to last year's model? The A4 Avant 2.8 is only about 400 pounds lighter than the A6 Avant, has almost exactly the same HP and torque ratings, but according to almost everyone is much more peppy (even with the auto) than the A6. How is that so? Sorry for all these questions; I am shopping around and am curious. Thanks!
  • hm2hm2 Posts: 1
    Re Post 77, let me offer this. The difference between the weight of an A4 and A6 Avant may not seem that great, but the additional 400 pounds is a substantial extra burden on the output of the 2.8 engine. I just drove a 2000 model and could not tell any difference between its performance and that of the 1999 model. Perhaps if you drove one right after the other in direct comparison there would be a discernible difference, but the 2000 felt sluggish - no better than the 1999 in that regard.
  • I guess it comes down to the economics. Some look at where the largest demand is and then eventually follow up filling niche demands that make sense economically. It may make sense for BMW to fulfill the need for a peppy wagon because that is more their focus (also none exist) than perhaps the the quattro/safety focus Audi is presently taking. I must say that the 2.8 seems just fine and this is coming from someone who's previous two cars were around 300hp. Buying the Audi A6 Avant is as good a car buying decision that you can make. Now I am in the market for a sedan to complement my wagon and the E320(mb) is the most likely choice--as a sedan not as the wagon. Best wishes.
  • It's anybody's guess on what engines will be available on '01 A6. You may want to check out and on speculations, rumors, and official Audi statements (if any) on forthcoming Audi models, including A6.

    About the availability of new-year models, I bought the first '00 A6 2.8 sedan that my dealer had on their lot. It was built in 7/99, and the dealer had it in around mid-Sept. I think A4 came in much later that.

    About '99 and '00 acceleration, Audi reprogrammed the shift points for '00 (and 99.5) Tiptronic, and several people reported improved low-end acceleration due to this change. I haven't driven '99 long enough to compare, though.
  • Just test drove the 2000 A6 Avant at Sonnen Motors in San Rafael CA. It definitely seems to have more torque - I did not find myself needing to put the gas pedal to the floor to get the car going and it responded immediately, unlike the 1999. The salesman, Nick, stated that Audi made changes to the camshafts in addition to other factors. I was pleased. The seats were not as plush, but the ride was smoother and less jiggly than a Volvo R. Also, as the Volvo engine was impressively growling, I looked at the speedometer and I was only going 65 mph - much ado about nothing.
  • Does anyone know whether the Audi A6 Avant comes with heated outside mirrors (standard or option)? I’ve read Audi’s literature, but I couldn’t find any mention of this. Thanks for any help.
  • Can anyone explain (or point me to a reasonably
    good explanation of) the major differences of
    these two "AWD" approaches? Thanks!
  • The Avante does come standard with heated outside mirrors. There is not a switch to turn the heaters on or off. The heaters are always on at least this is the case with the 99's and I'm quite sure for the y2k model.
  • just go a new a6 avant - seems faster to me that what he press says - the dealer says that he heard the car has been re-chipped for 2000 for better pick-up off the line - although the power rating is the same...either way, i think its great - by the way the list is actually a bit lower than '99 cosidering the equipment...mine had msrp of $39.4K
  • One of the changes for '00 on A6 2.8 is the reprgrammed shift points in Tiptronic transmission.

    The price didn't go down, it went up slightly (about $100-$200), but '00 has a new package called Preferred Equipment Pkg which includes the most popular options (Sunroof, Leather Seats) at a substantially lower cost than getting Leather Seats and Convenience Package.
  • Not to digress from the A6 Avant discussion .... but a lot of previous posts indicate a lot of interest in higher performance engine with 6-speed option.

    Well, more salt for the North American wounds.

    Audi just announced RS4 Avant (admittedly, not the roomier A6 focus of this crowd). Engine is 2.7 turbo V-6 with 300+ hp. European delivery only. See neat pictures at

    May not be everyone's cup of tea ... but I'm heartbroken, again.
  • jritijriti Posts: 2
    welkowa had asked for an explanation of the different AWD systems. A FAQ at does a great job on that. Go to and read "Introduction to AWD Systems"

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Can anybody with an A6 that has a third seat tell if the seat looks like it can be retrofitted to a Passat - how is it attached etc. They have almost the same space in the back (actually the Passat is a skoosh larger) so there should be enough room. I would love an A6, but the Passat is more in line with what I am willing to pay.

    Thanks in advance - the nearest Audi dealer is over 200 miles away and they only have a few a4's so I can't really check for myself.
  • I have test driven the 2000 Saab 9.5 wagon. Loved it. Why should I buy a 2000 A6 Avant instead of the Saab V6 turbo wagon?
  • Buy the Saab - I did and I love the car. Better sound, great handling and comfortable and fast. It handles well in snow and slush, but AWD on the Audi is an advantage. Audi also has the third seat if you need one. Otherwise, save the extra dough and have fun!
  • Just did it! Picking up the wag next week. Thanks for the note darandall! Keep me posted on your experience with your saab, and I will do the same.
  • I just returned from a week's vacation to find my 1999 Avant unable to start. Had it towed to the local Audi dealership and have been told that the sparkplugs have too much carbon on them and that the car needs some which will run "hotter" as well as a new thermostat. And those parts are not in stock. Anyone else had this disappointing experience with this expensive car?
  • I haven't had a problem with the spark plugs, but I'm in the middle of a problem everyone should be aware of. Apparently Audi is having a significant problem with the fuel sending units in the A6 (I'm not sure if it is only Avant related or not.) My wife ran out of gas in the middle of the night because the gauge was still reading half full. This was in October and we're still waiting for a new part. Apparently due to the high failure rate, Audi is redesigning the part.

    I most admit I'm very disappointed with Audi from a customer service aspect. I'm the one who always has to call to find out the status and while polite, no one really seems to be that concerned about the problem or inconvenience. If this problem is as prevalent as my dealer has lead me to believe, then Audi should be notifying everyone of the potential for failure of the fuel sending unit and issuing a recall. In my mind running out of gas in the middle of the night is a safety issue and Audi should be showing more concern about their customers safety.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    It is possible to need "hotter" plugs. If you drive only short trips, your plugs will not get hot fast enough to burn off carbon. Getting hotter plugs will help. However, if you switch to long trips and don't change your plugs back, you will burn up your plugs faster than normal. Not a big deal, you just have to replace them, no real harm done. Getting a hotter thermostat is a bad idea. Sounds like your dealer is confused. Unless your thermostat is just broken.

    This problem with hot/cold plugs is not as uncommon as you think. It isn't like "decoking", that is something only needed on poorly designed engines. The higher performance your engine is, the more it will be sensitive to being "underdriven" and need things like hotter plugs. Not starting is a little extreme though, but many people lose performance to never making long trips and having their plugs fouled because of it.
  • Why don't you come visit us at the Saab 9-5 Wagon topic and tell us all about it!
  • I am searching for the best price on an A6 Avant in the Bay Area. Anyone have any input. Please email to [email protected] Thanks for your help.
  • Hi all -

    I am in the market for the '00 A6 Avante wagon. Can anyone share the best deal they were able to strike with the dealership? Buy or Lease? Any rebates, incentives, holdbacks that you know of?

    Thanks in advance for your help
  • Audi has none of these at the moment. There was an A8 incentive a little while ago, but not right now.

    As to buy or lease: you rarely win leasing. Given the terms, you could end up ahead if you planned on selling the car anyway at the end.

    Basically, there is only one way to come out ahead on a lease:
    If you were to take a 5 year loan on a car you planned on selling in 3 years, there is a lot of accumulated interest on the money you borrowed but don't pay back until the last two years of the loan. On a lease, that money isn't part of the principal, since you don't own that part of the car, and so you don't pay interest on it.

    Think of it this way: If the car costs $5000, and you pay for it over 5 years at 10% interest a year.

    The interest the first year is $500.
    On a lease, since you never owed the last $2000, the interest the first year is $300.

    You not only have to pay more interest, but you pay interest on the interest, too!

    So, by buying, you borrowed that extra $2K, paid the interest on it, then got it back by selling the car after 3 years and paid the loan off. You are still out of pocket for the interest.

    By leasing, you don't borrow that extra $2K for 3 years, and so you save the interest on it.

    If you finance the car (or lease) for less than the time you plan to keep the car, leasing never makes sense.

    Leasing can protect your butt if the bottom drops out of the resale value of the car.

    Me, I bought, despite heavy pressure from the dealer. I plan to keep my car years longer than the financing, so I come out ahead.
  • Thanks for the rare and straight forward explanation. I think one important thing to ask the dealer if you are thinking of going with a lease is "what is the cost of the money, or what is the money factor". Often times it is much higher than the interest rate you would get on a purchase. I believe a basic way to figure the "cost of the $" in a lease is to multiply the money factor by 2400. Please correct me if I am wrong. For example, the lease I did on our company 2000 Saab 9.5 had a money factor of .0026 or about 6.26 percent. The dealers must disclose the money factor if you ask.....however they count of the fact that most customers do not ask. And don't forget that everything in the deal is open for discussion. Feel free to grind the price down, the money factor down, or if you purchase, grind the interest rate down.
  • Fell in love with the A6 Avant today. Can live with the sluggish response (vs. current Camry V6). Have to lease (business), need 3rd seat too. For loaded (44.5K sticker), 15K miles per year, 39 mo. no money down, dealer asking for $525 pm. Says next month will be higher as the residual goes down. Have visited Audi's own site and others and monthly costs are so different everywhere. Is this a good price? Any Long Island buyers there? This is Anchor Audi in Lynbrook. Thanks.
  • Any experience with the 3rd seat? Need to carry 6 people sometimes. We opted for a Wagon as my wife feels uncomfortable in a minivan or SUV and I couldn't bring myself to pay $2500 over MSRP the dealers are asking for the Honda Odyssey. Is the Volvo XC better for that occasional 6th person (child) in the back? Also, the A6 3rd seat does not fold down but swivels to the side. Does this really reduce cargo space that much?
  • mstsscmstssc Posts: 89
    The Volvo 3rd seat folds into the floor with no loss in cargo space. I have no comment on how A6 seat works. The Volvo seat works well for occcasional kids, but you don't have much cargo space when the seat is in use. The only time it gets in the way is if you want to use it when you have the cargo cover in. The cover must be taken out first - ours stays in the garage most the time.

  • Watch it folks! If you seat kids in back and the rear window blows out/inward in a rear end collision, guess where the glass goes? If they survive they may need plastic surgery. Why do you think Saab did not go forward with their third seat? Liability.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Don't the 4 front passengers who sit by windows (considerably closer than the rear facing passengers) have the same exposure to breaking glass if there was a side impact?

    What about minivans with the third (forward facing) rear seat. People in that third seat have their heads only a foot or two from the back window. Pretty close to SUV hoods!

    There is always a scenerio for disaster.
  • mstsscmstssc Posts: 89
    Maybe we should all stay home, it would be the safest. We got out of our Voyager for a wagon as my oldest son had to sit in the third seat with his head less than a foot away from the back glass. The big difference between this and the rear facing seat in the Volvo is that he had to sit in the van seat every time we went out. The third seat of the Volvo is only used occasionally. In my opinion the Volvo is safer as the exposure is now less (as he rides there less often).

    Also, I also got the same answers from Saab and BMW as to why they don't have a third seat - safety. But lets face it, I believe they use this to convinve you not to buy the competition, Merc, A6 or Volvo, which does have a third seat.

  • Pradeep
    If your quoted price of $525/mo truly does not involve any money down (ie no trade in, no cap reduction) then it seems like a good deal. The main reason is that VW/Audis traditionally have a low residual value that therefore results in higher lease rates. BTW is it a VW/Audi lease?

    As far as the 3rd seat goes in the Audi, I've never seen it at the dealership. Only once at the mall have I seen an A6 with the 3rd row option -- the seat was folded up off to the side. The cargo space seemed adequate.

    In my brief tests of the XC and the A6, I got the impression that the Volvos cargo space was more functional -- chalk that up to the boxy styling!!

    I don't think any of us will be able to answer your delemma about wagon vs. minivan for the occasional 6th pass. However, if your occas 6th pass. will always be a child and you will not need the cargo space for extra 'stuff', then a wagon may suit your needs.

    Stephen, Dudley, Rick
    If life could be that simple...unfortunately (or fortunately ) cars are an essential part of our hectic days! I personally can vouch for the fact that glass shattering from a side impact collision can end up in your eyes. If its going to happen, it'll happen.

    The good thing about the rear facing third row seats -- it provides that extra seat(s) for kids when you're in a bind. It's much safer than the other alternative -- having them sit UNRESTRAINED in the cargo area. I think we have all seen (and perhaps guilty of it on the rare occasion) the wagon / SUV with people in the cargo area.

    I also agree with Stephen that the arguement by Saab and BMW (re: liability) is their PR on the subject. As I've mentioned in other forums, if it really was a liability, would Volvo, Audi, and MB continue to offer it as an option (or std in the case of MB)?

    Just my 0.02

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