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Audi A6 Wagons



  • sunnysidesunnyside Posts: 2

    I too am in San Diego and without ever mentioning your name -Would you be kind enough to tell me which dealer confirmed it and which denied it..

    I soon expect to be shopping for an A6 Avant (99?)

  • The dealer at Miramar said there would be no other optional engines in 2000 for the Avant. The downtown dealership, Metro (salesman was Anthony) said the twin turbo would be coming.

    Also I test drove an Avant last week at Miramar that supposedly had the new final drive ratio (also had the new stereo with in dash CD). According to the salesman, it picked up the 0-60 by 1/2 second. I haven't driven the older one so I can't say but I still was a little disappointed with the performance, although it did pull away from a stop pretty nicely.
  • sunnysidesunnyside Posts: 2
    Your question about resale of a '99 versus '2000
    is the same one I've been asking myself before buy. Have you received any responses or clues?
  • bassoonbassoon Posts: 7
    Does the a6 Avant quattro come with a cd player? I know you can order a 6 disc cd changer but is a regular cd player in the dash?
  • bassoonbassoon Posts: 7
    Does the a6 Avant quattro come with a cd player? I know you can order a 6 disc cd changer but is a regular cd player in the dash?
  • '99 A6's are now arriving at dealers with the new Symphony double-DIN radio as standard equipment. It includes a cassette player as well as an in-dash CD player. The 6 CD changer in the trunk is still an option.
  • garv9garv9 Posts: 1
    I just visited Jack Daniels Audi in New Jersey. The Sales Manager said the 2.7T (twin turbo;250hp) will be available in the 2000 model year. He told me 8-12 weeks from now. What will the torque be in this new engine?
    I am really confused between the A6 Avant, SAAB 9-5 Wagon and the Volvo V70XC. Any further comments from recent decisions would be helpful. Also, what is a good deal on theses vehicles? Thanks in advance.
  • shererssshererss Posts: 1
    After several months of searching and test driving We are chosing the Audi A6 2.8 Quarto.
    This will replace a Honda Odyssey LX. I have driven several cars.
    The volvo xxawd left me with a terrible headache. The car was not properly
    preped. The ride was very bumpy. The deal was super, but the car was not.
    We did give volvo another try with the V70 GLT-the ride was much better but again the headache showed up.
    For spending over $30,000 for a car, you better love it!

    Moved on to the ML320-Liked this car very much, still rocky on some roads,but overall was moving up fast
    as #1 choice..before making final selection Hubby says we must go see YBH dealership in PA (I still morn the day I sold my 92-90S
    took out the A6 and fell in love all over again. Will take the car for a day to make sure it was not a one night stand, and to see how the
    kids, stroller, dog, and hubby all fit.

    Numbers are the bottom line, remember when your first home was cheaper than your 1999 car choice??
  • zuffenzuffen Posts: 1
    Does anyone now when was the new final ratio transmissions updated? manufacturing dates? Also how much did you pay for your A6 Avants? I'm buying this weekend and Volvo is surely making it hard to pass up price wise.

  • bobewald1bobewald1 Posts: 2
    I am in the purchasing mode for a new A6 Avant right now. I currently have two dealers trying to meet a price of $36,200 for a fully loaded Melange wagon. One is pretty stuffy (Dallas area) and is VERY proud of their pricing structure... "we only deal from sticker, sir", you know how that works for us the car buyer. The other one is is supposed to come back with another offer this morning. I had not heard anything about gear ratios.
  • ivo1ivo1 Posts: 1
    I am currently looking at the A6 Avant and love the style of the car; however, I am concerned that it is a VW product. I realize all Audis (and the passat) are built in Germany, but c'mon VW controls the quality. My experience with the Jetta (old and new) have been poor and Consumer Reports always rates VW products poorly after several years on the road.
    Considering the new design for A6 Avant 99 and VW's history, is this car worth purchasing over the more expensive MB wagon or BMW? Should I invest more to have "piece of mind?"
  • bassoonbassoon Posts: 7
    after months of test drives and comparisons I finally bought the quattro A6. What a nice smooth ride - the car is plenty plenty peppy and it has every creature comfort you could think of (even tell you when to take a break after 2 hours of driving) I got a late 1999 model with a cd changer, rear windows that defrost (in additon to back and front) and a good price to lease ($100 month less than Saab 6cy which we also liked a lot) I am happ with the dealer and the car!
  • Having owned an 1996 A6 Quattro Wagon since new, I can share my ownership experience with others.

    My advise: Sell the car while still in warranty. My car just came out of warranty (36 months) and developed an air conditioner problem (leak in evaporator) at 37,000 miles. Estimate to fix it was $ 1,200 from my audi dealership.

    This is ridiculous.

    In the past three years of ownership, the following items went wrong:

    1: Rattle in rear door. Fixed in 3 visits.
    2: Remotes not working.
    3: Door locks not working.
    4: Battery dies.
    5: Radio needed replacement. TWICE!

    Finally A/C dies.

    Is this what you expect from a luxury car?

    Not me. I had a Lexus LS 400 which required *NO* repairs in 4 years of ownership!!

    Good luck to all Audin buyers.

    S J
  • check out the current dealer incentives
    A4 all models $1750 LEASE
    A6 from $3000 - $3750 LEASE
  • Last Tuesday I faxed out a vehicle description / offer to lease to a couple dozen Audi dealers. The net cap price of $35,460 that I offered was based on Invoice less the $3250 lease incentive plus $500 for the dealer to make something.

    I received a response from all but 4 of the dealers, and on Thursday evening I took delivery of a Jaspis green A6 Avant at the net cap offered.

    Of course, it was quite that simple. The dealer tried to get some back by sliding thru a few bogus title charges (I was from out of state), and a lease from some no-name outfit at a higher money factor. After I ripped up the 3rd lease, I told 'em I had other things to do, and we finally got it done.


  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    My local dealer is trying hard to move a few 99.5 Avants before the flood of new Audis arrive. He is offering $440/month on fully loaded (43K sticker) Avants with about 3K down and 12K/yr. (I can't recall all details). What did you actually get in your lease (months, price, miles, cap reduction, sec deposit, etc.)

    Also, what do you really think about the Tip Trans? Can you override that annoying computer chip that "learns" your driving style? I hear you can in the BMW version.

  • In previous posts (I think somewhere between #30 and #40)there was a brief discussion on A6 with turbocharged 250 HP engine. Is this the European S4 version. Article in USA Today (9/17, pg 12B)seems to indicate Audi is bringing it here soon. Is this the performance version previously mentioned ?

    Now that I've gotten over (kinda) sticker shock on Audi and BMW wagons .... seems like this version gives me best of both worlds. Audi styling, with 6-speed and bigger engine.

    Should I wait? Anyone see or test drive a S4 in Europe? Thoughts ?
  • MRJ: Your dealer is offering the standard promotion package from the sounds of it. While the Audi leases are advertised to show the lowest lease payment, they are available in whatever form you would like. Most folks won't want to pay $3K up front, and will pay a drive off of 1st, last and cap reduction of approx $1500. The 36 and 39 month terms are the most popular, but most folks go with the 15K mile/year rates. I did the $1500 drive off, 39 month @12Kmi/yr with a residual of $21.6K and lease payment of $507.

    Triptronic vs BMW automatic: This is like apples and oranges. The trip is very smooth, the BMW isn't. The BMW theoretically allows a manual selection mode, but after using it once, you'll never bother again. The trip not only allows manual selection, but with it's sluggish engine/tranny combo in automatic operation, you will NEED the manual mode at times, especially in urban freeway driving. If find I use the trip quite allot, and it works very well.

    I simply put the BMW in auto and go. However, this is a 328ICS and has plenty of power.
  • had conversation with salesman. he said 2.7 turbo would not be available in u.s. in avants. i hope he's wrong because it does appear to be the perfect combination of performance and space. anyone heard different?
  • Back to the reliability question. I leased a silver avant last month based on a somewhat confused process of elimination--Volvo XC, Lexus 3oo, Toyota Sienna. We loved the Audi's looks, I found the power adequate for our needs, and had seen fine reliability comments from some test sources, including Consumer Reports. I did see a very negative review by an owner on another auto site--said all hell broke loose after 50,000 mi. I can't believe current German engineering could produce a lemon--esp. given the love and care evident in materials and design.Will it last as long as a Volvo?
  • I see that many people have a handle on dealer cost and lease incentives. We are shopping for a 99 A6 Wagon, and would like to know what's normal for N.Calif
  • buvverbuvver Posts: 7
    Not only will the AVANT not be offered in 2000 with the 2.7, it won't even be offered with a manual transmission even though the sedan will be.
    In Europe, they offer every combination you can think of in the AVANT in both auto and manual transmissions.
  • Does anyone know id Audi will provide the US version of ath a6 avant with a bigger or turbo engine. I have one now and it is a slow dog...
    of course that is my only complaint...
  • buvverbuvver Posts: 7
    I have been dying for an A6 AVANT manual but it won't be offered in 2000. No S6, no V8, automatic transmission only. If you ask me it's a shame especially when they offer all of these in Europe.
    I inquired about these choices for the 2001 AVANT and was told that they have no information.
  • My '99 A6 wagon has some type of whistling vibration, possibly wind driven, when driving on the highway between 70 and 80 mph. Two trips to the dealer have failed to solved the problem. Any ideas on what it could be?
  • bobk3bobk3 Posts: 3
    The Allroad Quattro was to start production in February 2000 at Neckarsulm, Germany. Does anyone know when the North American introduction date is and what motor / transmission it will have?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Edmunds just reviewed the A6 with a 250 hp twin turbo 2.7 liter v6 0-60 in 6.0 seconds with a 6-speed manual - available this year. There is also a 300 hp v-8 available, but it is no faster because of extra weight.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Those engines mentioned above are only available on the Sedan. Yet another manufacturer believes that having children removes ones will to own an enjoyable automobile. Let's see some fun wagons. ;)
  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 8
    my kids are grown. i'd like a wagon because we go to the (plant), the farmer's market, home depot,etc. i also like to drive fast. so, audi is ignoring another audience segment.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    According to an email I got from Audi USA last month, there will be no Avants with 2.7T or V8. So I went out and bought an ML430. I love it. I wanted more power and room. Audi has lost me. A former Euro 200 owner. As far as I am concerned, Audi and VW ignore the US market. For example, you can buy a V6 awd Passat wagon in Germany but not in the USA. In Germany the Avants are available with the 2.7T, not in the USA. Why?
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