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Audi A6 Wagons



  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    You may also want to consider the Subaru Outback Wagon with the H6 engine. Its being released later this year and will be very well equipped for the low $30's. While this is the first 6 cylinder engine in a Outback wagon, subaru's have proven to be very reliable.

  • Actually, the Passat does not have the same engine as the A6. The A6 comes with a 2.8 turbo or a 3.2 biturbo. The last I checked the largest engine the Passat has is a 2.8 which is the VW VR6, it is not turbo and puts out a maximum of 200 hp vs the 280 hp A6. As far as the A6 being "sluggish," I highly doubt it, unless you are comparing it with the BMW M3, in which case if you are comparing it with the M3, that is a good thing. I think you can also get the A6 with a 4.3L turbo V8. I am not sure about that though.

    Regarding the Audi Quattro. This is the most advanceed AWD system available on the market. Audi has repeatedly won GT events and dominates the GT cicuit using the Quattro equiped S4's.
    I have not heard of subaru or volvo come out with an equivalent to the Audi Quattro. There is a reason why Audi controlls so much market share in this class of car. If you are concerned with the A4 or A6 being "sluggish," why are you giving the Volvo or subaru as alternatives? These cars are pretty heavy for their size and these are even more sluggish, by your standards, than the A6 and even the A4.

    If you want a car that is faster than the A6 you should be thinking BMW M3, Audi S4, or even Acura 3.2L "s" series. Out of all these only Audi offers All wheel Drive.

  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    in reference to the wagon AKA Avant, the North American spec'd A6 Avant only come with one engine choice: a 2.8 L DOHC V6 with 5 valves / cylinder 200 hp, 207 lb/ft torque. Click here for the Audi USA site for the details.

    On the other hand, an A6 sedan can be purchased in the States with three engine choices: the above mentioned V6, a 2.7L biturbo 250hp V6, or a 4.2 L V8 with 300 ponies under the hood !

    Having set that straight, the current Passat (B5 platform) wagon available in the States for the last 2 years comes only with one engine option: the same 2.8 L DOHC V6 with 5 valves / cylinder 200 hp. The previous generation Passats (B4 platform) had a VR6 and it is still currently found in the fourth generation Jettas(AKA Boras in Europe) with ~170 hp. The reason the VR6 engine was not used in the current B5 Passat was due to the fact that it was being designed off the same platform as the current A4 (which also has the same 200 hp V6 engine), thus it was easier/more cost effective to use the same engine.

    Of course, in Europe the A4, A6 and Passat wagons can all be purchased with a variety of engine options including a 1.9L TDI !
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    in regards to the A6 Avant being sluggish, it was in reference to pre'00 models. While I have not test driven the latest model, the low end torque was a uniform complaint among many testers and owners. However, the engine has been slightly re-tuned for the current model year to remedy that particular nuiance.

    Remember that the Avants V6 engine is the same as that found in the 2.8 A4 avants which weigh at least 500 lbs less. Thus the A4's power to weight ratio is more favorable. The A6 sedans 2.7 L biturbo would be better suited for the wagon since it approaches almost 4000#s !!
  • bergoffenbergoffen Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 A6 Avant, and love it. Wanted a wagon, with AWD, so that ruled out the Saab and BMW. If you don't need to race the enthusiasts, I believe you'll find the off the mark acceleration, with an intelligent transmission that learns your preferences, more than adequate. And it's great on the interstates at high speed passing.

    I'd get the 2.7T if it were available, but given the option, I'm delighted with my choice.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Also available with 2.5TDi. Also 1.8T.

    It isn't really necessary, but I want to back up glxwagon4mo in that the A6 has 2.7T, 2.8 and 4.2 in the US (but not the Avant). The Passat doesn't use the VR6 any more either.

    In other words, idrivequattro was way off and glxwagon4mo spot on.
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    One more final point on this issue, I almost forgot to add that the A6 Avant will be getting a 2.7 T under the hood within a year here in the States -- the A6 AllRoad. I would consider it more a hybrid vehicle as opposed to a tru sport wagon (that's not a bad thing depending on your taste ;) ).
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Audi leaves off the A6 in the name I think. But anyway it is a good car. I wanted a 2.7T Avant, but AoA wouldn't sell me one :(

    Allroad is good, perhaps good enough for me. Quite good offroad, but the air suspension adds significant weight and hinders the 0-60 times and braking distances. Too bad as the air suspension is very desirable. Note the air suspension takes 1 minute to drop from full height to bottom and 2 to go back up. Bummer. No lowrider tricks for this car.

    Possibly too good offroad for the market it faces. Tradeoffs similar to the X5 might have been a better idea.

    Initial reports are good on it.
  • gcejrgcejr Posts: 1
    Is there a way to disable/circumvent the auto dim feature in the 2000 Audi A6? I prefer to have day time viewing and/or control-myself when to block off headlights of cars to my rear. The auto actually dims the view too much. Any suggestions?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    No switch for the mirror dim. However, covering the sensor below the mirror will make it not dim. You can put a filter over it to only block some light if you wish.
  • I need help regarding the brakes on a 1999 A6 Avant. The car has about 16,000 miles and the brakes squeak at every stop. The dealer states, "The brakes squeak on all German cars, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, that's the way they are made." Does anyone know (i) if there is any truth to this and (ii) what is the name and number of the Chicago area zone manager for Audi?

  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Squeak is very common. There is a service bulletin on how to fix it. Audi will pay your dealer to perform it under warranty. Your dealer is an idiot not to do it, since they make profit on warranty work.

    I don't know the Chicago area zone manager, but I'd start from the top and work back down. Actually, I'll put in an email to a friend who just gave the Chicago area zone manager a nice gift for the help he got from Audi a couple weeks ago. Maybe he can give me contact info.
  • Thanks for the help. I want to get it solved, not dump on him. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  • rsilkrsilk Posts: 3
    A correction to a submission from glxwagon4mo:
    Current Passat wagons are available with either the 2.8 V6 (GLS or GLX) or the 1.8T (GLS).
    If you want the 4motion, as of today you must get the GLX.
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    Thanks for pointing that out Robin. I knew that, but was obviously in the V6 frame of mind since the conversation was focused on the A6 and Passat V6 engines.

  • jazz1jazz1 Posts: 1
    I am considering a 2001 A6 AVANT. The new warranty is total maintenance for 4yrs or 48K miles. Sounds great but what costs should I expect after the warranty expires? I plan to keep the wagon for 6-7 years? I've never owned an AUDI so any info would be great.
  • Can't answer that one, but if you haven't done so yet (and due to the relative inactivity of Audi threads here), you should check out A6 forums.
  • a6wagona6wagon Posts: 19
    Am on my second A6 Wagon. First one was tornado red A6 Quattro - fully loaded. Put 92K on it in a little over three years. The only thing I replaced was the tires. I had the brakes done before it was out of warranty and they weren't due for another 8K or so. Spent some money on a fuel sensor that helps mix the fuel, but it failed because of extreme cold in Chicago. It got down to some unforsaken temp and the cold shot the sensor. $300 bucks I think. Other than that, nada. I now own a 2000 A6 Avant, not as fully optioned, but I love the wagon. It is my wifes car; I drive an A4 which is coming up on lease and am not sure what to get. Love the 325 sport wagon, but some of the little SUVs are catching my attention - Mazda tribute and Ford Escape.
  • Can anyone tell me why Audi does not offer a manual for the base A6 engine? It does for the sedan. It would be nice. I believe with the exception of MB, Audi is the only foreign car that does not offer a manual for their wagon. I could understand the reasoning if the sedan was not offered in a manual, but it is. I am aware of the Tiptronic. I have not tried it, but I cannot imagine it giving the same feel as a clutch.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I wouldn't recommened buying a TIP thinking it's like a manual.

    Although which imports offer wagons?


    By saying that with the exception of MB, Audi is the only foreign car company to not offer a manual for their wagon, you imply it's somehow an oddity. When actually, 40% of companies don't!

    Note also that BMW doesn't offer a stick on the 540i wagon. Odd.

    No stick on Passat with 4-motion (wagon or sedan) either.

    Could I interest you in a Subaru Outback or an Audi A6 allroad? You can get those with sticks.
  • 080586080586 Posts: 6
    I thought oh, that's an interesting list of imports available in wagon form - never saw that information succinctly put before. But then I thought oh yeah what about Saab? They have wagons with sticks. My question of late is what to replace my Saab 9000 with. The short list so far has been the A6, Volvo, and Saab - and sometimes I think I don't want to give up a stick . . . yet.

    P.S. Why does Saab come up on Edmunds spellcheck list of unknown words?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    And I omitted it for the worst reason! I figured I knew all the European Wagon makers, and I only needed to think of the Asian makers. So as such I committed the worst sin, which is basically completely overlooking Saab as a European auto maker.

    I'll do my hail mary's tomorrow.

    Saab does offer 9-5's (even Aeros) with sticks. Good for them. However, considering I've never seen a recent Saab wagon, let along one with a stick, I'm guessing they sell so few that they lose money on them. Not that a consumer should care. Let's hope GM doesn't notice and kill the car, as Honda and Toyota have done recently with their wagons.
  • Those of you concerned about brake noise, I had a serious grinding noise on the 99 A6 Avant that the dealer repaired 2x by saying the pads had to be aligned. The third time, the noise was horrible and obvious to all of my passengers. It never failed to grind and moan on a slow stop. The dealer rode with me and heard this loud noise each time we stopped. They handed my the bulletin about not using asbestos in the pads and that the noise is normal. I said that if I had heard the noise when I drove the car before buying, I would not have bought it- it is not normal. I threw a fit and forced them to finally admit the defect They ordered new pads ( with different material) and rotors. I would have filed a lemon law claim and won. They finally repaired the car, there has been no noise, but the brake travel is now very long and they can't adjust it. We are selling the car with 14,500 miles--its not like our last "86 5000 AVant which was faster and had greta brakes.
  • This past summer I frequented these forums as I tried to decide between the 2001 Volvo V70 T5 and the 2000 A6 Avant. I chose the A6 because I liked the quattro capability for rain and New England winters. Additionally, I preferred the way the A6 handled as it more more stiff and responsive than the Volvo. The T5 volvo definitely had more torque and pickup but I did not like how big and lumbering the car felt to me. I did feel Volvo had 'stationwagoning' down to a science, and if I was a full-time mom with four kids, I would've sacrified my enjoyment for safety, etc.

    At any rate, I ended up choosing the A6 and I have been very happy with it. There have been zero problems or glitches. The interior is luxurious, the seats very comfortable with excellent lumbar support, dashboard controls are well-designed and ergonomic. The standard retractable dog gate is fabulous. My one main criticim is that the avant comes in only one engine option. I would have preferred a bit more power and pickup for those tricky highway traffic maneuverings. Other room for improvement - the cup-holders aren't great. I should have opted for the stereo system upgrade as the default is not super quality. However, these things are minor. Oh yes, the car in stock had xenon headlights although I wouldn't have chosen them. I love them!I would recommend to everyone getting any new car to get the xenons. Everything is so well-lit, although mine needed to be slightly adjusted. I would also recommend the rear cargo mat from Clair Auto parts. I hope this post helps some car shoppers.
  • I was interested to see if anyone commented on the gas guage recall Audi has on their cars. I got a notice and got the guage replaced free. Apparently there is some metal in the sending unit that deteriorates when submerged in gas. Audi replaces these sending units free under warranty.

    I have a 1999 Audi A-6 Avant wagon. I agree with the previous message describing the A-6. It is a supurb long distance traveling car... has great storage space... I am leasing mine and am willing to talk via email with anyone who has questions about the A-6. [email protected]
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I had the recall performed. I had not problems before or since with the gas gauge reading incorrectly.

    The additives in some gasoline (like Techron, but not necessarily Techron) plus the sulfur in American gas reacts with the metal the fuel level sensors (made by VDO) were made of. This coats the sensors and makes them operate incorrectly.

    The replacement units are changed somehow (probably a different metal) to not have the problem.
  • colivacoliva Posts: 1
    I'm getting close to purchasing the 2001 A6 Avant. I wanted to know about the Avant's performance in snow and icy roads, is the ESP option worth getting? Never have owned an Audi, just a BMW525i sedan, but would like to hear any other comments about reliability, safety? Dealers in the San Fran Bay Area aren't willing to deal much on this car. Has anyone used
  • I have owned a '99 A6 Avant for a year (17,000 miles).I enjoy the car very much.The problems it has had include the gas gauge,power steering pump,side window motor.All these were replaced outright, no attempt to repair,no questions asked,no charge.The only major annoyance with the car is the air conditoning.Not that it does'nt get cool inside but that it is very loud under the hood(I joke that it sounds like a jet fighter shutting down).The dealer says its how the unit was engineered for efficiency.If you don't have the radio on it can bug you alittle.If you can get past that its a classy ride!
  • FYI, this is a recurring and annoying problem in Benz cars (all my S class sedans have suffered from this).

    Solution, at least for Benz cars, is the application of Benz OEM brake pad paste. Works instantly.
  • Audi & VW are comparable and in some respects the same car, as you may know. In general, and where I live, Audi dealer gives much better service, but of course your new car will cost much more than a Passat. If you aren't sold on the Audi niceties (and they are nice), the Passat's worth looking it, it's purely a subjective choice based on what you want and what it'$ worth to you. I loved my A4 Avant and I love my A6 Avant.

    Those I know who've driven both say the Audi (and the VW I trust) are much more refined than the Volvo: tighter build quality, better ride & handling. I'm very wary of Volvo auto trans. from what I hear from a friend in the car biz; many of the Volvo trades they get reportedly have trannies on the way out. Maintenance is critical on any of these cars.
  • taratara Posts: 30
    Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tara and I've just started working for I'll be your new host for Station Wagons:)
  • rptdcrptdc Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 A6 Avant ordered however just started noticing the 2001 Passat Wagons. Unfortunately neither are currently available for test drive at my dealership. Has anyone driven both. I need prompt opinions as there is a ~$10,000 price difference. I could likely yet change my mind.
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    I looked at both for the '00 year - but most of these comments should hold true for the '01 models since there were no major changes.

    A6 Avant:
    -Just a tad sluggish in the 0-30 starts
    -richer interior!!
    -seemed a little more quite at the various speeds (although I have too admit that both are very quite inside!)
    -just a little roomier in the back seat -- but again both have considerable leg room in the back compared to the competitors
    -few more safety items: available Xenons, rear seat side air bags, (the side air curtain are now avail with the Passat)
    -avail OEM nav system
    -better BTB warranty 4yr/50K
    -prob more likely to encounter good service

    -despite its lower price tag, it still feels very solid and well built!
    -The 0-30, and 0-60 times seem a bit quicker
    -have multifunction steering wheel on the '01 and up models
    -just a bit more cargo room (with the rear seats up)

    For us the $7-10K premium on the Audi was not worth it. But, I know others that wanted some of the other items only available on the A6 and/or the perks that went along with owning a luxury brand.

    You should note that the '01.5 redesigned Passat gives it a more upscale appearance (chrome trim now in use) and probably narrows the luxo feel just a bit! Definitely woth checking out especially if you are not being pressed to buy soon!

  • judy58mdjudy58md Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 1997 a6 wagon, fully loaded with leather, roof, winter package, cd, 3rd seat, etc. The dealer is asking $24k and will extend the warranty to 12-01. Does this sound like a good deal? Thanks, Judy
  • symessymes Posts: 10
    I just returned from a drive through Switzerland and was surprised at how fast those A6 Avants were accelerating onto the motorways. The 2.8V6 is a neat engine but not like a Porsche or BMW M which these certainly were. Then I discovered that they run the A8 V8 in the A6 Avant over there. I wish we could get that one over here - anyone know anymore?
  • hbctplhbctpl Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 A6 Avast. It's the best car I've ever had. This includes a 93 Porsche 911 ,a 4matic M.Benz Wag. and 2 different 4.6 Range Rovers. I traded the Range Rover (1999) for the Audi in a heart beat. I don't think that I have ever driven a long distance more comfortably in my life(Delaware to North Carolina). I wanted to drive MORE!!!!
    The only negative is:skip the third seat. Its a joke.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    ....but I'm here to announce the new Audi A6 Owners club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Station Wagons.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs
  • eagle21eagle21 Posts: 26
    Hi, I am currently looking at a 97' Audi A6 Wagon with the V6 engine. It has 30,000 miles on the car. The VIN number checks out clean and the dealer wants 19,500 for the car. It was originally priced at 20,500. So, any opinions on the car and price would be greatly appreciated.
  • bdellbdell Posts: 1
    Edmunds says the 2002 Audi A4 Avant wheelbase is 102.6 in.-the A4 sedan is 104.3-I now understand the A4 Avant SW will be here in March of 2002, and may be a 2003 model. I had heard the wheelbase of the A4 Avant was longer than the A4 sedan??? I know the A6 wheelbase is 108.6 in.--Some were saying why buy the A6 Avant when the A4 is so close overall to the A6???Does anyone one know the correct wheelbase for the 2002/3 A4 Avant?---The price is about 9K more for the A6 Avant. Wanted to get the 02/03 A4 Avant---
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Here's a direct link to Edmunds' First Drive of the 2002 Audi S6 Avant, by Christian Wardlaw.


    What do you think? Thanks for your comments.

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  • I don't like the seat inserts (Alcantra??) and the price seems a bit high. Otherwise, what's not to like?!? I own a 99 540iaT and it is a great car. I have owned Audis before and loved them.
  • To anyone interested in purchasing a used Audi...In November, 2001, I purchased a 1998 Audi A6 Avant from Hoffman Auto Group in East Hartford, CT. Before purchasing the car, I purchased a car fax and learned that the dealership had the car for over a year, so I asked why and was told the service manager was driving it as a "perk." I asked if there were any problems with the car, was told no and I asked for the service records before I took possession of the car. Of course, they did not give me the records upon signing the contract, but assured me that there was nothing wrong and they would fax the records to me.Within the first 2 weeks, the car began stalling for no apparent reason until it just wouldn't start at all. I had it towed back to them and the general manager then admitted to me that the car had a history of stalling problems and was used as a loaner! I told them to keep the car and refund my money. Of course, they refused, can't find me another car as they promised. I can't put into words how deplorably I have been treated by the general manager, Steve Gilligan, and the owner just ignores me.I've had to hire an attorney to try to reverse things.They claim they have fixed the car, although they weren't able to for the year+ they had it.I have two small children and I refuse to put them in the car, fearing that we'll all be killed the next time it stalls.I hope anyone interested in purchasing a car, new or used, will not go to Hoffman Auto Group...Please tell all your friends to stay away from Hoffman Auto Group in East Hartford, CT.The Attorney General's office has also had many complaints about this dealership.
  • clefeberclefeber Posts: 1
    I am looking at an 1999 A6 Quattro wagon... 60K miles....all the bells and whistles but think reputable, well known but I am still concerned having never owned a quatrro( current owner of a wonderful, loved 5000S, 1988, sedan)....anyone have some insight on a 1999 Audi A6Quattro wagon????
  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    I guess there are not too many Audi A6 wagon owners out there right now. Do you own an Audi A6 or are you in the market for one? Thanks for stopping by.

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  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    At 3:00 tomorrow, I pick up a Silver Audi S6. This is the 340hp beast Avant wagon with all the "S" trims. Can't wait!
  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    Go to
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    I look forward to hearing all about it.... Also, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. ;-)



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  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    Like I said on another board, sweet ride. And they said only BMW made wagons that made you smile when you had to go pick up milk! :)

    Keep us posted.

    Grand High Poobah
    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    Could hardly sleep last night. Wanted to sneak into the garage to look again. Very sweet 1st one hundred miles! Issues now; best way to fit a hands free cell phone and new V1 radar locator.
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