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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro



  • I have a 1994 Safari that is idoling very rough. It sounds like its starving for gas. Its really puttering and sounds like it will die at any moment, but keeps running. When I shift into reverse or drive, it will die out unless im pressing on the gas. I'm having to shift into neutral at stop signs to rev up the engine to keep it from dying. It has plenty of cranking power when starting, but I need to pump the gas to get it to start. The lights and electrical still work fine which leads me to believe its not a battery problem. Sounds like a bad fuel filter, but I'm just a novice. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks everyone in advance...
  • Just drove our '96 AstroVan from Alaska to Florida - no problems and great gas mileage. Now, however, the charging system is only working occassionally. Sometimes the guage shows the correct charge and other times is goes down to the red and just a week ago it went completely down and we had to have it towed home. I took the alternator out and took it to an electrical shop and had it tested and it is working fine - any ideas. Everything seems to work fine except the passenger side power window which only goes down about an inch at a time. I don't really want to take it to a shop without some sort of idea what might be wrong. ANy help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Hi,
    I been looking for a used Astro. Kinda like the mini-van look of the Astro. I found one right near the house by me. Problem is the guy wants to much for the amount of work it needs. I been looking at this forum and reading for a while so I kinda know what to look out for. It's amazing the same issues come up with the one I looked at. Get this..... The guy is asking $1800, (but will take $1700) for a 1991 Astro with 108,000 miles. The problems...... The dash is loose from him mounting a stereo and a piece of the small trim is missing, the right side power window dont work, the dvd player in the TV dont work, the anti-lock brake lite stays on, it idles rough when cold, the heater blower relay has to be shaken sometimes to get the blower on and the power wire gets hot, there is a small leak near the left side of the intake manifold near the corner, windshield has a crack, the last rear seat mounting brackets are missing, the sliding door sticks and needs to be forced open, the right side washer hose is missing, the temp gauge nevers goes to normal operating temp, when making a turn the steering kinda makes a rubbing noise like something near the wheel in the column once in a while, the steering seems to pull to the left a little, and a few other small things. I guess I better keep looking. He wants way to much for the amount of work it needs. I offered him $1200, but he wont take it, he wants at least $1700. I think its gonna be around for sale for a while......
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I think you should stay away from that Astro. I have never heard of an Astro having that many problems. :sick:
  • Welcome to Chevy Astros. They are famous for fuel pump problems. We run alot of Astros as cabs, and EVERY one of them eats fuel pumps. At least yours is a 95 and not a 97 or newer. 97 and newer require a $300 pump assembly instead of a $50 pump (unless you know how to change the pump within the assembly).

    All in all, though, I must say that Astros are THEE most dependable vans out there, motor-wise , even with thier quirks. We have several with 300,000- 500,000 miles on the original motors (and we drive them like cabs, not like grandmas). They are indestructable.
  • I LOVE my Astro!

    This is a 314,000 mile 1999 Astro with a STRONG original motor (doesn't use a single drop of oil) and 54,000 mile tranny (we got 260k out of the original). Other than the requisite 75k mile fuel pumps, its been a trouble-free (reletively) TAXICAB since it was bought as a demo with 20k on it. (Thank God for Auto-zone's lifetime gurantee on the fuel pumps... LOL - I only pay for someone to help me with the grunt work instead of the $600 at the shop)

    I don't really know how to describe this problem. Started 3 days or so ago when it was raining (pouring) and has snowballed into an undrivable problem. Nothing shows up on diagnostics. This is my work vehicle - a taxi - (and my sole income) and everyone is baffled. I need it back on the road.

    It started with a simple flickering of the headlights ... once in a while. Then it progressed to flickering headlights AND a speedometer doing the tango (at the same time). Then to dummy lights coming on - mostly anti-lock, but no check engine, PLUS all of the above. Cruise control kicks out, too. Now it is happening every 15 or 30 seconds or so, AND is disengaging the tranny at the same time as everything else is going haywire. Total event (all symptoms) lasts maybe a second or 2 at a time. All of the above happen at once, so I know it is a power loss of some kind and ita all related, but it doesn't make any sense. Sounds to me like some sort of ground problem.

    I knew the coil was bad and arcing, so we tried that first. Had a burnt spot on it, even. NO relief at all.

    Lost the fuel pump 2 weeks ago (again!) but that doesn't have anything to do with this, I don't think.

    How do I get the gremlins out of the system? Any ideas?
  • How do you remove the interior door panels? I need to replace the drivers side mirror and the passenger side window switch?

    Any suggestions on the best place to buy these parts for my 2003 Chevy Astro?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    mbcabbie, you might also want to ask the folks in this Maintenance & Repair discussion:

    Electronic Gremlins Electrical Problems That Are Driving You Crazy


    Need help getting around? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • I had to replace the fuel pump assembly module, which contains the electric pump and the fuel gauge sending unit. I did the work myself with help from a neighbor. The module cost over $400 US.
    It was a coincidence the pump was going bad at the same time the fuel gauge became inaccurate. After I replaced it, I did a continuity check on the sending unit, and it measured the specified 40-240 Ohms, smooth as silk. So, to borrow a line from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, "I'll be damned if I can find anything wrong with it."
    Since then I thought the problem occurred again, but it was either my imagination or it corrected itself.
    BTW, I think the only way to troubleshoot this problem is to drop the tank and do measurements at the connectors.
  • My old work van runs terrible on hills. A long hill will come close to killing her. The van shutters, almost shimmies, sounds wierd.
    It had a rebuilt engine about 65000 KM ago, and I know has something wrong with #1 cylinder, with the plug fouling up bad. I install a hotter plug, and that seems to cure the ailment, just for #1. I just installed new plugs, and it didn't help much, other than it idles better than before. New wires and cap last plug change before the most recent. We don't drive long distances where I live, so plugs may wear out sooner, than going down a freeway everyday. I know nothing about cars/trucks, as I am a carpenter. I love my old van, but this hill-thing is annoying, and I feel one day she may quit for good. Any ideas?
  • I am having the same problem with my 94 safari awd. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark pluges and wires, cap and rotor, air cleaner, IAC valve (idel air control) and still having problems. It seems to run fine when it is cold. But as soon as it warms up it starts to try to kill and then it will rev up to keep it from stalling. Then it gets even worse! When I try to excelorate or the van is under load like (Going up hill) I have to feather the throttle to keep it from stalling! And believe me it stalls all the time! so if any one out their knows what could be the proublem, PLEAS LET ME KNOW!!!!! Very frusterated! Thanks From [email protected]
  • my 94 safari awd. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark pluges and wires, cap and rotor, air cleaner, IAC valve (idel air control) and still having problems. It seems to run fine when it is cold. But as soon as it warms up it starts to try to kill and then it will rev up to keep it from stalling. Then it gets even worse! When I try to excelorate or the van is under load like (Going up hill)it will chug! I have to feather the throttle to keep it from stalling! And believe me it stalls all the time! I ran the diognostics and the codes are 32(EGR), 35(IAC VALVE)and 85 and have know idia what that is. So if any one out their knows what could be the proublem, PLEAS LET ME KNOW!!!!! Very frusterated! Thanks From billszcarhotmail
  • nashdnashd Posts: 5
    From what I've read here I assume my problem is a bad thermostat- Is it inside a hose? can anyone please tell me where to find it on the engine so I can replace it? Thanks
  • I need to replace the drivers side exterior door handle. It's been awhile (and a body version) since I've had to do this. I have a '98 Safari. Any ideas on how to best get access to the nuts inside the door. I looked and they are barely visable, much less accessable. Will removing the doow latch help any?
  • hey thank you guys so much with the heater problems. now i have another heater related problem. i have a rear heater in my 90 Safari. it was disconected prior to me buying the van. now the hoss going to it are leaking in the front (by the blower motor under the hood). is there a quick fix to this or do i need to replace the inlets that they are connected to. i thought i blew a brake line from the amount of liquid on my driveway. but i looked at the brake fluid and it is fine.

    also my van is hard to start for the first time in the day (morning or afternoon) and when it does finally start after i pump some gas into the lines it blows smoke BAD. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. or is this normal for an older Safari?

    P.S. I LOVE this site thanks again for the help
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    The thermostat is under the gooseneck that the upper radiator hose goes into on the front of the intake manifold. It is right in front when you open the hood. Only have to remove the air cleaner assembly and MAF sensor to gain access. Remove the hose and I believe there are only 2 bolts holding down the gooseneck. The thermostat has a rubber seal around it so there is no gasket to scrap off and replace under the gooseneck.
  • I had the same problem as you did. I was driving when all of the lights in my vehicle started to flash (like signal lights), and my voltmeter was pulsing too. It didn't look like the alternator was charging the battery either.......

    The problem is an easy fix. At first, I thought it was my alternator or battery, but they were both ok. When I went to re-install the battery, I noticed that the connection terminals behind my battery at the firewall were corroded/rusted. I loosened all of them and cleaned them. I had to replace one of the fusible links because the wire was so badly corroded (the fusible link was actually still good, but the wire was damaged right up to the link)

    After cleaning the connections and replacing the fusible link, everything works great.... BE CAREFUL NOT TO SNAP OFF THE RUSTED STUD. I would use WD40 on a stubborn rusted stud.

    Good Luck. Hope this helps.
  • yak54yak54 Posts: 72
    I have a problem with my 1999 safari that i hope someone can help me with. The van will start & run great but when you accelerate down the road ther is no power at all. If you stop & put it in park & try to rev up the engine it will not rev up. The van has 170,000 on it & has been fine . I have replaced the fuel pump @ 100,000 & 2 ignition coils & 1 transmission. Also the gas guage goes around in circles like the second hand on a clock. I think it needs anouther fuel pump im not sure.
  • Sound like the EGR valve to me. Had one go bad ages ago in a different vehicle, but the exact same symptoms.
  • nashdnashd Posts: 5
    Thanks to cob for the INFO! I got the thermostat and will attempt to install it after work tonight. Its has been a very cold commute lately! But now there is a new problem, fellow Safari people- My driver and passenger doors will not latch! Just out of the blue- I'm bewildered- any ideas?
  • As per message #1171 I have an update! Be for I mentioned that the van ran like total "[non-permissible content removed]!" Now it dont run at all! I have gotten it to start with Ether, but as soon as the Ether wares off, it dies. So.... That tells me I at least have spark. The Fuel pump seams to be working and like I said be for, I replaced the fuel filter. Fuel Pump, Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor, IAC Valve, And Filled the Tank to the brim. Is their some kind of sensor that would cause this Nightmare!? Or is their some kind of fuel injector that would cause this or what?

    Thanks Billszcar.
  • rigsbyrigsby Posts: 1
    Rotate Armrest to upright position, push inward and rotate to back of seat and pull out.
  • My drivers side power window which only goes down about an inch at a time. Did you find out what the cause was?
  • My drivers side power window which only goes down or up about an inch at a time after waiting five minutes. Does anyone know what the cause maybe?
  • Hi, can anyone point me to where I can find the engine number?it`s a 95-96 v6 vortec in a safari,is it on a plate,part of the vin number or on the engine if so where.
    Thanks geoff
  • Hi,I had the same problem had to renew the motor $35 on ebay
  • Reply to sluggish window,Your Power window motor must be replaced i have had this happen to me at least 10 times with astro vans & safari"s. aloha, charlie.
  • md333md333 Posts: 2
    I think the wiper board was a recall. I have a 97 and got a letter so you may want to check it out.
  • Hi Everyone. I been looking for a Astro/Safari for a few months now without any luck. Everyone wants a fortune for these things even for a vehicle with 150,000 + miles.Im not looking to spend a fortune casue its mainly for a second vehicle, just for an ocasional pleasure cruise. The nearest thing I found to a good deal is a 1995 for $2000. There is no rust anywhere, it is a kinda dark blue ext. conversion van with a dark blue interior. The interior is not to dark, but the dash is and the res is kinda med. to light blue. Everything works on the van, the interior is pretty clean except for the wear on the original seats. They do have nice custom covers on them though. Its from a dealer who I kinda trust. I looked up the vehicle on carfax and it was an original 1 owner van. The dealer told me everything about it. The only thing wrong is it needs a set of tires really bad. I can get them for about $280 installed new. The master cylinder has a small leak, not sure how the setup is cause Im not familiar ith the power steering/ power brake combination setup. The van has originally 138,000 miles and the dealer bought it from the original owner last month in the middle of January. The dealer changed the instrument cluster cause the speedometer needle broke. The odometer worked, but not the speedometer. The van runs really strong and there is no rust anywhere on it. The dealer had the title issued to them with the odometer exempt note on the new title, so I think I can trust knowing it wasnt intentionally tampered with. Any input on what you guys would do ? I cant find anything around here even close to what Im looking for. I found 1994's and 5's with 150,000+ miles and they still want like $4000 for the van. Oh, one small thing to.... the spring return in the shift selector is broke or something. It shifts perfect, the handle just dont have that "spring" back action when you let it go.
  • i bought a '99 astro a few months ago, NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS SINCE!!! FIND SOMETHING ELSE... :mad:
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