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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Try a different dealer for your stalling issue. The problem is that if it happens every couple months and doesn't leave a code, there isn't much a dealer can do because they can't reproduce the problem and have no idea what the problem is w/o a code. There is an issue with cam shaft actuators going bad and causing stalling, but those leave a code. There is a service bulletin for this repair.

    For the noise, these engines are a little loud because of the direct injection. I noticed using Shell V-Power gas helps with both noise and mileage. Also, what oil are you using? What are your oil change intervals? These engines are hard on oil and if you are using conventional oil and only changing when the oil life monitor says you're asking for trouble.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Iperry25,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Have you taken the vehicle to another dealership for a second opinion? Can you please email me the VIN and current mileage? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • back2frontback2front Posts: 42
    I also started using a better grade of gas and can tell a big difference in engine noise. I really can't hear the clicking sound but it still sounds like the engine is going to fall out when I start it up in the morning with the AC on, but it goes away in about 30 seconds.
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    I have/had the same stalling issue with my 2010 Equinox. If I come to a stop, the car will shudder and act as if it is about to stall. It gets a bit better if I turn of ECO, or have the A/C on. It is almost as if the RPMs are a little too low when stopped.

    The stalling issue scared me a couple of times. If I accelerated just as the car would start to shudder, the car would almost stall, then violently lurch forward...and almost stall again...usually when I was in the middle of an intersection.

    I went to my dealer and they said that there was not any bulletins, or any new tranny calibrations available.

    I've had to turn off ECO mode in order to feel safe in this car.

    My father was going to by an Equinox, but this stalling issue has caused him to put off buying the car for a while.
  • I also try to HyperMile and am curious about the scan gauge the hooks to the OBDII port.

  • 10lt210lt2 Posts: 18
    I had the same issue. I got a letter for the defroster control recall (mine worked fine). When I took it in, they also replaced the vaccum hose. It all went well. My car has not given me any problems at all but I took it in to make sure the recall issue was never going to be an issue.

    I am very pleased after 10 months and 11,000 miles.
  • amossbur1amossbur1 Posts: 6
    I'm trying to see if anyone else is having any issues with their audio equalizer. Ever since I took it in for maintenance for earlier stated issues, I have had horrible quality in the audio system, especially when my iPhone is hooked up. When all the settings (bass, treble, midrange) are at 0, it seems like they are all turned all the way up. I have to turn them all as low as I can, and the sound is still distorted. The speakers are not blown either.

    Anyone else having this trouble? I feel like I just need a while new cpu for the car.

    Gas mileage still remains below 19mpg since I had the oil changed and service done. Representatives from CS and the "specialist" I'm supposed to have assigned to me as yet to call, and continues to cancel my claim stating that "I never answered the phone"

    Any GM people out there who would be able to offer a helping hand, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    Thanks for taking an interest. I'm bringing the car back in tomorrow, and they're going to replace a "torque converter seal". I'll let you know how it goes.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    edited July 2010
    My theory on the sticky steering is that the electric steering system needs to sense a certain amount of steering input before it engages the assist motor. It's all pretty seamless under typical conditions where you're making frequent steering corrections. But when you get on a smooth straight road and you don't move the wheel for a while, it kind of locks in on the center position for some reason. I've never felt like it was going to cause me to lose control, but it does sometimes take a bit of a nudge to get it out of the centered position.

    I've read reviews of other cars with electric steering assist that complain about it being "notchy". I guess that's how I would describe the Equinox steering, but only at the centered position and only under certain conditions.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Ragtop262,
    No problem. Yes, please let me know how everything goes. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • smc4smc4 Posts: 3
    Hi elisa81,

    Have you found anything more from your dealer on this 'sticky' steering problem?
  • pack3pack3 Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced a problem with the rear windows? I have a 2010 1LT, 4-cylinder, front wheel drive. This past winter the rear passenger went down but would not go up. This happened twice and fortunately once at the dealers service dept. I told them I saw the window rock in the track, they “realigned the window and lubricated it. Have not had the problem with that window again. Yesterday the same thing happened to the rear driver window. Dealer said no service bulletin on it. Anyone else with this problem?

    Have experienced sticky power steering. Ohio turnpike on cold winter evenings returning from son’s home. Have not noticed this in warm weather.
  • kerry11kerry11 Posts: 12
    Hi, I just wanted to say that I felt the same way being a single mom and buying my first new car and got nothing but a lemon. Well let me tell you that after 3 1/2 years of nothing but problems struts, brakes (3) times,power steering (2) times, ignition (2) times, over flow tank, bushing's, bearings, visors (3) times had to replace, and I am sure I am leaving a few things out but I filed the lemon law and was told that my bumper to bumper warranty was out and I did not qualify, so I hired an attorney and within two weeks he had a settlement from GM. I got all 45 months of payments, down payment,interest and my extended warranty back!!! It took me a while but I was not going to stop by the way I had a 2006 model...
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Wow. What type of lawyer did you use? What was his/her bill for that?
    Money well spent of course but just curious.
  • Why is this message posted here? Which car are you referring to since this clearly isn't a Nox' 10? What did the attorney cost? A little more info please!
  • yes I do.. I thought I was seeing things...Sometimes it works fine .. like when the car is moving ..the temp changes . but when I sit around in idle with out driving, it does not seem to update at all. I would have to drive a while before it would update. Iat least 10 minute....
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    You all have me worried. It's hard to believe that the dealerships are all stonewalling you on this issue. I also wonder if it's not really the direct fuel injection clicking that is considered normal for this type of engine design. I've read that some click louder than others. If it's something else then GM has a big problem on their hands. The 2010 Equinox is their best seller, so they are going to have a lot of explaining to do.
    So far my Nox is working fine but it's only 3 months old.
    This is beginning to sound like Toyota's way to do business -coverup problems. This is why I decided not to buy another Toyota.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Well, to be fair, it IS people's responsibility to realize that the MEDIA can be a very damaging force, and that you simply cannot believe everything they say. This is a perfect example. Is Toyota with clean hands in all this? No, of course not, but they are not the scoundrels the media would attempt to have you believe either.

    There are ramifications when naivety interferes with common sense. And we all should know by now that bad news sells best and the media chases the almighty dollar.

    I hope you have good luck with your new Chev, but if you chose it thinking that Chev makes a better product or was going to look after you better than Toyota ever would in event of an issue, then that might have been a mistake.

    It does seem odd that in testing, these issues didn't surface under GM's R&D efforts.

    There are those of us out there who feel that government bailouts are not (always) the answer for a company to get back on track. It is like if a 14 year old child wants to replace his beat up and abused bike, and you suggest he cut lawns and earn the replacement bike, he will take far better care of it than if it is just given to him.
  • bjones6bjones6 Posts: 28
    I have posted here only a few times, but I read the thread fairly regularly. I think most people who post are trying to resolve a problem, so there is a negative sound to the forum that is unavoidable. I would like to chime in and say that my one-year old 2010 Equinox 2WD LT is running great. It's quiet, leaks no fluid, gets great gas mileage and performs up to expectation in most every way. The things I wish for are removable rear seats and better visibility towards the sides an rear. I have had a few things changed out in response to service bulletins: the center console, most notably (it failed in very cold weather). But I am very happy with the vehicle and GM service. One more wish: OnStar at a reasonable price. I can get two AAA memberships for the price of OnStar. It's a great service, but I will let it drop due to the price.
  • Ever since this was brought up, I've been listening closer to my engine noise, 2010 1LT 4 cyl. Getting out of the car and opening the hood, rolling down the windows and listening to the sound reflections coming off of parked cars, remote starting, standing a few feet away, etc, and I don't have any problem with engine noise.
    My neighbor, so impressed with mine, just bought an LS 4 cyl and I listen to her start up and drive away each morning and there is no noticeable "knocking, ticking, dieseling" or anything else that I would term noisy. Maybe there is a problem with some Nox 4 bangers, but so far I haven't personally been able to witness it.
    I would like to compare side by side with someone who has this problem.
    It very well could be that a person who has this problem may listen to my Nox and ask, "you can't hear that, how can you stand it", but there's not a sound in my engine that doesn't sound perfectly normal to me.
  • kerry11kerry11 Posts: 12
    You ask why I am posting here, well just thought you all would want to know that is not just the "10" Nox that has issues it is most all of them, mine was a "06"...
  • kerry11kerry11 Posts: 12
    I used a Lemon Law lawyer he got 10% well spent!!!!!! he had a settlement in two weeks for me....
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    I've had my '10 Nox for exactly 1 year, and have only noticed the knocking noice if I am going up a hill and I have to accellerate quickly. Otherwise...the engine runs very quiet.

    My only issues have been resolved with the recalls, the height of the antenna, and the car wanting to stall. The stalling issue seems to have gone away ever since it took the car on a long drive up north.
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Ok there is bulletin that was posted to all dealerships there is a constant clicking noise with all NEW 2010 nox's which is considered normal BUT mine started at roughly 5,000 miles, today I spent more than 4hrs at the dealership because I had addressed this issue 2x prior luckily the GN rep was there today per my request we had taken the nox out with a master mechanic from the dealership as well and the manager, the master mechanic heard the secondary noise and needs to"look"
    inot this matter more, so I am dropping off my car on the 12th and will be there until the problem is resolved or fixed, it happens at 30-40mph and yes it's faint BUT it's there and the master mechanic seems to think that the problem may actually be exhaust related? also the GM rep thought it maybe torque related? also the mechanic hooked my car up to his dell and shut down the codes to see if the sound was still there and it was. so this maybe casue for an open recall WITH all
    2010 noxs I am pushing this matter until I am satisfied. I have spoken with the attorney general office and they advised me to stay with this dealership for my case.
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    OK the knocking will get worse that's when I first started to really pay attention and listen to my car, first it started only up hills with acceleration, now it more prominent at 30-40 mph, regardless of hill ot not, I met with a GM rep today and
    we spent over 4hrs taking my car out and listening. My problem started at 5,000
    miles and I now have 9959 miles and it's louder and worse. I had the rep in the car and she orginially thought well it's the just car, WHAT??? NO sorry GM is going to FIX and resove this issue I am taking this all the way until I am completely satisfied.
    unfortunately according to an advisor there needs to be enough complaints to come in for GM to reconfigure the system and make an open recall. Now when we were driving today the GM rep thought well it;s the torque componment, after an hr later and hooking the car up to the master mechanics dell computer and shutting down the code the car still made this secondary noise. The master mechanic is
    thinking that it maybe the exhaust? So I have another appointment next week on the I have been googling this andI have found several others across the country that is experiencing the same thing. There is a bulletin for the fuel pressure regulator BUT disregard that that is normal sound your car will make at idle and so fourth. So if are experiencing or having concerns DONOT let them tell you it's the fuel pressure regulator, it's NOT it's something deeper....the issue is still at hand and I am also dealing with the attorney general office at this point. GM needs to go back to the drawing board and find out what is going on and fix the problem, if you wait to long it will not be covered under your states lemon law. If your experiencing this secondary noise you need to make some noise to your dealership and stay on top of this. The more complaints the more apt GM will make this an issue and look into this matter and hopefully make our noxs safe...I am not saying it isn't? BUT I am not saying it is either.....
    I will post results after the 12th
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Do you have any knocking/rattling/pinging in yours yet? it's a secondary noise especially at accelerating at 30-40mph, the gm rep was there and she seems to think that it may be the torque componment, then the master mechanic hooked his dell up to the codes and disabled the code and shut if off we drove around and the secondary noise was still there! He thinks that it maybe exhaust related? My car is going back on the 12th they don't know what's wrong with it, they said they will ned it for a few days to look into this matter, will repost back on the 12th,
    my contact info for gm is 1 866 790 5600x 32689-Nick
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    I am going to email you....I am not really sure exactly what problems you experienced with your nox but you mentioned the tranny??? Maybe my issue is somehow related? I have a 2010 it will be a yr old this November, around 5,000 miles I was hearing a secondary noise coming from the engine when I accelerated, especially up hills and at 30-40 mphs, contacted GM and the dealership with this issue, no closed, still not satisfied with their answer "oh it's the fuel pressure regulator there is nothing we can do" it's just the way it is..ok a few months go by I am at 9, 959...problem getting louder and more noticeable. brought it in agian with some regular maintenance, GM rep happened to be there...looked into the problem, again, "oh that's the car it's normal" HUM>>>I said to the rep did you hear the noise? "no" then how can you tell me this is normal..I requested for her to return to the dealership and actually come and drive it with me. We all hop in the car me, the manger of the service station, the GM rep and we are driving around and I am hearing alot of hoopla from the gm rep well it sounds like the torque componment, this is normal,...NORMAL you call this secondary engine noise NORMAL??? NO I don't think so..I said well if your not willing to fix this issue I will have to got hrough arbitration with the Attorney Generals Office, ok she says lets write up a repair work order, Ok we head back to the dealership this time we have the master mechanic from the service station hook up this little dell computer to my car and he turns off the code for the torque componment, were driving around and pull inot a parking lot and the mechanic gets in the drivers seat and start to rev up the car as were stopped and low behold there is the noise, so ok it's NOT the torque componment? the mechanic seems to believe that it actually maybe an issue with the exhaust????-but why would the exhaust noise only happen when accelerating? I am definately no mechanic and I sure hope this matter is resolved
    soon, I have an open case now with GM and needless to say the GM rep was really no help at all. It feels like they want to sweep this problem under their rug.
    what happened with you? what were your results?
    I will be posting my results sometime after the 12th I have a scheduled drop off date
    at that time.
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Hi Gary look at my post..... kristy8
    you will see that I am having that same secondary noise
    GM rep and service station are in the process........
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Hello Mariah at GM
    please read all of my posts
    they are well to say at the least interesting
    on going issues with GM, not a happy customer
  • bjones6bjones6 Posts: 28
    My passenger-side front door window took a rock or something and now has a bird's eye type of crack about the size of a nickel. The insurance company will replace it. But in the process of working out the replacement, my glass company rep. found out that the right-side glass costs about $530 and the left-side glass costs about $250. I had told him that I thought the glass was a laminated sound-dampening type, and he guessed that the glass on the two sides was different, tempered on the driver's side and laminated on the passenger side. The numbers stenciled on the glass are the same on both sides, so I rather doubt this is true. Anyone have any experience with side-window glass replacement in the front doors? According to my insurance agent, laminated glass is used almost exclusively in the windshields. Side glass is almost always tempered but not laminated. Apparently, the Nox is unusual in this regard. Low noise seems to have been a very high priority in the design.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    I'm not sure what the point of your reply to me was other than to take a few general potshots. I assure you I don't believe everything I read in the national media. Your opinion of Toyota is based on what? I have owned Toyota's for the last 10 years and have read extensively(other sources than N. media) about all the recent issues with SUA, brakes, pedals, mats, etc. enough to be concerned on how Toyota handles their problems. These issues are still under study and final results await.
    Whether I thought Chevy was a better product or not was not the issue, I just lost faith that Toyota had any credibility at the time of my purchase. I decided to go back to my roots, as a Chvey was my first car ever, and buy American. I know I'm taking a chance with a bailed company but they seem to be doing pretty well so far.
    I remain concerned with the posters comments here about the new engine despite your opinion. I do realize it's too easy to complain here with out any credibility but I will watch this. Sorry if you don't see my concern.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Kristy8,
    Can you please email me your service request number? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    I get that same knocking noise whe I accelerate around 30-40mph....but I had it from the begining, 50miles. I was told it was because of the direct-injection engine, and this is normal.

    I live in Canada, so we do not have any "lemon-laws" that we can use. At least, none that I know of.

    I was one of the first people to have the center-console problem...and delt with many GM engineers and techs. They even sent an engineer from the Oshawa Ontario car plant to look at my car for a week (got a loaner). It took some time, but they finally figured out what was wrong. (It took 3 new center consoles, 2 new radios, re-programming the unit 5 times...)

    My experience with GM customer service was really good. It took a while, and I had to get firm a couple of times, but they worked everything out.

    I hope you can get your Nox running the way you want it.
  • What was the "Center Console Problem"? Explain Please.
  • bjones6bjones6 Posts: 28
    I live in the cold midwest, and in the midwinter at temps around 10 deg, my radio volume control quit responding normally and on one occasion, my heater controls were inoperative. The radio as mildly frustrating, but the loss of a heater in temps near zero was a serious problem! The center console was swapped out and the problem is hopefully gone (don't know for sure until cold weather hits). The dealer reports that the factory is allowing them only limit knowledge of the workings of the center consoles and primarily deals with problems by swapping out the entire unit. My new control console's display is not quite right. The background "raster" is too bright. Another way of saying this is that it lacks proper contrast or it "looks washy." The numbers and letters should appear against a black, or very nearly black, background, but my background glows quite a bit, much more than the background in the display near the speedometer. I am in the process of seeing if they can correct this problem. It's an aesthetic issue, but an important one in such a new vehicle. The dealer has been great, so far.
  • Hi, for some reason the ambient lighting in the door pulls has stopped working in my 2010 equinox. Its fine everywhere else (cupholders etc.). The window controls are lit, but its the door pulls that have suddenly stopped. Does anyone know if there is a control for this or how i can fix it without having to deal with the dealership? Thanks!
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    yeah......... I know about the direct fuel "normal" sound I have read the bulletin and it is considered normal BUT the secondary noise that I get is definately not. mY NOXS was built in Canada. Not sure if that has anything to do but I am surpose to get it looked at the 12th the mater mechanic seems to think that It maybe the exhaust, My noise is actually becoming more frequent and now it starting at or around 20mph. Thanks I do hope that my car comes out ok.
  • dmazzonedmazzone Posts: 20
    Could you describe to me your secondary noise that starts up when you reach around 20 mph? I had a high pitch squeal noise that would come and go and took a while to get it fixed. They found out there was a technical service bulletin and it was my chain tensioner that had to be replaced. I had this done in May and have not had an issue since. Works great. Mine is a 2010 4cy LT1 NOX.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited August 2010
    re your quote:
    "mY NOXS was built in Canada. Not sure if that has anything to do but I am surpose to get it looked at the"

    Just an fyi, the quality control of vehicles manufactured in Canada, have among the highest ratings of any country in the world. So not too sure what you meant by the shot. But, if GM were to source an engine outside of Canada, ship it to Canada to be installed in a vehicle mfgd in Cda, then we have no control over that.

    I have heard that the engine is built in Cda tho, on the Nox. But that doesn't mean anything per se if GM has an engineering issue not sorted with the ailments some owners are having. For all we know it could be the extra ethanol content in our gas, or any other of numerous filler and junk they allow over here in our gas, that they don't in Europe. Did you know that from around the late 90's to mid 00's mfgrs had to increase their emissions dollar content in all cars sold and driven in NA by as much as 3500 hundred bucks in certain vehicles, just so they would pass our emission standards on our poor quality gas. I am not in touch with the stats as much these days, but i suspect that because we are seeing more DI engines on these shores, we must have had to clean up our gas in order to burn it in these DI engines. But there are still unscrupulous gas stn owners who dump all kinds of cr&p in the tanks as fill to increase their bottom line. Dirty pool? You betcha.

    I would at least start fueling at different locations to see if that helps your cases at all. It will take some time of course to run the new gas through the system.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    A lot of misinformation going on here. Here's some press releases about the engine that is built in Tennessee. The Ecotec I-4 is rated as one of the top 10 engines for 2010.

    DETROIT, Mich. – GM’s Ecotec 2.4L I-4 has been awarded Ward’s Auto World magazine’s 2010 “10 Best Engines” for North America. The direct injected engine with variable valve timing helps deliver segment-best highway fuel economy in GM’s popular new crossovers, the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain. The engine also debuts in the all-new Buick LaCrosse and Regal sedans next year.
    Ward’s reviewed 34 engines from 13 automakers in the competition. Winners were chosen based on several factors, including power, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), fuel efficiency, new technology and comparative data for similar engines.
    The new Ecotec 2.4L engine includes technology that provides a number of benefits. “Direct injection (DI) was designed into the 2.4L to boost fuel efficiency and for refined power,” said Chris Meagher, chief engineer for Ecotec engines. “The VVT (variable valve timing) system is tuned to work in tandem with direct injection to achieve optimum fuel economy and lower emissions. The engine achieves a respectable 182 horsepower (136 kW) and 172 lb-ft (233 Nm) of torque, which makes for a pleasing customer driving experience.”
    With direct injection, fuel is sprayed directly into the engine cylinder, where it is mixed with air. As the fuel vaporizes in the cylinder, the air and fuel mixture is cooled. This enables the use of a higher compression ratio, which improves engine efficiency and performance. Direct injection also reduces cold-start hydrocarbon emissions by up to 25 percent.
    The Ecotec 2.4L engine is an all-aluminum, dual overhead cam, four-valve engine with forged steel connecting rods and oil spray cooling for reduced friction and noise. The engine is built at GM’s Spring Hill powertrain plant in Tennessee. In all models, the engine is mated to a highly efficient six-speed automatic transmission.

    GM's 2.4L ECOTEC SIDI Wins Ward's 10 Best
    One GM engine makes the elite engine list for 2010.
    December 9, 2009
    By: Nick Saporito

    Today Ward's Auto released their 2010 Ten Best engine award. The annual list is always made up of the best ten engines throughout the auto industry and one of General Motors newest engines made the list this year: the 2.4L ECOTEC SIDI.

    The engine is not technically all-new, however it is a heavily revised ECOTEC that debuted in the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox. The engine gained popularity quickly due to the Equinox's and GMC Terrain's headline 32 MPG highway rating, which makes the two utes best-in-class in terms of fuel economy by a wide margin.

    In addition to direct fuel injection and variable valve timing, the Ecotec 2.4L engine is an all-aluminum, dual overhead cam, four-valve engine with forged steel connecting rods and oil spray cooling for reduced friction and noise. In all models, the engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

    The 2.4L is the only GM engine to make the list this year, however cross-town rival Ford Motor Company made the list with two of their new engines as well.

    Ward's 2010 Best Engines List:

    * 2.0L TFSI Turbocharged DOHC I-4 (Audi A4)
    * 3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6 (Audi S4)
    * 3.0L DOHC I-6 Turbodiesel (BMW 335d)
    * 2.5L DOHC I-4 Hybrid (Ford Fusion Hybrid)
    * 3.5L EcoBoost Turbocharged DOHC V-6 (Ford Taurus SHO)
    * 2.4L Ecotec DOHC I-4 (Chevrolet Equinox)
    * 4.6L Tau DOHC V-8 (Hyundai Genesis)
    * 2.5L Turbocharged DOHC H-4 (Subaru Legacy 2.5GT)
    * 1.8L DOHC I-4 Hybrid (Toyota Prius)
    * 2.0L SOHC I-4 Turbodiesel (Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI)
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited August 2010
    I take exception to your quote above stating "a lot of misinformation" - so the engine is made in TN. I do recall now that TN is where they are built. Fine. So tell me where else in my notes constitutes "a lot" of misinformation? So what if it is built in TN?

    And anyone can copy paste...

    You mention a higher CR. So that is a clue right there. They state the engine will run on 87 octane (in the interest of not losing customers who rightly refuse to invest in the premium that hi-test gas is, in common place cars like the Nox) but maybe that is where they have screwed up. A lot of the knocking symptoms owners have described here sounded to me like a pre-ignition issue, which is what hi-test gas is designed to not allow in higher than average combustion chambers. (hi-test gas ignites more slowly than regular gas, a very very common misconception among the driving public) (fuel ignites more quickly when under greater pressure - a prime example of this is the basis for how diesel ignites. As many of you may realize a diesel powered car does not use sparkplugs and coils to provide a spark to ignite the fuel. That is why diesels have extremely high compression ratios compared to gas engines.

    And many other engines have won the Wards list many years in a row. Numerous variations on Nissan's original 3 litre V6 makes the list almost every year for the past 10. And I believe GM's cast iron block 3800 V6 so popular in Bonnevilles etc also is on the list. And this, just from memory. I haven't looked in a few years.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    I cut and pasted the info on the engine so those here that aren't aware that the engine is highly rated and not some junk. I thought it was pertinent to the discussion, so at least those with problems will know they do have a good engine to work with. I think it being built in the USA is significant since the last 4cyl was built in China. A big deal to some of us.
    The Nox being assembled in Canada was a selling point for me, since the previous 2 vehicles I have owned that were assembled in Canada were gems with no problems.

    The high CR is a trait of direct injection for better fuel economy. You seem to have a lot of general info but never relate to any actual personal experience with the engine. All I know is my i-4 is running smooth for 3 months now on 87 octane being the common place car it is. :)
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    The Malibu motor is apparently made in China. My point was what is the difference whether the Nox engine is made in USA or Cda? By your own admission you are pleased and confident with a Cdn built car.

    I know why you c/p, my biggest thing was you claiming "a lot" of my info was incorrect which it was not. You split hairs, and even supported Cdn quality. And you made no retraction. But whatever..
    Unlike some on these forums i do NOT talk thru my hat. (but i am not suggesting you have)

    But the info i have given here will be helpful to those who are having trouble with their car. Why would I go into great detail of mechanics when many would prefer a few basics that they can then investigate on their own and ask their own mechanic about? Armed with some of the info I provided here already, will tell their mechanic that they are not the average ignorant customer with a problem but one who has some knowledge of the workings of their engine.

    And whether you agree or not, ruling out gas quality as a possibility was good advice :) I could go on about software programming of engine management, anti-knock sensors etc etc but it has already been touched upon previously. Gas wasn't. :)
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited August 2010
    And while you chose to take my remark about the common place car, as a shot, it was not intended that way all. :) The Nox is not a performance oriented BMW, MB, Audi, Volvo, Acura, Infinity type luxury car whose basic majority, require hi-test gas.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I cut and pasted the info on the engine so those here that aren't aware that the engine is highly rated and not some junk.

    Even the most highly rated engine will have problems and it is the problems that people are here to discuss. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Even the most highly rated engine will have problems and it is the problems that people are here to discuss.

    No kidding. One poster here thought her problem may be because it was built in Canada. Providing information on that is not acceptable here?
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Are you kidding me? I was simply pointing out that info due to the fact another poster had stated that their nox was built there to! Now let's get to the point of the issue,
    there is an actual problem with my car and many others, whether or not the car was built in USA or Canada or wherever the case maybe...there is an issue and simply making a statement " my car was built in Canada" DOES not imply a shot in any form, read my issue before you start throwing stones.
    I am canadian!
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Oh yes I also forgot to mention that was also a really big selling point for me to,
    providing that my car was also built in Canda. I do know the steps that were taken to build the nox.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Maybe you should re read your own post if you can. I wasn't throwing any stones at you, it was mainly about the engine anyway.

    ...."mY NOXS was built in Canada. Not sure if that has anything to do but I am surpose to get it looked at the 12th the mater mechanic seems to think that It maybe the exhaust,...."

    With your sloppy typing it's not hard to maybe misinterpret your meaning. Try proof reading your posts before sending.
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