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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I haven't found winter blades that fit my 2010 Nox, but Crappy Tire has a Reflex blade that fits the left windshield wiper. Unfortunately they don't yet have one for the right wiper. The replacement blade is for a 2009 Malibu which requires a 24" left and a 21" right wiper blade. The Nox needs a 17" right.
  • remmy4remmy4 Posts: 2
    I had the same thing happen to me on the 6th in cold weather(Northern Illinois). Only I had just pulled up to a stop sign to make a right hand turn. No warning lights came on or anything. Taking it to the dealership tomorrow or Wednesday. If they come up with anything I will let you know.
  • Good info, thanks!
  • I purchased my Nox 2010 the end of July from a local GMC dealer in my town. This was the second car I had purchased from this dealership. Since my Nox was the 2LT version, it was supposed to have the USB port already installed. When I got it home I couldn't find the USB port and the next day I asked my salesman where it was. He couldn't find it either and "discovered" that my car, for some reason, didn't get one installed at the factory but that I had been credited $75 somewhere on the car's invoice because GM had messed up. Mulling this over for a couple of months I decide to take the car back and to the dealer I purchased the car from to see what it would cost to install the port since its a bit difficult and distracting to try and work with an iPod player without such a connection.

    At the dealership, I'm informed that to install the USB port in my car would cost me $250. Since I was only credited $75 for not getting it I was a bit disappointed by this news. They acknowledged that the Nox should have had the port but all they could do now was to give me $100 off the normal $350 cost to install. I decline and return home. Rather than argue anymore with my original dealer I thought I would try another dealer in the area to see if I could get a bit more help. This second dealer (Vandergriff Chevrolet, Arlington, TX) is much larger and turned out to be much more accommodating. They also got the GM area representative involved with my USB port issue. He has been calling me personally asking about the install process.

    Last week they installed the USB port free of charge but couldn't get the audio system to recognize it. I returned the car this week to correct the programming and the dealership also provided a car for me to use during the time my car was being worked on.

    I picked the car up today and the system now "sees" the USB port. Besides the USB port I had the Radio control assembly replaced and the power steering line sleeve removed, two recalled items that needed to be taken care anyway for the Nox 2010.

    Conclusions? While it was certainly more out of the way to take the car to the Arlington dealership, I got much better service. Maybe they have more pull with GM. They certainly had more expertise and willingness to tackle my problems. Will I return to the local dealership after my experience? Certainly not! Will I have the larger dealership tend to my automotive needs from now on? You betcha!
  • berriberri Posts: 9,878
    Since my Nox was the 2LT version, it was supposed to have the USB port already installed. When I got it home I couldn't find the USB port and the next day I asked my salesman where it was. He couldn't find it either and "discovered" that my car, for some reason, didn't get one installed at the factory

    I thought we were supposed to have a brand new GM - this sounds too much like the old GM. I don't understand how something this basic could get screwed up on the assembly line? I mean, its standard equipment for heaven's sake! Bad enough if they mess up an option, but this is inexcusable really. You shouild send a complaint to Whitacre since this is the kind of stuff he's trying to clean up.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    "I thought we were supposed to have a brand new GM - this sounds too much like the old GM. I don't understand how something this basic could get screwed up on the assembly line? I mean, its standard equipment for heaven's sake! Bad enough if they mess up an option, but this is inexcusable really. You shouild send a complaint to Whitacre since this is the kind of stuff he's trying to clean up."

    I agree. I would also reveal the dealership (ironically enough even the selling dealer of not only the NOX, but a previous car also!!!) not only to us, but have head-office informed so that they have the optional heads-up of a necessary sit-down with them. It is at the dealership level that GM relies on as the initial and primary interaction of it's customers and it's product, to help them restore the customer base and confidence in their product.

    In viewing this thread from the beginning, there is still an unfortunate and all too reminiscent theme unfolding.

    Old habits may be hard to break, but are at least made easier to appease the patient customer, by dealerships like the 2nd one in Arlington who ended up resolving his issue.
    Contrarily, the selling dealer's attitude is one of the ones GM needs to squash like a yesterday..
    They need a corporate spanking in the biggest way..
  • berriberri Posts: 9,878
    Good point on the two dealers. People are going to be inclined to blame the UAW here, but I'm going to disagree. Even though I don't agree with some of the work rules and stuff, I think the union knows what is at stake when things like this occur and how it hurts GM's turnaround. I think most workers are trying to build a good product and preserve their jobs. GM corporate needs to look closely at the plant management. This sounds too much like the old days of just pushing out the numbers, and long term that's a reputation killer.
  • It felt to me like the first dealership probably could have taken care of the USB issue had they the time/connections/passion/desire/interest/expertise to do so. The second dealership in Arlington took ownership of the issue and addressed it by first contacting GM directly and involving the Area rep. I think they probably got the green flag from the area rep to fix the problem first and with his blessing moved ahead and charged GM for the repair and the car rental. This is a good reminder to me that if the dealership won't address an issue, take it to the next level and get the GM area rep involved even if you have to go to another dealership to do so. I feel GM did a good job addressing my issue once they were made aware of it at the Area rep level.
  • I forgot to mention that the Crappy Tire blade has a teflon coating and I can confirm that it chatters less than the stock wiper blade.
  • mrpj99mrpj99 Posts: 1
    Anyone had remote start issues? Dealer showed me this feature at dealership and now it works ocassionally but not consistently. Is it the key? Very frustrating. :mad:
  • I also had trouble using the remote start and I think I have solved it by not pressing the lock icon too long. Just one quick press on the lock icon and then the start button and it seems to start right up. You do have to be line of sight but it is much more consistent with this new strategy.
  • I recently posted a question about metal shavings
    near the head. I took to the dealer and the
    info was sent to GM. The result was the
    actuator was replaced and GM thought it was
    a result of the manufacture of the head.
    I hope that resolves the problems, but makes
    me nervous with such a new vehicle with only
    1,000 mi. on it.
  • At first I thought it just didn't work. I would press the lock button for a second and then the remote start button for a second and it wouldn't start. But I started holding the remote button for a longer time (after pressing the lock button first for a second), and it starts every time. :)
  • tjc14tjc14 Posts: 1
    I too have experienced this "sticky" steering almost every time that I drive the vehicle. I own the 4 cyl with electric assisted steering. It feels like the wheel is "locked" slightly when held in one position for a few seconds. The situation can even be felt when the vehicle is stopped. The steering wheel when the steering is affected in this way can not be moved slightly in a smooth motion. This problem acts up on a totally random basis. Has anyone experienced this problem and had the condition remedied?
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    I have a 2010 1LT Equinox. I noticed that there are two little lights on either side of my license plate...right above it, near the tailgate button. Does anyone know when or how these lights turn on? I've tired everything and they do not come on. (Brake, high beams, etc...) I just wanted to know in case there is something wrong and I have to get them fixed.

  • Hi ronwel. I just checked my 2010 1 LT Nox and these lights come on when the headlights are on to light up your license plate. I would check the fuse or the bulbs. Something is wrong. Good Luck
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    Thanks for the reply. I read somewhere that the Chevy "Bowtie" log was supposed to light up, and when I went to check, I noticed that my plate lights were not working. I've had a few electrical issues with my Equinox, so this really does not suprise me.

    I'll get it looked at when I take it in for it's next oil change.
  • Someone please advise me.
    Bought the 2010 equinox LS. The driving experience is so disappointing. Not sure if it is just what you should expect with a 4 cylinder OR if there is any easy fix.
    Problems are:
    1. Jerky upshifting...I feel the car hesitate as it moves to the next gear...a Very noticeable hesitation...feels just like I have a standard even though it is an automatic.
    2. Feels like I am driving with the brakes on...They aren't.
    3. Accelerator is out of sync. Seems to be too loose.

    I am seriously considering taking advantage of the moneyback guarantee as I took delivery in December. I want to like this car but I was hoping when I switched FROM a standard to an automatic that I would have a SMOOTHER driving experience. Was my mistake in buying a 4 cylinder?
  • can someone tell me a good MP3 player that will work connecting with the USB in my new 2010 Nox LT2
  • I test drove the 4cyl, put about 20 miles on it. At mile 4 I put it on the highway. I knew at the on ramp there was no way I could buy this thing. I did the other 16 miles trying to like it. Wife was shocked I gave it that much of a chance. Where I live the highways are like a racetrack and the 4cyl just didn't cut it and the noise getting up to 65 was too much. Drove and bought the 6cyl, a huge improvement and I am completely happy with my decision. I get 27-28 on the highway and that is plenty for me. Take it back and get the 6, you'll be glad you did.
  • I felt the same way after the first couple of hundred miles, but now all is good.
    First of all, I had the tanny flash done to my computer.
    This helped a lot, but I still wasn't 100% satisfied. I didn't really hold too much faith in the whole "learning transmission" theory, but over time my tranny has smoothed out significantly and I don't notice any glitches in the shifting at all anymore. I drove a six cylinder and it feels rather sluggish or hesitant before it gets into it's power range, but fine once it gets up to speed. My four is peppy, has great pick up and I have no probs on the race track that defines California's freeways.
    There's a whole thread on this subject under transmission fix, where I've posted the Calibration bulletin #09271 issued on 10/8/2009. Along with a scan of what was flashed here:
    There may be newer bulletins, but I haven't checked recently.
    From my personal experience, I would say your tranny will get a lot smoother.
  • You might try having the tranny program updated first. I believe some folks have found that getting the latest download from GM may improving the shifting behavior if you haven't already done that. Check out the Wallyuwl posts.
  • I had the "sticky" steering issue. I thought I was going crazy at first. I approached my local dealer with the issue and was told that it was "normal", that's how they all are! I have about 9000 miles on my 2010 Nox and this steering issue, as of the last couple of months, does not seem to be present. I have also been driving on bad roads which keeps my speed down.
  • Thanks, I will take it to the service dept. asap.
  • After waiting 12 1/2 weeks for my 2010 Equinox I'm ready to give it back. At 335 miles it shut down on me and I barely made it off the road, waited for over 2 hours for GM Roadside to tow vehicle because OnStar gave them the wrong location by 7 miles. Dealer took it in and replaced 2 sensors, even though the fuel gauge displayed 1/8 tank it was empty. About 2 weeks later the same thing happened, just shut down-no low fuel lights came on either time and again it was empty. Now the dealer has it back again, 2100 miles and he's got some module on order. Has anybody had anything like this happen? My 60 days will be up February 4th, do I have a lemon?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    In reading through this Nox thread, I am left with mixed feelings. On one hand there are some fine people here who share like interests and obviously their choice of car to drive. There seems to be the odd mechanic, male/female commuter, retirees and of course even your proverbial soccer moms. A real good mix. But what strikes me here (in a discouraging way), if some posts are real, is that I am losing confidence in pursuing an Equinox now. There seems to be a wide array of some pretty serious flaws and these are on brand new cars under wty. Not cars whose wiring, and connectors and numerous sensors that haven't yet been exposed to a winter climate of salted and calcified roads. So this is a concern.

    But the thing is, there is the potential for misuse and some dirty pool if like, on these forums. There is nothing to stop members who own Japanese or other North American type dealerships from trolling the site and creating literally, false ailments with the car, in order to spread uneasiness and even resultant changes of mind in which car a reader decides in the end to lay down their hard earned cash on.

    So.... either the new Nox has some pretty serious woes and a higher than average number of teething errors, or not all apparent problems reported here are real. I wonder? So has anyone else wondered this or is my conspiracy mind working overtime on a snowy mid-winter afternoon?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The trolls are usually pretty obvious.

    And it's human nature to visit a forum and complain. When everything is hunky-dory, most owners don't seek out a forum to look for solutions to problems.

    Every make and model here has people posting about problems with their cars, so keep that in mind as well.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I have heard it said that you should never buy a brand new model,such as the 2010 Equinox,because they need some time to get the bugs out.I am undecided if that is true or not.I guess it depends on just random luck.
    As far as some people have an agenda....I have no doubt that is true.Not only on this thread and vehicle,but on many other car sites and car revue sites.
  • actually for the number on the road, the feedback is pretty good. People love to "bash" on forums as it makes them feel vindicated and a bit like an expert when they are not. There is even one "complaint" about the electronics (there was no low fuel warning, this may be a legit issue) when in reality the owner ran out of gas. TWICE. Anyone driving around on an eighth of a tank or less almost deserves to get stranded. Sorry, but it's just common sense (or the lack of) which seems to often be the "issue" people have with their vehicles. I had two Trailblazers and the initial "feedback" on those was a lot worse and that was a terrific truck (both of them)
  • I guess I have been lucky over the course of the past 14 years or so of buying 10 new cars, 5 of which were a new model:
    '98 Trans Am - new model year
    '00 GMC Pickup
    '00 Grand Prix
    '01 GMC Envoy - new model year
    '03 Sante Fe
    '03 Matrix
    '04 Trailblazer
    '05 Camry - new model year
    '07 Tahoe - new model year
    '10 Equinox - new model year

    I had one problem with the Tahoe - one sensor that knocked a bunch of stuff off line when it went out but one trip to the dealer and it was fixed and never had another problem - bulletin was already issued for the specific sensor.
    We have had minor problems with the 'Nox (search my threads for details) and with one trip to the dealer it was also fixed - bulletin was already issued. I cannot think of anything else with the other new cars that I had them in the dealer for issues.
    My Camry is pushing 96000 miles and all it has needed was a new tensioner, water pump and battery.
    My opinion with the way these cars are currently being built with more computers, more sensors, more electronics that there is a greater chance of something to go wrong may it be major or minor. The Equinox is a great vehicle for us and so far we have enjoyed it without any major issues. As to other comments made, I too would be on here voicing my concern about major issues for two reasons: One - to find out if others are having the same issue and Two - to warn people. Do your research, compare the negative/problems against how many '10 'Nox's are on the road and I think you will see that the major problems experienced/reported are maybe 1%.
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