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Ford Focus Wagon



  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    73.7 is the EPA number. Cargo space is about 36" tall, about 48" wide average, maybe a bit more and about 6 feet long to the back of the front seats, In feet that's 3 x 4 x 6 = 72. The EPA number appears correct to me. The reason it is so much bigger then the hatch is it's longer, higher and the wagon shocks are positioned under the floor freeing up cargo space. As for the apparent discrepancy I will take a guess that the Hatch rear seat does not fold the same way (tumble) meaning the seat does not fold as low and I believe the EPA measures to the end of a tumbled seat bottom but only to the end of the seat back on a non-tumbled seat. Someone correct me if I am wrong about the seat folding on the hatch.

  • I know that everyone is concerned these days with the mileage they are getting per tank. But my Focus doesn't get me 300km to the tank. Anyone else having the same issues? My dealer did a consumption report and told me that i must be mistaken that my car is getting excellent mileage. Suggested it might be a gage, but they would have to tear the car apart to confirm. IT ISN' T the gage. Help! I would love to hear your experiences.
  • My 05 Focus Wagon purchased July 28th will go just over 500 km on a tank.
    I didn't think that was too good til I heard your story!!!!
    My Corolla could get 600-625 km and with the price of gas..........well enough said!!

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    If the problem is the gauge, you should be able to tell based on how much gas you add to fill it.

    You can measure the actual gas mileage by resetting the trip odometer to 0 when you fill it up. Then the next time you need gas fill it up again, take the miles (km) shown on the trip odometer and divide this by the gallons of gas you add to refill it at that time...this will tell you the mpg.
  • I have a 2003 focus wagon with a 5 speed and base engine (single cam) with 26700 miles(43000km)
    there is a growling noise at slow speedwhich changes to a tapping speed at higher speed , noise seems to be on the right -dealer has replaced the right wheel bearing which got rid of some noise and vibration
    there is also a noise in my transmission in third gear only at low speed
    my clutch pedal also pulsates at low rpm

    anyone hear of right driveshaft or driveshaft bearing problems?
    what about transmission problems(this tranny has no lift mechanism on shifter for reverse)?
    any clutch solutions?
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Of course, you already know that your 36/36 bumper to bumper warranty is still in effect so
    fortunately this shouldn't be costing you anything (assuming you are in the US). There is a TSB on some clutch noises, not sure if that is the problem but you can check back a few messages on how to do search for TSB's and search for tranny stuff while you are at it.

  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106

    I'm curious if you have figured out what the noise is. I should mention that I do have a slight resonance at highway speeds which I know is an intake resonance, it's pretty faint and maybe unique to the Duratec intake. It takes a sensitive ear to pick it up and is less pronounced then the intake resonance on the newer Voyager 3.8 for example. Also, there is no sound deadening material under the hood of the Focus unlike in many bigger cars. FWIW.

  • I have a ford focus wagon 2002
    The AC suddely stopped
    My mechanic tested the relays & fuses and they are fine
    It blows just doesn't cool
    He cannot find the "low pressure service board" to test for leak
    Does anyone know where that is on the 2002 wagon?
  • kzackzac Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 2001 Focus Wagon and My fuel Mileage is up and down. I am now getting about 19 - 20 MPG, however I have gotten as much as 30 MPG in while living in the same area.
    I have changed the plugs and filters but it has not had an effect on the fuel mileage.
  • I'm having a similar issue. I just purchased a 2002 wagon se. My prior fill up I got about 350 miles to the tank, this time I'm looking at getting around 250. Any ideas? I'm doing the exact same driving that I did on my previous tank. A lot of freeway driving. Has anyone given you any advice?

  • I am not struggling with my gas mileage. i have a 03 focus wagon with spi engine and a 5 speed i do mixed city highway driving . my average mileage for the last three tanks of gas was 31.8 mpg based on an american gallon. i am usually very careful about my driving habits -no warm up time- easy acceleration at lower rpm-
    before e you buy any vehicle look up the fuel specs for each engine and tranny available and you shouldn't be in for any surprises
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    I have the official Ford Focus pdf file for troubleshooting air conditioning. It's too big to post here, let me know if there is some way I can EMAIL it or post it some how. There are a number of electrical possibilities that can be troubleshooted (troubleshot?). I don't know what the low pressure service board is.

    You can also buy the applicable Ford Service DVD on Ebay for about $50.00. My source for the pdf file is from the DVD.

  • Where can I find some cross bars for my 2005 focus wagon?
  • Dealer item only, as far as my research shows.
    Best price I found was on
  • I just purchased a new 2005 Focus Wagon SES. Now that winter is coming, I'd like to put snow tires on the car, but never having had a FWD car before, I'm not sure if I need them just on the front, or all around. Comments?

    Also, what brand of snow tires do you suggest?


  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    A good place to post this question woulsd be ovewr at the Tires forum and ask Connor at Tire rack.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    Yep... here's a link to the Tires, tires, tires discussion.

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  • Thanks very much!
  • I bought a used wagon last April. Great car. Great mileage. Mileage began to drop to 25 mpg, then had problems where engine was dying out. Took the car to dealer and found recall on FDM (fuel destribution module). Recall required replacement and now I am back to the original 32 mpg I was getting. You may also want to have the computor check out.
  • low pressure service board? or low pressure service port where you hook up to add refrigerant. the port valve is much like a inner tube air valve and may develop leaks over time. I think it is called a "schroeder valve". anyway compressor should shut down on low pressure if the refrigerant has leaked out and it will not work or cool at all.
  • As you look at the firewall at the passenger corner there is a 2.5"diameter black cannister with a stem coming off of it that has a green screw on cap. This is the evaporator service port you are looking for.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    Wilcut52. Thanks for the positive contributions. This is what we need and what I think this forum should be all about - issues and answers. Every car has issues and the more popular it is the more problems crop up. I think it's a great car and the wagon is an exceptional design. As a reminder that no car is perfect I may note that I rented an 05 Toyota Corolla for a week recently and really thought it was subpar in many ways - for example the steering wheel was crooked! - not quite perpendicular to the driver and the crusie control layout is not as logical as the Ford unit. Careful, put your wipers on and you may be accidentally hitting the wrong stalk and increasing your speed! :confuse: Steering feel was not nearly as tight as the Focus. BTW they used the same Focus rack and pinion steering unit in the FordGT ($200K). What I'm saying is I like the german Ford design details. It was afterall the most popular car in the world for many years.

  • I have had my 2005 Wagon since May. The radio in the car killed my battery. It was a faulty radio. That was 6 weeks ago and i still do not have a radio in the car. Also my Wagon came with out a dip stick. Is this standard practice for Ford now..... had to pay $45 to get a new one. I enjoy the car but would enjoy it more with a radio. It will be replaced by warranty but 6 weeks and still waiting. :sick: Hope the issues i have had are only with this car and not standard for Focus Wagons.
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    Looking for a stick shift - Ford tells me there are no SES sticks in Oregon and WA - period.
    Seems stick is standard on both trim levels.
    What will I be giving up going with SE over SES ? Doesn't seems like much.
  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    You can actually check inventory yourself if you have a good internet connection and a little time. THere is a Ford Direct site, you plug in 2005 or 2006 Focus and then a zip code and it shows all inventory within a certain radius. I found the Seatlle and Portland areas had 5-speed wagon inventory when I was checking earlier this year, but it is always changing.
    Let me know if you need the site address and I'll get it. IMO the stick is worth looking for.
    It gets better MPG in the real world and it accelerates better.

  • jazvanjazvan Posts: 106
    That site is I took a quick look and saw (5) 5-speed SE's at 2 dealers in the Seatle area. Typically 5-speeds will be SE. SES will be rare as you are finding. . The dealer of course can do a search much quicker then we can so they are probably correct that there are no SES in OR or WA. Anyway, looks like the difference between SE and SES is not that much. I might sugest take a look and see if upholstery level is different.

  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    Thanks for replies.
    I did check There are several local SES AT's available.
    The SE has no cruise control, tachometer, fog lamps, on -steering wheel controls, tilt steering etc - So its quite a difference. A local dealer told me there was 1 stick SES in CA.
    So I think I'll pass.

  • We have a 2005 Focus wagon. Installed an after market locking gas cap. After about 100 miles the Check Fuel Cap light went on. We've tighten, loosened, and light won't go out. Put old cap back on and Light still comes on. Owners manual says if you drive with light on too long the Check Engine light will come on. If it does can we drive with that on forever or do we need to get something changed? If so, what? Thanks for any help.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,861
    by installing an aftermarket gas cap, you probably cheesed off the obdII. since you reinstalled the original gas cap, wait a couple of days. the light may go out. after that you migh try disconnecting the battery for a while.
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  • vera5vera5 Posts: 3
    I havea 2003 wagon and about a month ago idling seemed out of wack.I went away for 10 days and on return my aircon is not working at all. Did you have similar idling difficulties?
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