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BMW End of Lease Buyout

bat60bat60 Posts: 12
Hi, We have a 06-330 coming to it's lease end and was thinking of buying it out right. Has anyone had any success in negotiating the price. Talking with BMW Financial, They will not negotiate but said try our or other dealers to get a better price. Our buyout is 25,800 CPO with Edmonds trade in @ 17k , Private sale 21K and dealer 23K. What would be a good buyout price. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mitch


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to also ask this question in our generic Purchasing at the End of Your Lease discussion. Hope this helps!
  • I also inquired about buyout of my 06, 325i, which has 18,900 miles. However, I have decided to turn it in as some of he equipment are beginning to show sign of having problems, and the dealer offering only the last month off of the residual ($21,630). I could buy similarly equipped 325i for 2 less. I have an automatic only, and the seat belt doesn't work sometimes for the passenger front when the seat are down. The cup holder needs another replacement and my car key sometimes doesn't come out until pressing the brakes several times. I took it in for service, however, they couldn't diagnosed the same problem. BMW does have some great lease offers right now.
  • biggdbiggd Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 BMW X3 that comes off a 36 month lease next month. I just recieved my end of lease options from BMW Finance. My current monthly payment is $428/mo, risidual buyout is approx $30,000.

    If I want to extend my lease for 1 year the monthly payments are $1149/month. If I want to buy the car my monthly payments for 60 months are $609/mo at 6.4% financing.

    Has anyone else experienced this from BMW?

    It is not exactly a "customer retention" program.

    I like the X3 and would like something similar around the same monthly lease payment.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • bat60bat60 Posts: 12
    OK, The buy out was 23K and $1700 for the 100K warranty. So 25K @ 4.9% = 480 per mo. New 328 X drive 44k msrp with Prem package +, 3 yr @ 420/mo w/15k miles 2k down.. So I do not think it's worth buying out right..
  • I have a 2007 328xi, with premium and cold weather packages, with 34,000 miles It's in good condition except for a few scratches on the front and rear bumpers. I'd like to finance the car through the dealer/BMW. I'm going off of memory, but here and the numbers the dealer gave me to finance my 328xi now that my lease is about to be over: $0 down, $572 per month, for 60 months. I should be able to get much lower that this right? I'm currently paying $600 (up from the original 591), with a 10,000 mile lease, zero down. Please advise.
  • I am offering a buyout for my 2007 530i but I am ambivalent with the new model coming out next year? Any thoughts. Also, if I buyout should I still expect to pay for wear and tear and excess mileage
  • I am reading through these threads that are a little old but relevant. I found a company called Get Your Car Back, they have a end of lease representation service. Has anyone used this company before to negotiate the end of car lease? I would be interested in your experience. Did it work? Did you have to go to auction? Did the company respond timely for you? What happened?
  • wethead4wethead4 Posts: 5
    Sounds like you are getting ripped dude. I financed a brand new 2009 xdrive with cold weather (w/o premium package) for 670/mo 60mo, 0 down, tax title fees all rolled into the loan. only a 100 more/month over another 60 months? doesn't make sense
  • myamay73myamay73 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 328I coupe with one month to go on a 3 year lease. I negotiated a lease end purchase price of $20,500 at the beginning of the lease. (A lot of people are unaware that you can negotiate a lease end purchase price at the start of the lease). Doing so can really benefit you or hurt you depending on the car. I only put $2000 down with a monthly payment of $625. Current Mileage is 44,000. I have some scratches and rim dings that I know will cost me additional money to turn it. Knowing that I don't know if I should turn it in and pay the fees, finance the price I negotiated at the beginning of the lease, or get into another lease. I don't see why I would turn it in, can anyone confirm my decision with the info listed.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,997
    Well, no... we can't confirm your decision with the info listed. :) But, by making some guesses and asking follow-up questions, people can help.

    My first assumption is that you like the vehicle. This is very important, because if you do NOT like it, you're probably not going to be happy keeping it regardless of the financial details. I'm going forward assuming you do.

    I'm also going to assume that you were allowed 36,000 miles on your lease, and that you're over by about 8K now. If that's true, I'll calculate an average of $0.15/mile overage fee, and say you'll owe $1200 for the excess mileage. Let's assume another $1,000 for the dings and other fees.

    Your purchase price looks to be right between private party & dealer retail, so that's reasonable. If you have the $2,000 for the fees you'd pay to turn it in, why not use that as a downpayment on the balance, then finance the remaining $18,500? This would cut your monthly payment by a LOT, or alternatively, reduce the loan period by a lot.

    The only way I see it making good sense to turn in is if you're looking to lease another BMW, and for whatever reason, you can get them to waive fees. But still, if you're happy with the vehicle, you can reduce payment amount or interest you're paying if you keep it. Just my thoughts.... don't take my opinion as gospel.


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  • athinathin Posts: 2
    Hi - My BMW 328Xi coupe lease is ending in 6 months. I am not interested to keep the car, instead I want to swap it to any used 4 door BMW car/SUV. I recently received an email and a follow up call from BMW offering to waive 3 months lease ($2100) and lease disposition fee ($500 - I think). I have told the dealer that I will accept the offer if 5-6 months lease is waived. I haven't heard back yet and my questions are: Is this a good deal? Are there anyone who had better experiences? Will there be any other hidden fees or charges I should be aware of?

    As information, I am significantly under lease mileage, about 10K miles less than the contract. And the 3 months lease payment waiver is reflected in my pay off quote, so I think the dealer is not offering anything extra.
  • bmwleaserbmwleaser Posts: 17
    My 328i is nearing end of lease and I've been offered a residual value of 21,000. Is that reasonable ? I'm hoping to knock off 2K from the residual but that seems to be difficult.
    The car is well within the mileage limit and in good condition.
    Also do I HAVE to go to the same dealer from whom I originally leased the car ?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,997
    You might also head over to our Purchasing at the End of Your Lease discussion.


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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,119
    edited July 2011
    In an attempt to move cars during slow times, BMW and other manufacturers have done some dumb things. In order to make the payments attractive, they place the residuals unrealistically high.

    Then when the cars go to the auction, they end up losing thousands of dollars on them. Some car manufactures seemed to have learned and others not.

    Cars with high depreciation rate such as BMW are generally not good cars to lease because of low residuals.

    Then some people want to negioate. the residual at lease end when they KNEW what it was when they leased the car in the first place.

    If the car companies allowed this to happen, it would create a can of worms and it would undermine everything they put in writing!

    Turning this around, if BMW made a mistake and set the residuals too low, they wouldn't be able to tell a customer..." Well, we know the residual is 20,000 but the car is actually worth 23,000 so if you want to buy it, it'll be 3000.00 more than we told you when you leased it"

    Setting residuals is a tricky thing and it's hard to predict the future market.

    Set the residuals too low and the payments won't be attractive.

    Set them too high and they will lose money at auction time and they will have customers asking to pay less.

    Honda did the same thing to themselves a couple of times but not like BMW has. They don't seem to learn.
  • Did they (your BMW Dealer) offer to certify your BMW for you first, and then go with the buy option?
  • Hi,

    I found out the hard way that if they can take your money they will. I felt like they robbed me when I first leased 335I. Next month 03/2013 will be the end of that lease and I came back to the same dealer and I think they're trying to rob me again. I'm now looking @ 335Is which came to 66,845 MSRP.

    First I asked them the buyout price. It's stated in my contract that it's $37,000. But when they calculated the buyout price it's actually $38K because they're adding $750 charge for the car run through their shop. That's total BS. It's my car and I want to buy it. I don't want to pay $750 for extra checkup...

    Then I asked about the new lease for 335Is with 66,845 MSRP. I also owe them $2400 worth in miles overage and no run flat tire. They told me to leave my current car there go rent a car for a month while they order this new car. Put $5k down. Then pay them $862/month for 36 months.
    I assume since I'm leaving the car with them I don't have to pay last month lease.
    Is this a good deal? On their website the lease offer is only $529/month for 36 months for msrp of 63K car excluding tax, tags, title.

    How much can the tax be? Do they tax on the entire MSRP or just the least amount? I feel like they're trying to rob me. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,997
    Your questions might be more suitable for our BMW 3-Series Lease Questions discussion. It's more active, and since you're asking questions about a new lease, you'll likely get more feedback there.


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  • ballfanballfan Posts: 2
    My local dealership contacted me about ending my lease 3 months early on my 2011 328i. Here is the offer they proposed:
    BMW pays the remaining payments on my current lease (2011 328i).
    2013 328i
    Premium Pkg
    Alpine White Exterior
    Beige Interior
    MSRP $41,345
    36 month lease
    10K miles per year
    $1750 rebate
    $500 bonus cash
    0.0017 money factor
    63% residual
    $250 due at signing
    Is this a good deal? I've looked at and it lists invoice at $38,070. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 54,577
    you might check first if you have any equity in your car (actual market value vs. current payoff) and if so, who gets that equity on the trade-in?

    And yes, you can negotiate the selling price as well. I suppose you could say that the 3 months they're paying on the lease + the rebate could be taken off the asking price, presuming there is no equity in the car.

    Are you comfortable with a 10,000/yr limitation on miles?

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  • ballfanballfan Posts: 2
    No, there is no equity in the car. Next month there will be about $400. I don't drive that much, so 10K is perfect for me.

    They also offered the same car with navigation (MSRP $43,495) for $480/month & $348 due at signing, but I do not want or need navigation. I do not understand why they would give me $800 above invoice on a more expensive car, but not the less expensive.

    I wouldn't mind a newer car, but I don't want to give my money away.
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    Need some advice on what I should do at the lease end for my 2011 335d BMW. MSRP was $57850. My residual is $32,396 and I'm right at the 44.5k Miles (allowed 45k miles). After talking with my dealer they said they can purchase my car from BMWFS and turn it around as a CPO and sell it for $34650 and give 0.9% for 48 months which is a good term at the current finance rates. There is not going to be a lease disposition fee ($350 or 450) but there is going to be a dealer fee of $599 that is non negotiable+$45 title tag fee. So with tax and everything out the door its going to cost me $37,634 with CPO (6Yr 100,000 Mile) warranty. Does this sound good?

    The tax rate here in GA is 6.5% of the valuation that DMV suggests (which happens to be 50 bucks below the residual so no harm done). I got 2 days left to decide so any info is much appreciated. Thanks!

    The only reason i'm thinking of this even is because the car seems to have held its value and i cant find a similar spec'd car for 37k right now on ebay or
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 52,354
    So.. buy a 3 year old car with 4 years of payments of about $800/mo.?

    Or.. go lease a new one for $650/mo., with full maintenance plan and full warranty?

    I'd go with the lease.. but, I understand if you'd rather not lease, any longer.


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  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    Leasing was going to be cheaper than financing (owning) and since the tax laws changed in GA recently (now we pay sales tax on the full price of the car when leasing) it made the gap between leasing and financing a little closer so it made more financial sense to buy it than lease it. Obviously you wont drive a new car every 3 yrs but atleast you'd end up with a car that you own after a few years.

    The other reason was that I like my car better than the new 3 series with the heavier steering. So if i went with a lease I'd be stuck with a car that I dont like 100% for 3 years. Everything said and done, i think i made the right choice. Thanks for the comments.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 52,354
    Well... that's true... the two models are definitely not apples to apples..

    I prefer the drive of the E90 version, myself, though I like the look of the new one...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hello Folks..Just came across a pre-owned 2013 328i deal. It has 21000 miles in ~1yr and it was sold to the dealer in a Manufacturer Vehicle Auction. It is Lux line+Prem Pack+Tech Pack+Cold weather pack+Lighting pack+Driver Assis Pack and the dealer has very good price tag on the vehicle. Any suggestions/experience with Manufacturer Vehicle? I really love the deal, however, I am not familiar with Manufacturer Vehicle handling..?? Are 21000miles/yr too much? Is it a good call to buy the vehicle..? Any suggestions would be appreciated..!! I'm California.
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