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Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Minivan Problems & Solutions



  • Our 2001 DGC does the same thing when first turning the ignition key PRNDL3 are all lite up. But after a few seconds, I guess after it goes through the system test, only P is lite.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    You may very well have heat circulating through the heater core, but if the mechanism that acutally switches the airflow under the dash is broken you won't get hot air. If your mechanic doesnt understand blend door operation then you need to go to someone who does.
  • I own a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan EX, unfortunately. Thirteen times to the shop in 3 and 1/2 years. Chrysler and the Dealer have treated us very poorly. Our lastest problems have been electrical, Transmission Control Module, ABS Module, Front Control Module, and Headlight Switch. I'll never buy another Chrysler product, nor will any of my 5 children.

    Check out the problems that I've encountered over the last 3 and 1/2 years:

    * September 5, 2001 - Mileage 5,457 - Rear Lift Gate failed, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Adjustment.
    * October 12, 2001 - Mileage 7,050 - Rear Lift Gate failed, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Special Order Parts
    * November 3, 2001 - Mileage 7,870 - Rear Lift Gate failed, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Install Special Order Parts.
    * November 8, 2001- Mileage 8,086 - Rear Lift Gate failed, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Repaired Connection.
    * November 21, 2001- Mileage 8,095 - Rear Lift Gate failed, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Replaced Motor Assembly.
    * May 10, 2002 - Mileage 16,575 - Recall, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Reprogram Powertrain Control Module
    * June 10, 2002 - Mileage 21,561 - Battery Died, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Replaced Battery (This Required Towing Service)
    * October 30, 2002 - Mileage 29,097 - Lights and Horn Flashing uncontrollably, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Cleaned/Dried Front Control Module (This Required Towing Service)
    * March 21, 2003 - Mileage 36,422 - Engine running rough, bucking and jerking, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Replaced #3 and #5 Spark plugs.
    * August 10, 2003 - Mileage unknown - Battery Died. Action - Self replaced battery. (Note: Two Batteries in Two Years)
    * September 25, 2004 - Mileage - 52,741 - Air Condition stopped cooling, Anti-Lock Brake Light Activated, Headlights Flicker intermittently, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - 1. Replaced Condenser and Drier for Air Conditioner 2. Replaced ABS Control Module for Anti-Lock Brake Light problem 3. Replaced Front Control Module for Headlight problem. 4. Additionally Transmission failed on mechanic test drive, requiring replacement of Transmission Control Module... Total Cost for these 4 repairs $1,604.16
    * October 8, 2004 - Mileage - 53,051 - Headlights flicker intermittently, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Action - Replace Body Control Module.
    * October 25, 2004 - Mileage - 53,??? - Headlights still flicker intermittently, brought to the Dodge dealer for repair. Received it back this evening November 4, 2004.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    WOW...your 2001 GC EX has been even worse than my 1970 Dodge van was.
         It took me 30 years to have that bad experience fade enough in my memory to get another Chrysler product. Two of my 3 sons now drive Dodge Grand Caravans and I own a 2002 Chrysler T&C.
  • I am currently have the same problem. I also think it is alarm related. I have checked both the battery and the starter and they are fine. When i turn on the key every thing comes on except the engine will not start! I think there is an alarm engine kill relay that is bad or something like that. If you or anyone knows what is going on please reply. thanks.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Well the next time you're back at the dealer bring a tackhammer with you to bop every one of the techs and the SM with. I certainly wouldn't want to be teamed up with any of them on Battle of the Brains. If you've constantly replaced batteries and had continual intermittent failure of different control modules, it should be perfectly obvious that there is a greater electrical problem with your van. Like, a charging system problem that is not maintaining system voltage or even spiking current. I think you need to hav some careful thought over whether your particular dealer is even capable of diagnosing a problem like this (I'm guessing they're not) and consider making some phone calls to other dealer service departments with your trouble. Generally, a service manager who listens carefully is a good indicator of the quality of the service department.
  • Having trouble with the alram horn going off for no reason. The van can be parked on slight grade, or even when the wind blows the alarm goes off. Looking for an owners manual to disable alarm
  • What year is your van and did you purchase the alarm from the dealer? Sometimes when I have the keys in my pocket, one of my other keys depresses the panic button and the alarm goes off. This has happened a few time at home in our garage. You have to be careful not to depress any of the buttons on the remote by accident.
  • 1997, the car was purchased through a dealer but no manual. I don't think her key buttons are the problem either, they hang on a hook at home and this has happened several times with no rhyme or reason. I am trying to locate an owners manual
  • It sounds like you just recently purchased the van. Did you try contacting the dealer ship that you purchased it from? You might be able to find a manual on ebay too. Good Luck.
  • pnh21pnh21 Posts: 10
    These Chrysler Vans are very sensitive to weak batteries. I have similar experience, the alarm goes off every now and then that I have to disconnect the battery to stop the alarm. This seem to happen when the vehicle has not been used for some time, current draw and battery being slowly discharged. The alarm will sense this battery drain as drop in current similar to someone opening a door, then the alarm is activated. When I bought a new battery, this stopped altogether. Yours may just need new battery.
  • lee9lee9 Posts: 5

    I have a 00 Grand Voyager SE with 101k. The shifting of the transmission seems to be jerky, especially if it is cold. Is this the "bump shift" problem you spoke of? Is it serious?

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Well, it could be. The "bump-shift" problem is usually described as a hard 1-2 upshift at very low speeds, or a hard 3-1 downshift when coming to a stop. I have heard it also described as an occasional harsh 2-3 at low speeds.

    It depends on the year, but a PCM reflash resolved this problem on many units. Expended ATF has also been attributed to this problem. I would recommend you see a dealer. They are (...oops! Should be...) the most familiar with this problem.

    Best regards,
  • bjfbjf Posts: 1
    I need to reset or replace the BCM in my 2000 Chrysler mini-van. Does anyone know where it is?
  • 5bucks--Have you tried a new battery? I had a 98 Town & Country that had many of the problems cited. I put in a new battery and haven't had any problems since. Certainly, if you haven't renewed the battery recently, it's worth a try. I have read in other T & C and Caravan forums where others with strange electrical problems solved them all with a new fresh battery.

  • lee9lee9 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response. I'll take it in. My dealer is pretty good. :-)
  • jjtjjjtj Posts: 103
    My in-laws have a 2000 Plym GV & it did the same thing. They did the $400 computer replacement and it solved the problem immediately.. this was a year or more ago & it is still working. Hope this helps.
  • jjtjjjtj Posts: 103
    I have a 03 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport.. it has the 3.3L with about 40K on the clock. I've only owned it for a couple of months. Ever since I bought it, the van will kind of lightly buck when the torque converter locks up, starting around 45 mph. It's most noticeable at that speed, esp. if you're going up a small grade the the load is higher. It feels like the engine is not getting enough fuel.. I've replaced the fuel filter, air filter & plugs. Nothing has really helped. The OBD is not indicating any codes. I'm thinking possibly fuel pump is producing low pressure or the torque converter is slipping. I asked my mechanic to check the fuel psi but he said there is no tap and they'd have to splice in. I've seen fuel pressure gauges @ Autozone but not sure how difficult that would be. I try to do as much myself as possible. Anybody seen this problem? Also, mileage is only about 18 mpg, which seems like of low. Thanks - Jason
  • I have just picked up my new GC SXT and am well pleased. The owner's manual says nothing about the radio antenna, so I don't know what I do about it at the car wash. The sales brochure says that the premium group which I ordered includes a "touring suspension" but I can't find out anywhere what this means. Can anyone advise me?
  • The antenna should be removed and it is very easy to do. Around where I live, if you don't remove it, the guys at the car wash will. BTW, I have a new 2005 T&C and love it. I've had mine (ordered from the factory) for 3 months and not a single problem--not even a squeak or rattle! I'm not sure what a "touring suspension" is so maybe someone else can give you some insight on that.

  • Thanks for your help. I have had comments about the suspensionon a different Edmunds web site, the one for Chrysler Town and Country and Grand Caravan 2005 etc.
    I have been informed that the firmer "touring" suspension is really worth it and confirms my own driving impression. I was going to be hard to please prehaps having traded in a BMW X5 as I needed more room to travel with stuff and my dogs.
  • Did you ever get this problem resolved? I live in Suwanee, have a 2001 T&C LXi and started having the same problem about 3 months ago. Went and got a new battery but couldn't believe that the battery was the problem since I have just now turned over 35K miles. My van was dead last Saturday morning, so we jumped it from my hubby's car. Same as I've read, with clacking noise, cd changer going, wipers going on slowly, etc. Today, I had the liftgate go out on me. Won't open with remote, inside power button OR manually! If you did get this resolved would you PLEASE tell me what happened and which dealership you went to? I bought mine at CarMax.
  • I have a 96 T&C with 166892 miles. Lately, my dash cluster nhas been acting up. As I go down the road, the cluster will die completely, sometimes one or two gages will come back, the alaqrm set light comes on, bells ring. My electronic odometer does not register correctly.

    I have had it to chrysler twice with no luck. I assume they can only plug into some machine that tells them what is wrong. If it doesn't fit their computer categories, they can't figure it out.

    Any help would be appreciated. Battery has been checked, terminals tightened and cleaned.
  • The low fuel chime goes off randomly regardless of fuel quantity. Does anyone know what the problem may be?
  • We have a 2001 GC and our low fuel chime goes off randomly too at times. What I notice is that if the van is not on leveled ground, we would get an inaccurate reading. (It seems that the fuel float is very sensitive) Sometimes when parked on a side street that's on a slight slant to the curb, the low fuel chime goes off when there is 1/4 of a tank of gas. After driving on a flat surface for about a mile, it would go off. I do believe that the fuel float on our van is very accurate from the test that I have done. Pretty much every time the low fuel light comes on, we have about 5 gal of gas left. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2000 voyager. Heat problems. Local mechanic replaced the thermostat, flushed the heater, core blend door is operating heat. I bit the bullet and paid crysler $60.00 for them to tell me a need a new temperature contol at the tune of $400.00 and $30.00 to install it (ez job). What the heck is a temperature control and if it is so easy to install, why can't I do it my self? But I don't know what the part is AND can I find one at the local salvage yard? THANKS
  • Hey guys,


    New to this board, but old to the Toyota board. My lady friend has a 96 Voyager with the following problems: horn inop, cruise control inop, backup lights inop, and "AIRBAG" light in the warning cluster "on". This all happened at once, which lead me to believe that it might be a fuse. I have personally checked every fuse in the cabin and under the hood with an ohmmeter, and they are all good. I suspect a bad ground that services all these components. Anybody got any help for me? Thanks in advance.
  • My '98 Gr. Voyag has 88k. The car has been squeling loudly. Today, the mechanic told me I need new fr. pads, hoses, rotors and calipers. About six months ago (6-8k miles) I replaced the calipers and pads. Six months before that (6-8 k) replaced the rotors and pads. And so on.

    I do live on a hill, and do a lot of city driving, but others that live around me don't have the same problem.

    It seems that there is a more basic problem here causing the heavy wear.

    I have used different mechanics in hopes someone will figure this out, to no avail. The expense is too great to keep this car. Any ideas are appreciated.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try asking in Got a Quick, Technical Question? about that temp control.


    Steve, Host
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