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Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Minivan Problems & Solutions



  • I'm searching for a solution to the same problem...Mine will not operate below 50 degrees.

    Please let me know if you find an answer and I'll do the same for you!

    Good luck!
  • funny thing.. my mechanic just called today and said that that's the problem.. he disconnected them and took it for a quick drive, and said the noise was gone... gonna have to change them tomorrow... thanks..
  • The rear liftgate will not open from inside unless the van is in park and unlocked.
  • Yeah, I read in the manual that the temperature can make it not work... That's not the issue with this one, as it's been in the 70's (odd weather for this time of year), and it won't open.

    I will let you know if I find out anything! :-)
  • Hi, I'm not sure if you were replying to my post, but if so, we have the van in park and the doors are unlocked (obviously) - that is not the issue. The liftgate beeps and clicks and sounds like it is going to open, but then nothing.....
  • I have a 93 Dodge Caravan with a 3.3 and recently I've had a problem with the van surgeing while stopped or when it is ideling.
    The check engine light comes on sometimes to.
    When I'm driving along the vehicle power will drop then come back up, check engine light may come on, check gauges light may also come on.
    Originally I was told the EGR valve and O2 sensor needed to be replaced, this didn't help.
    The I was told the Engine Control module needed to be replaced, I did this twice, and it is still doing the same thing. A bit frustrated, three departments and my van is still acting up. I need some advise.
    After replaceing the engine control module, is there anything else i need to do to the module?
  • We have a 2001 GC with the same problem in temperatures below 50 degrees. Was told by the dealer mechanic the lifters on the liftgate are worn. Right now we just deal with it since it's not that big of a deal, but we will have them replaced before the warranty is up. (If the total parts are more then our deductible). In temperatures above 50 degrees, the liftgate works fine. Keep in mind that most, if not all, lifters are gas charged, and when cold the gases inside is cold to which makes it harder for the lifters to open the gate. I beleave the rear hatch weighs a lot.
  • I also have a 97 voyager that is doing this. However, I had no idea that their was an alarm system in the van to begin with. Did anyone ever point you to the location of the any engine kill switch??
  • Several days ago I was search about alarm problems, dying batteries, and stalling. My 2000 Caravan has had all these problems. I am on my 3rd battery, my alarm system chirps for no reason or for something as simple as going over a speed bump. A few days ago, it stalled twice while I was driving, not just died but started right up again.

    If any of these sound familiar, have them check the EVS module for a short. That apparently is my problem. The good news is they finally found the problem, the bad news is they say it is not under warranty. I plan to argue that point since my first battery died just about a year to the day that I bought the van. Don't know how much luck I will have. Does anyone know if these are hard to replace?

  • sylecsylec Posts: 7
    Sounds like your car is in "limp mode". I did the same thing with my old dodge. I did the "do-it-your-self" fix first, which was to simply replace the trany sensors, mine had two, one is the speed sensor control and the other is the shift sensor. It only cost me $17 for both. You don't have to change out both but I just replaced both cause I figured if one is going out, the other is not far from failing as well.
  • I have a similar problem on a 2005 shorw wheelbase caravan. From the day I picked it up sometimes headlights won't come on; sometimes parking lights come on as soon as door is opened, withoput turning the light sawitch. Dealer claims problem is common and have ordered a multiswitch which they say will solve the problem. Switch is backordered though. Let me know if you have solved the problem.
  • My 1997 Voyager has a very interesting problem. The van will crank whenever tried but will not start. If you remove and replace one of the battery terminals, then the van starts just fine and you can drive as far as you like. When you turn it off, it won't start again until you remove and replace the battery terminal again. A repair place said it's the fuel pump. I replaced it and the filter and the problem remains.

    Please anyone help.
  • md69md69 Posts: 4
    I bought a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country Lxi on January 5 along with an 8 years/100,000 mile certified pre-owned maximum care plan. Has anyone had any experience with this maximum care package or any of the certified pre-owned plans? It now appears from a call to Chrysler that mine actually covers much less than is represented in the brochure. Presently it appears to be more of a sham or scam than a plan.
  • What company did you buy it through?
  • I think that depends on where you purchased your vechicle and warranty from. We bought a 2001 DGC EX with 37K in September 2003 from a Daimlerchrysler Dealership. We purchased a 3 year/75,000 mile Maximumcare Warranty which is bumper to bumper. (It list every part by name that it covered and not covered). From what I have heard, depending on the year, mileage of the van and how much driving you do per year determines what kind of warranty you qualify for. You have to remember that if you purchase a warranty from any other company other than Daimlerchrysler/Dodge, certain things might not be covered because they are a second party. (Since it wasn't purchased through them). If that is the case, Daimlerchrysler has to approve all warranty work first, before any work can be done. This could mean delays on repairs.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Long links aren't word wrapping correctly - try this one:

    Steve, Host
  • md69md69 Posts: 4
    I bought it through Chrysler. The following link (supplied by Steve, the Host because the longer link wasn’t word wrapping correctly)

    has some info on the plan including the following misleading statement:

    Certified Maximum Care - Our "Best" Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection Plan

    Pre-Owned Maximum Care builds on the mechanical coverage of Added Care Plus with coverage of all components covered by Certified Added Care Plus PLUS coverage for virtually all additional mechanical components

    “If It's Mechanical … It's Covered!”
  • md69md69 Posts: 4
    I purchased it from a DaimlerChrysler Dealership. More info on it is in msg 2506 above. Did you get a list of every part covered when you bought the warranty or later. I have not received a copy of the specific plan provisions yet.
  • I have a 1996 plymouth grand voyager. it was running perfect and all of a sudden the engine stops, then after i stop and try to re-start the engine, it does not roll over the engine(acts like the battery is dead but it is NOT the battery).

    then after about a 30 minute tow back home, it starts & runs fine. i have a Chiltons book and the starter relay can be shut down by the PCM(computer)so has anybody had this problem or does anybody know what things can shut down the engine while running??? is it most likely a bad PCM???

    the previous owner replaced the battery, so it is not the original battery which did cause some problems.
  • I haven't had any luck with any other responses...Luckily it hasn't happened recently but another snow storm is coming in Monday and for some reason I seem to only have this problem when there is a large snow storm...I'll keep you updated if I find out anything else..

    Thank You!
  • sprspr Posts: 1
    I have had a similar experience just recently. At present all of my climate control lights are flashing with no pattern to the flashing.

    This occurred after we boosted the car following a dead battery. The battery had never give us trouble before and we noted that no lights had been left on or anything.

    We have had occasional problems with left turn signal. It does not work for a while, then you turn off the car and turn it back on and it works.
    If it is working when you start, it usually stays working.

    I wonder if all things are related to some kind of common fault?

    Did you get any resolution to your flashing light issue you posted in November.

  • At time of purchase, we did receive a list of all parts covered listed buy name and parts not covered. If you would like to know what was not covered, I will let you know after pulling the paper work.
  • ray1945ray1945 Posts: 4
    He out there, can anyone tell me if there is more than one fuse box other than the one under the hood? I have no dash lights in cluster, or on a/c controls. 2002 Chrysler Voyager, apppreciate any help I can get from anyone. thanks Ray........
  • I live in houston, texas and therefore the winter is usually mild. Do I still need to change the coolant every 30k miles or so? I looked at the draincock, it's made of plastic so I am afraid that I may break it if I try to open it to drain the coolant. Can I instead unscrew the lower radiator hose instead. Autozone online repair guide says that in order to flush the coolant out of the engine, one needs to open the coolant sensor. Does anyone of you know where it is? Thanks, TP
  • I own a 99 2.4 L caravan. It has 60k miles on it. I would like to replace the drive belts myself. I have read the instructions and it does not appear to be very difficult. I would appreciate it very much if anyone of you guys can share the experience with me. Thanks.
  • musjimmusjim Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a regulator for my 2001 Caravan. No one seems to have them. Any suggestions.
  • How is this for you I bought in June a brand new 2005 Dodge Caravan SXT model tape/disc player DVD captain chairs 4 and bench seat. Since then it has gone back 4 times for noise engine claimed carbon build up due to pcv valve. Then my front sway bar bushings went along with my passenger side airbag needing to be fully replaced and the sensor. Now my motor ticks hmmm knowing its a lifter they like to tell me well if you cant prove oil changes then we wont cover it. I have never in my life had so many problems with a car. I could of spent 500.00 on a junk box and had less problems with it. I will never buy a chrysler product again. The dealer has it more than me.
  • I have the same problem and haven't found a solution yet but will let you know if I do. Please do likewise. I could not find a fuse in the engine compartment labeled for instrument cluster. I went out when I had to jump start my car.
  • ray1945ray1945 Posts: 4
    Thanks alot for the come back, I'm also looking for the problem. If I find what we need I'll let you know. Thanks again Ray
  • Very sophisticated after-market computer analysis machine shows all sensors ok. Yet, when taking foot off accelerator at cruise speeds, there will be a popping sound near the catalytic converter when the car is again accelerated.

    The popping sound in the "cat" is fuel-air mixture igniting because the engine timing wasn't advanced by the computer.

    Is the problem a bad computer? If not, what is it?

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