2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    I was shopping at a dealership in suburban Boston on 6/26. The dealer volunteered that 2001 Passats will be available by the last week of July. He thought the car would be unchanged including colors and possibly even price. More importantly, though, he said the model was scheduled to be changed midway through the 2001 model year, available by early 2001. He said the revised model will have updated front & rear exteriors giving it a new look. The car will also be called a 2001 model. (They did the same with the Jetta for the 1999 model year - the 99's came out early, and later in the year a completely new "1999" was introduced.
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    Bare with me this is my first time. I'm seriously considering a GLS Passat. The only thing holding me back (other than money) right now is the thought of buying outside of my immediate area. The closest dearlership is 18 miles away but they don't seem real eager to deal and they don't have what I want. They sell a lot of high end autos. I'll have to go anywhere from 60 to 150 miles away to purchase and have found some pretty good prices. I'm worried about what my service experience might be when I need to take it to the close, high end dealer. Should I be concerned about that? I noticed a lot of you have gone outside your area.
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    I am interested in purchasing a 2000 GLS V6 Passat. Is there anyone out there that knows what the going price is in this area? Any particular dealer one could recommend? What is a good price? I've read in this forum that $500 over the invoice price is a good deal. Will be waiting for your response. Thanks.

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    I sell VWs in St. Louis! Im not quite sure I am inclined to believe what I see on these boards sometimes.. However, We basically hold to or very close to MSRP on our Passats. I just got back from Training on the new 4motions over in Westport and that seemed to be the consensus from the salespeople from Suntrup and St Charles as well..

    IF you'd like.. you can always feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to discuss market conditions..

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    my new Passat! After a two month search for the right car (VW vs Accord vs Camry), I decided I wanted the Passat. Probaby 20% more dollars than the Accord SE (2nd place), but the driving experience was worth it. I think I got good deal - $400 over invoice (plus $167 of other "costs").
    I originally wanted the automatic, but after test driving the 5-speed, I quickly changed my tune. Plus, then I could afford the leather package. I was lucky enough to find one without the Monsoon package, since I'll be installing "real" audio equipment down the road.
    Anyway, here's what it was:

    Invoice 19,293
    Leather 1,126
    Luxury 1,325
    sub 21,744
    adv/prep 167
    desitination 525
    profit 400
    sub 22,836

    then ttl brought it up to $24.3
    I think it helped going there right at the end of a model year, plus the end of the month, not to mention the end of a quarter. Of course I got the shpiel (sp?) about driving him out of business, and the greatest thing was, he ended up practically begging me for an additional $63 to make the deal. I asked him if he needed $5 for lunch!!!
    I'm picking it up today.
    BTW, about the 2001 models, there was a post on one of the Passat boards that showed a picture of the 2001. Not much difference from 2000. I think that between the base price going up 1-2%, and not being able to get such a great deal, it would have cost almost $1k more to get the 2001.
    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I'm just a real happy camper right now!
    Thanks to everyone for all their insight, both on the Passat boards, and especially the Accord boards, where I found that Honda isn't really what it used to be, as far as quality and reliabilty.
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    Congrats on the new purchase!!! :) What color combo did you settle on ??

    If you haven't been there yet, you should check out the VWvortex forums. Its a great resource for many things about the B5, including that audio upgrade you are already contemplating.

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    I'm interested in buying a 2000 GLS Passat Wagon.
    The dealer is telling me that I can't order one
    now. Instead, he's run up a list of all the cars
    available in the state, and told me I have to
    pick from this list. Only two cars are available
    (I only want the basic model, no extras, but
    with auto transmission, and everything around has
    the luxury package), and neither color really
    floats my boat. Is what the dealer telling me true?
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    Anne Marie,

    Can't say if what the dealer is telling you is true, but you certainly aren't the first to report the same story. Dealer allocations will certainly vary by where you live and the demand for the wagon in your area will also influence the supply.

    Some of the things that you can try:
    1) Contact some other area dealers and see what kind of response you get.
    2) Go to the VW Dealer Search to look for all of the dealers around a given radius, lets say 500 mile. Many of these dealers have online inventory data (though usually not very up to date). You could certainly then send out inquiries to dealerships outside of your state.

    BTW, what region/state are you in ?? what colors are you looking for?

    Good Luck ,

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    I am young and want a sporty car, should I shell out the bucks and get the A4 1.8 or get a loaded Passat GLX with a manual? I'm thinking I could save a lot of money with the Passat.
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    I've been looking for a GLS 4Motion with only the Leather Package; dealer response has ranged from arrogant to sympathetic. One dealer I trust told me that you can't order a Passat- you have to select out of the allotment(He didn't have any 4 Motions at all, BTW). Furthermore, a dealer trade is unlikely due to the popularity of the 4Motion models. He gave me a (very short) list of honest dealers in the area to contact regarding their inventory. Result? Nada, zip. VWoA's refusal to allow me to order a car has about convinced me to look elsewhere. Subaru has no problem letting me order a Legacy GT, and BMW will be happy to build a 323Xi wagon to my specifications this fall. So once again I think it will be adieu, VW...
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    Thanks! I got the silver with black leather. I know the black leather can be hot and harder to keep clean, but the gray leather looked a little cheap, plus the dash is then a 2 tone gray and black which didn't do much for me. I just got my audio - an alpine deck with polk speakers in the doors (as well as new tweeters) and an amp and subwoofer for the trunk. It gets installed tomorrow. I'll let you know how it sounds. It cost about $1,100 all together. Well worth a little more vs the monsoon crap. All the monsoon does is give you an amp and speakers that can handle the amp, not necessisarily great speakers.
    Thanks for asking!
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    Seems to be a problem with this post. Sorry if its redundant. I got the silver with black leather. I know the black leather can be hotter and harder to keep clean, but the gray was a little cheesy looking, and the 2 tone dash didn't do anything for me. I like the black on black dash.
    Update - I just had my new stereo put in, and the jerk ended up scraping the right rear quarter panel. A couple of scratches and the paint has come off - now I have to spend a couple of hundrd to fix it. I'm hoping the installer will foot the bill...
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    The information I have suggests that ordering will be available after the 6th. VWOA suspended the order process for some reason, and we had to be content with allocations only.
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    VWs will be able to be ordered, but not until towards the end of July from what I hear.

    The 2001s are already in production.

    Also, to clarify an earlier post I made. Passats can be bought at a discount in St Louis.. but it's very dependnt on the specific car. I.E. Not on a 4motion.

    Also, I've seen a couple posts relating to the lack of Base cars... Base (Non Luxury Package) Passats can be very hard for us to move. And while people want them, for every base car we can sell, we can sell 5 or 6 Luxury Package cars.. and as tight as our allocation to sale ratio is on them... We will only order them as a general rule.

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    Though late in responding. Thank you stire for the information on the available (yet probably no longer available) Indigo Blue, leather, luxury package with a 5 spd/Passat in MN. I have decided to order a 2001 without the Monsoon (amplifiers/speakers), which is a savings of $250/$300.

    On 7/3 I received a call from a salesperson that they have been taking orders for the 2001 and that they should becoming in by late July.

    Ian was the only salesperson to have provided me info. on the 2001 about a month ago. He informed me that he could state it into the purchase order that I would not be held to the contract if the increase of the 2001 Passat exceeds 2% (He was about to say 3% but, knew not too from my expression not too).

    Should I make certain that the contract agreement expressed by the Ian/salesperson be worded a certain way?

    After researching the amount of the 2000 Passats and comparing it to the 1999 it was a 1.5% increase. I wonder if I should present this as a valid point as to the % remaining the same this year, if not lower since there are no changes?

    Is there any information on what a reasonable % increase should be for a 2001 Passat?
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    On July 1st I bought a silver Passat GLS automatic with grey cloth interior. On Monday I got a call from the dealer saying that I was sold someone's car. Now the dealer is saying that the only silver cars available in MN have black leather. I am ready to tell the dealer to forget it, but I don't know what my chances of getting one with the grey cloth. I also want a moonroof and heated seats. I was told (by the dealer) that the 2001s are not going to be ready for 4 months. What's the story. Should I look around or what?
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    I don't understand. Someone else had already purchased and had the car titled in their name? If so, it is a horrible situation you're in. The dealership should go to whatever lengths neccesary to correct the situation, up to and including getting you a brand new 2001 for the same price.
    If not, if the car was never titled to the other person, tell them to get lost, and keep your car. Until a title is transferred, any agreements are only an ethical concern, not a legal one.
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    I don't know where this rumor is coming from, but I have read that the new Passat will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2001:

    check out this link for the photo and information.


    FWIW, I did buy my new 2000 Passat from O'Steen VW in Jacksonville, FL (Phil Thomas, Sales Manager). They gave me outstanding service, a great deal, and CUSTOMIZED MY CAR FOR ME, including leather seats--I picked the color from samples. Tell Phil David in San Juan sent you!
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    I am planning to place an order for a 2001 Passat tomorrow 7/14 and am concerned about the above comment. There are two dealer contacting me back stating that they are & have been taking orders for the 2001. I am not certain what the above link was suppose to indicate about the Passat 2001 but, the only thing indicated from VW was the promotion for the new Beetle colors and turpo option?
    Are there any dealers or persons who may now if I should be more wary about going to a dealer tomorrow?? Concerned buyer would like to know!!
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    Want to buy base GLS V6 w/5 speed. Edmunds TMV is $22,544 + destination charge of $525. Best asking price in San Antonio for same is $27,395. Is this a fair price?
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    $27,395 for a GLS V6 sedan Manual Trans without any options ?!?! Are you sure they were not quoting you the price for another vehicle ?? MSRP on the base GLS V6 5speed MT is only $23,800 and even with leather and lux packages that still puts you well under what was quoted ! I have not read anyone paying above MRSP for a Passat -- last time I checked (Feb and March of this year), San Antonio dealers were not asking MSRP for even the 4Motions!!

    BTW, who gave you that quote -- Rod East? Ancira? I would suggest checking with Ancira and ask for John Weil -- had work on a deal with him earlier this year for a GLX 4Motion Wagon. Was ready to go out to S.A. as he gave me an excellent deal -- but a regional dealer ended up finding the car I wanted for a comparable price. However, John was certainly very professional and there was no hard pressure tactics or hidden costs.

    Good Luck in your search -- with the '01 models coming out soon, you should certainly be able to get a deal on '00 models, especially if the car is on the dealer's lot!

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    after driving an Acura Integra GS for 8 yrs, and needing something a little bit bigger, I test drove the Acura TL, VW Passat and, Nissan Maxima. The Passat is definately what I'm looking for. The Maxima's rear end was stange looking, but it was a bullet w/ a stick, the TL was a lot of car but looked too much like an Accord and was $2000 more than a loaded GLX. I was quoted $26,516 for a 2000 GLX yesterday. I thought this was a pretty aggressive price. Any comments before I pull the trigger???
  • jhermjherm Member Posts: 3

    I bought a V6 GLS with luxury + leather for
    invoice + 3% (or ~ $750) from Carlsen in Palo Alto. Very cool people, gave me a quote over the phone, showed me the invoice (which checked out with Edmunds and elsewhere on the web). They were quick, pleasant, didn't insult my intelligence-a painless experience. Ron Price was higher by about $350. Boardwalk in Redwood City was unwilling to give me a phone quote and the person I spoke with gave me as much runaround as I was willing to deal with-which was about 30 seconds (click). Bottom line, in the Bay Area give Carlsen a shot at your business-they did right by me..
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    I am looking to buy a Passat GLX either 2000 or 2001. I live in the Princeton NJ area. Can anyone offer any reasonable dealers in this area where I can get a good deal??
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    I am trying to get my hands on an Indigo Blue 2000 Passat GLX with the tiptronic transmission + a CD changer and a beige leather interior. A dealer here in So Cal is quoting me $28,500 which I figure is about $1,300 over invoice. This price came via the internet. I would like to pay about $500 over invoice for the car. After all, I read all these wonderful stories on this site about paying such great prices.

    Does anyone have any leads on dealers in CA or Internet sites who are cutting better breaks on this car?
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    If someone is willing to help me out for my purchase, I am very grateful. I live in Miami area, and I try to find a VW Passat GLS with Auto. The best quote is for $22,000 so far, and I called another dealer stating that my target price is $20,700. Seems that we can bargain based on this price. I dont know how much is reasonable, and how to argue "outdoor" price for this car? anyone has a good experience with a good dealer here? Thanks. BTW, now it is July 19, so should I wait for a little longer for 2001 model?
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    Does anyone know when 2001's will be available in California?
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    I am firmly convinced that this is the right car for me. Does anyone know what is the going/fair above-invoice rate in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Any particular dealer recommendations will be very helpful. I am also willing to consider buying from elsewhere, if it will result in a substantial discount.
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    I have been shopping for a GLX 4 motion wagon. Recently I noticed the 2000 4 motion disappeared off the price list when the 2001 prices came on-line. However, the other 2000 models remain. In addition, I notice for model year 2000 there is no dealer holdback listed but for 2001 there is a 2% holdback. Either this is incorrect or in theory you should be able to purchase a 2001 for less than a 2000 (unless there are end of the year factory to dealer incentives which are not being posted).
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    Hi, Hope you can help me out. I am wondering what kind of leasing deals people have been finding on Passat. Please specify model/equip/$down, etc. Thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it.
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    Hello, all. I'm looking to buy a 2000 Passat GLS V6 w/Automatic. The lowest price I've been quoted here in central IL is 4.5% over invoice. However, I've already seen quite a few 2001's on the lots. Does anyone have any information about discounts on the previous model year? Can I expect to pay less than invoice for a car that has been sitting on the lot for a year already? I found the perfect car in St. Louis last weekend (a 2000 dealer demo model w/ 3400 miles) but the dealer wouldn't budge from $28k.
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Member Posts: 121
    $28 K for a '00 GLS V6 with 3400 mi is a little hard to swallow. If you have the time to wait, the "left over" '00 models will definitely have room to bargain. The other option would be to extend your search to other regions around you to see if some other dealership would be willing to give you a better offer. Also try one of the many internet car buying services -- at least you will get some additional idea as to what other dealerships are asking.

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    Just came across your July 18 question about pricing a GLX. I bought the exact same car you are describing earlier this year in Northern Virginia. The price before ttl, but including freight, was just a hair over 27g. And that did not take a lot of negotiating. If you're still looking, might want to write off that particular dealer.
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    Could someone advise me on whether to purchase the dealer's 6 yr extended warranty on a 2000 Passat GLS sedan for about $1100.00?
    Is the included 2 yr/24,000 mile warranty sufficient at least for now.
    Is the price of the extended warranty negotiable?
    Is it smart to wait to purchase an extended warranty to see if you will own the car beyond the two years? Thanks
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    Hi, I have question on the invoice price for a passat wagon glx 2000.
    I was at a vw dealer last weekend,
    they asked me 3% over invoice. And they showed me
    their invoice. Their invoice is slightly higher
    than the invoice published in the internet.
    They add about $167 for port fee and floor plan fee.

    Also, they have $59 documentation fee and $25 registration prep. fee which will be added on the P&S agreement.

    Are these additional fees legitimate? Or Should I consider this as an additional dealer's profit?

    What I want is to give the dealer about $300 (max $500) pure profit. Is this reasonable??
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    Hi sk00

    The port, documentaion, and registration prep fees are indeed legit. The floor plan fee is an itemization of something that is part of every car, hence it looks and sounds strange.

    As for your term "pure profit", you need to decide when that value is determined. Is that profit over your invoice figure (gross revenue), is it profit after expenses and commission to the sales rep (true net profit), or somewhere in between? The Passat wagon is one of the top vehicles VW sells, and they certainly will not settle for the same revenue on a Passat GLX wagon deal as they would get for a stripped Golf. For a vehicle with an invoice of $27,500+, $300 is a very small offer. At 3%, they're asking for about $850 - try offering $700 and you'll probably get a deal done.

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    I accidentally posted this under "Station Wagons", it was meant to be posted here...

    The above 8/31 posts raise an interesting

    In late July I bought a 2000 Passat GLS wagon;
    1.8T, AT, lux pkg, Monsoon upgrade, and dealer
    installed rubber mats, 6 CD changer and dog net
    cargo partition. The negotiated price works out to
    $232 over "dealer invoice". I could have ordered an
    '01 for $600 or $700 over "invoice" but needed the
    car more or less immediately.

    I am happy with the car thus far (except for a
    jammed sunroof, repaired under the warranty), and
    believe that I paid a fair price considering that
    they had to transfer the car from another dealer
    about 120 miles away. On the other hand, I can't
    really believe that "dealer invoice" is anything
    other than a marketing ploy, a fictitious number.

    If we take the alleged dealer cost (invoice minus
    HB and incentives) for any car, as provided by
    Edmunds and others, how can a dealer possibly make
    any profit by selling cars anywhere near that

    In my case, $232 is less than 1% over "invoice".
    My checking account earns more than that.

    How can dealers possibly pay salaries,
    commissions, interest on inventory, rent/mortgage,
    utilities, insurance and other overhead, and stay
    in business?

    It's simple - they can't, ergo "dealer invoice"
    cannot possibly be what they actually pay for a

    A friend who was in the car business many years
    ago says that the actual cost to produce a car
    typically is one third of "sticker price", and that
    dealers actually pay the manufacturer or importer
    (net after all accounting trickery) about two
    thirds of "sticker". This leaves a third for the
    dealer's expenses and profit.

    This scenario strikes me as much more believable,
    however comforting it might be for me to think that
    I bought a car for $232 more than the dealer paid
    for it.

    Anyone have any knowledge or comments that might
    shed light on this?
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    I am in Virginia and I am closing on a deal for a 2001 Passat, 4 cylinder, 1.8, with automatic transmission and luxury pkg. It's silver with black cloth interior. I was given an "out the door" total of $24,303." Then I was given an enthusiastic "talk" about the environmental hazards of my community, such as "ultra-violet rays from the sun, acid rain, bird droppings..."--no kidding!! I was lectured on the benefits of their interior and exterior protection pkg. and given the price of $800. When I declined, I was then offered $399. As I had been in the talking/negotiating process for 2 hours plus at this point, I regretfully caved in.

    Now, a day later, I feel like an idiot! I would imagine that a quality manufacturer like VW produces vehicles with environmentally safe paint, etc. I suspect that this in just another way that dealers can recoup profit from unwary customers who are motivated to "protect their investment" (an oft repeated reference during my little speil). Anyway, has anyone out there ever heard of this "protection", and does anyone recommend it? I have a call in to my salesman to hopefully cancel it.

    Also, any comments on my negotiated price? All feedback welcome. I'm new to the price haggling business, and I found Edmunds' information incredibly helpful.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883

    As a rule, there is no 1/3 markup in a car. Not in any new car anyways.

    Dealers make actual profit off of used cars, parts and service. Even if you count holdback (Which is not really profit) If a dealer sells a new car at 1-3% Over invoice, then they are generally making a gross profit and a net loss.

    There are very few makes where dealers actually "net" money from new car sales. Generally, the highline imports.

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    Can anyone help me out and tell me what they think of this offer? I ordered a 2001 VW Passat GLS(fully loaded with everything except CD)I had to order because the dealer did not have the right color combo. I basically knew what I wanted, they didn't need to "sell" it to me and they placed the order. I offered $500 over invoice and let them know I new about the holdback they would be receiving so I figured with the holdback and $500 over invoice they would be making a good profit and do little work for a car that wasn't taking up space on their lot and I would receive in 2-3 weeks. They told me $1100 off MSRP was their final and basically only offer. What would you do? The MSRP was $29 025 and they said $27 925 was the best deal.
    Also, I originally started looking for the 2001 glx but one is nowhere to be found in Seattle that is black with beige interior...
    Please help...
  • ffxvwffxvw Member Posts: 93
    It tell you, it depends on the market you're in. A Passat GLS V6 automatic with leather + luxury costs us around $26,900 to get, not including holdback. Now, an offer on an order of a thousand over is ordinarily a sure deal, with most salespeople's eyes lighting up at the thought. Its not that its a big profit, or that the salesperson will make a lot of money, its just something he knows his boss will probably accept. Maybe most dealers would accept 500 over. But I'm sure some wouldn't even bother, since its an order situation.
    While you're researching this price, beware of 'lowballs', prices that seem extraordinarily low. These prices have 2 goals. 1, to take you out of the market, and 2, to get the dealer the car! Believe me, if the dealer that lowballs someone gets a better offer, you might never see that car at all! However, your commitment has allowed them to order it, bypassing their factory allocation limits.
    It sounds like your dealer made an honest offer, they just want to make some money.
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    I went to www.costco.com and entered the info that I wanted a 2001 Passat. In 30 seconds I got a screen showing which dealer in San Diego would help me. I called on of the contacts listed...was at the dealership in an hour (because they had the EXACT CAR I wanted) (although I acted only slightly interested on the phone).
    I was assigned to a salesperson..test drove it..and left $1,000 dep on it and took home a credit app. The next morning I faxed in the credit app and about 3 hrs later came to the dealership with a cashier's check. I was in and out in 45 minutes!! They gave me $900 over the sticker and gave me $50 off at the accessories shop (bought the in dash single CD) and they sold that to me at a heavy discount. I got the 2001 GLX 4-Motion....paid 30,075...hope this helps...they don't have a lot of margin in their pricing like other car makers..but check out www.costco.com (you might need to be a member of costco (the warehouse store chain) but I don't remember needing to produce my member number or my Costco card at anytime either on-line or at the dealership. Mark
  • sandiegomarksandiegomark Member Posts: 2
    I paid $900 over "invoice" per Edmunds including destination.....not 900 over STICKER....ooops!

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Heron9, in my opinion interior and exterior protection for new vehicles is not much more than a way for dealerships to add additional profit to your deal. You can easily apply scotch guard to the interior of your car on your own for a fraction of the cost that a dealership would charge you and the exterior protection doesn't seem to add much to actually protect cars from my experience. If I was in your situation I personally would cancel the protection package prior to taking delivery of the car if at all possible.

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    I recently purchased a 2001 Passat GLS( 4 cylinder). After shopping a little in the Seattle area I stopped at the automart near mount vernon on the way home from VAncouver and ended up making purchase. I got most of the extras Automatic, luxury package, leather package, and monsoon, no cd. for 24, 347( before trade in). I feel this was a pretty fair deal especially with fair trade in. We dealt with Ronda Marquis of Frontier Volkswagen in Burlington. Tell her steve and Cindy are happy with their car!!! Their business strategy is not to lose youi do to price especially there seattle customers who probably won't return.

  • suewjsuewj Member Posts: 1
    what kind of bargaining can a buyer expect to achieve when she is ordering a car? I've visited the VW dealer in my area, and have received a price for a 2001 GLX AWD sedan, 30,300. We haven't begun to negotiate yet, but I'm expecting to have to order a car because I haven't been able to find the exterior/interior color combination I want anywhere in the area. (Nothing around here but the ubiquitous silver/black leather combo) Since ordering takes away my best weapon -- my ability to walk away from the dealer -- how much can I expect to negotiate?
  • ivan17ivan17 Member Posts: 2
    I have a chance to buy a 99 passat sedan with tiptronic, monsoon and 14.500 miles on it for $17.300. (no accident, good shape)
    What do you all think, is it a fair price or can I do better?
    (actually wanted 5ps wagon, but could not find any at this price)

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Ivan17, this car's exact value will vary depending upon the exact engine that it has in it (the 2.8L V6 or the 4-cyl. 1.8T) and its trim level (GLS or GLX). Still, regardless of what engine and trim level this car is, $17,300 is a very good price for any 1999 Passat that's in good shape in my opinion.

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    The restyled Passat is due in showrooms next Spring. Our current car won't make it through the winter, however, we'd like the GLX and I am concerned we'll be sinking close to $30k in a car that will be immediately worth less once the restyled one is out.

    Do you think the ones now in the showroom will depreciate like made once the new one is out?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883

    I dont think that you will really lose a lot in depreciation because of a restyle.

    The Passat is in huge demand, and it has by far the best residual values in its' class.

    I liken it to some other in-demand models. The facelifted 2001 Lexus GSs are out and the 98,99 and '00s are still every bit as strong resale-wise as they were before.

    Same with a lot of other Higher-end or in-demand cars.

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