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    Thanks for the feedback Raybear. I went to a local dealer today and was told that current factory rebate is 2,500 but price quote did not seem to reflect any discount at all as it was 2600 above invoice. Sales rep said that they are thinking BMW may sweeten the deal in the end of July but who knows.

    She did show me a production schedule which shows July as the last month in which orders will be taken for 2001 7 series. It also shows only the 745 going into production in the fall; no 735; no 760.

    I plan to call around to a number of dealers tomorrow and see if any good deals are out there for a 2001. If I can get into a 740 for 5000 under invoice the deal is done. I should have been paying attention in June...
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    Here is an intro article to the new 7. Canadian of course.


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    I live in New Jersey and want to trade my Infiniti 2001 I30T for a 2001 740iL. Has anyone bought his/her car in Jersey with those $10k to $15k off MSRP? Can anyone recommend me a dealer who is willing to "deal"?

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    Have received what I think is a pretty good deal on a 2001 740i Sport Pkg, Convenience Pkg and Cold Wx Pkg, in conjunction with the factory incentives which I was told ended July 2. I got my 740i for 66K out the door where the MSRP was 69.9K (not including all the taxes and licensing). I live in the Seattle area....
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    A friend of mine just bought a 740iL Sport with cold wx pkg, conv pkg, etc and paid 61k in southern california.
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    My buddy bought a 740iL with cold and con pkg 2 weeks ago and paid 58k in Chicano.
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    I have spoken to numerous dealers in New Jersey. The cash back from BMW is now $2500. It was $7500. Best current deals I hear are $1,000 under invoice for a car off the lot. $1,500 over invoice for a car ordered from the factory. A month ago the deals were $5,000 better! I expect the 58k 740iL in Chicago sneaked in under the $7500 rebate policy.

    Will BMW reinstitute the bigger rebate to clear out the dealer lots? A couple dealers are guessing yes. Most I have spoken to think not. If there are any 2001's left over when the 2002's begin to arrive they will have to discount heavily to move them but I think the $7500 deal last month assured them that they will not have a huge leftover inventory of 2001's. Too bad.
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    At, you can get an iL w/ Cold + conv. packges for 62.9k. This is around 7K less than MSRP.
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    Tardy response to merc1's comment about the iDial: I quite agree that it was a bold move, but it is hard for me to see that this will actually work well. I thought the point of ergonomics was to differentiate between and locate controls so that they are intuitive and can be operated almost at a subconcious level. As I understand the iDrive (and I have not seen or fiddled with one; it may be fabulous), they have located a master dial control on the console patched in to the tv screen on the center stack. You use the dial to scroll though what have to be endless screens (its supposed to control up to 400 functions) 'til you get what you are looking for. This would not only drive me crazy, it is likely to kill a number of bimmer loyalists. Talk about distracted driving! Call me old fashioned (I am 45 and reasonably comfortable with technology), but this just seems to me to be a manifestation of the "we can do it so lets do it" school of technological inovation.
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    Actually, i-Drive isn't that complicated to use, and after several uses, I am sure you will instinctively know which way to push, how many clicks, etc.

    You push the i-Drive dial in the direction for what you want, up for navigation, right for audio, etc. Then depending on the function you selected the detents will feel different.
  • maneesh1maneesh1 Member Posts: 39
    I saw a 2000 740il with Conv and Cold pkg for $46k with 20k miles... Is this is a good deal? The dealer says it came off of a lease.

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    Will the new 2002 series offer the option of the iL or will we be stuck with just the i?
  • is4b2rdis4b2rd Member Posts: 66
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    A recent magazine article gave me the impression that the upcoming 740i would only be available with a "new" V-12. Is this true?
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    But it's a dry heat...:)

    I don't care what kind of heat it is, when it's 110 outside, it's HOT!
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    The new 7-series will come with 3.6L and 4.4L v8's, but i'd bet the 3.6 wont' make it stateside.

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    I was driving to work this morning and saw what I beleieve was the new 2002 7 series. I didn't think the car was released yet but I'm sure that's what it had to be. From the quick glance I got it has a very striking front end, while the back of the car seemed to have a thin strip of tail lights that ran across the trunk. I am not too sure as to any of these details as it passed pretty quickly going the opposite direction. It was silver with NJ plates. I have to say it looked very good and although I could never afford it, I will have my dad take a look at it when the lease on his 5 series is up next summer.
    Has anybody else seen this car on the road yet?
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    I dont believe it is on the road either, but you can bet there are a few driving around here in the states, espically in Cali.

    Several months before the M3 was due to come out it was seen with paddle shifters in Cali.

    There is also a 02 M3 SMG going around NYNY as well.
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    Has anyone heard anything about a change in the incentives for the 2001. At present it is still $2500 but this is due to expire on 9/4. I can imagine that with the state of the economy and by the number of 7 series sedans sitting on the lots that the $7500 incentive may be reinstituted but I have not heard anything to this effect.
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    Thinking of buying a used 735, anyone have any experince and advice on these?
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    on the new 7 will be windshield wipers that flip themselves over every three days so as to prolong wiper life!?!??
    a refrigerated center console for keeping your six pack cold
    doors that hold themselves open at whatever position you push them to!
    an electric push button parking brake
    a 'card-like' device replaces the traditional key, also a "start-stop" button, a la Z8 and S2000
    6 speed automatic transmission, the first true 6 speed automatic? I remember hearing somewhere

    I'll post if I remember more later

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    I've posted just about all the photos of the new 02 7 series that I could find.

    I did not take these photos myself.

    If you have some or know of others please post a message in the guest book.

    I'm trying to make a central location for all the pictures on the web.


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    Um, the rear end looks like a Civic, with the trunk lid of an Alfa 164 grafted on. I don't know how I feel about i-drive, 'I' suspect it's gonna break and be a real pain in the [non-permissible content removed] to fix.
    Or maybe I'm just bummed I can't afford a $70k car.
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    Where did you find all of those pics. They are fantastic. I always look for the little touches, such as how the seat controls are designed or the key, or the different types of rims. You had all of those features and more. Thanks for putting together that wonderful photo album~ A.R.
  • sequoiasaurussequoiasaurus Member Posts: 240
    From various web sites from around the net.


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    Excellent photo collection. Thanks for sharing them.

    I'm going to be in the market for another sedan in a couple of years, and will be looking closely at the 5 series; the upcoming 7 series provides good insights into what is likely to appear on the subsequent 5 series.

    I'll echo the comments of a couple of previous posters that the move to a 1950's style column shift lever (reverse, drive, park) has all of the advantages that my grandparents raved about, but I think I'll withhold judgement until driving the car.

    As to the interior styling, I agree that there are pros and cons. the interior controls seem to be wonderfully laid out, but the gaudy aluminum trim around the HVAC vents seems like one more step back to the past. On the other hand, the classic mid 1960's chevrolet sedans employed this surface decoraction quite well, so I'll wait and see how it appears in person. VW's use of this material on the TT was very successfully executed.

    I'm tickled with abandonment of the arbitrary "L" shape tail lights and the incorporation of the z8 style rear lights into the rear facia. On the other hand, what's with the early Seville goiter-like bubble stuck on the trunk? Pros and cons over all; I'm looking forward to seeing the 7 series in person, but I hope the exterior trunk styling is not used on the 5 series replacement. Perhaps the guy who styled the z-8 left for Detroit too soon.

    The photo detail of the door hinge suggests the first application of a variable position door positioning device. very clever, kudos to bmw again for the small details.

    Did you pick up any info on whether the WWII era red dash lighting will be upgraded to current optics standards? IP readability under a variety of lighting and performance conditions is a key characteristics of the products produced by the company I work for, and I've been told by the instrumentation panel engineers that we abandoned that hoary style in the early 1950s.
  • crow72crow72 Member Posts: 9
    Local BMW dealer just called me to say that the $7500 rebate on the 740il is back for cars you can find on the lot. The way I see it this translates to about 5,500 under invoice and about 12,000 off MSRP.

    The 2002's will be sold at MSRP at first and that MSRP promises to be atleast a few k higher than current model so I see the 2001 as costing about 15,000 to 17,000 less than the 2002.

    The 2002 promises to be an incredible car, but for those who prefer the styling of the current model this is an awfully good deal.

  • brucec35brucec35 Member Posts: 246
    I am considering a used '98 740i in the $29,000 to $35,000 range (low mi vs higher defines the price range) instead of a new Audi A6, Lexus GS300, or other new car priced around $40,000 plus, because I am just not that enamoured of the new cars I can afford, from a performance, safety, styling, and comfort basis. I like the 7 series safety as well as its other attributes, and since my wife will be driving it to work, that's a top priority. My question......

    Am I looking at any unusually high upkeep costs on this vehicle if I find one with a 100K warranty? My previous 540i had lots of little problems up to 90k miles, but nothing terrible like a tranny or major engine work. To me, the 740i is everything I want in a car. But is there a catch? Making payments or "affording it" is not a problem, but I just want to be financially disciplined and stick to a budget. Are people currently enjoying '95 and later models well into 100K plus mileage w/o running into catastrophic repair bills?
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    The newer 7's have been more reliable than the '95 and older models, the problem with those was gas-related (still BMW's fault).
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    I am also considering trading up to a used 7 series from my '97 328ic. Are there any major differences between the 99,00, and 01 models? What about standard equipment? Would appreciate any input from current owners on problems, weak areas, etc. I will probably trade for a CPO in order to get the piece of mind of a 100K warranty on the major components. Thanks.
  • force98force98 Member Posts: 81
    Go here for answers to all your questions:


    '99 740iL

  • jfb7jfb7 Member Posts: 11
    I am a big fan of the styling of the 7 series, particularly with the '95 restyle. I couldn't even afford to LOOK at a new one, but there is a '95 at a local dealership with only 36K miles on her! Having no prior BMW ownership experience, I was wondering if any of you nice people would share your insights with me. Just because I may be able to swing the purchase price, is the cost of maintenance high? Were there any of those "first year " problems associated with this car? I would love to own one, but not at the cost of personal bankruptcy!!! Thanks for any info you care to share and enjoy your Bimmers!! - John
  • radbccradbcc Member Posts: 4
    ballpark numbers please; how much for a 740il lease?? thanks in advance
  • nszabonszabo Member Posts: 19
    Have any of you guys had any problems with your Continental tires? My tires popped when I ran over a small rock! What are good replacements?
  • millerro3millerro3 Member Posts: 136
    ballpark #'s would be between 850-1100 dollars a month

    it will vary dependant upon where you live, mileage per year, options in the car, etc..

  • autobuffaloautobuffalo Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a beautiful, certified 1999 740i Sport with ~39k miles. Manufacturer's warranty expires 02/03. Now considering purchasing an extended warranty (+5 years/100k mi) for about ~$2K more. Anyone know enough about this vehicle (or just good advice) to help me assess whether this is a good investment of added warranty?
  • pyrof4spyrof4s Member Posts: 2
    It was silver with the badges all covered. I passed it on my mcycle and thought it was a Bentley, it was that size. I pulled to the side and waited for it. Held up 7 fingers and the driver lowered the window. I asked if it was a 740 and he said 745. And that was that.

    It looked like a 3 series on steroids.
  • shoesshoes Member Posts: 131
    I saw the new 7 series at the Frankfurt show. I found the exterior styling to be modern and interesting. I like it but since this is a subjective matter, I am sure some won't.

    The interior is another matter. I don't know anyone who has seen the car in person who liked the interior (I am sure there are a bunch over in BMW engineering who do). The matte finish on the wood is bad, makes it look like anything besides wood. The overall feel is 1960's modern, perhaps Danish modern. If you still have lots of teak and leather furniture in your house, then this is the interior for you.
  • gearmangearman Member Posts: 30
    Ever since seeing the nifty photos posted by sequoiasaurus & others, I've been trying to remember what cars had similar trunk styling themes to the 2002 7 series. The old British Daimlers and the old 'bustle-back' sevilles weren't quite it (Except for their liberal use of metallic interior decorations).

    But last night, on the way home, a revelation: I was stopped at a light next to an older Toyota Echo. Amazingly similar trunk styling lines. What an unfortunate styling inspiration for what appears to be a technically interesting car. I'm pleased, however, that BMW didn't go for the full-boat Toyota Echo look with tiny baby carriage wheels.

    Picking up a new 2001 740i on dealer clearance is looking like an interesting proposition, even if I'd have to forego the 2002 7 series' clever door positioning hinges. For a few thousand dollars, I can deal with dual detent door positioners.

    What do you guys think?
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Member Posts: 278
    The rear of the car looks like a hybrid version of the 5-Series and the S-Class MB.

    Not too happy with the styling that they did with the 7.

    IMO, They are taking the styling on the 7 the wrong direction....too modern. I hope they dont bring the styling cues to the 5. I have only seen preview pics of the new five but its not official yet.

    They have also damaged the next E46 3-Series making it look a bit too japanese. I hope they dont change the E46 M3 before I get mine
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    Hi guys, I've been visting this site for months while i decided whether to lease a 98 7 series. i've owned three bmw's in my lifetime but nothing compares to the performance and luxury of the 7 series. After reading nearly every message, i decided to take the plunge. Last week, i leased a 98 740il offlease with 50,000.00 which was fine with me since i will only drive the car on the weekends. certified warranty is included for the term of the lease. payments in the low five hundreds which fit perfectly into my budget. the dealership replaced the rear seat, radiator, new cd changer, new headlight covers and a set of new tires. they are quite anxious to get these cars off the lot before the new series comes out in january. car drives very tight engine is powerful and silky smooth. the il gives you almost limo room in the rear. the radio system is so so but i didn't buy the car for the radio anyway.
  • blumrln1blumrln1 Member Posts: 9
    Does anyone out there own a 1997 740i?
  • blumrln1blumrln1 Member Posts: 9
    I just bought a 1997 740i in June of this year...I have to say I love it
    Has anyone had any real problems with this year before or after?
  • crow72crow72 Member Posts: 9
    I did exactly what you are considering. I grabbed a Titanium Silver 2001 740i as soon as the rebate was announced on 9/1. Paid 55k and that includes 2k of options - convenience pkg, cold weather pkg, heated steering wheel. MSRP was 65.560. I have no regrets since the 745's will be very difficult to get for the next year or so and will sell at (or dare I say above) MSRP. MSRP has not been announced but I expect very close to 70k without options. The way I look at it I have a beautiful car at a great price ( 15 - 20k less than the 2002) and I will be able to get 35k in a few years to trade up. By then the 745iL will be out, production will catch up with demand and they will have added a few more options into the base version of the 745i. I look at it as 20k to drive the 740i for 3 years. Good luck.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Have you seen's recently published First Drive on the new 745i? If you haven't, there is a link to the article in the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar of this page.

    Check it out.

    Sedans Message Board
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    After reading the 740i test in the latest Road and Track, the left over 2001 appears to be a great bargain. But if you are considering one, read the article carefully; the car should ONLY be purchased with the comprehensive sport package, regardless of what replacement tires may cost later. This option really transforms the car. It also looks like for most people there is little need for the extra length of the L version. The i version is a relatively compact 196.2 inches long.
  • gsegse Member Posts: 1
    Looking at a '96, 114K miles for $19,900. Price seems pretty good. What is the history of the car for the next 75K miles?
  • lgoodyearlgoodyear Member Posts: 7
    I have test driven a 93 740il that I can purcahse for $7k under blue book. It has 141k miles. It runs excellent & is in great condition with a smooth idle. My question is I am planning on driving this car until the wheels fall off since resale with high miles is tough. My BMW dealer told me the M60 engine on this car has not been recalled. Does anyone know if an M60 engine with no issues @ 141k miles is good to go @200k miles? Also how about the tranny on the M60 engine? Is it solid for 200k miles or ?
  • sweetjeldoradosweetjeldorado Member Posts: 94
    Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....., You know what I was visualizing.

    I was thinking of how funny it would be if most valets that are not car enthusiast were attending the new 745i, turn on the key and thinking that he or she had killed the battery and did not know what to do since all you have to do was press the button to start the engine after you turn the key and vise versa in reverse to cut off the engine, he or she will think that the key thing was broken and all the have to do was just by pressing the button on the side to stop the cranking engine.

    Also, they would be dumbfounded of how to change gears from reverse to drive to park since the gear selection is behind or beside the right on the steering wheel.

    The 7 series is just plain ugly all over. I don't know which end is the worse looking, the front or rear. It is an overgrown 3 series compact that gain more pounds. For a car to be this darn technically advance, it does not look all that luxurious looking back of the S class and LS 430. Park this car beside the LS 430 makes the Lexus a Rolls Silver Seraph.

    The current 7 will be a classic in years to come. The 7 series is a lot more elegant and greater looking than the new 7. BMW drop the ball on the new 7 in terms of styling.

    However, the new 7 series is king of the hill for right now until someone credibly matches its qualities from one of the big luxury automakers.

    J "CaddyLac"
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