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Lincoln Town Car



  • dbc123dbc123 Posts: 105
    You may have been blessed with it as posted above or you may have been cursed with it if you prefer a softer ride. Package was only available on Signature Series and is easily identified by the perforated leather seats, unique grill and dual exhausts. The spring and shock rates are both about 30% firmer. It may improve cornering slightly but is that really an issue for most TC owners? Ride is important all the time.
  • Hello all -- I'm buying a 1992 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series from a friend of mine and will be picking it up on Wednesday. Any suggestions on what to do first? LOL -- She said she puts a quart of oil in every month but other than that no problems -- Can't wait -- Nice to meet you all.
  • I do have the Symmetry tires and when I bought the car I seemed to drive on all good smooth roads. It shocked me when I when over some pretty good bumps and cracks in the road. At thst time I absolutely felt a "jarring" ride when I felt the ride would always be smooth or at least as smooth as my chevy truck which it isn't at all times. By the way it is a signature series but only a single exhaust.
    Thank you all for your comments.
  • 0rnery0rnery Posts: 23
    I'm a newbie here too, Diana, though I've always owned a Town Car. The first thing you should do is the scheduled maintenance including flushing all the fluids and replacing filters. Replace belt(s) and hoses as needed. Kinley warned me to throw some synthetic gear lube in the differential, which I have yet to do.

    The reason I haven't gotten to it is because I spend too much time detailing it! Just no time to do what should be done, but plenty of time to wash & wax, bleach the whitewalls, apply silicone to the rubber, condition the leather... but God it looks grand!

    The ride is to die for! Sorry yours doesn't suit you remo9344. I know just what you mean. I took my wife's '99 G. Marquis on an errand this morning... ugh. Corners like it's on rails, but that ain't worth much to me. Too stiff! If I had to drive that all the time, I'd drop the tire pressure to 24lbs or something. I'd sacrifice tire life for a better ride any day!

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    "Auto Week"predicts a style change in 04. Perhaps the bloated look will be diminished. Would adding a Vivid Red plus a tach be expecting too much. 003's seem to be of pale, plain, & boring colors.
  • Maybe there's hope after all. There is a huge list of things wrong with this design, and style is just one of them. The interior was cheapened to the level of an Impala with leather, IMO. The dash is worse than uninspired, and it feels like Sears was the winning contractor on the components in the cabin. I feel the power train and frame elements are better than ever, but it just doesn't feel like a Town Car used to to me. Therefore, I have moved to the Navigator for now, but someday, when my knees are gone, I'm gonna want a car again, and if they don't really fix the Town Car, I'm gonna have to look around. Sad, after 10 years of loyal Lincoln satisfaction & ownership.
  • The Town Car was just redesigned for the 2003 model year. I can't imagine that Ford will do another re-design so soon.

    Navigator - when you say that the interior was cheapened are you talking about the new 2003 model or the 2002? To me, it would be very difficult to argue that the 2003 interior is cheaper looking than the 2002 interior. If you are talking about the 2003, what aspects of its interior are inferior to the previous generation? Just curious.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    According to Automotive News, which is generally the most reliable source of information, the Town Car won't be restyled until 2006. It will probably use the same platform until around 2010 - 30 years after it debuted on that platform.
  • I'm talking about the difference between the 97-98 on interiors, ie;

    1) Digital dash deleted in favor of ugly analog dials, with digital computer readouts for fuel computer, etc. An incongruous mix in an unattractive layout.

    2) Sculpted dash panel replaced with straight across flat panel, no character, no fun.

    3) Seat pockets deleted.

    4) Seats lack lateral support, no design, pleating or cushion.

    5) Door panels cheapened - no pocket under armrest in Executive any longer, no pocket in right door on Signature anymore.

    The list can go on. Then, there's the matter of the A/C blower, which starting in 98, does not move nearly enough air, at least for this climate.

    I just feel now, that getting into a Town Car, it no longer reflects a luxury feel inside. The Grand Marquis is much nicer inside IMO. Not saying it is a bad car, just way cheapened inside from the 95-97 models. I think sales kindof bear that out too. The Town Car used to outsell Cadillac DeVille during those mid 90's years. My friend had a 94, a 96, and now has a 2000. He's now looking at Cadillacs. This little freshening up just done did not address the inside, which was the biggest problem IMO.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I rented a 2003 TC while on a business trip this week. In the past, I have frequently rented TCs but this was my first experience with the new model. I am a pretty loyal "Ford" man and currently own a Lincoln LS among others. My comments are not meant to rile anyone up, but rather express honest opinions.

    Steering: I thought the new TC had a huge improvement in steering feel. The older ones always felt numb and a bit tiring to me - seemed like constant corrections were needed. The new model tracks straight and true.

    Interior: Again, a big improvement, IMO. Much nicer trim and appointments. However, I would like more lateral support in the seats and would welcome an optional bucket seat/console/floor shifter arrangement.

    Ride: This surprised me. While I welcome the stiffer structure, the suspension tuning really seems out of character in this car. The ride is stiffer and noisier than I expected. I am not surprised that a number of buyers coming from older TCs or Grand Marquis' find this set-up unappealing.

    Performance: Another big disappointment. I know the new model has a bit more power. However, it must also be heavier because my rental was the slowest TC I have driven in years. Why on earth they don't use the DOHC engine from the Marauder is a mystery to me. Performance-wise, this car is not competitive with a Taurus, let alone a De Ville or Park Avenue Ultra.

    Overall, I just can't help but wonder what Lincoln engineers were trying to do with this car. If the firmer suspension was aimed at us younger buyers, why not put a competitive engine in the thing? They could make the bucket seats an option, too. If all they care about are the taxi and limo trade, maybe the current version is "good enough." And, finally, will the firmer suspension tuning turn off the traditional TC buyer?

    My hope is that sometime the TC is again viewed as the "flagship" model of the Lincoln line. I personally do not think the 2003 version advances that notion.

    OK, slap me around if you think I deserve it!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    The lack of power is disturbing to me as well for the same reasons you cited. Our '94 Signature is adequate, but still very quiet at 104,000 miles. It is a pleaure to drive and tows a boat, but with no power to spare. This TC has the 'Road Handling' package so we're used to a firmer ride. It seems all of the 03's have the 'Handling'package as standard and the Executive would suit us just fine at $29,995.Thank you again for your post.
  • dbc123dbc123 Posts: 105
    Your comments that the ride is stiffer and noisier than expected and that the suspension tuning is out of character with the car are exactly in agreement with what I've been saying here and in the Grand Marquis forum. This is not going to sit well with owners of these cars as we expect a supple ride with excellent isolation from the road. These are areas where the TC could not be bettered by any car before. The ride and impact harshness in the new cars is nowhere near world class. Are you listening Lincoln?
    Your observations on the new steering are, again, spot on. A huge improvement. Thanks for vindicating what I've been saying.
  • houndoghoundog Posts: 21
    The only way that Lincoln will make the customers happy is to offer the standard "soft" suspension for those who want total isolation, and an optional "handling package" for those who want the tighter suspension. Give the buyers a choice, and they can have what they like. The lack of power is absurd. It needs 300hp minimum for a car that weighes over 4000lbs. Even at 300hp it will not equal the competition.
  • I am interested in getting a TC,1996-97.I spotted one at a dealers lot.a nice black signature series,with appox.56k.I had some marring,otherwise,very clean.Asking price..$14,900U.S.I also spotted a '96 with 35,000 mls on it.It was gold and extra clean.Asking $11,500 for it.(another dealer)I'm debating to go in to the livery biz.I mentioned both colors.Relations told me they wouldn't get into a gold one(i.e.weddings and such)and would rather go into a black colored car.Does color really matter?Opinions,please.....
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I agree that there should be a choice of "luxury" or "handling" suspensions. I still wonder how many traditional buyers have really complained that the prior TC suspension was too soft or floaty. I can't imagine many would opt for a "handling" package.

    On the other hand, more enthusiast oriented drivers might want the handling package but I can't imagine them accepting the serious power shortage compared to the competition. Was the "Touring Sedan" model a big seller?

    I think every TC should have the DOHC engine as used in the Marauder, but also focus on the quiet isolated ride that many buyers expect. Then, have a separate "Touring Sedan" model with the current firmer suspension tuning, maybe a more aggressive axle ratio, and bucket seat interior. This would be for the magazine editors to test and also for the folks who may currently have an LS or other premium midsize car but would like to move up to a larger car while still keeping some sporting flavor.

    All the parts are already on the shelf. How complicated could it be?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    and observing their computer sequential production system where on one line they mingled Towncars and Continentals and on the second line they produced Mark VIII's it is obvious that plant is capable of installing the Marauder engine into the Towncar anytime they would want to. It is just a matter of programming their computer sequential process so it would happen. A friend has a "Vivid Red" LS and that is the color I prefer on the Towncar rather than "Autumn Red" which resembles dried blood. Lincoln's marketing team needs some real people on their board as presently the group is marketing insensitive and doesn't care.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    >>>...Lincoln's marketing team needs some real people on their board as presently the group is marketing insensitive and doesn't care...<<<

    oh not true. Lincoln listened very closely to their top customers for the T/C...They listend to livery and fleet buyers who make up the largest percentage of T/C buyers....Being around Lincoln a long time and having a medium sized fleet department, mostly limo's..they hit the nail right on target. They are very happy with the new T/C and out fleet sales show it.....

    Of course, fleet buyers and retail consumers often have different needs, tastes and desires.

    If I was making the decisions for Lincoln I would place the T/C into fleet only the Escort and soon to be Taurus.
  • That actually explains a lot. I guess the T/C won't be an option for me going forward, but I applaud the sales of Lincolns for Limos. They look great that way.

    I'll just stay in my SUVs, and irritate Steve & Tidester some more.......
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    to livery and fleet buyers? You suggest over 50% and that amazes me. So, what are the sales facts?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I will get that number for you, I don't have it handy but I think I can find it for you..

    Its a huge number.
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    Glad to read that you are still around. Haven't heard from you on the Marauder chatbox for a long time. Wanted to get your views on the new Marauder pricing plan: $2,000 rebate plus A plan eligibility.

    Weren't you the dealer that stated salesman who sold a Marauder at A plan prices or under list would be in deep stuff, correct?

    So, why are dealers haunting me to come on down and drive out with a Marauder for 28K+??? Why do my local dealers have 15 of them on the lot? Was it overpricing or didn't the car match the Ford claims, or both?

    Told you long time ago that the magazine reviews were going to make of break that car. The reviews were good, but not great. (The new Honda will beat or stay with the Marauder 0-60.)

    I've been a Mercury fan for years, and I wouldn't be caught dead driving a BMW, Asian car, or an SUV. I had great hopes for that car, based on pre announcement press. I was disappointed.

    Now Infiniti claims that the M45 is the "musclecar with brains".

    Will Mercury respond, or just meekly offer a new minivan, the Monterey?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I can't speak for all dealers...Quite frankly most Mercury dealers are not prepared to sell something like the MM. Our sales staff isnt the typical sleepy Mercury staff and we have quite a few "car guys" who really get into cars like the MM...This makes selling them pretty easy. Enthusiasm breeds sales.

    We have done well with the car, We sold 10 right away at MSRP or over and have had decent sales of the car since. I only have 2 in stock and oddly enough since the incentives came out on the car we have had little interest..
    We don't see very many A-plans here in CT, maybe a total of 3-6 per year and nobody has asked about A-plan on the I don't really have an opinion on that. I will not sell the car under the X-plan unless it's a friend or family of the dealership. We earn more revenue on an A-plan than an X-plan. strange huh?

    I really wonder about the long term plans for Mercury. They could do so much with the brand since it really has NO good or bad baggage to deal with.....But Mercury will go nowhere with rebadged Fords, INHO....I have been making alot of noise at factory meetings about making Mercury a niche sport brand. i.e. AWD sport wagons, performance stuff, etc....I don't think a $40K minivans is how Mercury will come back to life.
  • I am way confused by comparisons of the MM to any Honda, Infiniti or the like. I see no probability of cross-shopping this car. It has no competition at this time! Its potential buyers are those who like big American V-8 sedans, and only Ford makes 'em anymore. So if you want a hot one, here's your car. I can't imagine the MM winning over any asian market at all. Who cares about the numbers? The question is how large the market still is for cars like these. 15 years ago, I would have been all over this car, but I've aged beyond it now. As for dealers? The dealers here aren't excited about the car at all, and have only ordered a few, which flew off the lot immediately, to their surprise. The dealer I use was very tentative about them because he ordered a ton of boat anchors called Blackwoods, thinking they would be very hot, and has had to discount them $13M off sticker to move them at all, and still has 2 left. I was tempted at that price....but not quite enough.
  • I'm looking for a 'new' car. This is probably going to be a 1995-1997 Lincoln Town Car. The two colors that I'm looking at are Silver and Black.
    Anyways, I'm looking for some feedback on whether anyone thinks this is a bad idea (or a good idea for that matter). I'm lloking for something with a smooth ride, luxurious interior and good exterior styling.
    However, due to the fact that I havn't won the Lotto, yet, I'm trying to find one a little bit cheaper. I was thinking of getting one from a local car/limo service (not an actual limo). Probably having somewhere between 100k and 200k on it. Is this a good idea, or should I just bite the bullet and pay the premium for the lower mileage car.
    I like alot of the stuff I've read in the forum (to posting #600) and I also like the 95-97 Town Car body styling. Let me know.
  • 0rnery0rnery Posts: 23
    Seriously, black is a headache to own, though it is probably the prettiest.

    I wouldn't buy any car that's been used for a rental or corporate fleet. Use CarFAX to single them out. I went through 52 CarFAX reports trying to find a G. Marquis and Town Car that hadn't been used as rentals during their life. 80% of those had been!

    We got our image '94 Town Car with 70K on it, for $6,600. I wasn't too picky about the color, as you can see! That amethyst would be my least favorite, but I bought it anyway. I'd have taken a black one too, if it had been in as good condition.

    ...smooth ride, luxurious interior and good exterior styling.

    Smooth ride? It's got that in spades!

    Luxurious interior? Dashboard might be the only thing holding it back. The rest is sweet!

    Exterior styling? Hmmm... seen better for sure, but the ride and bang for the buck makes up for ANYTHING!

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Condition and low mileage would be of most importance to me followed by color. TC's with dual exhaust indicate they may have the "Handling" package which promises a firmer ride with better handling. From personal experience I highly recommend you change all fluids especially the rear differential on day of purchase. A new air filter would be in order as well. After '97 the most improvement is in the 03's. Our '94's engine, with 104k miles, is as quiet as the day we bought it. I add 1 quart of Mobile 1, 10-40 every 1k miles, changing the filter at 7k, when I change the oil. Let us know what you buy when you do.
  • Both of my cars currently, are BLACK, and I like 'em. Also, I think the styling of the T/C up to 98 is without peer! Now, from 98 on, that's a little different. They look best stretched about 90 inches, which may have been exactly what Henry had in mind. Anyway, to answer Dale's question, Ornery is right in that the T/C is the best in its class for ride, room and comfort, especially 90-97. 95 got a new interior that was even nicer than before, and nicer than after too. I would stay away from livery & limos, rentals may be ok if it was a major company that sold them before they got too used. Hertz, Budget, for example, usually sell them by 2 years at the latest, and under 40,000, so they didn't endure a lifetime of abuse. But hey, with a rental, you also don't run the risk of the same jerk abusing your car for 2 solid years, probably only 2 days, then another jerk got his chance. I used to buy Hertz rentals all the time and had very good results.

    You will have to look hard to find a dissatisfied Town Car owner. Most of them are repeat buyers, car after car. They like what they offer, and usually treat their owner right. Good hunting!

    A tip: For lower mileage, look rural. They're out there. Ex; Sun City AZ, Las Vegas, etc. Folks with money buy them, only drive them a little to the store and golf course, trade them in 2-3 years....
  • 2000 Cartier Sand metallic with beige interior impeccable condition with 48000 miles and all options, factory moonroof included. $23,000 asking price. I figure $19,000 at the most. What's it worth? Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi trainiac -- you might want to also ask that question in Real-World Trade-In Values. Good luck!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    2003 Vivid Red Executive with Marauder engine and a tach in the dash for $30k. Well, we can all dream once in a while.
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