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Pontiac Grand Am



  • Thanks,

    My point is to give everyone who has been asking for the TSB# some for the Regal, if you go to the discussion notes over the last two years you will see there are complaints...apparently these people are correct bc (much to my surprise) the rotor problem was not specific to the 3 cars you mention...In fact, the same TSB # applies to the Regal as well...

    Again, I have not experienced these problems on my GSE, but have taken the liberty of putting this up on the Regal chat as well.
  • I just had the front rotors and pads replaced under warranty. My 1999 Grand Am GT has 21,300 miles on it. I gave the dealer the TSB # and they asked no questions. I only wish I knew you could request the type of rotor. I guess I'll be going back to the dealer in another 20K miles!
  • I am having two problems with my SE2 that has 16k miles on it. One is the rotors being warped. And the other is I can hear the engine pinging. I have tried all types of gases to see if it was a lower octane gas causing the problem, but it doesn't help. I have taken the car in before because the tires were not balanced and I could hear the pinging noise. Now it has gotten so bad any of my passengers can hear it.

    I took the TSB# for the rotors into my dealer to have them replaced. They weren't aware of the bulletin, but they did check their computer which showed the same TSB#. I mentioned the durastop line to them, which they said were no better than the replacement rotors that GM wants the shop to replace them with. They also said that the rotors they are putting on the car are an upgrade from the rotors that came stock. They even said they think the durastop is a lesser quality GM line.

    The pinging probably happens usually between speeds of 25 to 70 MPH. It happens more when I am accelerating slowly. It started happening very early on. A tech at the GM shop said that it could be the EGR vavle ( or something like that ). But unless they could hear it, or it set an alarm in the computer, they could do anything about it. Now it has gotten worse, so hopefully they can hear it.

    I also hear lots of road noise when I'm driving on the freeway.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    My 1999 SE had terrible road noise which I solved by getting rid of the BF Goodrich tires and replacing them with Goodyear RS-A tires of the same szie. These are a premium tire but they gave me a much quieter ride, much smoother ride, and a "GT" cornering feel.

    There might be even better tires but I haven't isolated those yet, probably Michelin. There have been some posts on tires in the IMPALA list and the messages there might be of help on the tires.
  • I bought a GA new in '96, and it was such a piece of crap I traded it on a new '97 after only 8 months. Like others, I thought I'd just had a lemon, but the '97 has been just as bad. It has needed repairs or parts replaced every 3 months since I've owned it, and I've had to get a rental on 3 occassions. This year alone I've spent $1,000 on repairs. It has about 50K on it. I give up on trying to fix everything that goes wrong, and will trade it on a Ford as soon as I can afford to. The problem is that they depreciate so badly that I can't afford to buy a new car yet. In a little over 3 years it's depreciated about 60%. My brother has a 96 Sable with 60K on it, and has yet to do ANY repairs.
  • Sorry to hear about your recurring problems. I have a 2001 with 5 KMI and nothing wrong so far.
    Unfortunately, whoever sold you the car never:
    1) Mentioned getting it through the SMART BUY program. You wouldn't have had to worry about the negative equity or the %60 devaluation. Furthermore, you would have a super low payment.
    2) Never offered you an extended warranty so that you wouldn't have had to spend $1,000 out of your pocket.

    I hope that your next auto (whichever company) won't have problems.

    Matthew J Drake I.S.M.
  • gabadgabad Posts: 1
    I bought a '99 Grand Am SE in October from Enterprise Rent a Car. One week after I bought the car it began to stall. It did not do it all of the time, but on the time it did I would repeatedly stall until you let it sit for at least an hour. I have now had it into the Pontiac dealer twice and another garage once. They still do not have any answers on why it is doing this, but the replaced the fuel pump because they thought that might have been bad. My friend had the same problem and she kept the car for two years before they bought it back off of her. Has anyone else had this problem and did they ever find out what was wrong?
  • I own a 94 GA with 182,000 miles on it. I bought
    it new and it was a great car for years. Around
    130,000 miles, she started falling apart. I have
    gone through many problems, the worst being a
    cracked head. Ever since I had the head replaced in
    June 1998, I have been experiencing another
    problem that umpteen mechanics and computers can't
    pinpoint. While driving down the road, the car just
    seems to bog down and lose power for a few
    seconds. It jerks and chugs and carries on at this
    point. It spews black puffs of smoke while doing
    this. It appears to be running rich and my gas
    mileage has decreased. It does this at any speed,
    but seems to be better when going 65-70 mph plus.
    Has anybody else had this experience? I am on the
    road alot, as my miles will tell you. I don't want
    it to just leave me sitting some day far away from
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    On Friday, 01 December '00, beccav1 wrote:

    >..It appears to be running rich and
    > my gas mileage has decreased. It does
    > this at any speed, but seems to be
    > better when going 65-70 mph plus.

    Had this to happen with an Olds '85 Calais. Drove the mechanics nuts. It would start doing this about 30 minutes into driving and the computer diagnostics couldn't find anything. One mechanic drove it home, determined to figure it out. About 30 minutes into driving, it started to shut down on him, lots of black smoke.

    He did a quick diagnostic on the computer and found it was ok. Amazingly, he found a distributor cap was going bad. It would begin arcing internally after it heated up. Replacing the cap solved the problem.

    Not sure if this is the problem, but if your mechanics would drive the car, and take with them some key ignition parts to isolate the problem, they might find the problem.
  • In June of 99, I leased a beautiful red 99 GA GT1 4-door. Here is what I've experienced so far:

    1. The day I brought it home, it stalled like 5 times. I turned around and went back to the dealer and they said it might have been the gas. Well, after they took the car and put 200miles on it, they figured out it was a kinked air induction hose.

    2. At 7k miles, the rotors warped. The dealer (a different dealer) deamed there was no problem. They gave the car back to me without fixing it. I blew a hissy and had to make another appointment to have them cut them for me. When it happens again(and it will), I will refer to the TSB.

    3. Also at 7k, the cd radio had to be replaced due to a bad volume control.

    4. At 11k, the car developed an oil leak. The oil pan was dropped and the gasket replaced.

    I had my last new car for 10yrs. It doesn't seem like this one will last that long.
  • What year lease did you get? If the car is still giving you problems at the end of the lease, give it back to them and go on to another car.

    I've heard of the radio and rotor problems, but not oil leaks.

    I don't know too many people that keep cars 10 years anymore. If you look around on the highway, how many 1990 models do you see? Very few indeed. That's because everybody wants the newest SUV's, trucks and minivans. We'll see how long that lasts if the economy hits a downturn!
  • I have a question :
    I just buy a GT1 three months ago, the manual say that I have to change the oil, when the change oil sensor turn on (5500miles), and I went to change the oil they told me that I have to change the oil at 3,000 miles or every 3 months. Who is right ?

    Best regards
  • bmarkbmark Posts: 52
    I have a 2000 Gt also, and I change the oil about every 5000 miles. According to a friend of mine who is a Pontiac mechanic you don't need to change it every 3000, unless you do a lot of city driving. Some of the 2001 cars say you don't need one for every 7,500 miles. So unless you do a lot of stop and go driving I would change it every 5000.
  • rpm9rpm9 Posts: 73
    Through Edmunds, I've repeatedly read about the 99 Grand Am rotor pulsation problems after I purchased my 2000 GA. With less than 1500 miles, I took my GA into a Pontiac dealer and asked them about the rotor problem. After their inspection, they notified me that I did not have the updated rotors and so they replaced them with no questions asked. And you know what? I told them they weren't even pulsating but they replaced the rotors anyway. Now I know what they mean by Pontiac excitement! By the way, I absolutely love my GA/SE coupe with the V6. Sometimes, when I'm just cruisin' around, I feel like I'm the coolest MF in town in my red-hot GM car...until of course, a classic GTO pulls up beside me.
  • rpm9rpm9 Posts: 73
    I bought a 2000 Cavalier coupe and two months later, I decided that the little 4-banger just wasn't cutting it. So to make a long story short, I ended-up trading it in on a 2000 Pontiac GA/SE-1 coupe V6. So check this out: After careful and reliable research on the trade-in value of my Cavalier, it was disappointing to find out that I was $5500 upside-down on my trade. But even though I had $5500 negative equity, I was still able to finance the GA at $1000 under MSRP with NO MONEY DOWN! Of course the $2K end-of-year rebate sure helped. So in other words, my deal was equivalent to getting $6500 off of MSRP had I not involved my trade-in. I guess it just goes to show that you just never know how desperate a dealer is to move their cars.
  • rpm9rpm9 Posts: 73
    Why did I buy a Pontiac Grand Am? Because Korean cars look cheap, Japanese cars look boring, and European cars look too sophisticated. Besides, I'm insecure, timid, and butt-ugly. Therefore, I needed a car that was loud, in-your-face, bold, and aggressive-looking; and the wide-track GA fit the bill. So now, whenever I'm in my car, I can atleast say: "I may be ugly, but atleast I drive a bad-[non-permissible content removed] looking Grand Am!" And for some sick and twisted reason, being in my car makes my world a better place to live. Thank you Pontiac. You bring excitement to my life!
  • or a mustang gt...
  • rpm9rpm9 Posts: 73
    Hey spectre3, the Mustang GT isn't a bad car at all, but inside, there is a serious lacking of design creativity and interior room. And the back seat has no other function but to haul anyone who's under the size of a five-year old. Furthermore, it sucks more gas and is more expensive to insure. Overall, you get more bang for the buck in a Grand Am. But one thing I have to admit about the Mustang: Chicks dig 'em!
  • actually, the insurance difference here in indiana wasn't that great.. 99 ga to 00 mustang gt. if we need to accommodate several persons, we take one of the other cars, so it is no big deal.

    design is a matter of taste. it was definitely a change from 93 mustang (plain)styling.

    btw, that 99 ga never got 25 mpg on the highway. the mustang does. the ga should have done much better, but the service at the local pontiac dealer said that it was normal and there were no problems.(ha) the biggest reason i had for unloading the ga, is we have no competent pontiac dealer in this town... unfortunate.

    as far as the styling goes i think the ga's big buggy eyed dash is ugly also,, but, to each his own.
    the interior quality of our ga was poor. right hand door panel never stayed tight, numerous rattles and squeaks(and leaks) they could never find, and a possessed radio that worked when it felt like it.

    if i had bought a two door alero, i might have put up with the problems we had with the ga. they are much sharper autos...(on the outside).

    yep, the chicks dig a gt's alright ;)
  • A Mustang GT that gets 25 mpg? Do you drive on the interstate at 35 mph? Stick or auto? That doesn't sound right. I average 24-25 mpg with my 1999 GA GT auto, and that's in mixed driving. I once got 27 mpg on a long trip.
  • yep, not a typo.

    its epa rating is 17 to 24.

    i run mobil 1 synthetic oil, that has helped all of my autos mpg somewhat.
    yes, it is an automatic.
    yes, it is interstate driving, 70 miles per hour.

    about 6 years ago, i owned a 90 mustang gt with the old 5.0 liter engine and the 5 speed transmission. i bumped up the initial timing advance, removed the intake air silencer, ran synthetic fluids and platinum plugs. it regularly would get 28 on the interstate at the same speeds.

    if i would quit fiddling with the cruise the 00 gt might do a bit better.

    i would have been quite satisfied with your ga's hiway mpg, if our car would have achieved it.
    our pontiac service department wouldn't do a thing to correct whatever its problem was.
    i got tired of burning vacation days to take it in to the shop!!
  • Hi,

    I bought a 99 V6 Pontiac Grand Am with around 27k miles on it about 2 months back. I had driven a Grand am earlier and was very impressed with the way it handled and decided that i had to own one.

    Before buying it, i had put it through a 100 point inspection at my neighbourhood AAA grage. The report came straight A's except for an air filter and tire rotation issue which I duly took care of.

    But there have been a few glitches that have emerged and was wondering whether I could get some help from the board.

    1) Sluggish- Though a V6, the car seems to be more sluggish on the road than the V4 I had driven. The power is there..but it's just not peppy.

    2) The Power Steering. Its supposed to be variable....but there are times when i am trying to park and I have to virtually struggle with the steerng.

    3) BRAKES- They make me feel very there a way to make them firmer??....tighten them up or something?

    4) Hazard Indicator- My hazard indicator, blinks for like a couple of seconds before it just goes blank...and takes my indicators with it. I usually have to wait for a few seconds to get them back online.

    Apart from the above it is a great drive
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    The hazard light intermittently flashing sounds like a short in the switch or the lights, the steering can be hard to steer on some models. (Have the mechanic remove the reducer or filter on the power steering system to allow better fluid flow) The sluggish V6 is probably related to the design of the car and motor. It strikes me that the engine doesn't create enough HP to overcome the extra weight of the larger V6. I have tested the I4 and the V6 and the I4 felt nimbler and quicker on its feet. In relation to the brakes are probably worn if the miles came from city driving. When you have them checked out make sure that they (the mechanics) reveiw the service bulletins and check to confirm if the brakes have received the upgrade. My mechanic put a size larger rotor on the car due to warping from the extreme heat caused by thediminuitive size of the smaller rotor.
  • Are the regular headlights that poor in night that it seems like every Grand Am I see in the Midwest (especially in Chicago) always has their foglights on no matter what time of the day it is? It could be in the morning with the sun out and I still see the foglights on.

    I've rented Grand Ams before and found them pretty fun to drive but the foglights were worthless to me. It is recessed so deep inside the chin spoiler that it makes the lights useless. The output is one of the worst I've seen. It is more fad than function.
  • I have to disagree about the foglights. The foglights on my 1999 Grand Am GT are excellent. They provide a huge amount of additional light along the pavement just in front of the car. Last night I was driving in heavy fog with my family van and wished I was driving my Grand Am instead.

    The foglights are on a switch and can be set to come on automatically with the regular headlights. That is probably why every Grand Am you see has the fog lights on as well. I leave them on because they are very functional.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    Regarding the fog lights... I think they are very good for the purpose they are designed. Here on the Texas coast at night, they easily assist in the "pea-soup" weather we get. I mean, when the visibility is only about 100 feet, you really appreciate them during nightly fog.

    Regarding the driving lights... They reak. They have this laser-edge type aim, with little fade at the edge of the beam. Sounds great for the straight-away, but they are terrible when going around curves and up/down hills. Give me old-fashioned lights with a gradiant fade at the edge of the beam!

    I have found that they are adjusted too high from the factory. Low beams are fine. They do a marvelous job. But, the high beams are actually suffering from a weaker output. If you don't have the lights adjusted just right, you'll find the high beams reaching out and touching someone, but with a much weaker illumination. The solution is to re-aim the lights down a bit until the high beams not only illuminate the distance, but also illuminate the sides of the road when you go around the curves.

    Anyway, the high beams are my major sore point. A friend of mine at the local GM dealer sez that the lights are one of their major warranty issues.

    Read a complaint by a reviewer *somewhere* that the Aztek suffers the same problem.
  • Will be buying a new car soon and was hoping someone could help me make a decision between the GP or the GA both GT's . The cost difference is about $2,200. Any thoughts? Thanks again.
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