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Pontiac Grand Am



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Seeing that the Grand Am is one of the best-selling cars on the market year after year and seeing alot on the streets that are NOT rentals, the public doesn't agree with you whole-heartedly.
  • Has anyone tried putting a K&N Filtercharger on their V6 grand am and if so, do you feel a difference?
  • Let me add my appreciation of a fine 1999 4-Dr GT1. I have had the car for 2 and 1/4 years, have 19,000 miles and drive the car with gusto. The car has been defect free and is as solid and quiet as new. The gas mileage has increased from 18 mpg to a consistent 21 mpg in mixed heavy city driving and some freeway driving. It is uncanny how the transmission always finds the correct gear for any driving request. The steering wheel radio controls are fabulous and the car has an extremely comfortable front seat when properly adjusted with the electric seat controls. My other car is a Lexus and this car is definitely superior in design and build quality.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    I bet many GA V6 owners didn't know how good the the transmission/engine combo is on car in this price range. What I'm alluding to is this: It dawned on me that everytime I hit the gas for some passing power, this car responds without hesitating. I got curious and broke out the owners manual and there it was, this is an electronically controlled transmission with a special feature. If you depress the gas pedal halfway, the car will simply try to accelarate. BUT, if you stomp the gas pedal all the way, the car will actually downshift AND then accelarate, hence giving you more instantaneous torque and power. It's like having the benefits of a manual stick without having to actually have one.

    I found this fascinating, YMMV.
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Very similar to the 3.8 in the Grand Prix.

    Sometime back in the Stratus topic I explained what a piece of junk that car was with its clunky, confused tranny. The other guy got all defensive and called me old and I should retire. What a loser he is. He doesn't know what a good engine/tranny combo is.
  • sunfgtsunfgt Posts: 40
    GM's trannies. They're the best; BMW uses one of their 5-speed autos.
  • GM's 4T45-E transmission is probably one of the slickest automatics you can get.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    Ages ago in this list, there was a lot of talk about improving the brakes. I have some old clips of the messages, as they are. Weed through them and y'all should find resources that might be of help. If you can figure out a way to search through the older messages here, you'll find these. But, this new list forum is tough, at least for me, to do that. Excuse the grammar in these:


    rotors for grand am CrossDrilled Slotted DuraStops, (or your fav brand), instead of plane jane rotors from an intrigue...

    I first saw an ad for it in MT magazine... It showed the DuraStop camfer Cross Drilled and slotted rotor. It said it was available for most GM cars... So I looked at AC-Delco's homepage... And I found it... It didn't show a listing for many cars... I figured if it was available for a Lumina and a Buick Century, why the heck not for a GTP or Grand Am? Well, the answer was simple... The caption, said sample applications... A call to the dealer led to the correct part number for the specific application....

    Also, one the earlier posts discuss the type of rotor to request (yes, you can request which type of rotors that your dealer use to replace the faulty ones) from your dealer! Take our advice, REQUEST THE ---AC/DELCO 'Durastop' - CROSS-DRILLED-SLOTTED RoTORS...they are the performance rotors that should be on the GA


    I ordered them from a local "speed & custom" shop but the part #'s are PowerStop AR-8256L (left rotor) AR-8256R (right rotor) and the pads are Autospecialty "9-1-1 Extreme Performance" 26-727-02. Those #'s are for the front brakes on a 99-00 grand Am GT, not sure if its the same for the SE models or not. Hope that helps,

  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    I'm taking in my GA Tuesday to have the oil changed and the brakes looked at. My wife confirms that the brakes really don't have any "grip." I could have sworn somebody mentioned a TSB on this or whether this might be corrected under the warranty.

    It seems kind of silly that the brakes would wear out within 15k miles, even though I'm a lead foot.

    Any insights on this?

  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    > It seems kind of silly that the brakes would wear out within 15k miles, even though I'm a lead foot.

    I replaced my disk pads at about 45k on my '99 SE2. Rear drums were fine.

    I'm also a lead foot. I'd have the brakes examined for more than mere wear. Even if the pads are thin, a car will still have good braking, albeit with more fade potential. I'd tell the service droid exactly what your wife says.
  • Do you know when I appreciate my Grand Am GT the most? Right after I drive a different vehicle, like my wife's van or a company car. Then I get in my GT and I realize what I had missed.

    When we go on vacation, I always take our van to fit the family and to tow the camper. Every time we get home from a trip, I have to jump into the GT and take it for a spin. I miss it so when I go away.

    And every time I see another vehicle on the road that I might want to buy in the future, I get in my GT and drive, completely forgetting about the other cars. My Grand Am is like a therapy session every time I get in it. Who needs a shrink when you have 175 HP and all the gadgets you want?
  • I bought my GA exactly one year ago and I must say that I do enjoy the car a lot.

    I have had several problems however. I only have 19000km or 11500miles on my car and I have replaced the rotors and pads twice. I know have that vague braking feel that some have mentioned. I really have to stomp on the brakes to get the car to stop. I have replaced the stereo due to faulty volume controls.

    I have a wet carpet on both passenger and drivers side floors. I also currently have a noise coming from the front end that kind of sounds like the noise struts make when they start to deteriorate. The latter two I still want to get checked out when I get my oil changed again.

    I read of the NHSTA site that some GA's with 16" touring tires may have been equipped with the shocks or something like that. I also saw something mentioned about the wet floors. Has anyone had the latter two problems? If so have you taken it in to the dealer and what did they say?

    One other point was mentioned by someone with the 4cyl. engine. I only get about 20.5mpg(8.75km/l). I also bought the 4cyl. to save. I wish now that I would have gotten the 6.

    Other than these complaints I must say that I am still pretty happy with the car. It looks good and also handles rather well.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Well, my wife just got back from the dealer for the 15k mile service (18k miles on the car). All I wanted was the oil changed and the tires rotated (as per the owners manual). They screwed her and gave her the whole nine yards, chassis lube, filters, etc. Instead of being out about $60, I'm now out $230. Boy did we have an argument on the phone.

    The service guy looks at the brakes and says they will have to be replaced in about another 2k miles, at my cost. Brakes wearing out at less than 20K miles?! Sheesh, I've never had a car where this happened. I know I'm rough on the car, but heck, you'd think they have better brakes on this thing.

    Oh well.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My brakes on my 1999 Protege wore out at 26K and I was a bit pissed that I had to pay to have them replaced too. The mechanic said because I was hard on the brakes and it made them wear quicker.
  • I find it interesting that all the people servicing their brakes are having to pay for them. I went back to the dealer twice with a complaint of hard vibration when braking. The first visit, they turned the rotors which fixed the problem for 1500 miles or so. The second trip however, they called to say that they were replacing the rotors and pads under a bulletin from M. Since the replacement rotors I've had no problems with breaking. I think they also changed the pads as well. This is my second Grand Am and as far as I can tell they are only getting better. The engine is top notch, and you couldn't ask for a better cranny in this price range. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had their brakes done under war. . I know that I work with a pretty good dealer. A little higher priced but worth the honesty in the long run. Post any reply.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Yes, I too would like to know if anyone got their brakes replaced under warranty for 99 GA. Right now, I can't find any TSBs to use as ammunition against the dealer.

    Any info appreciated.
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    There were a lot of Aleros that got the rotors and pads replaced under a TSB (mine included).
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    I've got a '94 GA GT 4dr 6cyl with 41K miles. My main objection to the car is the ride; you feel any little imperfection in the road.

    Its the tradeoff for the handling. I loved the car in NJ which had lots of winding roads the car just ate up (took me 3 weeks to get a ticket in it), but I moved to Ohio where everything is straight and flat. I need new tires and wonder if anyone has switched brands to a tire that rides better.

    Mine has been relatively troublefree: front brakes changed twice; new driver window motor (FYI, a Delco replacement motor wouldn't work, my mechanic tried two of them and then had to get an actual GM part). The dashboard has one or two spots that rattle, and the rear seat does when someone sits behind the driver. The paint still shines likes it new, and I have never waxed it. Its been through 2 front tires, but those were changed for deep cuts.

    In NJ I drove 2.5 miles per day and got 20 mpg. In Ohio I drive about 45 miles/day, mostly highway, average about 27 mpg and have actually gotten 30 mpg when I kept the speed under 60 for a week. That experiment lasted one tankful because the acceleration is the attraction of the car.

    I find my seats supportive. I just test drove a new Avalon and had to stop after 2 miles because my back hurt so bad. I also test drove the 300M and didn't find the ride much better. The 300M even seemed like it more wind noise than the GA.

    After 7 years I am bored with it but have a hard time trading it in with only 41k miles and I get sticker shock with everything else out there. I am hoping new tires and a CD player will make it new enough. I hate the new over-plasticized GA so that isn't an option.
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    My fincee's brakes were replaced rotors and all and it only cost us 100 bucks for the pads. The garage labor and rotors were free and we have put 15,000 miles on since with no brake problems. I have seen a TSB for wet floors. (under Hope this helps.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    This model year has numerous technical service bulletins on it, including ignition control module.

    See for yourself at

    Just follow the directions and select the year, make, and model from the pull down lists.

    Good luck.

  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    This discussion forum has fallen so far down the page it's scary. Time to post and get it back top!

    Any advice for confronting the dealer about warranty brake replacement? My '99 GA now has 18k miles on it. Should I just mention the TSB and hope he cooperates?
  • Is everyone on vacation, cause this board is dead!
    I think everyone ran out of things to write about without becoming redundant. Is this the end of the Grand Am page.....
  • I just test drove the 2001 GT. I thought the complaints about the brakes were exaggerations, but indeed the Grand Am GT has problems with it's brakes. I told the sales guy that my 99 Corolla brakes better than this and it has 30,000 miles on it. I did find the GT powerful but the brakes just sucked. I hope they fix this problem for the 2002 GT's, which is when my lease is over and I can finally get rid of the Corolla. No offense to the Corolla; which is very reliable but just to boring to drive.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I have a Chevy Malibu. It shares platform with GA / Alero and have the same brakes.

    The brakes grip somewhat weak when new, and after replacing the pads. According to GM this is for the first 1000 miles; in my experience for 200 miles at most, more like 100 miles. I live in hilly New England, and drive mostly in suburbs / city. Probably, in 100 miles use the brakes more than in 1000 miles of flat highway :-).

    So, this is not a problem. There was other, real problems with these brakes: a lot of warped rotors at 20k miles, 15k miles, even 7-8,000 miles. At first, GM did not recognize the problem, later started replacing the rotors under warranty, and currently they switched to different rotors, with few problems.

    The rotor thing was not a safety problem. With warped rotors brakes work even better, only eat pads very fast. But it was a nuisance, and expensive nuisance, if you pay for replacement yourself.
  • Well, lets just say I have had all and any problems you can have with a GA. The breaks, radio, water leaking, door panel bubbling, dash replaced, trunk liner replaced, molding, mirror oxing, ETC ETC, it has 36000 miles on it and it has been in the shop over 30 times!But on the up side It is DAM* sweet to look at and drive! I love it! I hate the dealership shop! We have had a mysterious oil leak, and well Geezz Alot of problem, Pontiac and General Motors have tried to make it right though! Thank God! The bought a *top of the line* Extended warranty and have bent over backwards to help us! I guess they really are good at service. I really love my car, but I am sick of it too..... Hope all are well in Pontiac Land!
  • rollomanrolloman Posts: 64
    First time on this board. Does any one have any word on what the new 2002 G.A. will look like? Upgrades under hood and interior styles/features.

    Sure appreciate any feedback.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Hi Everyone....yesterday on my way home from work I hit a rather large pothole. When I got home, I checked my front left tire and discovered that the wheelcover had actually cracked in half! I have complained in past postings about these plastic covers. They are very noisy and apparently rather fragile too.
  • This is a free country and anyone can post what they wish. But I would like to get back to posts that are informative for those of us who own Grand Ams.

    I have not heard of any major changes planned to the 2002 GA. Someone said that they were going to have a major overhaul in 2003, which is only a year and a half away.

    I just hit the 25,000 mile mark on my 1999 GA GT. I haven't had any problems for quite some time and the car is running and handling as good as new. I can't wait for some warmer weather so I can use the sunroof again. It's also been difficult to wash my car because we seem to have snow storms every week up here in NJ this winter. And the bright red paint on my car begs to be sparkly clean.

    I don't look forward to replacing the GT tires. They cost almost $200 a piece. Has anyone out there replaced their GT tires yet or have significant mileage on the originals? How many miles can you expect out of these tires?
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    You don't happen to drive the GSP, do you? If so, about what time of day and what exits.
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