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Chrysler LHS



  • if the report is true that DC will change the Chrysler to a RWD in 2004, they will lose LOTS of sales in the Northern US. The advent of FWD cars has made driving in snowy conditions a piece of cake - especilally up reasonably steep snow copvered grades. On such grades, RWD cars just spin out!
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Part of the reason for DC opting for a RWD LH platform is the recent introduction of advanced stability and traction systems, which have proven to be quite successful in assisting RWD vehicles in snowy and icy conditions.
  • Yes, some of the newer stability and traction control systems are great - especially Cadillac's new Stabilitrac. It works very good with a FWD platform. The fact remains, no stability and/or traction control gimmicks can overcome the backend heavy drive problems of a RWD platform on an incline covered in hard, glazed over snow. It just sits there and spins, while a FWD platform (with the weight and drive wheels up front) just walks right on up!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    So, what you are revealing to us is that a Five-Star rating is not something that is EARNED through great service or happy customers, but that it is a DEFAULT rating, which is received, not earned, by not exceeding a certain number of complaints?
  • robin354robin354 Posts: 21
    I bought my LHS used 4 years ago with about 11,000 miles on it. Now has 90,000 replaced a water pump/gasket last year, and just replaced the front suspension - about $600. The steering wheel had a lot of "play" in it, and I'll be giving the car to my 16 year old son in January, so I replaced it. Been a great car and is holding up well.

    I've put about 12,000 miles on new Bridgstone Turanza T's,(I drive lots of highway miles, and the second set of Goodyears wore out after about 40,000). Bridgstones are VERY "grippy"; handling dramatically improved, so that might have had a bit to do with the steering. I bought those cause I've had great luck with Bridgstones in the past. They'll last a lot longer that the Goodyears. Only trade-off is tire noise - they are louder, but handling improvement and tire longevity is worth it.

    some others in this post have recommended Michelin Pilot tires.

    My LHS just got tuned when suspension replaced and it now vibrates a bit while idling in Drive(at stop lights). It smoothes out if I shift to neutral, and still drives great on the highway, so next tune up I'll ask them to fix or adjust. Just got back from a 500 mile mostly highway trip and got 27.6 MPG.

    No transmission problems so far - knock,knock!

    While on my trip, I looked at a steel blue 2000 LHS and fell in love. I'll probably get a new one in January when my boy gets my car.

    I have a 5 star dealer -where I bought the car-thats done most of the work on the car. They seem to charge a bit more, but I 've never had any problems getting something repaired that wasnt fixed first, parts are always in stock, and they know the car and its history. I know some of the folks on this board have had problems with 5 star dealers, but I've been lucky, I guess.

    I hope you dont have problems with your new transmission.

    Good luck with your LHS

  • ljoyce2ljoyce2 Posts: 3
    I also have the same rough idle at stop lights. Tends to get worse as the car warms up. I have been to several tech support boards, and this is what I discovered; If you have had the fuel rail recall done AND replaced your water pump, this could be the only solution. (Believe me, I have taken my 95 LHS to several 5 star chrysler dealers and they can not fix this rough idle, computer spits out no codes, compression tests fine, it's been a real mystery, but there are at least 7 of us in the country that are on web sites trying to find a solution.) My car goes in next week with these instructions to the service dept.: Get a camshaft alignment special tool #6642 (It is necessary to verify valve timing)The camshaft could be out of alignment in respect to its sprocket, because the rear timing belt cover (water pump housing) and fuel rail recall was performed. One other possibility 02sensor (use scan tool to check performance). The 02sensor can go bad w/o throwing a code, if your idle tends to be worse as the car warms up. Good luck, I will post back with my results.
  • What I put in my posting regarding the 5 Star Rating is exactly what was told to me by the DC rep who called me this past Monday. He is the one who said the rating is based on the number of customer complaints. Now I would hope there is more that goes into a rating such as this other than just complaints. But I think the point he was making to me is that if they don't hear complaints, how can they know there is a problem with one of their dealers? The dealers sure as shootin aren't going to call DC in Michigan and tell them how many unhappy customers they have. Heck, I couldn't even get the Springfield service manager to tell his area rep about this. So how in the world is Michigan going to know if we don't get on the 1-800 number and tell them ourselves?

    We got the check in the mail yesterday. Again, I am very happy with the outcome from the company. Much less than happy with the local dealer.

    I really wish all of you good luck and happy driving with your Chrysler products. They have looks hands down over everything else out there. I just don't have the confidence in them and that's what I need before I'll drive one again.
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Another probability is that DC will offer AWD packages or models, possibly similar to or utilizing MB's 4Matic system.
  • kennisonkennison Posts: 2
    I have driven my LHS for over two years now and have experienced no problems. IMHO this is a great car about 10 years ahead of the competition. The car seems to run and drive better as the miles accumulate. I have never owned a new car with so few problems. I'm impressed.

  • Re: 1999 LHS report by kennison. I'm really glad to read a post that reports a good owner experience!! There must be tens of thousands more out there who could report the same. I guess either they don't know about this BB or the ones who post are mainly doing so to complain!
    Note: I do find the complaints useful as points to consider. A good example were the many postings of 17" tire problems about a year ago - which seem to have died down. Can I conclude that that problem has been solved?
  • Where does the time value in the timestamp on these postings come from? My previous posting was entered at 3:54 PM EST. That would be 19:54 GMT. Is the time value taken from a clock on PST??
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    The time posted on the messages here is PST. This message will post as 2:48 PM, but it's 5:48 PM in CT.

  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    I purchased my 1999 LHS on Halloween of last year, and I have been mostly satisfied with the car. Here is a list of pros and cons that reflect my opinions about my car:


    -The car has run perfectly since the day I picked it up.

    -The LHS has more than enough power to help me cope with Jacksonville traffic.

    -The V6 is exceptionally fuel-efficient on long trips, giving me up to 26 MPG.

    -The interior is roomy, even in the back seat.

    -The trunk is huge!

    -The air conditioner is powerful.

    -The seats are comfortable on long trips.


    -The rear pillars restrict my rear visibility.

    -The paint doesn't hold up as well as I would like.

    -The black molding on the driver's side front door doesn't completely line up with the molding on the rear door.

    -There is no room to work under the hood (probably true with all LH platform cars).
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Ten months and 15K miles on a Y2K LHS--and not a problem to complain about. Very satisfied with the car, which I think is among the best values of any "luxury" car on the road today. My last cars were a Continental, STS and Aurora, in that order, all of which I liked, but the LHS is the equal of any of them, and about 2/3 the cost of the Lincoln and Caddy, and $5K less than a current Aurora. Huge trunk, especially compared to Aurora and STS. And I liked paying for regular gas during the recent price gouging in the midwest, with Premium up to more than $2.50 a gallon! My only complaint has been a higher wind noise level than I like at above 70 mph. Otherwise, a fine car.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    I haven't kept track of what's happening with the LHS/300M for 2001, been too busy with my Sony TiVo, but I'd like to know: What changes have been made on the 2001 models?

    BTW, last week I was given a 300M Y2K loaner to drive for a day. Couldn't hardly tell the difference from the LHS, except for the AutoStick, which confirmed that I was right (for me) that I have no need for the AutoStick. It also confirmed that the 300M trunk opening is even smaller and less convenient than my previous Aurora. To each his/her own, but I'm glad I chose LHS.
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Copied from:

    '01 Chrysler 300M

    "For the new model year Chrysler will introduce several new features for their flagship sedan. The most noticeable change will be the addition of two new colors, Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl Coat and Black.

    There are also several changes to the vehicle's appearance, including a new front fascia, grille and headlamps. They've also redesigned the tail-lamps and added clear lenses. Seventeen inch painted aluminum "Twin 6-spoke" wheels will be standard.

    On the inside, a new chrome insert has been added to the shift knob and a Chrysler winged logo is molded into the steering wheel (the horn pad also now meets extended interior head-impact protection that is required for 2003). A second power outlet located in center console is now standard equipment as are steering wheel mounted audio controls. In the back, the center seat now has a 3-point belt. They've also added a fold-out cup holder and storage area to the rear armrest. There's also a new interior color called "Sandstone."

    The biggest news is the introduction of a new optional luxury group. It features: real California walnut trim, a wood trimmed steering wheel, automatic outside mirror adjustment when the vehicle is shifted into reverse (the mirrors tilt down to let you see the curb). There's also an electronic vehicle information center, a programmable overhead trip computer, and power exterior mirrors that are heated, have a memory and fold automatically."

    Three addenda to this information:

    - to eliminate possible assembly line complications, the above-mentioned walnut trim will be standard on all 300Ms and not just those ordered with the luxury package

    - exhaust pipes recieve chrome tips

    - an emergency trunk release will become standard equipment on the 300M, as it will on all '01 LH sedans

    I haven't heard any precise information, but I would assume that some or all of the above 300M changes would also apply to the LHS.
  • autocarautocar Posts: 4
    In response to djv59, #481
    I have been having similar noise on my '99 LHS, with about 15,000 miles on it.
    We enjoyed the car immensely on a 2400 mile trip, but my son-in-law noticed the noise when he
    went for a ride. At times it went away, and then
    got louder, so I went to my dealer, where a mechanic took it for a test drive and diagnosed a problem with the steering gear rack.
    This was several weeks ago, and we're still waiting for DC to deliver the part.
    Lastest word is "late this week."
    I'll keep you posted what happens.
    If anyone else has had this repair, I'd sure
    appreciate your input.
  • Hey Guys,
    I'm considering buying a used '94 New Yorker and I want to know a few things. Was '94 the first year for the LHS designation? How do these cars handle at over 100K? I talked to the owner aboout the common problems (noise over bumps, engine shutting down, etc...). He assures me that he's already fixed it himself. Are there any other common major problems with this car? I already checked the title history and everything seems fine. If anyone wants to give me some advice, please post. Thanks.
  • robnjrobnj Posts: 11
    Take the VIN down to a dealer's service department that is willing to run the number and see the service history. This will tell you what ANY dealer has done to it over the car's history.
    Make sure that all the recalls have been performed. The latest is the one dealing with the lower control arms. My brother had this done to his '94 LH and it stiffened up the front end. Feels a lot better on rough roads. The most important is the fuel rail o-ring recall.
    The other common problem is with the auto-temp control. They sometimes go crazy and randomly blow cold or hot. My bro had about 3 changed out before it was fixed.
    And yes, '94 was the first generation of the LH & LHS platform.
    What is the asking price?
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    The LH sedans were first offered as '93 models. The CC large sedan offerings for '93 were the older Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler Imperial, Chrysler Fifth Avenue, Chrysler New Yorker in addition to the newer Chrysler Concorde, Chrysler New Yorker, Chrysler LHS and Dodge Intrepid.
  • robnjrobnj Posts: 11
    Ah, that is right. The LH (Concorde) was '93 and the LHS platform (including NY'er) was '94. At least I got it 50% right.
  • I recently returned from a trip to Cape Cod in my LHS. Averaged 28 mpg and had a great trip. Plenty of room for 4 adults and luggage and ride was super. Only problem with car since Jan 00 purchase was the first station of the CD player skipped. Dealer changed it and no problem. Traded in a 95 LHS with 51K miles that was also a great car.
  • Just celebrated 1yr. old b-day of my '99 LHS with a trip to 5 star dealer to fix the illumination of interior lights problem. Sometimes its just the overhead lights, other times its the door lights too. It has occurred several times a day, once a day or not for a couple of days. During the day its not as bothersome as during night driving but it shouldn't exist at all. I did read several TSB's from the NHTSA website noting this particular problem. The service dept. replaced a switch or contact in my door which was suppose to take care of it. Anyway, after having my car out of service for a week, I picked up my car only to have the same problem 4 days later. What gives? Anyone got the goods on this one? TN
  • robnjrobnj Posts: 11
    My buddy works at a dealer and he mentioned this problem on Durangos. I think it turned out to be a slightly cracked wire in the door harness. I will ask him about the LHSs.
  • Thanks for the info on the possible cracked wire in the door harness from Durango experience. Any other ideas on what's making my 99LHS go hay wire? (post 505)
  • It was post #506.
  • My '99 LHS has developed a sporatic problem. The transmission will not engage in any gear for about 30 seconds, after vehicle has been parked overnight. The happens about once every 2 weeks. Of course, this never occurs when at the dealer's. Any one else experienced this situation?
  • All these reliability issues can be said about DC, but this is outrageous, but of course they weren't DC car's, the were Chevy's.

    Check it out:
  • I put a post re Chrysler LHS vs Cadillac you might want to read. The LHS is a niche sort of near-luxury car, I think. Not really luxury, but seems very reliable, a little rough around the edges. John Ellis
  • autocarautocar Posts: 4
    As a follow-up to Note #500, I finally got action on replacing the steering rack on my '99 LHS, after contacting Customer Service. The wrong
    version was sent first, but the next day (8/11)
    the correct rack was air freighted to my dealer
    and installed. Feel of the road seems firmer, and
    I no longer hear knocking sounds.
    However, there still is suspension noise at low
    speeds, so I am going to ask the dealer to check
    out a TSB which another LHS owner found was a fix.
    We drove about 1,000 miles last week and got close to 28 mpg, with a very comfortable ride.
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