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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • drmeyerdrmeyer Posts: 3
    I'm looking to buy a 98' or later prizm with 50,000 miles or less for under $10,000. It must be a 5 spd. Beyond that, Lsi package would be nice but not a have to.
  • homer61388homer61388 Posts: 54
    My dad is looking at a used 1995 Geo Prizm with a stick and a/c. Since gas prices are soaring, he doesn't want to spend $45.00 just to fill up his 5.3 V8 Silverado LT. I only want to know if the prizm is safe, reliable, and a good buy at $3,400 dollars for A/C and rear defroster with a manual transmission. He wants this because it gets like 30 miles per gallon compared to 17 with his silverado! Please write back to tell me information about these questions. Thanks!
  • rworrellrworrell Posts: 151
    Homer, I bought a 93 Geo Prizm LSi with 91K, stick, a/c as my winter car. I don't know if he's looking at the base or the LSi, but the LSi has some nice upgrades over the base, my favorite being the split folding rear seat. Note that on these cars, even the tach is optional!

    That being said, I highly recommend the car. As you probably know, it's basically the same as a Toyota Corolla (built on the same line, but they tend to sell for a lot less). It's pretty fun to drive with the stick, as well. A friend of mine had one with an auto and it SUCKED! I get around 26-27 mpg in city-only driving and I drive it pretty hard (my main car is a Miata, so I tend to flog my winter cars!).

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I think he'd like the car--but make sure he's prepared for the fact that when people hear you have a Geo, they always think of the Metro. Even if you say it's a Prizm, they still think of the Metro. No wonder Chevy dumped the marque... :)
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    I am about to purchase a new prizm with a manual trans, its the LSI. The only options I am getting is aluminium wheels and cd player for 14,300. Does that sound like a good deal???????
  • drmeyerdrmeyer Posts: 3
    Can anyone help me in locating a 98' or later prizm with 5 spd. with 5ok miles or less under $10,000. Can you suggest some web sites i might try to locate one.
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    The 2001 Prizm LSI you mentioned with the alloy wheels and CD player as only options is exactly the car I bought in silver 6 weeks ago. I bought my 5 speed, for $13k even ($17k window sticker). Got factory rebate at that time of $1500, GM card rebate of $1400, and dealer down to a couple hundred over invoice. Purchased in the Twin Cites area. Your $14,300 deal you mentioned is a very good deal on this new car, especially if you are not using the GM card for a big reduction like I did. By the way, with gas prices heading up I am loving the mileage, which started out at 37.5 mpg, and most recently went up to 39mpg on a tank full. (Mostly highway driving.) Biggest (minor) complaint so far, is that high cross wind days seem to want to move the car around a little more on the road than ideal, but I can live with it. When I go to replace tires down the road, I will take a good look at the stability rating for possible improvement.
  • y2ksporty2ksport Posts: 2

    Check out the Auto Trader:

    There are a lot of dealers and private individuals listings

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can get to's partner Auto Trader through this Edmunds UsedPowerShopper link. You can use this service to either look for a used vehicle or list a used vehicle for sale. Auto Trader is the partnered source for this service.

    Check it out.

    After all, it would only be polite to use the edmunds entry point as a thank you to for providing these wonderful free message boards, don't you think?


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  • Hi, everyone,

    I wonder if anyone a little more knowledgeable about cars than I am can help me. I currently drive a 1986 Mercury Topaz - a small (mid-size in its day) sedan that, for all its woes, is a car that I like very much. Its gas mileage is great (for a 1986 Ford), it's comfortable in both driveability and roominess, and it's a very sturdy car. However, because of its age, I can't really keep it any longer. Parts are getting harder to find and it eventually will suffer some sort of problem that will probably be more costly to fix than the down payment on a new Ferrari.

    So I'm looking for a new(er) car. I'm not looking for anything auspicious. I don't want a sportscar, I don't want a luxury sedan, rather, something economical that has decent performance (i.e. won't get me killed on the highway), as well as roominess. I like the looks of the Prizm / Corolla. I figured I'd ask the usual questions:

    1. Has anyone had any major problems or dislikes about their Prizm, any sticking points I should be worried about?

    2. Does Chevrolet provide decent after-purchase service?

    3. I attend a college that is fairly far from home, so I log a LOT of highway miles. Is it a good highway car, or should I pick up something with a V6, like a Malibu?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


    Josh Rutherford
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    I bought the prizm yesterday, taupe cashmere LSI, with 5 speed, alloy wheels and cd. I ended up paying 13,100 with my gm card rebate. With the 1500 factory + gm card rebate the car ends up being a great bargain. I just got rid of my 90 prizm with 311,000 miles on it!!!! Hopefully the new one does the same. One note, The alloy wheels are not as nice looking as I thought they would be, but its still nicer than hubcaps.
  • bullockfbullockf Posts: 1
    I own a '95 Geo Prizm with 75,000 miles on it. I too am experiencing the same growling noise on low speeds. It stops when the car completely stops. I have had no luck fixing the problem. Have you had any other responses to your dilemma?
  • 39043904 Posts: 16
    Until recently, my wife and I owned a 99 Prizm. It was a reliable, economical, and fun to drive car in spite of the engine whine and the tilt steering wheel (that apparently was some sort of engineering joke).

    Than in February, my wife and daughter were involved in an traffic accident that completely destroyed our Prizm. PLEASE BE WARNED, LIKE MOST SMALL CARS, THE PRIZM DOES NOT FARE WELL IN SERIOUS TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS INVOLVING LARGER VEHICLES!!!! My wife and daughter survived the accident with only minor injuries but will never set foot inside another small car. You can't really appreciate how "in expensively" made the Prizm is until you see one AFTER an accident.
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    Brought my 5 speed prizm to the dealer today for a rotating noise which happens when i depress the clutch going over 30 mph. It also happens when I am crusing but it is not as apparent. To me this is not normal, but the dealer says this is probably normal because the transmission is a 3 bearing only one. Whatever the heck that means.
    Does your car make any kind of abnormal sounds when you press the clutch to shift when you are moving?
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    Having maxed out GM card rebate and driving 90 miles a day, considering a Prism.
    Will there be a 2002 Prism? If so, are updates expected to be meaningful ? Worth waiting for 2002 or buy 2001 now ?
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Ken 126 - My new 5 speed Prizm makes no noticeable noise at all using the clutch, and changing gears, and moving in any of the gears, including third. Shifts very smoothly. Is so smooth, I don't have to think about shifting at all, and almost seems like driving an automatic.

    By the way, getting 39mpg on my last several tank fulls, including running the air conditioning about 33% of the time. This is about 85% highway driving, putting on 152 miles a day. Guess you could say, I am ready for the summer gas prices, whatever they may be!
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Mornin2 - I would buy a 5 speed now (or 4 speed automatic). They may not build the Prizm in 2002, and because I believe you can still get good factory rebates now ($1500). You can get most good dealers down to a couple hundred dollars over invoice, and then use the $1500 rebate to go that much lower still, and your GM card to go still lower (if you have one).

    Even if they build it in 2001, I would not expect any major changes, because they just upgraded the peppy engine (now 125 hp) to variable cam technology several years ago, and have a good timing chain now (not a belt).
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Sorry to hear about your car wreck that totaled the late model Prizm. Am also very glad to hear your loved ones walked away with only minor injuries. Have you considered that that was a blessing, and additionally may have been proof of a car made to crumple in the right places to avoid seriously injuring the occupants? Sounds like to me the car did a reasonable job protecting them after all.
  • jacky3jacky3 Posts: 1
    I am a new GM card member. Now I gonna to
    buy a prizm. Can I still get GM rebate?
    (I haven't spend a penny with GM card)
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    I replaced the factory struts when the car was new with much firmer aftermarket strut KYB I think that made all the difference in my 1995 Prizm. Just a tip those struts lasted 140,000 miles and were still good when i sold the car.
  • jeevcyjeevcy Posts: 1
    I am looking at a manual 95 Prizm LSI for USD 2750. It has 103K on it. Is it a good deal? The car is a very clean car with the original owner sale.

    The other option is a 98 Hyundai Elantra [Auto] with 66K on it. This offer is for USD 3500. This doesn't seem to be a clean car as it has some rental history and 3-4 owners. The existing owner is selling it to me within a month of purchase. Also, Hyundai's reputation ain't brilliant....

    What is the resale value of a manual stick to the auto transmission?

    Pl. Advise.
  • artur80artur80 Posts: 1
    Yes, I would definitely go for that deal with 1995 Geo Prism. Make sure you change your timing belt (at 103K that's a must if you don't want to risk your life) unless some else changed it. Stay away from Hyundays, believe me, elantra after 50k is not a car. Arthur
  • mathersonmatherson Posts: 39
    Just picked up my Silver Prizm LSI w/ Alloy wheels, 4 Speed Auto & CD Player.
    List price $17,678, bought it for $15,749 minus $1,500 rebate or $14,249 less my GM Card rebate of $5,238.($9,011 before tax and tags.)
    Quirk in Braintree, MA always seems to give the best deal.
    All seems pretty good so far. Nice little engine in this car.
    I've read a bit about this car having lousy tires. What are the best tires for this vehicle? I definitely plan on upgrading them.
    How is this car in the snow?
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    you got a heck of a good deal - I have a '01 Corolla - almost the same car - it's been wonderful so far - you made a good choice - my car came with Goodyear Integrity tires - my preferenc is Michelin - will change them out one day - am getting 30 MPG (city) so far -
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    I am having a noise that sounds like something is either loose or not lubricated properly. I hear the noise when traveling over 30 miles per hour and is more pronounced when I press the clutch to switch gears. Dealer claims this is a normal noise which is BS, I just traded a 90 prizm with 311,000 miles on it and never heard that kind of noise. Anybody have any ideas???????
  • ecarmackecarmack Posts: 161
    How did you get the GM Card rebate up to $5,238? I am under the old program that limits me to $3,500 ($500/yr for 7 yrs).
  • mathersonmatherson Posts: 39
    I got the gold card when it first came out, 8 years ago.
    They used to allow $1,000 per year. They even counted balance transfers and had double awards for shopping merchants like CVS and Mobil.
    I actually had the rebate up to $6,500 last year, but was not ready to use it.
  • 39043904 Posts: 16
    I agree with your response that crumble zones are effective and save lifes, however, what I was referring to in my original post was the fact that upon impact, 60% of my Prizm just desinerated into fine pieces of glass, plastic, metal, and faberic. Once the dash panel or door panel is cut away, you can see how cheaply the car is constructed. Since the rear bumper ended up through the back window shield I was able to get close and personal with it too -- its construction was also a sight to behold!!! Since both of the front seats were knocked out of their rails, it was amasing to see just how inexpensively they were attached to the floor pan. If it hadn't been for the seat belts, both seats (along with my wife and daughter) would have been launched right through the windshield.

    My bottom line is simple, buy a Prizm, Corolla, Civic, Neon, etc. and enjoy the nimble handing and the above average gas mileage but always remember, crumple zones or not, in an accident with a larger vehicle at most posted speeds your chance of survival drops considerably. And that, my friend, ain't good news!!!!!!
  • ecarmackecarmack Posts: 161
    I hope GM at least keeps the 5% with the $3,500 max for a while to come. I know the Subaru MBNA card recently went from a 5% rebate to 3%.

    I am enticed to use the rebate on a disguised Toyota, but the safety issues involved with driving a smaller car do concern me. I am not in a hurry for a new car, so perhaps I'll wait and see if the Vibe is any good. Although with its styling and the younger crowd that will be driving it, I may look a silly in it, but who cares if it is a good vehicle.
  • wtanwtan Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Prizm and in most part, it is a great little car. It gives me great gas mileage and snappy acceleration. However, one thing bugs me whenever I drive it - the noise from the tire is very prominent. Depending on the road surface, the tire can be very quiet or can give a big roar. Did any of you find a way to muffle the noise? Another set of tires? Home-made noise insulation? Any advice?
  • squeak6squeak6 Posts: 28
    my 98 prizm has it first major problem... the A/C went out... I am so hot.... the est. cost is $1,065... I'm just upset that I had no warning sings that the a/c was about to go... my car has 103,655 miles on it... any suggestions would be appreciated.... thank you...
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