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High End Luxury Cars



  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    If you like your lexus, one day you may actually buy one. I am an owner of an Audi. I put my money into a quality car, one that moved me to go work for the company.

    Tell us when you purchase your first lux car and when you are actually speaking from experience, not a magazine.

    Please, if you don't own a Lux car, don't act like you understand them (including those of you who have friends, or family that "Tell you things"). If you want to simply repeat what a magazine has printed, just place the website and refrain from commenting.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS, Find a LEXUS. Open the front door. In the rear space where the door meets the front fender, tell us what you see....BLACK STYROFOAM!!!!!!!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I would be very very embarassed to say I have a Porsche automatic transmission - unless it is the Cayenne. But maybe my situation is the reason Porsche offers it. Talk about hitting the demo perfectly.

    Do you really think I am anti-German. I am very pro Lexus because I think many German car fans don't have a clue as to the great cars Lexus makes - on balance. I do believe you and some others agree on the quality build but some can't seem to handle it. They also built cars for the US market not the German market and that fails to register with many people. It's like criticizing a garment maker because clothes made for American tastes and introduced very successfully don't hit the European sweetspot. But the fact that they can make a car that handles like the IS (with most saying it outhandles a 3-series on its first try) makes it quite clear that the European sweetspot will be hit and that they will be much more focused on it this next go round. Remember that Porsche was outsourced for help with the next GS.

    As for the Germans - I am and always will be an MB or Porsche person if I go there (though I doubt I'd have any interest in a Porsche family sedan as I separate sport from luxury). MB costs more than it should but I understand quite well that its cost structure is high and there is a price to be paid for historic branding - and they are one of the world's foremost brands. But that price premium isn't worth it, nor is it one I will swallow when quality declines - at least not for the cars I use day in and day out. To be quite honest with you I'm disappointed about MB's decline. I think they will stop it but I don't think they will ever get back to their lofty position. BMW doesn't do much for me (save the 330cci) and the only VW/Audi cars I like are the A8 and the Tourag. I actually think the Phaeton is a great buy right now and may be garnering an even lower percentage of MSRP than the Q. I don't see the car surviving much longer though.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    Audi R8's have won the last, oh, 5 Le Man's races.... just a minor accomplishment NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE. Out of the last five years, three of them saw Audi take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!!!

    Every bit of the technology used by Audi on the R8's finds it's way into their production cars....
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    ALL AUDI's are built overseas!!! Only Audi can say this. Withholding exceptions in Glass and Lights, every Audi is German Spec. Something many do not understand.

    (Example: The roof of an Audi will take over 11000 pound of weight without crumpling more that 1 inch total volumn.)
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    Hey Guys,

    Go to the following website to see a british clip of the Audi S4 -vs- BMW M3. This is a british version of Motortrend TV.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The car moved you to go work for the company? I guess the money and all other things that people switch jobs for were un-important. I'd have to make an educated guess that if another company - say Lexus - doubled your comp - you'd be unable to switch jobs.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    Give us some more wonderful insight onto AudiUSA's rigorous training for salespeople. Inquiring minds want to know!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The Audi dealership by me is the worst car dealership I've ever been in. I've been in it twice and couldn't wait to leave both times. But it must have slipped under Audi's radar screen. Now if you want to see what a first class dealership is - try Ray Catena Lexus in Ocean NJ or Contemporary cars (a Benz dealership) in Little Silver, NJ.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33

    Audi has been in the process of changing dealership owners for several years now. Going away are the days where Audi dealers pigback with VW Lots...

    Here in Texas there have been many changes. I wish you had a better experience. We pamper our customers here.

    I have been in Management for several Dealers over the years, and truly feel the direction Audi is moving in is the best one both from a customer and employee stand point.

    So much, I have stepped down the the sales force just to come on with them. I love it!!

    If anyone wants to contact me directly by email, I will share product info and provide email contacts for several of our customers.

    Obviously I am not soliciting for customers... why would you come here?? I would however like to educate on the product. I am very passionate about it.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The personal attacks that were taking place here are way out of line.

    Thank you for moving on and keeping it civil.
  • livinbmwlivinbmw Posts: 120
    IS handles better than a 3 series? No, never, not at all.

    Phaeton is a great buy? What's it going to go for in 4 or 5 years?

    Interesting thoughts.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Not what testing shows! Comparable IS and a comparable 3-series handle similarly.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    A fair assessment Merc1. But I think for starters it’s a good one. I am also quite disappointed about the wheel hop.
    XLR V could smash the AMG’s and Ms of the world. Given its Racer heritage, that thing could be a ‘Blackbird’ in sheep's clothing. As for the Northstar Supercharged/twin turbo they are working on, it could be anywhere Btw 425 and 500 from reports I have seen. Now that the M5 is 500 HP. I doubt Cadillac being American and obsessed with horse will go for anything less than over BMW. But I do not speak for them. But Just as they were out to outdo the M3 with the CTS V, I bet they are going for an M Kill with the STS V.
    Now when you start talking about the CL65 and SL65, that’s a place where ‘no Cadillac has boldly gone before’. Until they launch the NorthStar V12 with the next Gen Escalade, rumored to have a Twin Turbo V variant, which is sloted to trickle down to a AWD DTS in the future, Then MB might take note of Cadillac.
    But Le General is very serious and should not be taken lightly anymore.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    The IS, in my opinion tops the BMW only in the instrument cluster design. In all other ways the BMW out strips the IS.

    The Phaeton will be the biggest mistake VW has made in the US.
    While I like the styling, it can not stand up to others in its class, and will lose value rapidly....forget 4-5 yrs, more like 2-3 yrs to reach half value.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I meant the phaeton could be had for a steal right now. If you are a buy and hold person that can be a lot of car for a cheap price. That was the only context I meant in the post.

    I really have no clue as to how good the quality of the car is because there are so few that have been sold. I agree with you completely that the resale will be horrible but if you hold the car for a long time the resale value is not important at all.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    The Pheaton was a Huge mistake, they should have used the development money to make the A8 a true King, as good as the A8 is, the competition has gotten really good. You are talking of XJR which is now as good as any out there, LS, 7 Series, this is a tough place to play, now with Quadraporte, I do not know what VW was thinking.
    The Passat W8 in my opinion was already way out of VW’s league
  • livinbmwlivinbmw Posts: 120
    How's the "I-drive" working out in that Audi?

    That IS is like a fancy Corolla and it's not really much a presence in the segment at all. This 3 series has been out since '99 and is still the leader. It's re-sale value is exceptional.

    Hey, BOB, how much money do you guys normally put in all those 7's that you're trading for?
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Funny, what does how a car handles have to do with "presence" in the marketplace?

    Agreed, though, that the 3-series is the king. It's the best sports sedan you can buy for $30K to $40K on the market, with the G35 a close second.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    Audi's MMI is a linux based system, I believe. So far no complaints. Very quick to learn. The only problem so far is the amount of people upset the other cars do not have at lease the same hi res display the 8 has. The new A6 will have one and eventually the new A4.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    Here The 7's are bringing about 3k-4k less the edmunds TMV.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    The G35 is a joke. It's a trend. They did not even put AWD on the car until people started trading out of them up north the first winter. The market got flooded with G's under 10K miles that the price dropped everywhere. Then the sales on the new ones dipped due to used low mile cars being cheap, etc. Nissan panicked, slapped on a crappy AWD, prices started to climb again. Now the market is again getting flooded with used low mile ones. Check the inventory of any CarMax online and you will find several. Check any high end dealer, and even here in the south, you will find several.

    The main problem with this car is the handling. It wears quickly, and forget grip in the rain. It does look good, though. It will be an influence on other sport lux cars for a while.
  • zodiac2004zodiac2004 Posts: 471
    2: BMW is a solid car. And it actually handles great in a straight line when compared to Merc or Audi. And they even have a windows (YEP) base computer system. (Bet you wondered why all the problems...) P.S. The name cost you an extra $5k - $15k.

    Your lack of automotive knowledge and prejudices are manifest in this statement. Do you know the amount of time any driving school spends in teaching students handling in a straight line. NONE. That's because "handling" and "straight line" are mutually exclusive.
    Even the most rabid anti-BMW fanatic wouldn't claim they don't make the best handling cars for the price. I have even heard of M5s that handle better overall than Ferraris and Porsches.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    Car systems use embedded operating systems that are loaded off an EPROM. No way you can fit (nor would you want to) full blown Windows or Linux on there. There's no need for it, anyhow.

    I know BMW uses Microsoft CE as an embedded OS for their I-Drive stuff, and it is actually a pretty solid OS (there are a dozen good embedded operating systems out there for this kind of stuff). Used in several military applications that require fail-safe stuff and such.
  • audibobaudibob Posts: 33
    Taking my simple explination and expanding it. You are right about the first part.

    However, there is no military vehicle that operates with a Microsoft based product.

    Also, have you every been in the military???? They, like the rest of the goverment, usally purchase based on price, not quality. Case in point: Easydata is a type of computer made by zenith that is so substandard that it can not compete commercially. Most military shops have these computers because of the price of the product.

    Any system that is mission critical and reliablity is a factor does not use Microsoft. Military or NASA.

    I however do. It is great for me, price for errors. But not in a $70K plus car.

    If you know of a system I don't, please tell me. In detail.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    Embedded OS are not shrink-wrapped products. They are sold as a development environment, meaning the product vendors tweaks the embedded OS for their own system. How reliable it is then entirely depends on how stringent the testing by the vendor is - very little to do with Microsoft. However, CE has a reputation as being extremely robust on several of the many specialized processors it supports.

    Plenty of military applications are based on Windows CE and SQL Server. It doesn't mean Microsoft sells the software to the military, it means folks such as General Electric or TRW or whoever develop their embedded systems on top of CE embedded OS, and then sell to the military. You wouldn't see a single Microsoft logo there, just as you won't on the BMW i-Drive screen.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...The old spin myster has spoken....

    You said yourself that mercedes, (in the old quality days) would go 12 years without a style change ...As I recall they were boxy, not all that comfortable but loaded with safety features and had a reputation for being bullet proof...Many carried big badges on their grill proclaiming how many hundreds of miles they had been driven....

    NOT STYLISH, BUT SAFE, AND DEPENDABLE....Now LS is all of those thing and ultra comfortable, With trememdous sound systems, and also loaded with safety features..AT AN AFORDABLE PRICE.
  • Not a bad idea...They could form a new devision and easily take over German health care..They would give the people more health care, Better quality health care and charge less....

    One more thing...As another poster has pointed out..Lexus great love of senior citizens would assure that there would no longer be rationing of their health care.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    It would be foolish to use software available to the public for military/National Security operations
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    "You have shown that
    1: You have not driven all the cars you speak about.
    2: You do not understand the effect of the numbers you read about in the magazines you use for information."

    Wrong, and wrong. Believe it or not, I've been a car nut since I was a kid. I've had plenty of time behind the wheel of almost all of Audi's cars, including the new A8L, A6, S4 (old and new) and the TT. I've also driven plenty of 3s, 5s, Es, etc. Audi's will lose sport comparisons to BMW, and they will lose luxury comparisons to Mercedes Benz. Once Acura, Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, and Cadillac all offer AWD, that will only put Audi further in last place, as there will be absolutely nothing that makes them unique vs. the competition.

    "A 3.0 or a 1.8t with a $500 APR chip will lay waste to an E320 or V6 Lexus."

    What a pathetic response. We're talking FROM THE FACTORY cars here. Throw a TT kit on a GS300, and it can reach 600hp, so I dont think you want to play the after market game. Toyota's inline 6 can take more boosting than pretty much any production engine in history.

    "How do you communicate with a person that does not want to believe, will not look, and will not consider anything outside their experience?"

    I would ask you this question. You know nothing about Lexus cars, and have the typical blind German eye, assuming that your precious Audi is best and is invincible. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The G is a fad huh? Didnt Infiniti sales pass 100,000 this year? Isnt that MORE than Audi? Even though Infiniti only has 3 cars that it can actually SELL, G, FX, and QX, it STILL beat Audi.
  • Audibob:

    Please stop being Silly...Few of us have access to a track or any faciality in which we can push our cars to their limits...We certainly don't have opportunities to push car's we don't own to their limits....

    The truth is in the sales, I you want the ultimate driving maching, you buy BMW, If you want Prestige and styling you buy Mercedes, if you want the ultimate in ride and comfort and luxury you buy Lexus, if you want a very good luxury car at an attractive price you buy Acura or Infinity, If you want American Iron in a luxury car you buy Caddy.....WHY WOULD I WANT TO BUY AN AUDI???? WHY WOULD ANYONE.
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