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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    My guess is, Quattro presents too much drag for the CVT gear box to handle, at least for now before the Audi engineers can perfect CVT on Fronttrak models first. CVT also doesn't work well on a car that's too heavy and big. As you know Quattro weighs in at almost 300 pounds. That's why you see Honda puts the CVT tranny on a Civic but not on an Accord. Just my $0.02.

    Hey 'rocco, I never said I don't like the "classic" look of our cars' bodystyles. I'm just saying, I don't like mine to be called "Classic A4" and the new ones as "A4"....why don't call ours the "A4" and the new ones as "New A4"? LOL.

    As far as the 180hp myth, actually all 1.8T engines found in the New Passat, Jetta, Golf, GTI, TT and A4 put out 180hp even this year 2001. It's just a sales technique used by Audi/VW. Of course nobody can understand why VW puts 180hp on the paper for 2002 and Audi still puts 170hp down. Maybe to boost the 3.0L sales?? (222 vs 170, that will push some potential 1.8T buyers to the 3.0L models)

  • jcordrayjcordray Posts: 6
    When are they supposed to start showing up?
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    We bought an A4 1.8T Q in February and it has been a great car so far. Absolutely flawless! Have there been any recalls or questionable performance/reliability anything that has been identified with this model this year? We are planning on keeping the car for a long time and want to make sure that we are taking care of it properly. Thanks.

    P.S. Best wax polish for the A4?
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    *argh* how come Edmunds doesn't allow posting URL's that are longer than 115 characters???????

    Okay, I don't know how it happened but that hyper-link in the above post should work for those of you who haven't read the article; just click on it.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Christo-- No recalls or maintenance issues that I know of for either the 2001 or the 2001.5 but maybe someone else can think of something. This model represents the last model year of the current cycle so all the bugs and service issues should have been worked out by now ...Audi has had eight years to "perfect" this model and I hope that's the case!! As for polishes/waxes, I've used three with good success on many cars: Zaino, Griots and Zymol. Quite a few over at Audiworld use and recommend these also.

    Billy-- I agree with your CVT analysis. I did read that somewhere ...that CVT works best with lighter vehicles. And ok, I didn't mean that I wanted to call our cars "classic" yet but IMO we need some sort of adjective to differentiate ours from the "new" because most people will just refer to the 2002 model as just an "A4." Sadly, it makes more sense to call our cars the "old A4" and the new ones simply "A4." *weeps*

  • Dear Mr scirocco,

    Thank you so very, very much for for using my name in your comments. To clarify though, Both AudiWorld and AutoWeek were references I used for my 2002 A4 features comments. My attempt was to paraphrase and combine what I read in these articles, not "quote" them directly. There were, though, some instances where substitute wording was not viable. Quite frankly, it's not nice to directly quote other writers without asking permission and then providing reference information.

  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    <<<This model represents the last model year of the current cycle so all the bugs and service issues should have been worked out by now >>> This was one of the overriding reasons why we bought the A4. So far, not a single complaint. My '97 Jetta GLX was one of the last model years and it has been very reliable for 100,000 miles. My new 325i has been great mechanically for 3 months but it has had 2 or 3 cosmetic flaws...Glad to hear that theere have been no recalls or major problems with the A4.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Dear Mr. Cooper-- My sincerest apologies. I sometimes whip these posts out as I'm running out the door and on breaks at work, etc. I've deleted my post that mentions your name. Yes, I was remiss in mentioning your name without permission ...I'm used to the informality of this board. I also mis-stepped in calling your comments a "quote" was obviously not a quotation and again I just rushed composing that post without even proofreading. Again, my apologies. It's time for me to "retire" from Edmunds when it gets to the point where I'm offending others with my constant posting.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721

    p.s. Billy-- maybe we can exchange e-mail addresses to keep in touch.

    Karen-- I'll give you a post over on "that" Subaru board... I'd still like to get some of your impressions on your new A4. ...and I'll give you some of my impression on the Forester.
  • On mentioning that 'it's not nice to quote other writers without permission' I was referencing myself, not you. I was just trying to make it clear that my earlier notes were not attempts at quoting other authors without permission.

    Please don't go away, your regular comments help keep this board alive and friendly.

    Best Regards, Ken
  • nitpickernitpicker Posts: 89
    Hey, Rocco, don't leave! You're one of the most helpful people on this board! I will check Subaru board tomorrow...gotta run now.
  • rwong1998rwong1998 Posts: 38
    Come on back, the more input the better on all posts and questions. Lighten up and don't take it so personally :) ....I have also found you to be one of the most helpful and informative people on this forum.
  • Hey Scirocco22, if you insist on going away, the least you can do is let us know who you are (full name). I presume you won't have a problem with that in that you didn't seem to have a problem with presenting my name to the world.

    Best Regards and Good Luck,
    Ken Cooper
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Settle down. You're the one who put your name in your profile.
  • spridledogspridledog Posts: 63
    'Rocco, your many posts have always been interesting and helpful - keep it up! I think I speak for most of this group when I say: We LOVE you, man!! If you leave, I'm gonna organize a national boycott of this A4 forum in protest!! There will be chaos and mayhem in the streets!! (O.K., maybe that's a bit much, but you get the point). You just stay right where you are, buddy..
  • spridledogspridledog Posts: 63
    Mike has a very good point there. That's precisely the reason why Edmunds let's you pick and choose what is and is not public knowledge in your profile.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Due to popular demand, you can't leave the forum until further notice. We need you to post those useful URL's and other stuff :>

    Oh by the way, my email is Drop me a line there if you want to discuss something. Yeah and if I come to Seattle I'll hitch a ride in your A4 (and the Forrester too) :>

    That said, let me use the 1999 Chicago Bulls technique. Let's say Scirocco is Phil Jackson, and I'm some player in that dream team. If Phil isn't signed to coach again, I ain't gonna stay either :>

  • claydj2claydj2 Posts: 10

    No offense Ken, but yes, at 170 hp, and this is more than just a matter of opinion, the 1.8Q is underpowered at times. It is not a knock on this car, which I greatly enjoy, and chose as my own. Don't get me wrong, for the money, this is a suuu-burb car! More power; I guess that's why they make the S4. Keep in mind, the A4 is an entry level sports sedan given the right options.

    And no, there is nothing wrong with my particular engine. Thanks for asking.
  • binyanbinyan Posts: 14
    I just got the '02s brochure and it a little on the light side. Actually IMHO it's to arty. There are only 3 pictures of the car in the whole thing. The other shots are of a head light here and a side rear view mirror there. I mean for crying out loud, just give me hires shots and I can figure out for myself the pieces I want to drool over.

    Anyway one of the local dealers here in callas said that they are going to be a part of some type of roll out event/thingee and that several dealerships around the country were a part of it. Does anyone have any idea WTF he's talking about? I heard him say that if I want to see one up close that I should go down to crest or the crest around the 19th of this month. Now at this point I didn't want to let on that I didn't have a clue about the crest stuff, so I just nodded my head acted like I'd just been given a hot stock. Are there any Dallasites, who know what this crest thing is??
  • djrunnerdjrunner Posts: 46
    I have used the Zaino products and I love them. Goto and you'll find everything you need. The owner gives great tips and will talk with you if you have any questions. The clay bar is really great as well!

    Anyone - When are the 2002's gonna be on the lots? My nearest dealer said that they wouldn't get any until Dec. I find that hard to believe.
  • jccaijccai Posts: 11
    Hi! My girlfriend has a 1999.5 2.8Q (sport,auto,bose, etc.). After getting the 22500 mile service, it started developing a metallic knocking noise in the engine bay. It sounded like lifter noise but it was intermittent. It was more obvious when the engine was cold. We took it to the dealer and they claimed they couldn't hear anything unusual. But I know the noise didn't used to be there.

    Now a week has passed and the noise is becoming more pronounced. And it gets louder at higher rpm. She has an appointment with the dealer in a couple of days. Before the dealer feeds her the same "unable to reproduce" BS again, I want to see if anyone on this board has had similar problems. Maybe we can be armed with a bit more information before talking to the dealer.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    Billy-I talked to your Mike, they are coming in real low with my trade. I worked out a good deal price wise with the Audi Exchange, but they can't find anyone to buy my car at a fair price.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of 99 Volvo C70, completely loaded? Carmax is not an option and my dealer is surprised on how low the numbers are! HELP!
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    OMG!!! I was trying really hard not to come back here for awhile but it got the better of me again and jeez!!! *looks embarrassed* --I didn't expect such responses and support! Thank you, Karen, Rich, Mike, Jonathan and Billy. Yes, I may take things too personally at times but the bottom line is that I do in actuality spend way too much time on message boards. Not only about cars but I have several other boards that deal with other topics in which I participate and they, in aggregate, are taking up WAY too much of my time so I guess I needed some excuse to wean myself away from at least one of them. Some of you know just how addicting this is and to those who don't, I think you can imagine what it's like. Everytime you get on the internet for something, you run over to Edmunds (or some other boards that you may participate) to see what the new topics are or to see if someone has responded to a message that you previously posted. As I've stated before, I definitely am an Edmundsaholic! I keep coming back here because I love talking and reading what others have to say about new cars and Edmunds has one of the best moderated forums about cars on the net. I guess I will keep reading this forum but you guys have my word that I'll try really hard not to post quite as often *chuckles* --thanks again, everyone!

    Ken-- Although appearing cordial and accommodating, the tone of your recent posts were trenchantly masked in sarcasm so yes, I got your point. Again, I apologize. The intent of my participation in this forum is to keep everyone involved and not to make anyone feel ignored. I know how it feels to be ignored for I have been through that over on the Subaru boards. Here, I endeavor to address everyone who posts, although it is not always possible for I sometimes get busy and miss some of the inquiries from time to time. In trying to keep the banter informal and to make everyone feel welcome and part of the discussion, I try to address people by the name that they divulge in their profile. As to why I don't give my actual name in my profile, I did discuss previously on this forum. But I'll briefly summarize again by saying that originally when negotiating with dealerships for my A4, one of the dealer's sales rep's whom I was dealing with was reading and responding to posts on one of these threads here at Edmunds. I therefore wanted to keep myself as anonymous as possible so as not to jeopardize the negotiating process. You, on-the-other-hand, opted to include your full name in your profile so everyone in "the world" has access to it anyway. In keeping with the terms set forth in the Member Agreement here at Town Hall, I will not pursue this particular discussion with you any further as we are not here to debate personalities or the demeanor of our fellow members but to discuss and debate about CARS. Best regards to you too, Ken.

  • In todays world their is no such thing as privacy. the sooner you realize this, the better off you will be. Times's change and this is one of the consiquences of the electronic times.
  • Hey, Rocco, welcome back! I think it's safe to say that those of us who have been tuning in to this board for quite some time really value your input and your friendship; glad that you're still part of the family. And yeah, these forums are addictive, aren't they?

    Anyway...I've just hit the 800-mile mark in my new 1.8T, and here are some more impressions based on the first two weeks of ownership:

    In a nutshell, I am just blown away by this car. Now I understand why people are so obsessed with their A4s. Yes, there are some little details that I wish Audi had done differently, and there are some options I wish I had gotten, but I can't remember ever before looking for reasons to go driving, or going out in the garage just to look at my car, or just sitting in the car and marveling at how well put-together it is.

    Some specific likes and dislikes:

    The mileage calculator seems to have corrected itself somewhere between the 500- and 800-mile mark. At the last fill-up, the calculator said I was averaging 24.4; actual was 24.7 (mostly highway).

    The car continues to impress me with its solid construction. The only exception to this is wind noise, which I didn't notice initially. The brake tension feels just right: responsive and fairly light, but not "grabby." Steering is tight and responsive. The stock stereo system is just OK; the stock Panasonic system in my '89 Integra was better. The stock headlights are also just OK. The sport seats are great -- very supportive and comfortable. Apparently these won't be a separate option (sans sport package) in the 2002s; if that's the case, I think Audi is making a mistake. I'm pretty happy with the Tiptronic. Although it doesn't have the quickness of a manual (at least not the way I'm driving it), it does allow for a zippier, more responsive ride than a typical auto tranny.

    As far as the cockpit design goes....I thought the third visor sounded kind of silly, but I've found that it does help me. It does allow a little sun to peek through, but it does help. The dash layout is pretty logical, but my middle-aged eyes wish the odometer numbers and gear settings on the dash were a little bigger. Also, the lighting on the stereo console is a bit much -- kinda reminds me of a Christmas tree. If they're gonna use that many lights, I wish the lights would have been white, not red.

    My only other gripe is the ubiquitous brake dust. I do like the design of the stock wheels, though. The 16" wheels do look better proportioned than the stock 15s, though.

    If anybody is into horseback riding, here's an analogy: This is a dressage horse. The overall impression is one of beautiful balance. It just glides through curves and inspires confidence with its sure-footedness. I just love this car.
  • Actual mileage was 27.4, not 24.7. Sorry --dyslexic typing! :)
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Uafly (you work for UA or you fly UA a lot? LOL), that's true Schaumburg Audi did give me a low tradein value on my Accord, but heck, their bid was actually higher than all other Audi dealerships. The only higher bidder was Carmax, so I traded mine over there. So why not Carmax?? Low numbers they offered? I dunno, but you can try to put up an ad on the paper and see if someone will buy it. Of course you will run into all the hassle of scheduling and people test driving it and what not.

    This morning I hopped into the car and found out that it just turned 6900 miles.....did I drive too much or is there something wrong with that number. Still flawless, and putting 1st to 2nd shift is a lot easier than when the car was new, although the clutch let off point is still tricky at times.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Anthony-- *looks frustrated* I know and REALIZE that there's no such thing as total privacy!!! I was just trying to imply that I wanted to keep as anonymous "AS POSSIBLE" as I didn't want to reveal my identity too easily to the salesperson. Sure, with a lot of electronic legwork, he could've found out who I was but I just didn't want to make it too easy to truly identify myself here on this board during the negotiating process for my own reasons.

    Ok, I've vented let me get back to reading about people's comments about their CARS! *winks*

  • Good to see you back Scirroco22.

    Nitpicker ... Sure was glad to see that your milage came in all right. 27.4 MPG for overall driving sounds about right. As far as the clutch is concerned, when I purchased my 2000 A4Q the choice was between my present loaded Quatro 1.8T and a less expensive red one without a sports package (I tend to lose all financial sense when I buy a car). Now, the clutch on the car without the sports package was quite a bit smoother. Why is that? Do they put a harder composite clutch plate on the sports model? Does the clutch just respond differently as a result of the high speed tires or larger wheels? I have over 31,000 miles on this car and the clutch hasn't changed one iota in the way it functions, so it doesn't seem be an effect caused by the way it was initially driven. Any ideas anyone?

    By the way, that center visor is a real Godsend for us tall folks when heading into the sun.

    As far as the red lighted center console is concerned, I think you'll find that, almost universally, others who ride with you at night will comment on how cool it looks. Having once been a P2V patrol plane crew member, I can appreciate the red lighted console for the fact that it doesn't hurt your night vision (look in any plane's cockpit or Navy ship's weather decks at night).

    Clay, You are right, you know. Years ago I bought a new 67 Pontiac Tempest station wagon (growing family). I don't remember the horsepower on that car with it's 327 V8, but it sure would haul a--. True, if I compare the Audi 1.8T with that car, the Audi is definitely under powered. One other point, to me, the 2.8 V6 seemed like the under powered of the two. At this elevation though (~6,000 ft.) all naturally aspirated engines suffer from a sort of suffocation. I used to love driving my non- turbo '86 Saab to visit family in California. The car slowly progressed from wimp to hotrod as the air density increased with each incremental drop in elevation. The turbo, especially at higher elevations, does a nice job of providing denser air for combustion.

    NOTE: This 'spell check' almost changed Saab to Scab. Is this a little something planted by the Edmonds Audi family, or what ... :-) .
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