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Mazda 626



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Given their margins are so thin, I would expect no better than the premium package's invoice price from them.

    Our V6 has been very good and only required one out of warranty repair in 66k miles. We average about 22mpg on regular 87 octane gas, which has worked fine for us.

  • To jumpmom, you can not expect a dime less than the s plan price. You are below rock bottom! What part of the country are you in? In New Jersey, there are quite a few available with out the premium package.
  • Hi- we are in Ohio and we are learning more everyday! There are plenty of LX-V6 with out the premium package but then they do not have the ABS either (they are not really linked but it seems to be the trend in this area) so it makes it just a little more challenging- we haven't seen one on the lot yet, in any color, but two different dealers have said they could get it within 72 hours in the color and options we want. We are realizing that the S plan is a really great deal so we won't try to negotiate anything below that. Now we have to deal with the trade in value only. Thanks for all of the feedback- I will let you know what we get!
  • If anyone has info on the Mazda Extended Warrany program and any pros or cons I would love to hear them. I am sure we will get some pressure on this when we close the deal. Thanks!
  • I just bought my '00 626ESV6 with the premium package, Bose system, cd changer, leather, spoiler. The only 2 items I did not get was ABS and the Fog Lights and the bottom line with rebate and negotiations was $19,900. Hope this helps. I live in New York.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    I don't see a Premium Package on Edmunds' site. Is $19,900 before or after TTL? Does your car have the automatic transmission and the Gold Tone Emblem Package ?
  • The company my wife works for has just been offered the Fords Partner Plan, which includes the Mazda S Plan. I was wondering what exactly is the plan what % over or under invoice? Also we are looking at maybe getting a 01 626 as so Im looking for as much info on the car and performance as possible. Are there any other message boards about the 626?

    I appreciate any comments and ideas.
  • We are probably about two weeks ahead of you in this process of gathering information so I Hope I can help! The S-plan seems to work out at about 1.5% under invoice. It isn't really calculated that way - it is really 4% over the Mazda Employees Price, which is determined by the company. Both numbers are printed on the invoice so you can check the specific vehicle you are interested in. If you are really interested you may want to consider moving on this soon- right now Mazda is offering 0% financing for 48 months but that ends 2/28. As far as the car goes I have lost track of all of the reviews I have read but try car point and consumers digest adn The basic message in all the reviews is that this is a really good car in its class that is overlooked by many Accord/Camry shoppers. Consumer Reports has the V6 as a recommended vehicle but doesn't like the styling on the car. They also point out that the gas mileage is not quite as good as the Accord or Camry but it is still an AM ES Environmental Award Preferred vehicle. The 4 cylinder has apparently had some problems with the transmission (a Ford product) in the past few years-any comments from current owners? The transmission on the V6 is apparently Japanese design and wasn't had the problems that the 4 cylinder has had. As far as reliability it gets almost all red bullets (that means very good) from CR for the past 2 years and the feedback I have gotten is that you can expect this to be extremely reliable for many years. The V6 is very fun to drive! Any comments from current owners on the tires- this seems to be a topic of discussion for other Mazda models? I am closing the deal on mine hopefully this weekend- but I want a Galaxy Blue LX-V6 with AbS and for some reason they are hard to come by in my region. Good luck!!
  • Most of the issues with the LA4A-EL (aka the Ford CD4E) have already been addressed in production; the major fixes were phased in between 1996 and 1998. It is, to my way of thinking, not quite as agile a tranny as Mazda's own GF4A-EL, but it doesn't spend as much time hunting for gears, either - a good thing, since no one is ever going to accuse the four-cylinder 626 of being overpowered.

    My 2000 LX (yes, it's a four) came with Bridgestone Turanzas; they're a touch on the loud side, but they did better in this winter's snow than I expected, and they have decent grip on the dry stuff.
  • Ok so its comes to about 1.5% below do you also get the $1500 rebate that they are offering aswell? Yeah you are a little ahead of us....we were originally looking at an Isuzu trooper but have changed gears when we found out that we got the Ford Partners plan...and I really dont like anything that Ford has except the Explorer and I dont want to pay an arm and a leg. So we are now looking into the 626...will probably drive one this weekend....

    Once you get yours you'll have to let me know all the details..

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Consumer Reports never tested the 626 V6. CR "normally" leaves out styling in its reports and styling definitely does not count toward the score.

    Yes, you still get the rebate and/or low-rate financing with the S-Plan.
  • I currently own a 99 LXV6 5sp which has been trouble free and a joy to drive. However I am in more fortunate financial territory than I was when I bought it and will shortly be trading up to a near-luxury sports sedan I will not name for the moment. Here's why. In the forum for that car one poster said that cars in the midrange class have no driving enjoyment - that they can be comfortable and reliable but not fun.

    At least three posters - again in another thread - jumped in and offered Mazdas as examples of affordable driving fun and extolled their virtues over Camrys, Accords, etc. Two of them - including me - named the 626V6.

    That started an interesting discussion to see if the rather cultish ( in a nice way ! ) Mazda clan would be more likely to move up in price to this same marque than any other. It seemed from that end like there was a connection.

    So here's the question ( and no cheating looking for my posts ! ) I'll give you the list of cars I tested and see which if any would likely be your first choice if you were willing to spend that much. No particular order. The idea is not really to guess my choice but to see if there is some kind of idiosyncratic quality that defines the fans of both cars.

    Lexus ES, Lexus GS, MB E class, BMW 5 series, Audi A6, Chrysler 300M, Acura TL, Infiniti I30.

    Knowing that Mazda folks pick their cars usually because of that indefinable quality that sets them apart from other more prominent midrange cars like Camry and Accord, I wonder which one of those seems to appeal to you guys.

    Thanks for participating !
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I don't see the Millenia S on your list, but that is my choice.

    Yes, cultish in a nice way. :)
  • I did drive it. I left it off this list because it's not a move from Mazda. I didn't choose it for myself because it's smaller inside than the 626, has a pretty dull interior and seems to be noisier than a car like that should be. It is however a hell of a deal right now - you can pick one up for $25K in my neck of the woods.

    Now imagine you want to spend 35-45K on a car - where do you go ?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Lets see...45K? How about his and her's Miatas?

    OK,OK, but you know that I will have to confession for having thoughts about other cars.

    I pick the Benz.
  • Two would be extravagance. The only reason we are not currently a three-Mazda couple is because the trade-in inspector at the MAzda delaership noticed my wife's oil leak whereas the Ford guy didn't so we bought her a Focus ZX3 for winter ( in MN the Miata is not a year round car for obvious reasons ). It's a pity the Protege doesn't come in a hatchback format - which we both really like - or we'd have taken the lesser trade in anyway.

    E class is nice. Very solid. However not what you would call a driver's car. Actually almost identical to the 626 in interior dimensions, it was my second choice and originally the one I thought I would buy. It's an MB with all the quality that entails but to be honest they also degraded the interior a little on the E class to get it - just - into that 45K range.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    What a shame, had you waited until summer, you could have had a very nice looking Protege Hatchback. Oh well, next time...

    As far as the choice of MB, I have not driven it but rather picked it for its reputation. My foul. I guess, I just haven't reached that place in my life where I feel the need to sink $45k into a car(read: I don't have 45K).
  • Didn;t know about the Protege hatchback. However we got the ZX3 last March and her car was peeing oil all over the place - quick sale was necessary. Actually Focus is quite fun too. Nice handling and quite zippy with the zetec engine. Not as solid feeling as the Protege was but a little quicker and had the hatch. It's not that bad of a car really - perhaps Mazda is rubbing off on Ford just like the other way round.

    She puts on a lot of miles though and if HB Protege is still around in 2-3 years it will definitely be first on the list to replace the Focus.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    By the way, the Protege WILL be available in 5-door hatchback form very soon. Go to & click on "Mazda 5-door Sport".

    Personally, I like the new MB C class over the E class...better looking to my eye. But tough to turn down a BMW 5 series.

    I don't own a Mazda myself, but my mother is on her second (1999 Protege LX). Terrific car.
  • For what my wife looks for in a car. Does anyone know if the 2.0 engine will be the 125/130 hp one form the base 626 and will it be tuned differently at all ? A larger version of the VVT engine in the newer Miatae ( ours is a 10AE so it still had the 140hp ) would go well in that thing. It looks like a 7K redline type of car. I'm not usually a fan of lower bodywork on non-sports cars but this does carry it well - especially in yellow.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It gets the same 2.0 that the 2001 Protege carries(yes, 626 FS engine). No VVT yet, but I wish the farmers in Hiroshima would go up and visit the city folks in Tokyo to learn how to make VVT engines that produce 200hp. Who knows, if the Protege MP3 takes off, maybe we will see and MP5!
  • OK I would have preferred a Miata-type power output but hey I managed just fine for 180000 miles with an 86 2.0 626 with way less HP than 130 so on the lighter car it should do well. Gee I wonder where Mazda got those white gauges and three-spoke steering wheels from ? Seems like I've seen them before somewhere :-).

    Looks like a good choice for our next smaller car purchase.
  • On page 51, to be exact: this is where Consumer Reports tested a 626 LX-V6 with the Luxury Package. Among other things, they complained about the accommodations and the premium-fuel requirement; "worthy but outpaced" was their capsule description.

    The 2.0-liter FSD engine, for some reason, is tuned to deliver 5 more hp in the '01 Protegé ES than in the '01 626.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Hey. I stand corrected. BTW, is the premium fuel a requirement or a recommendation? I think with for example a Camry V6 you can use 87-octane fuel but with reduced power output.
  • The 2000 manual saith this:

    "Your [2.5-liter] Mazda will perform best with premium unleaded fuel having an octane rating (antiknock index) of at least 91 [(R+M)/2 method].

    "You may use a regular unleaded gasoline with a rating from 87 to 90; this will slightly reduce performance."

    A similar statement was in the '93 manual, when this engine was introduced, so I suspect that this "requirement" is indeed somewhat flexible.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Thanks. Good information. If were a 626 V6 owner, I would definitely use 87-octane fuel if the only penalty was slight reduction in performance.
  • Movin Up- just my humble opinion -

    If you are an enthusiast and performance oriented driver, go with the Bimmer 5-series.
    If you like to cruise, and want a powerful cushy ride, go with the Mercedes.
    If you want the most bang for your buck, go with the Acura TL, or the new improved 2002 TL, it is an amazing deal considering all the amenities and performance you get at the 30K range. Better deal than I30.
    Lexus is the quietist ride of all, but it is hard to justify when you could get a toyota avalon that is built just as well for 10K less.
    My personal preference, the Audi A6. The 2.7 Bi-Turbo 6cylinder will blow by all of these vehicles, and the fit and finish is even better than a Mercedes. 4yr/50K warr. includes ALL maintenance except tires. Plus AWD - great if you are in a snow climate or rain. The 2.8 A6 has some aggressive pricing - 4-5K off MSRP now.

    Just my 2 cents worth...just depends on what kind of driving experience you want. I would definitly seriously look at the european products. At that price range, they are so far ahead of their japanese competitors.

    Good luck - Curt
  • For agreeing with my choice. And - almost - with my reasoning. The only way I'd disagree is in thinking that the BMW is the best drivers car. I took all these cars on very similar test drives and found the Audi could handle curves just as well as the BMW, actually had a more usable powerband ( yes the 2.7T version - all that 258lb torque hits below 3000) and while it may - may - have been microscopically slower 0-60 that's not a very useful real world test anyway. You have to screw the 530i way up to get much fun and it is not as assured a performer to my mind as the A6 - and that's ignoring the fact I live in MN and RWD vs AWD is a pretty easy choice when we have snow and ice 4 mos out of the year solid.

    However what really sold me on the Audi other than the fabulous interior - way more so than BMW or MB - was that undefinable feeling that Mazda has in its class - kind of a " I'm more than the sum of my parts" car. Consider the Camry v6 vs 626 V6. More power. More torque. More everything. Now have you driven them both ? Why is it that 626 then is so much more enjoyable to drive - feels so much more spirited and athletic ? Damned if I know but Audi, to me, has it in the next price bracket up.

    Both too are somewhat quirky marques with not much of a marketing presence compared to bigger name rivals. I'd never leave Mazda if I wasn't in the fortunate position of being able to blow $40K plus on a car and even then I tried everything waiting to find the one that gripped me like the 626 did. Audi was one of the last I tried. It beat the others by a country mile. Do yourselves a favor if you ever want to spend that much and give the Audis a shot.

    But rest assured my Miata isn't going anywhere and if finances ever get a little tighter again I'll be right back in the 626 world without a regret or a minute's hesitation. Meanwhile anyone who may be interested in a 99 LX V6 black ( had to have the gray interior ) 5sp with 18K babied miles in perfect shape drop me a line.
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