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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • Hi alese1,

    You got a very good price on your Elantra since
    you got the extended warranty, alloys and spoiler. I didn't get the extended warranty since I generally keep a car for about 75K miles and then get a new one. I also have had very good luck with my previous Hyundai Elantra (95) and had no problems after the basic warranty had expired. I think that the extended warranty is very good since it covers the car 10 yrs/100K miles bumper to bumper. It is especially important for those who want keep their cars for a long time.

    Yea, in Cal our sales tax ranges from 7.75% to 8.5% like NY. The sales tax alone adds quite a bit to the total cost of the car.

    I think this is a really good car. Its very quite and smooth. I am very happy with my purchase.

  • boxxerboxxer Posts: 18
    Some of you who would rather line the dealers pockets with your hard earned money and pay extra for a loaded all means consider your purchase a good one for the dealer. My opinion only is that one day of haggling with the arrogant and make a good commission off this customer is well worth the couple of thousand you could have saved if only you had put in a hard days work and beat the salesman at his or her game. I look at this way, in my most worst day on the job, I've never earned a couple of grand, but I'll be damed if I'd let a dealership take my money, even if it causes me a little stress. It can be most difficult and stressfull to deal with these sales people in order to get a good deal, but after all is done in a hard days work at these dealerships, it's so nice to feel you walked away with your car and saved a couple of grand. The stress and headaches seem to dissapear in a instant while your driving your brand new care away from the jerk salesmen who was trying to take your money.
  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    Here we go again, if you were able to get a good deal way under sticker price and invoice: Hooray to you!

    Not all of us have the patience or the success at negotiating for a rock bottom price. Some dealers just won't budge, especially if they have all their customers paying sticker price. If you got a good deal, pat yourself on your shoulders, but don't try and make this an issue of who can get the better deal OR who's better at negotiating, etc., etc.

    The car was worth whatever I felt like paying for it.

    By the way, the salespeople who assisted me were in no way near being "the jerk salesman". At all times they treated us with cordially and it felt good getting the car where I bought it from. It makes me love my car even that much more.
  • I agree that the dealers will take advantage of you if you let them. But to some people they may want to spend a couple of hundred dollars more for no haggling. Also, you are comparing prices of 2000 to 2001 which went up by $700. I didn't go through a salesman but the fleet manager. I paid a good price on my car which was about $140 over invoice according to KBB. I have option 4 which is the most expensive plus automatic, mud guards, and wind deflector. I bought this before they had the rebates. I went to every Hyundai dealership in Orange County and LA County and only 3 had the exact model I was after. All 3 fleet managers were within spitting distance of each other. So I took the lowest which happen to be the closest to where I live.
  • I agree with alese1! A lot of dealers won't budge on prices. Especially since the Elantra is new for 2001 year. Its a complete redesign. Alot of people got really good deals on 2000's because the dealers knew that 2001's were going to show up. In april I was offered about $300 below invoice for a 2000 model. I didn't accept because I had heard rumors of a possible new one coming for the 2001 model year. I am sure glad I waited.

    I thought this forum is for helping other Elantra owners out and not ragging on each other.

  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    If Alese1 is happy with the price paid.


    But I think it is worth pointing out that one does not need to pay in the upper teens for the Elantra. No ragging intended. Just information.

    For the upper teens move up to the Sonota.
  • boxxerboxxer Posts: 18
    Yes even for a 2001 loaded Elantra. The jerksales person was nice and curtious to you because he/or she was earning a nice commission. I'm sorry if you don't like to hear when one saves big bucks on a car be it, you're happy. I really hope you enjoy your new Elantra and by your comments it sounds as if you will. Happy Thanksgiving :)
  • Hi, Im new to the forum.

    I just purchased a '2001 Elantra. I just want to tell all of you that the Elantra is one of the most powerful and economical car for its class and standard features!! As I read all of the forums opinions and remarks on the Elantra, Who the hell wants a Sonata or any other models. With most of the comments that alese1 explained in the forum, I agree with her. I really paid the same price as she did, and I also live in New York! If I wanted a Sonata I would of gotten a Sonota. I heard that the Sonota's are going to be re-designed for '2002. At least my Elantra model will hang around for 3 years longer than the 2001 sonota. And besides, the Sonota doesn't even fit in my GARAGE!!
  • Hi Yankeez!

    Congratulations on your purchase of the 2001 Elantra. I just love my car. You know I was considering, though very very very slightly, a Sonata. But I heard, like you, the rumor that a redesigned 2002 model would be introduced sometime next summer. At least our Elantras will look pretty much the same for the next 4 years. And like you said - if I wanted a Sonata I would have bought one. There was only one other car I was considering in this class. It was the Honda Civic EX. A great car but kinda of expensive. It was around $16800 (couple of hundred above invoice). Tax, registration and doc fee would put it beyond $19K. That was more than I wanted to spend. So I saved myself 3K and bought an Elantra with all the exact same features except ABS.
  • the elantra is going up and up in price because the demand for them is growing. People are realizing this is a great car, reliable and get a lot for the money. Unfortunately, if this trend continues, it may go where the honda civic is: overpriced if it climbs above 17,000. Because above that you can get midsize sedans, like the VW Jetta. Got to keep this great car reasonable priced so people keep buying it!

    I was also thinking why its more money. I payed 10,800 for my 2000 elantra. I forgot that the 2001 elantra has standard 15" wheels vs 14s on the 2000 model and the 2001 has side impact airbags standard. Those goodies dont come for free.

    And just to show you all how good hyundai is really doing; on my 7500 mile service, i went to test drive a 2001 hyundai santa fe to replace my jeep cherokee. they had 5. 4 had deposits down on them, the other was in the showroom. i couldnt even drive them because they were all bought. Just goes to show you that hyundai is kicking butt!
  • boxxerboxxer Posts: 18
    The Jetta is no bigger than an Elantra or Civic. I love the Jetta, but have you sat in the back seat of one...very tight. I believe you could call the Passat a midsize like the Accord, but the Jetta is a compact in my opinion. I know VW claims it's a midsize but what size to they claim the Passat...fullsize, I don't think so. The Ford Crown Victora, Buick Parkavenue, now that's fullsize.
  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    The Elantra 2k1 is about 177 in total length. The Jetta is about 173 or 174 in length. They are both considered compact cars. The wheel base measures about 103 inches on both. On the other hand, the Ford Focus is considered a subcompact.
  • C'mon people you are comparing a Hyundai to a Honda. There is no comparison. The arguement against Honda sounds like the arguements coming from geeks back in high school. Oh I know the quarterback looks better, is more popular, and more intelligent but I can stick two straws up my nose.

    Give me a break. It's a Hyundai. Realize you bought a Hyundai, not a Honda, and quit comparing your Hyundai to the Honda.

    Answer me one question, why are you all buying new Hyundais when used one's can be had for soooo much cheaper considering their horrendous resale value?
  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    C'mon people reply back:

    You wanna know something??..GET A LIFE.

    We really don't appreciate people like you in our forum!

    I just bought an Elantra '01. Its not a Honda (I also own an Accord EX and I can compare between both manufacturers), but you know what, it's a Hyundai. So what? What do you think that the Honda's were a popular car 10 to 12 yrs ago as they are today? The answer is No. Hyundais are moving in rank just Honda once did. So please save your negative comments. We don't need them. There are lots of other forums for you to share your negativity with. By your sign on name, I can tell you probably own an Acura. Do us all a favor,why don't you join their forum instead??

    By the way, if you own a Honda, enjoy it. (Remember, its not a BMW or a Lexus or a Benz, its just a Honda).
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    From time to time she chats in certain forums that don't really pertain to her, then says not- so-clever things as well. If I recall, she thinks that Honda's are something special - well guess what - that makes Suzuki something great too. They too make motorcycles. People get really upset when they find out they over paid for a lesser car....;)

    I bet the Acura that AcuraGRL has or wants is all decked out in stickers, has a big fat tail pipe, and is "lowered", with "awesome" ground effects. It probably has a ridiculous tail on it, and it might even be that really cool swirly purple color. And yes - the window tint would be the mirrored type. Yet the car sounds like a sewing machine on crack, and still can't muster enough torque, even in VTEC form, to out perform a base Elantra in a way that matters in real life street driving. ;)
  • I had a similar "attitude problem" as you do ... only I was fixated on Volkswagens. But if you venture beyond the narrow confines of your prejudice about certain car makers, you'll do yourself some good.
    I'm glad I kept an open mind and test-drove the Hyundai Elantra. It's the best-kept secret in the auto-industry IMHO. I wonder if the Elantra owners have a secret handshake?
    At the same dealership the salesman also let me test-drive a Santa Fe after I showed some interest. I was surprised by its overall quality and drivability. Hyundai sure has come a long way.
    But for now, my budget forces me to choose a car under $18000 since I'm still paying for my wife's other car.
    By the way I test-drove the 01 Civic, liked it, but not so much as to sign my check. I think Civics are overpriced by at least $1000-$1500 even after intense negotiating. I'm still sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to go for the Civic EX 5spd or a fully loaded Elantra w/ traction contrl for about $2500 less.
    I might have gone for the Elantra at the dealership the same day I test-drove it, but they didn't have one with the color & specs i wanted.
    I'll give it another week to decide. By the way I won't buy a VW again due to the terrible dealership experience; they were predatory and took me for a fool. They told me Jettas top the quality survey all the time; I asked what survey they were talking about; they named an obscure international survey that I had never heard of. Then they wanted me to write them a check for $200 so they will keep the car that i test-drove on the lot while I go home and decide.
    When will they learn?
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    I don't mind a negative opinion once in a while. This forum would get boring quick if there weren't any opposing opinions. That being said simply dissing Hyundai because of its past is silly. Honda was not always considered a company that made reliable vehicles. Companies change and work to improve their products.

    Now if you actually drove a Hyundai and arrived at an informed opinion- now that I would understand.

    The fact that Hyundai gives so much equipment for the price (ex.side airbags are standard) I believe is impressive. The performance between Hyundai and competing Honda models are no where near as great as you seem to think.

    I promise you within 5 years everybody will be taking Hyundai quite seriously. Especially their competitors.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    As Civic owner wonder why people are even considering the Elantra, Elantra's owner wonder why people are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on an overpriced car like the Civic.

    There's always 2 side of the same coin :)
  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    Just want to say one thing...Thank you all present Hyundai owners for your support! Its people like us that share and spread the good word around.

    Also, I already believe that our competitors are already taking Hyundais pretty serious.

    I just happen to drive past a Honda dealership last weekend, and there were not too many people driving out with new Hondas, but I would say that the Hyundai dearlership was pretty crowded and I saw that there were lots of people were drivng out with those "bright red ribbons having from their rearview mirrors...." huhm??? now, there's an action that actually speaks for itself!
  • First of all, i was once like you. i thought negatively about korean cars. Thought "Honda" or another company was best. Then i opened my mind and test drove the elantra just for the hell of it. amazing. i was impressed and bought it.

    Negative comments are fine. That is what this forum is all about. However, legitimate responses to back them up are required. You cannot say. "The civic is better then the elantra because its a "honda". That is not a reason why its better. so what if its a honda? When i hear honda, i hear cheap quality interior/exterior and overpriced.

    The point: Hondas are very reliable, but so are hyundais now. accept it. so take your acura (aka redone honda) and leave. or give us a good reason besides "it just is" becuase that makes you look stupid and ignorant.

    And the new civic is ugly. it looks like it shrank and a bit of ford focus styling in the back. you cant hook that up like you were able to do with the civic. last generation civic was a lot nicer. what was honda smoking when they built that car?
  • svenjsvenj Posts: 19
    I seriously considered buying a 2000 or 2001 Elantra before winding up buying a 2001 Civic.

    Styling is subjective. I loved the 2000 Elantra style, not very fond of the 2001. Honda styling has never impressed me, just their reliability record and gas mileage. I am growing fond of my bland commuter Civic though.

    IF however 5 years from now I need another car and the history shows that a 2001 Elantra has held up just as well as my Civic and the price differential between the manufacturers is still there, I will buy a Hyundai.

    Main reasons I didn't buy one
    1. Civic gets better gas mileage (of course I gave up the power the Elantra has though)
    2. Civic did better in side impact crash tests
    3. Still have reservations about Hyundais problems in the past, though I think they have advanced tremendously the last 3 years and if they keep it up they will set the bar every one else will have to match.

    The Hyundais still strike me as a little bit of a gamble, but one with a tremendous upside and only a moderate chance of a downside.

    Here is to hoping everyones cars last as long as they want and stay problem free.

  • I have yet to hear any good comments from a Hyundai owner of the 80's or early 90's. Where are they all at? Where are the stories of reliability? Hmmm..guess they had to sell their computers to pay for the repairs to their cars.
    I think the saying "you get what you pay for" sums up this entire forum. Sticking up for any car just because you own one may be a natural reaction, but it isn't the most credible. A non-biased opinion is what i look for. And i get that from businesses like Consumer Reports and Edmunds. I know what you Hyundai owners are thinking...."what do they know". Hey, it's your money, do with it as you wish. But if you go around bragging about your new car making it out of the driveway, you have to expect some other people to express their opinions.
    To say the Hyundai is as reliable as a Honda (Acura) is just plain lacking facts. The real fact is that they have a very POOR record of reliability. The fact is that Honda has a record of very HIGH reliability. Please research the material you plan to comment on. And don't accuse others of not having "backing" to their commments when you, yourself, lack facts.
    To the person who said that Japanese were once thought to be poorly built cars....ummm, you're just plain wrong. They were not liked because Japan use to be our enemy.
    Good luck with your Hyundais. If they last for you, i may go out and purchase one. Call me when it has 200k on it. Until then, I'll drive reliable cars.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    here we go again with that whole Honda is more reliable than Hyundai. I know, FOR A FACT, that both my 96 Integra and 97 Civic were two of the most unreliable cars - PERIOD.

    So - Edmunds and especially CR are not correct.

    End of story. Buy what you like.....don't worry about reliability myths unless it is a car that is constanty in the news or being recalled.
  • alese: I am sure you checked out your facts thoroughly as all Hyundai owners do before their purchase (sarcasm intended) so I am sure that your statement that Honda's weren't top-sellers 10-12 years ago is a typo just like that whole thing about Hyundais being as good as Honda. I say this because the late 80's was when Honda came into it's own and produced what would become the top-selling 4-door sedan in the Accord. But of course you didn't know that because you were too busy talking out of the side of your keyboard. Get your facts straight, and by the way I know Honda doesn't compare with Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. That's Acura. Hyundai owners need to learn better research habits. Oh but I guess if you did that you would have a Honda.

    And as the previous owner of 2 Civics I have a right to be here and can speak from experience. And after seeing the frustrated and furious faces of Hyundai owners who try to come in and trade their cars (for a Honda strangely enough)I think I have a little experience there too.

    justin: Obviously alot of people think Hondas are special. The Accord and Civic have won more awards and accolades than Hyundai has sold cars.

    And actually since you asked, I have a completely stock '01 EX V6 Accord Coupe to go along with my 92 Integra with the only modification being a plus 1 upgrade on the wheels. And it's that cool factory electric blue color. An Integra vs. an Elantra? Should I start laughing now or wait until the tranny falls out of your Hyundai trying to keep up? Hey but since I'm a good sport I'll give you a ride to the nearest Hyundai dealer and then to the nearest Daewoo dealer so you can upgrade.

    bri70: When Hondas became serious about building cars in the 70's (the N600 was interesting)they were considered to be reliable fuel efficient cars. In fact the CVCC was the only car to qualify for emmissions without a catalytic converter. 30 years later they are still the maker of reliable fuel efficient cars which are immensely popular and still the standard bearers in engine technology whether for performance or for the environment. Prove me wrong.

    Let's see what Hyundai did in it's first couple of years.......ouch....never mind. Hyundai has been on the market for 15 years now and they have still not been able to overcome their crappy reputation. Even if Hondas weren't considered world-class upon their introduction, less than 15 years later the Accord was among the best-selling, most reliable cars in the country with the Civic gaining more ground every year.

    I did an interesting comparison. I took a 1985 Honda Accord w/ 250,000 miles and did a trade-in value on That car in base form with no options in good condition reported a value of $750. This was approx. 10 years after it's introduction and is now a 16 year old car.

    I took a 1995 Hyundai Elantra with 150,000 miles and did a trade-in value on That car in base form with 150,000 miles in good condition reported a value of $260. This was approx. 10 years after Hyundai's introduction and is now a 6 year old car.

    alese: As for you saying that the Honda dealer was slow and the Hyundai dealer was very busy, that statement has no credibility and you know it. A quick look at any sales chart will prove this.
  • I am glad you said people should ignore useful information.....that's some real good advice. Yeah, you don't have to listen to unbiased, researched information. You can shop merely by price tag. After all, that is Hyundai's only proven advantage over Honda. If your Hyundai is what you wanted, then you should be a happy man. That's great advice....."don't listen to professional testing, research and reviews.....just buy what's cheap."
    I'll take that awful Integra off your hands, seeing as how its such a bad car you won't mind selling it to me at a good price, right? Forget book value buddy....who cares about value....sell that broken down Integra to me.
  • obviously, but your long and lengthy posts, you cannot accept the fact that hyundais are just as reliable as hondas now. Sure, the excel had problems. It was a lemon. C'mon. that was 10 yrs ago. If they still made cars like that, hyundai would have gone out of business a long time ago. but they listened and started building good cars. And resale is poor. Out of all those things you said, that is one where you are right on target. This is due to a poor reputation of the excel, obviously. But this is the past. I dont live in the past. I look to the present and the future. the past cannot be changed, but the future is what you make of the present. and the present and the future of hyundai is very positive and the resale is going up on hyundais.

    So i dont want to hear "but the poor reputation of hyundai and the good reputation of honda" No way. Frankly, the elantra had one minor problem when it came out before it was fixed in 1995. timeing belt snapped if not changed around 60k miles. but if it was changed, engine ran fine. they had NO problems.

    So inconclusion, the excel was a poor car. im not going to argue that. They dont make it now, do they? The elantra was a good car and is getting better. They had no major problems. cant argue that.

    Whats most importantly is the owner and the care and maintance done to a car rather then the make and model. A properly maintained Yugo (i may be stretching it a bit, but you get the point)easily go over 100k miles if taken care of well. But i will guarentee you that a civic wont make it above 40 or 50k if abused and not maintained. it will die. but then again maintained well, it will run forever. its really the owner here, not the country the car is from. some people thinks ford sucks, chevy rules, etc. not the company folks, its how its maintained. ive seen both cars from each of those companies that go above and beyond

    So my main point here is that both companies are reliable now. I have no problems yet with my elantra and i have close to 10k miles. One last saying to keep in mind that describes hyundai. "you may be a loser in high school, but cool in college" people change and get a chance to start over. that is what hyundai did and now they got a line of fantastic cars. and because it was cheap to buy, i plan on keeping it till the end. with a 10 yr warranty on it, my [non-permissible content removed] is covered and i can just by another car and use this as a daily beater because it was so cheap. so who cares about resale when your keeping it till the end?
  • My wife and I bought a 2001 elantra a month ago. So far, so good. I too was and am still a little skeptical about it's future. Why did we buy it? Well, they do seem to stand behind their cars, it is a great driving, powerful car, and my wife likes it, since she drives it. Like I said, we'll see. Our v-6 camry has also been great, so time will tell there too. My 94 geo metroid automatic work p.o.s. car with 125k miles surprisingly has been the most reliable car I've ever owned, and I drive the hell out of it. That car was designed as a throw away car, but I do perform regular maintenance, so I've avoided the pitfall of the "throw-away" stigma of that car. Hyundai was treated as a throw away car and therefore not taken car of, that's probably why many of them crapped out. Honda experience: I had a 96 ex 2 door with two problems. One, the outer cv boot clamp "fell" off at about 600 miles left in the warranty. Later an engine mount cracked (who'd figure) That was it. Other than that, it was a great car. But I like my toyota more--much quieter, quicker and bigger. It does feel a little weird being 26 and driving a car where the average age of the driver is 52 though. Friend: 98 civic lx 4 door. Dry throttle cable (not a big deal) Bad rotors--turned once, 2000 miles later shimmy like hell again. He's lived with the shimmy for 40k miles. He's going to get new ones, we think that the metal is contaminated. Car occasionally stalls at a light (idles down too low). Starts right up, but sometimes I felt that my civic also seemed to idle low, but it was normal. At 60k the pilot bearing began to get noisy in the trans. Honda "good-willed" it and fully dropped the trans and replaced all bearings in the 5 speed. (big deal). In other words, 2 hondas, one okay, one semi-problematic. He thinks he has a lemon. I don't know, maybe his car was finished on the assembly line on a monday or something. Point is I think that all cars, no matter what make, can have problems. I heard of a new bmw trans crapping out a few days after purchase, and a new S500 mercedes main ecu fry shortly after purchase. Sombitch if I'm paying 90k for a car and have a dead computer.

    Oh yeah, my friend is an absolute maintenance freak (like me) and babies the hell out of the car. Seriously, he drives it like a damn granny and still has these problems. Yet people I know drive the crap out of theirs and go virtually trouble free.

    Sorry to be winded (as many of my posts), but I think that all cars can have problems. Yes, Hyundai has had their problems, but I feel that most of their bugs have been worked out. Honda, toyota, lexus, do have proven records, and most people you talk to agree that they are the most reliable. But I feel that for 15k, Hyundai will be a good car (my opinion), even with their bosch engine controls. These bosch electrics can either be great, or a headache. We'll see. We won't abuse it, so I think it'll be fine. I visit most all forums here. ---No car is from their flaws, plain and simple. I won't bash any car manufacturer, I'm being honest--they all have their share of problems, some more than others. I hope that fellow 2k1 elantra owners have good luck as well.
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    I'll tell you exactly what this forum is about. It about car buyers who have test drove both the Civic and Elantra and decided that the Elantra was the better value. Some still go with the Civic but as you can see many minds are open to change and Hyundai has succeeded in changing them.
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    " Hyundai owners need to learn
    better research habits. Oh but I guess if you did
    that you would have a Honda."

    Let me get this straight. Your idea of research is to compare the two cars and then pick the one that costs thousands more, with fewer features, an inferior warranty and less power.

    HAHAHAHA HA. That is funny.
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    Hyundai broke sales records for every single month
    in 2000. In late 2000, three new models were introduced.

    They seem to be able to put out new models
    quickly. Next year the Elantra will be available in a GT hatchback version. The Tiburon will get a new facelift and a V6 engine. The XG300 is also
    reported to be getting more horsepower.

    Pricing is also expected to continue to creep up.
    Still, I read awhile ago that Hyundai has built one of the most advanced automated factories in Asia.
    Coupled that with labor costs being less in Korea
    they should still have an price advantage. There is even talk of opening a plant in the states.

    The new Tiburon will have the third body styling
    redesign in 5 years. That is pretty nimble if you
    ask me.

    Anyway stronger competition helps the consumer
    with all the automakers. Hopefully Honda will keep its prices in line and add more standard features.

    Keep in mind that you CANNOT buy an Elantra WITHOUT power windows, door locks, mirrors, air-conditioning, and front/side airbags. CarsDirect lists the manual for under 12k. Then look at the equivalent 12K Honda Civic DX(CarsDirect). Look at the standard equipment available to you. I'm not making this up:

    Front bucket seats
    Cloth trim

    Oh, I've done the research. For me Hyundai is the better buy.
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