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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • It was interesting to read your comment on your decision to go with the Civic juxtaposed to the Elantra. In my purchase of the Elantra '00, I similarly struggled in deciding which car to choose. Honda's laurels of reliability and precision craftsmanship is what continues to keep this car as a class leader in the compact market.

    Contrary to clear logic, I went with the Elantra and really have no regrets to this point. This car handles remarkably well, and is well designed. I get the sense that at Hyundai, the company is directing its energy to dominating the auto compact market.

    The deciding factor for me in choosing the Elantra, was of course Honda's prices. The Civic was considerably more expensive. For the price of my new 4-DR fully loaded Elantra '00, I was comparatively looking at a basic 2-Dr Civic '00 hatchback.

    Given Hyundai's bedrock written five year "bumper to bumper" warranty, I feel that this is a good calculated risk.

    I agree with you that the ultimate test will be how well this car "ages" in the next five years. If the Elantra ages as gracefully as the Civic, Honda will be facing very stiff competition in the future.

    Right now, I'm pretty happy in knowing that if my decision should prove wrong, at least it would not have cost me anything because of Hyundai's impressive warranty. But so far, I am very impressed with this car's quality and performance.

    Lots of luck and happiness in your new Civic... Bob MSEd.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    aka their warranty plan is also another thing that draw me to this car. Certainly much better than Honda standard 3/36k.

    Its funny that AcuraGRL mention about Acura being a competitor for Mercedes Benz or BMW. Someone that choose the Acura RL (flagship of the Acura line) against the BMW 5 series or the MB S series (or even Lexus LS430) can easily be put in the same position as people that choose Elantra over Civic in term of value. Except that the RL doesnt offers much against its competitor (it only has a v6 where everything else is V8) while Elantra offer much more than Civic in term of features.

    Honda only enjoyed outstanding reputation here in the USA. Even in its homeland, Honda is an average performer. I guess its gotta be tough to have to go against a giant like Toyota, with minimal resources that Honda has.
  • elantra: I beg to differ on your comment that an abused Civic won't make it past 40-50k. We personally bought an abused 89 Honda Civic with 108k on it and drove it until 124k at which point I gave it to my sister who drove it for about another 20k and then traded it for a 1999 Civic. When we bought it it was not running because the timing belt had broken, the paint job was interesting to say the least, broken windshield, valve cover was in the hatch of the wagon, needed brakes, and 2 CV axles but we bought it for $550. With a total of $1500 it ran just like new and went to Florida, Ohio, anywhere we wanted to go including Canada with confidence. I wouldn't even buy a 98 Hyundai with that much wrong with it. But hey, a 1998 Hyundai wouldn't be worth the $1500 anyways. We also bought an abused 1990 Acura Integra with 132k for $2500. It had 3 different sized tires on it, the exhaust was falling off, the underside was brown due to all of the mud and dust (previous owner apparently lived off of a dirt road of some kind) and yet with about $800 total including timing belt and a CV axle we drove it to 166k and sold it for $3800. So just as you have your stories of abused Hondas I have my stories of abused Hondas. There would be stories of abused Hyundais brought back to life as were my Hondas but any abused Hyundai is sitting in the junkyard unable to tell it's story because they are worth so little the cost of repair is not justified.

    bri70: No my idea of good research is knowing the facts and being able to back them up. A comparably equipped '01 Honda Civic LX is about $2,800 more than a '01 Elantra. According to the Civic is worth $4800 more (98 w/ 30,000 example used) and according to Intellichoice is the among the least expensive cars to own over a 5 year period. Impressive considering how overpriced they seem to some people. So after 2 years you will have made back the extra $2,800 and made an extra $2,000.

    The Tiburon keeps getting redesigned because of the hideousness of the thing. I'm sure more than one of Hyundai's designers saw a picture their 3 year old nephew drew and were like "hey that looks cool" then saw it actually going down the street and almost wrecked their cars because of the instantaneous vomitting and convulsions the Tiburon causes.

    luifei: There are some major differences between comparing an RL to the Mercedes (the RL competes with the E-class by the way not the S-class), BMW 528, and the Lexus LS430 has left the RL's class in terms of engine AND price. It starts out at $58,000 vs the RL's price of $38,000. A Lexus GS300 is more comparable to the RL in terms of price, size, and engine and even it costs $9,000 more than the RL. The Mercedes E class starts out at $10,000 more for an E320.

    But the biggest difference is that while the Hyundai falls flat on it face when comparing reliability and resale to the Civic the RL actually meets or exceeds all of it's competitors in resale and reliability. In the last JD Powers the RL was ranked THE most trouble-free car in initial quality.

    And another fact that a little bit of research on your end would have produced is that Honda just overtook Nissan to become the #3 automaker in Japan. And Honda's limited resources have brought us cars like the S2000 (accolades), the Odyssey (accolades), the Insight (accolades), the CVT transmission (accolades), the MDX (accolades), the Type-S CL (accolades), the Accord (accolades including being named a 10 best car 15 out of 18 years by Car & Driver), the Type R (accolades). Geez...I'd hate to see what they would be capable of if their resources weren't "limited".
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    The 2001 RL MSRP is @42K while LS430 is @54K, only
    12K difference instead of 20K. There's approximately 23% price difference between them,
    similar to the difference between Elantra GLS and
    Civic EX, and you get that V8 in the LS430, while
    the Elantra at the very least has all the standard
    features of the EX and a better engine than the
    Civic, so why cant we compare them?
    The GS430 start @47K, more of a direct competitor
    for the RL, at least pricewise, although V8 vs V6
    translate to no contest in performance, and the
    E320 start @47K, only 5K differences not 9K & 10K.
    Get your fact (or at least your calculator)
    straight first before telling other to do so, (I thought you as a car salesman has to be at least proficient with the calculator?? Hope you dont mess up too many deals with wrong calculation). ^__^

    At least you willing to admit that the RL really
    can't compete with the LS. Unlike some of Acura's
    owner who keep thinking that RL is a worthy
    competitor of the LS, and shunned when people
    compared it to the GS like you just did.

    With the financial trouble that Nissan had in the
    past years, are you really surprised that their
    production & sales drop? They have to cutback,
    especially with new management in there.
    Also, Honda's posted a decline in revenue (around
    10-15%) due to yen valuation and stronger competition (can't recall exact number), while Toyota gain 10% in revenue.
    When their resources aren't limited, maybe they
    can try to catch Toyota's shadow, but at least for
    now, they have to survive and hopefully doesn't get buy out by another maker.

    Sorry for the digress, now back to the regularly
    schedule Elantra vs Civic.
  • i never said honda was unreliable. Honda is a very reliable. I just dont apreciate you coming in here and bashing Hyundai. When you do that, dont expect not to be yelled at back.

    But it really all has to to with how the owner cares for the car. You said those civics were abused. Yea, and look what happened. [non-permissible content removed] broke on them. CV axels/boots, etc. You invested money into them and then they ran fine. Being reliable means not having to mass amounts of money into it. but you dumped 1500 into that civic. The same thing could go for an excel when something broke and dumping money like that into it. Then it would run fine. So that really doesnt count.

    So get your facts straight. Hyundais are reliable now...just as reliable as Hondas. Forget the past. The past does not affect us. Its over and done with. The present and future is what counts now. Your posts are based on passed cars. talk about present models because hyundai is kicking major [non-permissible content removed] now. You just cannot accept it and are bullshitting with passed POS's. Yea, Honda has a built up reputation. Hyundai is working on that now. Give it 5-10 yrs time and people will be saying "when did hyundai ever suck?" because at the rate they are going, they will have the same repuation as honda has now. That is the only defense you have here acuragrl: reputation. Value, performance, quality, engine, warranty, etc. all of those hyundai has bagged. End of story
  • recoup all your money. yea, $1,200 dollars is pretty close to 15k which is what was most likely paid for it. But again, this forum is not about old trash. YES, HYUNDAIS OLDER MODELS SUCKED, SO SHUT UP ABOUT COMPARING OLDER CARS. YOU WIN THAT ONE. IM NOT GOING TO ARGUE THAT. BUT THIS FORUM IS ABOUT THE 2000 OR 2001 MODELS. So forget passed experiences. Compare the 2001 or 2000 civic to the 2001 or 2000 elantra. The elantra has proven itself reliable over the passed few years. Lets do a side by side comparison and maybe i will get through to you.

    Hyundai Elantra Honda civic
    -14 hp more then high end Proven civic reliability
    -Weighs 200 lbs more and still resale value
    beats it in 0-60mph
    Power everything STANDARD
    -equipped better and still cheaper
    -save about 4-5k with haggling
    -10 yr warranty

    this is a no brainer. Now, can you argue this without hyundais passed experience with the excel because the elantra had no major problems. WE KNOW HYUNDAI USED TO SUCK, BUT THEY'VE CHANGED OR WOULD HAVE GONE OUT OF BUSINESS. dont argue resale because resale doesnt have an influence, because I plan on keeping the car till the end. So, with a great warranty to cover my [non-permissible content removed] till 100k vs the civic for 3 yrs. I end up saving even more money in case something goes wrong. So that on top up the thousands i save in the begining when buying it, its common sense to go with the elantra. In review, ask yourself this question: why would you pay more money for less of a car? Both cars are reliable now. Its been proven by Car and Driver, Daily record newspaper and a consumer digests best buy. If you dont plan on selling it...with that warranty, which is a wiser investment in the long run?
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    who said, that I said, to ignore credible advice? Was it "freak in a CRX".....? That says all I need to say.... Edmunds doesn't require it's "posters" to meet any minimum literacy standards, so I guess ANYONE can post here after all.

    What I said was - CR and Edmunds and the like are not credible - certainly are biased. Let's face it - they have ideas of what they like as well.

    What one should do is drive the cars they are comparing, if one is better than the other driving/feeling/performing wise, then that is the one to buy. Ask friends, ask co-workers. REAL people that actually OWN the cars...not just sit in them for a thousand miles. That is CREDIBLE advice.

    The problem with the Honda owners is this: They can't stand the fact that their cars, while nice cars, have been AT LEAST "equalled" in the marketplace. The Elantra performs just as well, if not better in some areas, has nicer warranty, and the price is just the deal sealer. And why wouldn't it be? Call me cheap, but I would not be driving a Honda or a Hyundai if I had money to burn. And - the Civic is just not enough car for the money that Honda wants for it.

    The reason that Hyundai's "rep" in the marketplace is bad is because it is treated as a throwaway car. I even treat mine like that.....but I can still recognize the fact that a non-throw away car (Civic - who wants to throw away $17k?) has NOTHING on the Elantra. Not even the "reliability"....

    All I can say is - we shall see. Honda might not be "going down", but Hyundai has stepped up and improved. Sales prove it. In this time of economic prosperity, everyone can buy Civics and pay the high price , but they CHOOSE not to....if Hyundai's were bad, they would have been gone a long time ago. The fact that people buy Elantra's, yet have the money to buy Civics and Corollas, says it all.
  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    I'm so impressed. I've read your very extensive posts. If the Hyundai Elantra is not such a great car, why are you trying to defense your Acura (a/k/a Honda) so much?

    We've heard you the first time.
    EVERYONE: Lets give acuragrl a round of applause.


    Now, let me tell you something, I do not need to exagerate or lie. I had the money to buy a Honda Civic EX '01 (i actually walked in there with cash in hand), but I walked out, not impressed with the car. I bought the Elantra fully loaded '01 and I so happy with it. It drives with so much power than the Civic, (even the Civic EX model). And to me HP is very important, especially for a car at around the same class (size, etc.). Did you check out the specifications for the Civic and compared them to the '01 Elantra? From your previous posts, I bet you didn't. Too stubborn to admit that the new Elantras are better then the Civics? Or too blind to see?

    Also, my Elantra has the 10 yr bumper to bumper warranty and Powertrain warranty, I'm all set to go! And since you don't own a Hyundai, you really don't know that the warranty covers, well let me tell you, it covers everything! (except the maintenance, like an oil change and things like that). Also, I don't care about resale value, because I'm not planning to sell. We'll keep the Elantra to the end. I like to maintain my cars, I take good care of them, so I know my Elantra will take good care of me!

    I agree with Justin00 that all cars have their faults. As long as you keep up with the maintenance schedules, and not abuse the car, the car should be fine.

    The fact of the matter is that I've compared both cars, the Civic '01 and the Elantra '01, and for my reasons chose the Elantra. Plain and simple. Nothing more to it.

    I just love the Hyundais so much, that who knows, in a couple of years, I'm even planning to stack on a couple of more cars, like the Sante Fe and the Sonata.

    And for those Acura-Honda lovers of the world, be happy with your overpriced cars, but don't insult our "new generation" of Hyundais!
  • baberbaber Posts: 96
    I bought a 1977 Civic CVCC new in 77, and it was a piece of crap!! It did get 35 mpg WHEN THE ENGINE RAN, and used regular gas. But the engine ran terrible in cold weather. It generally hesitated and ran like a cement mixer. I had that piece of crap for one year before I traded it in. During that one year I had three recalls, head gasket, emission control, and new seat upolstery that was falling apart. I also had problems with squeeking brakes. The CVCC engine was just undrivable. So anyone who says CVCC hondas were great cars never owned one of them. Hondas have come a long way since them just as Hyundai has come a long way since the 80's.
  • The only part that really gets me is when people are fooled into believing that Hyundai is as well built and reliable as Honda. That is just too halarious! Like Justine siad, they let anyone post in here, factless people are welcome. This is the board to come to if you don't have any facts or knowledge on cars. Just say anything based on your emotions and see if you can get enough "Hyundai-buddies" in here to support you.
    Who needs credible sources like JD Powers, CR, or Edmunds? Who cares about resale value, or the security of knowing your car is going to be around for a long time?
    Ask your friends? It seems evident that if you're not a bright person, neither are most of your friends. Talk about bias, your friends are bias. I think I'll stick to professional research, and a proven reputation. You guys can stick to believing the Hyundai dealer down the block.
    If you want to ignore the reputations of the two car companies, fine. But you're only fooling yourself if you think that Honda and Hyundai are equal. If you can't rely on the past FACTS, then what are you suppose to rely on? High hopes it sounds like.
    "Oh they would have went out of business...blah...blah...blah. HELLO! They are bankrupt and no one wants to invest money in them. That shows that you're right for once. They are desperately seeking capital because they HAVE been building crappy cars.
    As for the sales figures mentioned a while ago, you just "happened" to overlook one very important fact and that is that Toyota and Honda established an excellent repuation for foreign car companies. I bet half of all Hyundai owners don't even know that it's not a Japanese car. Honda and Toyota plowed the way for Korea. Then Korea jumps in, selling their cars for about $5, and of course they are going to have good sales figures(thanks to T&H). Let's also take into account the growth of the population since the 70's that would account for a portion of the increase in sales figures.
    To show you I'm not as biased as you try to make me out to be, i stopped off at the local Hyundai dealership the other day. The new designs that Hyundai is bringing to the market is impressive. The Elantra has never looked better and the Sonata is beautiful too. They come very well equipped, and the colors that customers can choose from are also very nice. The prices are low, (not so low around here) and the salesman was knowledgable and helpful. I don't mind admitting to any of that. But don't talk crap and say that Hyundai is equal to Honda. No one knows if Hyundai has improved reliability. All you new car owners can't tell me that your car is as good. It's brand new, come on already....
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    Thank you for at least keeping this forum interesting. I do not mind a contrary opinion.

    But... It would help if you had actually drove a 1999 to 2001 Elantra, Sonata, or even better an XG300. That way you would be able to see that the quality of Hyundai vehicles have greatly improved. If getting inside a Hyundai (which has a pronounciation very similar to Honda)is beneath you, perhaps a glance at Edmunds and other automotive reviewers can be enlightening.

    You stated:"A comparably equipped '01 Honda Civic LX is about $2,800 more than a '01 Elantra"

    You proved my point. You are spending more for a car with an inferior warranty, less power, and still has less features- where are the side airbags? Oh, another extra. Once again, with the 2001 Elantra- you can not buy it without side airbags. And you pay $3000 dollars less.
  • Hyundai going bankrupt? Thats Kia. Hyundai bought out Kia, dumbass. Kia was going bankrupt until Hyundai bought them. And how can they be going bankrupt when they introduced 2 new models this year, the XG300 and Santa Fe. You are right, someones facts need to be straight and its you.

    You just cannot accept the fact that a "Korean" car is just about equal to honda. Well, accept it and maybe you wont be so damn ignroant. Listen to what Baber said. older hondas sucked. older hyundais suck. Hondas are good now. so are hyundais. this is all true. accept it. he has had no probelms with his accent nearing 40k miles. its all about the owner. what is your problem? from that last paragraph, i thought you sounded somewhat mature. but i was wrong. So take your 10 year old discontinued model Honda and get out!
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    There're some issue with Hyundai finance right now, but it has nothing to do with their auto division which is quite profitable. Hyundai financial problem comes from the manufacturing division and also from the family feud between the sons of the founder. Last I heard, they're restructuring those debt and solving other financial issue as well. By no mean they intend to sell the entire Hyundai conglomerate. Only a giant like GE can afford them.
    Freakncrx probably confused Hyundai to Daewoo.

    I wonder if anyone has any figures regarding the total number of auto both Honda and Hyundai manufactured worldwide?

    Freakncrx, you want to take that "i bet half of all Hyundai owners don't even know that it's not a Japanese car" bet? Hyundai owner aren't as stupid as you think.
    Btw, you wonder why people may think and choose Elantra over Civic? Lets see, Elantra has better engine, better waranty, better price, while Honda has its reliability and reputation against all that. That usually translates as better VALUE for your money. How hard is it to explain that?

    Also Edmund, which you said yourself to be a very reputable sources in the auto industry, rated Elantra higher than the civic when they do their comparison (no.3 vs no.6, if not mistaken). C&D, another prominent source, also rated Elantra higher than the Civic on their comparison. Elantra is also a best buy in the Consumer Report/Consumer Digest.
    You see, even the experts & the professional reviewer (not just as biased hyundai owners) recognize something in the Elantra that makes its more worthwile than the Civic. Quite contrary to what you believe eh?

    You can accept it or ignore it, but don't critize people because their belief is different than you.
  • To everybody whining about Hyundais and Hondas:

    It could be could have purchased a General Motors product, certified by the kings of sloppy engineering themselves.
  • In the spirit of the anal retentive, on that last entry -- 'worse', not 'worst'.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    is obviously unable to step into the 90's (or the new millenium for that matter)- he is still stuck on old cars. Considering the name, it is no surprise. FREAKCRX - that little rust bucket has not been around for what? A decade? There was a reason Honda axed that car....replaced with Del Sol - then axed that car. We see how much the S2000 sells....He probably still thinks Hyundai sells the Excel and Scoupe.

    Hondas are fine. They are smooth, efficient machines. They also happen to be more expensive than they need to be, they are not any more reliable than any other Ford/GM built here in the U.S., (except the Focus) and they are BORING. Except the Honda CL Type S.
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    Just kidding. But I do love the Corvette and the new Cadillac Escalade is one kick butt machine.

    Anyway DaimlerChrysler bought a 10% stake (with the option to purchase more) in Hyundai. Why would they do that if they saw no value in the company?
  • My response to all this silliness is:

    To each his/her own!

    I personally chose an Elantra because I saw the car and fell instantly in love with it! While I've only driven it 500 miles so far, it has proven rock solid in feel. No rattles, no oddities...nothing but solid feel and look.

    And the roominess! Man! I'd have had to buy a darn Accord to match the interior roominess and accoutrements! No WAY do I have the money to buy an Accord! It feels like soo much more car than what I paid!

    No, it's not perfect....but what car IS perfect?

    No, it's not going to suit everyone, and that's why there are dozens of different car makes AND models to choose from.

    The Civic is more in line with the Accent as far as roominess. However, the Accent is definitely more noticeable as a budget oriented car. The feel isn't as quality and comfort oriented as the Civic is.

    With all this said, I find the peeing contest going on here to be rather...silly.

  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    What else am I supposed to do while I am at work? are is silly. I should just be content in the fact that I am CORRECT. ;)

    The new Elantra's do look kind of European from behind....saw a pretty red wine colored one today...quite impressive.
  • baberbaber Posts: 96
    I agree, how can anyone compare an Elantra to a Civic? The Elantra is a much better car then the Civic, bigger, roomier, more powerful, better styling, lower price. Now the Civic has the upper hand in resale, and percieved quality. The Accent is about the size of the Civic, but MUCH cheaper. Funny, the Civic used to be a low priced econobox, now it's an overpriced econobox. A nice car, but not worth the price. After all, remember the Civic is still a subcompact economy car for the price of a compact or even a stripped midsize car.
  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    Can anyone guess who is the manufacturer of the robots that Mercedez Benz uses to assembly their cars?

    Give up. Let me tell you.

    Well, its nontheless, HYUNDAI! Yes, it is. Now, one of the most luxurious cars in the world uses Hyundai robotics to assembly their cars! Now, if Benz cars are assembled by a Hyundai robot, then who is assembling the Hyundai cars? Wait, let me tell you. Hyundai Robots!

    Also, Hyundai uses the same 7-step painting process as used on the Mercedez Benz (of course, Benz uses much more coatings of paint).

    By the way, I'm in no way comparing the Hyundai Motor Corp to that of the Benz, but just informing you on what are some of the strategies that Hyundai is implementing to improve their reputation, but still leaving in value.

    Any comments?
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Sounds good to me. Let's just hope that MB is not taking ideas from Chrysler!
  • I'm not sure which group is whinier, the Hyundai people or the Honda people.

    First of all, let's talk about the magical word named "quality". Quite frankly, its as much personal bias as physical reality. Case in point: Toyota Corolla vs. Chevy Prizm. These two cars are made at the same plant on the same assembly line and are identical in every way down to the last bolt. The only difference is the badge on the front. Public opinion says the Toyota's quality is exceptional. Yet, the Prizm's public perception is "not up to Japaneese standards". How can this be? Because people expect the Chevy to be worse since its "American". They'll notice flaws they'd gloss over in the Toyota.

    Another case in point, Hyundai did a "blind" test of its new XG300 against a Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, with the badges removed. People generally rated the XG300 above the other two cars. Hyundai then did the test again with another group of people with the badges on. The result was that the Hyundai was rated the worst of the bunch. People have been conditioned to see the Hyundai as a cheap car, and so expect it to be bad.

    So let's drop the mysterious "quality" term in favour of fit and finish. In this case, Acura girl is right. The Honda's fit and finish is exceptional. She's also right in the fact that Honda is a moving target. Hyundai may never catch up, but then again neither will Ford or VW or DaimlerChrysler. The latest generation of Hyundai has matched the previous generation of Hondas, which is not a bad thing.

    The Honda also has the Hyundai beat in the resale issue. As Hyundai's quality has improved, so has its resale. It may never catch up with Honda or Toyota, but its finally reached "industry average". But lets talk economics here, a car is a depreciating asset, no matter what the brand. The fact that some people are talking about the Honda as some sort of investment is ludicrous. If your planning to replace your car every two years or so, it makes sense. However after five years or so the resale value of a car makes little difference.

    So let's compare the two cars on their facts alone:
    Engine: Advantage Hyundai (140 hp vs. 127 hp)
    Wheels: Advantage Hyundai (15" vs. 14")
    Gas Mileage: Advantage Honda (32/37 mpg vs 24/33 mpg)
    Emissions: Advantage Honda (ULEV vs LEV)
    Ergonomics: Advantage Honda (By general opinion)
    Passenger space: Advantage Hyundai (94 cu. ft vs. 88.1 cu. ft)
    Cargo space: Advantage Honda (12.9 cu. ft vs. 11 cu. ft)
    Resale value: Advantage Honda (historically)
    Warranty: Advantage Hyundai (5 yr vs 3 yr bumper to bumper)
    Standard Features: Advantage Hyundai (Power group, A/C standard on single model offered)
    Safety Features: Toss up, ABS standard on Civic EX, not available on other models. Hyundai has standard side airbags in U.S.. In Canada (where I live), the Elantra doesn't have side airbags and ABS is not available at all (!).
    Style: Depends on your personal preference.

    So there you have it. Based on my needs, I've decided on the Elantra as my next car. However, I won't ridicule those who chose a civic. My advice to the Honda people is to stop flogging the dead horse (or should I say Pony) of Hyundai's reputation, and for the Hyundai people to recognize the Honda has a very well deserved reputation for its superior engineering. After all, the Civics fit and finish is considered superior to many luxry cars, let alone the Hyundai.
  • Now THAT comparison is a well thought out comparison, covering the bases and also giving advantages to each where due.

    Another point.. Hyundai front passengers and drivers fare reasonably well in crash tests (likely due to the front AND side airbags as standard equipment, but fare worse than average for rear seatc passengers.

    This is acceptable to me because I very rarely carry passengers. To someone who maight carpool frequently, or carry children about, they might want to consider a car that fares better in crash tests.

    Final note: I'm not certain if the latest Elantra model was tested or last years' model.

  • svenjsvenj Posts: 19
    You are a voice of reason in the wilderness. :-)

    I just bought a Civic, but looked very carefully at the Elantras before I did. For me the gas mileage and side impact crash ratings decided me in favor or the Honda. In most other aspects I liked the Elantra better.

    If the Hyundais built today hold up as well as the Hondas and Toyotas built today 5 years from now; Hyundai will be the moving target that everyone else will have to chase.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    The Civics that are sold in the U.S., are built in the U.S. Trust me, they nice cars, and built well, but nearly as well as the Mexican made VW's even. Where is it written that the Civic has such a high build quality? Not any better than a Protege or Sentra or Kia or Daewoo, that I can tell. My 96 Integra and 97 Civic Coupe both developed rattles within one year of purchase.....

    I think that Hondas are great, but perhaps just not built to handle the "abuse" that I heap on my cars. They are reliable - just not too "durable"...
  • About the Hyundai crash test. Only the 2000 Elantra has been tested. It did well everywhere except for the rear side impact, where it only got 1 star.

    The 2001 Hyundai is scheduled for front impact testing in January of 2001, and side impact in March of 2001. You can chech the test results of the Hyundai (and any other car as far back as 1990) at

    For those who wish to know, the 2001 Honda Civic has been tested. It recieved 5/5 stars for front impact tests, and 4/5 stars for the side impact. Interestingly the extremely popular Sunfire/Cavalier has fared far worse than any other car in this class. 3/5 stars front driver's impact, 1/5 stars side driver's impact. Even the bargain basement Kia Sephia has a better crash score.
  • Well, the results spurred me into looking at the Civic. Guess what? It's been investigated a whopping 60 times since its introduction in 1974. The most common investigation? Seat belt failure and brake failure. It should be noted that 40 of the 60 investigations were for the pre 1983 models (remember at that time Japaneese cars were considered poor quality?). However, only a few thousand Civics were sold each year at that time compared to the 200,000 or so Excels Hyundai sold in its first year. Ironically, Hyundai was doomed by its own success. If the Excel hadn't taken off the way it did, Hyundai probably wouldn't have its reputation today.

    P.S. The last time the Civic was investigated was in 1993, for steering wheel lock-up.
  • Sorry to bore you all, but here's one last statistic I found on the NHTSA site. The 2000 Hyundai Elantra has recieved 30 safety complaints. The 2000 Civic recieved 31 safety complaints.
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    Thank you for providing all the data!! It surely gives another measure when comparing these cars.
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