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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    I have always said that the Civic is a good car. I have even stated that the Civic had a slightly better ride than the Elantra. Refinement is a little better in the Civic. But is it 3 to 4K better. No way!
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    What makes you think Hyundai is responsible for Kia's current reliability problems? It was only very recently did Hyundai purchase KIA. And even then, it would take years to iron out all the bugs. Just as Japanese companies do not have same quality level, same hold true for KIA and Hyundai.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    What I can tell you is that my Civic is between
    70k and 80k and $0.00 warranty repairs charged to Honda and $0.00 unscheduled maint.

    The check transmission light came on. I had spilled soda into the shift assembly.

    The wiper motor broke a few weeks ago. I had
    turned it on with snow and ice covering the blades.

    There was a recall. It was a floor-mat that was getting stuck on gas petals. I didn't have the floor-mat and so it didn't apply to my car.

    The car is 100%. It shows every sign of going to 150k with oil changes and the scheduled timing built.

    It was worth it to me to pay for it. I got what I paid for.

    The Koreans are industrious but they have not achieved what Japan has yet. In the case of Honda and economy cars ULEV engine develpment proves
    Honda's engineering superiority. Build quality is higher because of price points for suppliers is nothing else. You can't sell a car at the bottom of the market and put the same material quality in it. Honda Accord is having a huge reliablity/ reputation crisis (Edmunds Accord Topic, NHTSA
    leading complaints see above). When the same happens to Civic then you can call it a rip-off.

    In the US:
    Kia is a joke (I like it but it is a joke)
    Hyundai has stabalized its reliablity
    Daewoo is unproven.
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    What makes you think a Hyundai can't achieve the
    same or near same reliability and quality as a
    Honda, as you have talked about, but for thousands
    less? If you take the early Hyundais like the
    Pony/Stellar/Excels of the 1980's out of the equation, Hyundai has actually has been good reliable cars. The numbers of repairs indicate that which we have already seen. Even my local
    newspaper did a nice article on the 1995 Accent
    which was praised for its near Honda-like reliability minus some refinement, but for thousands less. Major complaints with this car has been far and few in between, except for few niggly little problems, according to the newspaper.

    I dare you to go over to the Sonata vs Camry vs Accord page, and start reading from post #7.
    This person did a heck of a job comparing OBJECTIVELY, the cars involved. And guess what,
    a Hyundai came out on top, tied with Toyota.

    You say Hyundai isn't there yet. But I say they are already there just in terms of quality and reliability. How much more do you really want from Hyundai before you give in and give some credit where credit is due?
  • andes11andes11 Posts: 62
    VTEC(in 1.6L): only kicks in after 4,800 rpm.
    Useless for everyday driving. Noisy.
    ULEV: 2000 Civics are not ULEVs.
    Anything else?
  • andes11andes11 Posts: 62
    >The wiper motor broke a few weeks ago. I had
    >turned it on with snow and ice covering the

    Here we go again. Faulting the driver.
    Remember the posts on the warped rotor? What did the Hondaman say about the cause?

    In this case,
    Something is wrong with the motor and/or related
    If there's a overcurrent, the fuse protecting
    the wiper motor circuitry will blow before
    the damage is done to the motor.
  • andes11andes11 Posts: 62
    What are the chances of these Civic owners
    answering survey questionaires correctly and truthfully?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,150
    Last two posts aren't even worth a rebuttal.

    Most people are too smart to fall for such rubbish!
  • I own a 2000 Odyssey and a 2000 Civic HB. In looking at both car's boards, it is amazing how Hondas get under some people's skins.

    The 2000 Civic HB replaced a 1990 Civic HB with over 230,000 miles. I spent very little on repairs; in the last 80,000 miles or so, I spent amazingly little on maintenance.

    In other words, that car saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. So we bought another. Was it overpriced? I won't know for ten years or 200,000 miles.

    For me, reliability means going 10 years/200,000+ miles with relatively few problems. While Hyundai has apparently improved significantly, I don't think you can say Hyundai is there with Honda until the newer and better cars are still performing well after ten years.

    It is interesting that Honda is dropping the HB's for the new model. I think this means the entry level Honda will be even pricier, conceding the low priced car market to Hyundai etal?

    Finally, I am in the engineering/construction business. For the construction of pressure vessels, the Koreans are bidding at half the price of the American shops. We have some in their shops, From what I here, it is going well so far.
  • gbuck1gbuck1 Posts: 2
    I recently dumped my 1994 Honda Civic LX and bought a North American made car. I fell into the imports are better quality propoganda and bought an import. They are cheap and it's like driving in a tin can.

    In the six years I had my Honda, I went through three head gaskets. Honda replaced the first one at 35K miles. The car chronically would run hot and every dealership indicated that they could not duplicate the problem. Buy a quality car.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,150
    That will be less trouble than a Honda?

    A Neon?
  • montequimontequi Posts: 1
    I leased a Civic hatchback for 2 years before buying an Elantra. First of all, the Civic was by far the slowest car I've ever driven. The 1.6L engine was pitiful. Also, on the 2 occasions when I locked up my brakes, the back-end fishtailed wildly. As for the Elantra, I've been extremely happy with the 2L 140HP engine, and the handling is superb (no fishtailing, and I don't have ABS). The Elantra's handling is actually closer to the Prelude SI, which I also used to own, than the Civic. I own an Elantra 5-speed, and I find it to be more of a sports sedan than a normal economy car like the Civic. To match the horsepower of the Elantra with the Civic you have to upgrade to an SI engine, which makes it much more expensive. Also, the Civic doesn't come in a Wagon. Maybe we should be comparing the Elantra to the Accord!
  • LOL isellhondas!!! Good point. When people complain about their Hondas I always want to know what car they are going to buy that they THINK will be better than a Honda.

    montequi: Whatever. I had a 98 Civic EX with a manual and handily tromped upon a Hyundai Elantra even with the Elantra's Folgers can exhaust and purple racing stripe. Granted the EX has more power than the DX you had.

    And comparing the Elantra to an Accord???? WHATEVER!! The 4 cylinder Accord outperforms the V6 Sonata so I don't think the Elantra wants to even think about being compared to the Accord.

    And I really don't think the Elantra handles as well as any later model Prelude. What year Prelude are you comparing it to? A 1985????
  • sjoosjoo Posts: 7
    Hey Guys, Check the 2001 elantra

    See the

    'AvanteXD' is Korean domestic name.

    Sorry, It's Korean website.
  • The Honda Civic is a fine car except for a few things. The hp is way overrated. For 127hp, the car did not move unless you revved the VTEC up to 4-5,000 rpm. 5th gear had no get up at all and it ran out of 4th gear too quick. The car blew around on the highway a bit too much, was very noisy inside at high speeds and the steering was somewhat "loose". I never had a problem with anything mechanically. There was no excess cost above scheduled maintenance. But, for the price Elantra is miles better. Acceleration, handling, noise reduction, etc. is better in the Elantra. The option "overload" is awesome and who can beat the price. Given the warranty, roadside assistance and overall better car except for a few cosmetic items, ELANTRA gets my bid hands down.
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    I also own a 1999 Honda Civic EX in Canada. In Canada, EX's come only with 106HP. I have to agree with you, it really lacks punch. It's slow as a slug. Airconditioning is also very weak. I don't like to turn on my A/C in summers because it just drains up even more power in an already sadly underpowered car. Climbing up hills is also a struggle, and with A/C on, forget it. I've also driven Civic SI, and I have to say it's not much better with 127hp engine. And you're right, Civics get blown around in highways when there's a strong crosswind.

    I've never driven a Hyundai Elantra before, but hearing from other Hyundai drivers, it certainly should be better than a Civic in terms of power.

    I really can't understand why Civics are so much raved. It's really an unremarkable underpowered car with dull looks and dull interior with a terrible stereo system. I guess what it has is good reliability history and good resale value, and a overhyped reputation going for it
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,150
    Speaking as an owner and not a Honda salesperson...

    Our 98 civic EX Coupe is as fast as anyone in their right mind would want it to be and it's an automatic! The A/C effects it not one bit.

    My 325i BMW will whip it, but so what?

    I've had the Civic up to 110 MPH without strain.

    The car is what it is. A bulletproof reliable car
    That handles and drives very well.

    A Hyundai is a Korean car with a bad reputation and horrible resale value.

    Improved? Perhaps...time will tell!
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    Ex's in Canada come only in 106hp range. It's not even a Vtech. You Americans get the better bargains, as always it seems. Ex's in Canada used to get the V-Tech 127hp, but they were lowered while the prices stayed the same. At least three years ago that is. It's almost like Honda is increasing the price drastically but try to make it look like they're not really, by decreasing all the important options. Very deceptive in my opinion.

    As for speed, the Civic seems to handle fine at high cruising, except for strong cross wind situations where the car get blown here and there. But the problem is when it's accelerating. My automatic is really a slug. It can't even beat a van at the stop light.

    As for the A/C, it takes at least 10 minutes before it blows decent cold air. Then you gotta turn the knob all the way down to 4 level before it's cool. But if you do that, yikes. Turn on the A/C full power, have 4 passengers in the car, and try to climb up a hill or try to merge on the highway.

    The car literally pants and gives out this wwwaaaaaaaaaa.. sound. Then you gotta push the gas pedal all the way down.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. After all, it's just a small sub-compact car. Most sub-compacts lack power. But what I'm saying is with that kind of money needed to buy something like a Civic, why not get something bigger with the same money, is my point.
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    Isell says "Our 98 civic EX Coupe is as fast as anyone in
    their right mind would want it to be and it's an
    automatic! The A/C effects it not one bit."

    I have driven a friends 1998 Civic EX sedan quite a few times, and I can tell you (if it's anything like the coupe's) the acceleration is not nearly as good as it's being reported. My 2000 Tiburon with the identical engine as an Elantra, has 140 HP and blows the Civic away in acceleration VTEC or not. The Elantra's 0-60 figures are actually a little better than a Tiburon's too. The only advantage, in my opinion, is the Civic's engine is a little better mileage figures and a little quieter when accelerating rapidly.

    I'm sure even Isell will agree with me on this one. Go test drive both vehicles. Don't listen to conservative propaganda. Tell us what you think about engine strength, value and warranty. Consider resale value too. But if your planning on keeping a car 5 years or longer, the resale value is less important.
  • ygminygmin Posts: 1
    Both are equipped with manual transmissions. Car and Driver compared 13 compact cars, and the Elantra was at or near the top in every category that measures performance.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    First of all, A/C affects all cars. it doesnt matter if its a chevy metro or mercedes S 600. it will affect performance regardless because it puts a power strain on the engine. also, hyundai elantra is a MUCH better deal. first off, for thousands less you get a 10yr warranty, 13 more hp. power windows/locks/mirrors, cruise control, and 14" rims for $12,000. for this price, you can get a base line civic w/ 106 hp, power nothing, and no air conditioning. how can you go wrong. yea, hyundai was [non-permissible content removed] back in the 1980's but like us humans, things can change, such as they did. they exceeded mazda putting them as the #5 asian auto maker. [non-permissible content removed]? i dont think so
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,150
    I didn't do any name calling...O.K. ?

    I'm not real sure what a Tiburon is but I think it compares more to an Accord than a Civic doesn't it?

    And...of course, air conditioning does affect performance a little bit, but not like in the old days when we used the huge compressors.

    Boltguy, I guess we have different perceptions of what is more than enough power.

    Out Civic is, in my opinion, more than sufficient. How fast do you want to go? Our Accord is faster, and the BMW faster yet.

    I was only arguing against the comment that Civics were underpowered.
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    I understand that you sell Hondas, but I would at least hope that you were aware of other makes and models. That statement goes a long way in proving where you are coming from in any discussion about anything other than a Honda.

    FYI, a Tiburon is a Hyundai. It's a sports coupe. It's competition is the Civic Si (ever heard of it?), Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Pontiac Sunfire. The Tiburon and the Elantra share platforms and engines.

    I find it humorous that you say the Civic's acceleration is "more than sufficient" yet you have opted for 2 other cars with substantially better acceleration.

    Whatever our definitions of acceleration may be, the fact remains that the Elantra is quicker than any Civic, except for the 160 hp Si. There's really no use discussing this to someone with tunnel vision. You won't accept Hyundai until their sales figures are right up there with your beloved Honda.

    Break those chains that bind you. You really don't have to pay 16,000 for a quality car. Free your mind, Isell, and your wallet will follow!
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    Hyundai may be on the level of Neon or Escort but of course you are free to blindly assert that it is on the level of Honda. Hey, why not Toyota.
    Hyundai = Corolla. Why not? I suppose Hyundai's midsize car is as good as a Camry. Hyundai has done zip to distinguish itself in engineering or car production unless you count the fact that they are no longer total lemons. Hyundai has gone where no Yugo has gone before (but it owns KIA which is the worst car being sold in America).

    We know it is not KIA because KIA is the one with the **** **** of NHTSA complaints, we see no evidence that it does anything as well as Honda, Insight, ULEV, anything, and we're supposed to think it can make an equivalent car and sell it for thousands less? I guess that's it. Hyundai is an honest company and Honda is not. My Hyundai friends, people, no.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,150
    I'm not the only one in the industry that doesn't have a glowing opinion of Hyundai...sorry!

    And...yes, I do know what an SI is, I sell them, and there is one sitting in our garage that belongs to our 21 year old son.

    Maybe if I saw more Tiburons on the road, I would know what one is.

    And...just because I have two faster cars, I STILL think the EX Civic's power is sufficient for what it is. Again, my opinion.

    I'm glad you enjoy your Hyundai. They have come a long way. If resale values improve, and the cars continue to improve, my opinion of them could well change. Until that happens, I still think there are better choices out there. Initial price isn't everything!
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    106 HP is not enough power, especially when there are other cars with more power with cheaper prices. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Hopefully, the new 2001 Honda Civics have better horse powers but DO NOT GET MORE EXPENSIVE. Hondas really should price their cars competitively and should offer more standard features for the money.
    Oh wait, but as long as there are so many stooges like us who will pay anything to get a Honda name plate, Honda doesn't have to do anything but to jack up the prices to anything they want, any time.

    As for Hyundai owning KIA, the worst cars in America, it was only a year since Hyundai took over Kia. It takes time to turn a company around.
  • dpethickdpethick Posts: 2
    I recently came to the US from Australia. In Australia the Excel was a market leader, and had a good reputation. This is a factor of the different driving conditions in Australia, where cars do not need to accelerate rapidly for on-ramps, and most commuting is done in city driving conditions at 35 mph or less.

    Thus, there was no stigma attached to the Hyundia brand to cloud my judgement. In the US Hyundai does have a bad reputation. They are trying to buy back customer confidence with the extended warranty scheme. This is good for me.

    The low selling price, excellent warranty and high "bang-for-buck" ratio made the Elantra a simple choice.

    I did look at a wide range of competing cars including the Ford Focus and Escort ZX-3, Honda Civic, Dodge Neon and a few others. Nothing else really came close to providing what I wanted. If I could have gotten a '99 Neon (new) I might have considered it, but the '00 Neon is a bit sedate.

    Resale is very hard to predict, but I will worry about that in 5 years time. Good luck selling your Honda for the expected price, as car technology will continue to improve over the coming years. I'm more than happy to buy an underpriced car with an improving reputation rather than an overpriced car with a declining reputation.

    Dave P.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Check this out...
    Why is Honda refusing access to TSB/Recall information to Alldata?? Other manufactures seem to have no problem... Hmmm......
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,150
    I have no qnswer to your question. I do wonder why this is so important to you. You have put this same posting EVERYWHERE !
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    How do you know this, unless you've been everwhere yourself, cutting and pasting your same old
    word document?
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