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Hyundai Elantra Touring Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    I just got my new car this past week. I guess since I'm the one who requested this forum i should be the first one posting here.

    So here is what i got for my deal from Great Lakes Hyundai from Streetsboro, OH:

    2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring SE A/T MSRP $19.795.00
    Optional Features:
    Carpeted Floor Mats MSRP $95.00
    Rear Spoiler MSRP $195.00
    Bluetooth Hands-Free MSRP $325.00
    Inland Freight & Handling MSRP $720.00

    Total Sticker MSRP $21.130.00

    Here is what i ended up paying for it:

    Total Cash Price: $19386.00
    Rebate -$1000
    This is what i paid for my car $18386.00 ( i believe its about $730 below dealer invoice) Tax and Doc fee are not included in price above.
    I think i got a decent deal. Its $2744 OFF MSRP.

    What ya all think?
  • I was offered $2500 trade on my 97 Chrysler mini van with 157,000 miles.$500 cash back from Hyundai, and another $500 for using Hyundai financing.This is at 5.39% which is not bad.
    This offer if on the table for any Elantra Touring.I am still waiting for an ES with the 5 speed and a beige interior.
    Is this a good your opinion?
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    No need to talk about your trade in. If you want opinion you might want to post your car buying price, not just the rebates they gonna give you. See my own post on top of this tread to get an idea of how to post your dealer price.
  • on the contrary,i had to mention the trade in,clearly overalued.since that was the deal i was offered.i think your deal was great,but i don't live in ohio.
  • slytek,
    I have been considering the Touring and wanted to know your feedback. I've read may positive reviews yet don't know anyone who currently owns a Hyundai. I am finding it hard to find a safe and affordable sedan or wagon and lost interest in Toyota and Honda. Thought it would be helpful to know what cars you considered before making your decision. Basically need a car with enough power to manuever canyon grades as part of daily commute and power for passing on highway as well. Really appreciate your sharing your experience with your new car!
  • I suggest you check out the Hyundai Elantra Touring on youtube.There are several evaluations by Edmunds and others.I test drove one and liked it a lot.As far as trusting Korean 2006.5 KIA Optima has over 34000 trouble free miles on it.Drives just like a new one still.(just my 2c worth)
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    I've considered Kia Soul, Scion Xb, and hybrids Toyota Prius and Honda Insight.
    Test drove them all went with ET. Most comfortable ride from all of the above, i'm 6'3 and 325lbs. I also went for Kia Soul, that would of been my second option but i'm very glad i got ET instead because of the cargo space i need for my IT Consulting business. In my opinion there is nothing else out there that will match value for the money that you get with ET. Definitely test drive it to see how you like it. Engine is powerful enough that its even rated for towing, none of other cars i mentioned rated to tow anything.
  • I tested the Soul,the KIA Rondo and Scion Xd before settling for the Elantra.The Soul was too noisy, and the Rondo got crappy mileage.The Scion was just plain ugly in the inside.The Hybrids were out of my price range by a couple thousand so that left the SE.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    are the Hyundai 5-speeds pretty smooth to shift through the gears? I'm thinking of the people buying new Kia Forte sedans and Forte Koup's in manual transmissions. They're complaining of some clutch and gearshift mismatches of some kind. It's taking some of them a while to get used to shifting in their Forte's and with a few of them they're steering clear of Kia Forte's altogether because of this problem.

    How are your ET's in manual form? All right?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I liked it...
  • I think you deal is fantastic.I wish I could get one like it.I would buy it today.You are a great bargainer.
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    I didn't even bargain. Price was advertised on their website.I figured it was good enough price already. I went and got it.
    They even gave me what i wanted for my trade in and no one else would.
    You just need to know when to walk out. I guarantee you that if you didn't get what you want today and walked out, they will call you next day and offer you better deal.
  • I don't know when to walk out my friend.I thought my price was OK,even great,but that was until I saw your car and it's cost.
    Taking away the trade in,the best I could get was invoice.I am better off getting the $2500 for my old car.
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    $1000 rebate is still good. If you can get invoice and apply rebate to that i say go for it. Drive to multiple dealers. The bigger dealer the better. As they explained to me, there are able to sell below invoice because even though they wont make much on this one single sale, they will meet their selling volume quotes. The more cars they sell, more kickbacks from Hyundai to them.
  • Actually the rebate on 2010s is $500.Then there is another $500 if you finance it through Hyundai.
    Another problem that I am having is finding the car I want.A white 2010 ET SE with manual, and with beige interior.Lots of white GLS around but SEs with beige interior are as rare as hens teeth.
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    Yes, two $500 rebates makes it $1000 just like i mentioned.
    I also wanted specific features, color , etc.
    Car i got was the only one out there in the entire OH and PA states.
    You will get what you want, just keep looking for it.
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Bought a Hyundai Touring Automatic in June. Fit and Finish great, comfort not bad. safety features A1 Mileage not bad 18 in congested city driving and about 30-32 highway. However please test drive this car and I mean test drive it. You will feel every irregularity on any road surface. I believe if you drive ovver a Lincoln penny you will feel it. The impacts are jarring and will rattle your teeth. Growely engine, road rumble and suspension noise. Finally gave up and traded for a 2010 Ford Fusion and great car(Test drive that baby) price not that far off the Touring, Much better ride and comfort and great reliabilty. My mistake was not test driving the Touring over irregular survices. I live in the city and the streets are not the greatest. Even on the highway the Touring was jittery.
  • Might that be the 17" tires?
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    They were 16" Tires
  • Possible tire pressure high ??
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Normal tire pressure, in fact I lowered about 2lbs less to see if it improved ride, it did not, went back to normal pressure
  • If it is really that stiff I would imagine it would hurt their sales somewhat, although in my opinion, for a "touring" vehicle (almost a wagon too) the suspension, etc should be a little stiffer than the more luxurious sedans. Of course that all depends on the individual....another good reason for always trying to take an extended test drive yourself.

  • As the SE was not available,we drove the GL, which I think has 15" wheels.Of course now we will have to try the SE which has the 17 " alloy wheels.Sure hope we don't have the same problem.
  • 17" alloys are standard on the 2010 SE.I don't think there is an option for 16 " alloys.Maybe you drove the GL? Or maybe the 2009?
  • I just bought the sport model in Phx, AZ.

    Roof rack
    satellite radio, etc (all standard features I believe)

    I didn't add any other accessories

    I paid 17984 + tax, title, lic, doc fees. which came to 19,500

    I like it. Cool little car, lotsa space and I love all the extras while keeping the price under 20K. You can't beat the warranty either.
  • $14990 includes both $500 rebates at Buerke Hyundai White Bear Lake MN. Tax and lic extra. They had 5 more like this.
    Beats Honda Fit in all areas except, cornering, gas mileage, radio sound. This is not worth the extra $2000.
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    Looks like a decent deal. Mine was about $300 more but i had blue tooth and rear spoiler. Congrats on your purchase. You said it right about warranty, cant beat it. Mine came with this so called Warranty Forever, as long as keep scheduled maintenance going, and it don't have to be dealer either, power train is warranted forever as long as i own it regardless of years and miles.
  • That sounds like a pretty good deal! I'm also in the Phoenix area. Would you mind sharing the dealer? Did you go through the fleet/internet department?

  • So I am about to buy one of these. It appears that I am going to be able to get it for close to $1k under invoice plus another $1k rebate. The TMV seems to have dropped $100-200 since I started looking last week and is now close to invoice. Hyundai must be offering some great dealer incentives.
  • 2010 Elantra Touring SE /Manual in Central Texas.

    They sold at $18847
    Hyundai Rebate $1500
    Actual Sales Price after Rebate: $17,347 + tax, title, registration

    ..they sold @ 300 under factory invoice...or $963 less than sticker price... plus the rebate.

    I used Edmunds to request quotes from local dealers--had three responses. One dealer was a complete waste of time...other two gave me very competitive quotes from the get go so we didn't have to haggle over price at all.

    Went in with preapproval from Bank of America for financing @ 3.75% but they were able to beat it with Wachovia for 3.49%--better than Hyundai Motor Credit's Current Promotional Rate of 3.9%

    I'm happy...loving the car! I test drove both the automatic and the manual....and the manual won me over with the fun factor.
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