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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • Sorry maybe I over react but I gees when some body love his car is difficult to read that every thing that we hear is bad about the car.
    But i don't lose the interest now this month aim going to buy a 2001 neon this month. any body ho wants a used neon 2000?
  • Your the greatest. If they ever remake the "I Love Lucy show", your a natural for Ricky Recardo!
    "any body ho wants a used neon 2000?". I really, love you, my friend. ;-o

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Beware about trade-in values. My friend tried and he owed $14,300 on an ES with 16,200 miles on it. They only offered him $8500-9300 and the car was in perfect shape too. Neons don't hold their value well. And to be honest, it's not just Neons. Not a lot of cars hold their value well when you want to do a first-year trade.
  • Ochoa-In what part of Mexico do you live?

    Vocus. My son made a deal yesterday,let me tell you that he was at a restaurant,and a salesman approach him there and asked him if he would like ton sell his 98 Neon,he answered that if he gets a good deal he will do it.
    The salesman invited him to the dealership(FORD),and tried to sell him a Focus,after a long test drive my son said to him,that he liked better his Neon,but the salesman insisted in selling him a car,they offered him for his neon with 40000 miles $9,400.
    After several options,my son traded his 98 Neon for a used 2000 New beetle with ALL the goodies,which was a demo with 2850 miles on it,and he paid $4000.- for the deal including everything.
    How does that sound to you? the Neon held very good it´s resale value,and think it was a very wise decision to trade the Neon for the Beetle,so cheaply.

    What do you think????
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    If someone offered me $10,500 (KBB value for the Neon), I would trade it in a second. CarMax only offered $9300 and another dealer only offered me $8500. They say it's because of the constant rebates and the special financing. It makes the trade-in values drop down.

    I think the trade from the Neon to the Beetle was a wise one. But are you sure the Beetle was a demo and not a car someone brought back due to gremlins? I have heard more than a few electrical problems with the NB. Hope it all comes out in the wash for your son though and hope he enjoys his new car as well.
  • This is even more incredible as the neon's new price was probably no more then $12000 and the VW's no less then $19000. Then the beetle with 38,000 miles less. If it was a buyback, then the dealer must disclose. It would also show up on carfax. My mom has an almost perfect 99 yellow bug with leather and about everything else you could get in 99. She loves it and wouldn't trade it for anything under $25000. I personally would only trade my neon for a beetle if I thought I could then sell the beetle for enough profit to buy back my neon and have enough left over for mods! Whew!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am sorry guys, but there is no way I would trade the Neon for a VW of any kind then buy back the Neon! :) I have wanted a New Jetta TDI (or 1.8T) since they came out back in 1999. But I am afraid of the short warranty and reported reliability problems here on Edmund's. Maybe I will take the plunge when the records get a little better and the design has been out longer.
  • Ochoa.- It seems you bought already a 2001 Neon,if not why don´t you wait for the new R/T,it most be at dealers early next month at the most.
    You will like it,it´s a much better and faster car.


    as I said it here before to all of you,I think the Neon has a good resale value,since the paid good money for ours.
    And the New Beetle we bought it was a VW´s executive car,the dealer bought the car to them,and the executive is a top one,we already have the name of the executive who drove the 2850 miles in the Beetle.
    The car drives nice,it´s another kind of car,there is no way you can compare the Beetle with any other car in the market,it´s a 2.0l engine 5-speed,and yellow.We are glad we made the deal,and we like the car,I hope the car will be as good as the Neon was for us,we still have VW support.
    And Vocus,if CarMax,and others are not giving you what you want for your car,it can be maybe because they see your car is not in good conditions,just think of this,if the Ford dealer made the deal with us,was because they made money in the Beetle,and they WILL MAKE MONEY with our Neon.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The car is a 2000 model and it's in perfect condition. They told us that at CarMax. The reason they didn't give us what KBB said was because of the finance rates and rebates, which lower the chance someone is going to want a car with 16K on it if they can get the same one new for a few hundred more. The dealer himself told us that there was nothing wrong with the car, as did the "evaluator" at CarMax.

    I want to try for a VW Golf, but the negative equity from this damn Neon is holding me back. That sucks!
  • That was i say to my girlfriend but she is a women and she don't understand, she say that the car is for us and not only for me.
    What i can say about it i can defend me against her.
  • Let me remind you something,i can understand the car will be for the two of you,BUT since when a "girlfriend" has the final decision in buying a car???
    Does she knows more about cars,and if she knows more,she has to know that the new Neon R/T is a different car,it´s more car,you should wait to buy it,it will cost you some more money,but it´s worth it.
    If you will not wait for it,and you buy just the stock 2001 neon you will make a big mistake,just wait for it,and if you will have the chance to hear the muffler sound with the twin pipes you will love it,and what can I tell you about how it drives and accelerates,Terrific!


    What I´m pointing out is; that I can openly all tell you "The Neon is a good car and has a good resale value".
  • Well I can't say that I had a good experience with my 98 Dodge Neon Sport. My car was in the shop numerous times for engine problems. My car 10K miles on it when my engine light came on and I had to get ALL of my valves replaced!The car was in the shop for 2 weeks!!! Then the engine light still kept coming on and my car sounded like a tractor! I took it in several times. My brakes made noise all the time and I kept having rattling sounds from inside. I don't know if I had a lemon or what, but as soon as my warranty was up I traded that car in soooo fast! I had enough!! I was completely burned out from that car. I'm just telling you my experience with my Dodge Neon. I agree that cars will have there problems but that was ridiculous! I'm not here to dog neon owners I'm just saying that I don't think I would ever buy a Chrysler Product again.
  • POOR SERVICE!!That was your MAIN problem.
    And with no offense to you,let me tell you that I do feel sorry for you,because if you aren´t going to buy a Chrysler product because of your Neon,I think you are wrong,because I always keep thinking that those products are the best for the money you spent.
    Give them a closer look the next time you plan to buy a new vehicle,drive a new one,drive several and different Chrysler products,you´ll see how much better they are now.It doesn´t matter if you are not for a new car,spend some time and hava several test drives,you´ll agree with me.
    Well,just my 2 cents.
  • I took the car to 2 dealerships-the one where I purchased the car and to another dealership that was alot closer to me -Marietta Dodge and Landmark Dodge. After I got fed up with the first dealership I went to Landmark because yes I did think they weren't fixing it right. Sure enough months later something else was wrong. That gave me the cue I needed to find a another car. Before I started having all these problems it was a fun little car. It was my first car by the way. I just couldn't deal with it anymore :(
  • You know that a women charm is more powerful than a battle ship.
    But mi battle is not over i plant to equip the car step by step.
    My only satisfaction is that my brother get so much stimulated with my 2ky neon that he plans to get a neon r/t.
  • chrismar- I´m sorry but if that was your first car that explains a lot to me.Just try to test other Chrysler products,you will feel the difference.
    Ochoa- Enjoy your car,and don´t cry when you´ll see a Neon R/T,specialy on the Highway.
  • On 9/13, my wife decided she wanted a Jeep Cherokee Sport so we traded in our 2000 Neon LX.

    In 15 months we put on only 7700 trouble free miles. We thoroughly enjoyed the car. We got $11,000 trade-in.

    So to the other Neon owners, we bid you farewell and good luck. Maybe we will be back if and when we decide to buy another Neon.
  • As you can see you are all alone here,so you better........
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Well Vocus,Protegextwo, congratulations! There's no one left to hear your tales of your "experience" with your "friend's" Neon.

    Maybe you can try talking to yourself for support.Kinda like me now ,cause the 16th was the last time anyone posted here.

    Then again, there's always other DC sites that can benefit from your profound experience in owning a Neon.

    Why not give them the benefit of your experience?
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