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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Mr. Meatloaf, I have been a huge fan of yours since the "Bat Out of Hell" recording! How are you doing? Do you plan to release any new material on your new label? I saw your special on VH1, "Where are They Now?". You really lost a lot of weight! If you get any thinner they might start calling you Meatball! Good Luck!

  • Today I took my 96 Neon into Village Chrysler (Ajax Not), and asked for an oil change and also to look into why I had no heat from my heater. They found oily sludge inside my radiator and told me that I had a oil leak coming from my cylinder head. I have no knowledge on the mechanics of vehicles so I ask anyone to help me with this question. Could this problem be related to a head gasket which I had replaced last summer? If in fact my oil is leaking into my anti-freeze somewhere ,wouldn't my oil have some trace of anti-freeze mixed with it? I was a little pee'd off at the fact I had to pay $40.00 + tax for a mechanic to open my radiator cap,look inside then close it again. I watched as this was the extent of the diagnostic check for the lack of heat in my car. I don't want to be taken for a ride again by these people like they did with my head gasket.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    it is possible you have another blown gasket. Most likely it did not get fixed right in the first place. If the gasket was bad long enough there mave have been damage to the engine block or head as well as the gasket. If the shop did not resurface the head and check for cracks, and just through a new gasket on it, you didn't get it fixed last summer. Oil can pass to the antifreeze but not always vice versa because the oil pressure is higher then the water pressure. Water can enter the cylinder on an intake stroke but the leak can be from an oil passage to a water passage and stay well away from the cylinder. That $40 charge is pretty mean consedering the effort it took, and that you were getting other service there as well. I'd make a trip back to were you had it 'fixed' last summer and [non-permissible content removed]. If they seem unresponsive (and are a dodge dealer) then try calling Chrysler's customer support. If it still has less then 100,000 miles they will fix headgasket problems for $100.
  • for 7,000 it has 63k and is in great shape really looks brand new, besides the head gasket , is there anything else the '98's are crapp for? can this car do 200k.? without any major probs? and i can get a 40K warranty for bout $850 is it worth it? i think it would cover almost anything for 40k and 850 is wprth it to me if it blows an engine or tranny,,,,thanks, soon to be preowned neon owner i hope>>>>>
  • I have a 1995 Dodge neon. It all started out fine drove nice (but I wasn't fond of the suspension) after about 40,000 miles the AC crapped out. Not just one part but the whole thing froze up. That was $700. 20,000 miles later my head gasket decided it wanted to go, luckily I noticed the warning signs and was able to catch the problem before the antifreeze got into the motor and screwed that up too. That was $700. Now at 90,000 my transmission is on it's way out. just hoping it will last for another month or so untill I buy a new car. My brakes make a grinding noise had them checked several times but nothing wrong. The fuel fill line that runs between the fill door and the tank rotted out and fell off. The wiper motor crapped out too.

    Thats it. I can say I will never buy another Neon again.
  • I currently am 33 months into a 5 year lease on my 1998 Plymouth Neon Expresso. I'm pretty happy with it and had very little problems like the head gasket, but that was covered in the warranty.
    I have 29,000 miles so far and am in need of 2 new tires. Im looking to upgrade now so Im in the car market again.

    One thing I was wondering is if I am going to get penalized if I try to trade in my car a little over 2 years before my lease ends, and if so how much?

    I've been looking to get a 2001 Mercury Cougar with a v-6 for the longest time, but now I am going to go for a 2001 Neon R/T. After looking at it on the Dodge website, I am all giddy :) I figure I can get a fully loaded Neon for the price of a partially equipped Cougar. Im quite fond of the R/T design and really liked the new interior of the neons with the leather seats.

    Any comments would be appreciated!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    but I really don't care for the look of the Cougar. This and the neon comes with more, costs less, and out performs the Cougar and I don't know why anybody buys them. (actually based on how many are out there, not many people are buying them). You will take a hit on ending a lease early, probably more so then if you were 3 years into a 5 year loan, but then your payments have been less the last 33 months. You still have to negociate a trade in value and then there is a payoff with the lease just as if it were a regular loan. It really depends on how much you put down, if you were upside down on your last trade, and how much you paid when you bought it. I bet you can call your leasing company and get a payoff, then check the trade in on KBB and edmunds. The dealer are going to try and use KBB as their numbers are really stacked in the dealer's favor (check trade-in to retail on the same car and you'll find over a 30% markup based on KBB numbers). A new R/T should be able to be found for 500 over invoice which is over $1000 under MSRP. Then there is a rebate currently, right? I just traded my 98 Neon Sport with 24,000 miles and got $7000. It was pretty much spotless and the dealer sold it within a week for over $9000. I only owed $5300 so I was in good shape, I wanted to get a R/T but my wife said no more stick shifts and I also wanted AWD. The new WRX would have been a good choice but we found a sweet 2000 AWD Grand Caravan sport that tows our camper ans is way more comfy then my car a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now I may trade the Jeep in on a WRX or a Caddy STS, I have to see if the WRX is still peppy with the automatic, the STS sure is. If Dodge puts a four speed automatic and a turbo on the 2002 neon, I'd consider that as well but it would be tough to beat the 227 hp the WRX has in addition to lacking AWD.
  • Ok Im around 3 years into my 5 year lease on my 98 Neon, and I recently called the bank Im leasing the vehicle from for a payoff value. I was astonished to see the payoff value of something like $11,000! These 11,000 smacks though was the total of my payments left plus the value of the car after it's paid off. So Im going to guess this wouldn't pertain to me trading in my car for another lease ( I hope ). I have high payments of $250 of a month cause of negative equity, but the rest of the money I put down at the time I believe canceled the negative equity out.

    So if I try to end this lease early and start a new lease would anyone be able to give me an approximate amount of penalty I'd be facing, and how much in the hole I would be. I still owe roughly $6,700 in lease payments, and my research on my trade in value came to $5,700. If that puts me $1,000 in the hole I can live with it, but just curious if anyone can help before I start going to dealers and get caught off guard.

  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I'd post this question in the 'smart shopper' forum, you'll get a more accurate response. If they wanted you to pay all the remaning payments and the residual why would you give them the car? If I had to make all the remaining payments to give the car up two years early, I'd let it sit in the yard before letting a lease company resell it for a profit while pocketing all the money you are paying. Your current payoff should be somewhere a bit higher then what the residual is for the end of the lease. Then there would be milage penalities if you have gone over your yearly allotment. I really don't know much about leasing, I did lease a car once but just did the full term and turned it back in. I'd agree a grand or two might be OK but you never know what the dealer will try and pull with the numbers game. Next thing you know you're paying $23,000 for a new R/T. Good luck, it sounds like a nightmare to me :(
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, there is a lot of excellent information about leasing on our Finance, Warranty, & Insurance Board - I suggest you take a look at the discussion list there. I think you'll find some conversations already underway that can help you out.

    hersbird is correct, there has been some leasing conversation in SS, but FWI is a better source for you I think.

    Good luck.

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  • speeds2muchspeeds2much Posts: 164
    I just sold my 2000 Neon LX, reluctantly, to buy a high-end convertible. Circumstances have changed for the better so I decided to trade up. Let me just say what a fine little car the Neon was, though. It is a great little sports sedan, comfortable, responsive and good-looking. I'll miss it.
  • i have a 99 neon sport. its got 32k miles on it. i have really had no problems with it really. i am selling it and am wondering if how much i should sell it for. also, it has 16 aftermarket rims on it, so should i take those off and put the originals back on (i still have them), or just leave it as is. it also has a dent on the right rear qp, but its estimated at something like 350 dollars, should i leave that or get it fixed. and by the way, if ne one out there wants to buy it, email me for my phone number. i live in california. thx. by the way, selling it for a wrx, but neon is kick [non-permissible content removed]. tested it 0-60 and ran 7.2 seconds. not bad for 12 grand. it has great pep.
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    It's good to know you advise against purchasing a new '95 Neon due to your experiences. I would also like to take this opportunity to warn others against purchasing a brand new mid to late 70's Plymouth Volarie. My grandmother owned one of those and was very unsatisfied by its performance.
  • Wife's car is a '95 Highline bought off the truck in Nov.1994. Oh God the crap that has happened to that car both mechanically and accidents. Wife had car when we got married April 1995 and I have kept detailed log of all this stuff. Bought the "official" Neon manual plus first edition Haynes repair manual.

    Computer was reprogrammed a few times in first 9 months. Last reprogram was during tuneup 1998. Blew the head gaskets twice during the 75,000 mile extended warranty!!! Finally there is someone who hosed Chrysler with warranty claims.
    Got all the recall stuff done- gas lines, steering/torque absorber, etc.

    Timing belt, waterpump, and head gasket done at 106,000 for around $800 with coolant r&r and belts. Struts and alignment just done at 125,000 when 3rd set of tires purchased (Bought 2nd set premounted so I have 8 rims total). Radio/cassette died at 82,000 but was swapped with same one from my Dodge pickup which was still under warranty, Orginal exhaust was $25 patched July 2000 though it has now rotted at a different spot and will require complete replacement.

    Accidents: dealer dropped garage door on geometric center of roof January 1995, right rear $3200 collision (and subsequent waterleak chase over the next 9-12 months;1 1/2 full size tubes of silicon caulk fixed that [non-permissible content removed]) March 1995, light left fender front end damage April 1996, right front fender and light underbody (blown tires bent rims, oil pan)damage June 1998 when wife was run off road by drunk driver.

    I probably have much more but I must get to bed. I may try to comment more in the pm of 3/30/01.
  • Yes, As sad as it sounds I absolutely hate American cars. Because of the "BUY AMERICAN" campaign from a few years back I decided to give Chrysler a chance. I bought a 1995 sport Dodge Neon with 30k miles. As soon as I reached 40k my "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" came on and my car started leaking oil like crazy. I took my car to the shop and and $750 later I was driving it again. They replaced the head gasket and oxygen sensor. Because I had read the bad reviews on the internet I knew that this was a reocurring problem. Well what do you know, 10k miles later the "LIGHT OF DEATH" came back on again and 40k later I was leaving oil puddles under my hood everywhere I went. Since the firt time I have visited different shops on 4 occasions. 1 for the gasket and 3 for the "CHECK ENGING LIHGT". Finally I gave up, my car is no longer leaking oil becuase I just replaced my gasket for a second time but I try to ignore the "CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS". Following is a list of problems I currently have with my 80K mile car: Check engine light is on at all times, My windows sound like I'm driving a 747 Boeing jet, paint is peeling all over the car, weird noise under the steering column everytime I make a turn. Intermittent electrical problems with my blinkers and turn signals and low gas mileage. DODGE SCREWED ME AND THOUSAND OTHER CONSUMERS. AND THE WORST THING IS THAT THEY ARE VERY AWARE OF THE PROBLEM. I SAY NO MORE AMERICAN CARS FOR ME... ESPECIALLY DODGE, CHRYSLER OR ANY OTHER RELATED LINE. I GIVE DODGE TOW THUMBS DOWN, ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10 I GIVE THEM A 0. I HAVE RECOMMENDED EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MY FAMILY NEVER TO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN. AND THEY NEVER HAD.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    If you saved the reciepts from the head gasket repairs, you may be able to fight Chrysler for the repairs. See, they have this thing where you pay a deductible (like $100 I think), and they do the repair. They knew about the head gasket repair thing and them going left and right. So contact Chrysler (good luck, because their customer service sucks) and you might be able to get some of your money back. Also, sorry to hear all the problems with your car as well. But when buying a car, it's a luck-of-the-draw thing. You just as easily could have gotten a Honda with alot of problems. Just either keep it and put up with it, or trade it in and hope for a better car when you find a replacement.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187 provide feedback in a genuinely helpful and informative manner. While it's certainly unfortunate and very likely unfair to you, vindictive and resentful input isn't the most helpful to others in your situation.


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  • lucinelucine Posts: 4
    who doesn' resent a car that is a constant problem? It's very hard not to be "resentful" over wasted mony, and a car that
    is so poorly designed as the 95 neon. You really need a Neon account at the bank to keep up with its ailments. In small towns that reputation has gotten around. No wonder they quit making them.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Yes they did quit making 95 neons. As did every other car companies have quit making thier 95 model cars, I guess the word got out on everybody. I did just see a beautiful 2001 Neon R/T in black today, very sweet.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    One of the benefits of the new software is the ability to modify the titles of existing discussions. In some cases this is not necessary or even desired by the original author or those frequenting the discussion. However, we no longer need to recreate discussion at 500+ posts so the "Chapter this..." or "Part that..." is no longer necessary. So... as part of a topic title cleanup, those portions of the titles are being removed. The respective original topic in the archives is simultaneously being modified so that confusion isn't caused while searching.

    I'm also taking this opportunity to "more generalize" some topic titles to broaden their scope. For example, when the trim level, powerplant or transmission/transaxle option isn't pertinent to the comparison, I'm removing it for the purposes of making the topic applicable to the situations in which more buyers find themselves.


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  • I bought it new in August of 99. Salza Red (kinda Orange really) Its a cute and confortable car and gets decent mileage. I've maintained it regularly and has cause me no problems so far after 30k. The things I really dont like about the car are the noisy engine and the whine that it seems to amplify I was told its normal for a neon at my dodge dealer),the lack of power windows in the rear (who thought of this idea?)and the visability looking out the rear.The brakes also seem a little weak and need some kind of power assist if you ask me.I have had the power steering pump drained to let air out of the unit that stopped some whining in that area. But the other whining sounds like low tranny fluid, but isnt. Overall though its a reliable car. I'm not sure I would buy another one like it however.
  • Hello all, new here. Just turned 16 and my parents let me choose a car. I chose a new neon R/T. I love this car. It is pretty fast and the handling is superb. I just hope I dont have any problems of the old neons.
  • ajb4ajb4 Posts: 11
    besides my protege I also have a neon r/t. Handling is no where near that of the pro, and it is pretty noisy, but acceleration is decent. Word to the wise DO NOT GET THE AUTO TRANS!! Other than that, I've put around 8K on it and nothing has gone wrong with it yet.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    ajb4 is it a 2001 R/T? a 98 R/T or any neon ACR will flat out handle or out accelerate any Protoge ever made. This is based on road tests and SCCA competition. There may be a lot of flaws with the neon but handling is truly not one of them. You can't even get a ACR or R/T with the automatic anymore so that's a mute point. I haven't driven or seen any tests of the 2001 so who knows maybe they determined the superior handling was not necessary (why not honda did it to the civc) I doubt it though.
  • octonesoctones Posts: 1
    I'm just wondering detailed stuff about the 2001 Neons.. such as auto vs. manual, R/T vs. other models, etc. Things like that. I am looking at the Neon for a new car and in the price range it is in. Would you consider it the best car for it's price range (13000 - 18000)? Thanks!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    If you don't want a manual, I wouldn't get the neon. Otherwise the max a R/T with every possible option shoulc not cost more then $17,500. That's with leather, sunroof, in dash CD, side airbags, etc. I've seen 'loss leader' ads for stripped neon at about $10,000. If you are going for stripped or loaded it's hard to find anything else close to this price. Go drive all the different brands & models, that's the best part about car shopping is the chance to drive tons of different cars. Don't let the salesman slam you into something until you've been all over town and actually driving, not just looking. I loved our neon but it wasn't cutting it for my wife to use at her nanny job. I do think the Neon's prices have been creeping up too much lately. My 98 was pretty much loaded for $11,000 new. A similar one now (a loaded ES) would be $14,800. In 98 nothing even came close to matching the neon's bang for the buck, now there are quite a few choices around $15,000.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Have a June 1995 build Neon, no problems at all except for an O2 sensor code at the moment. Did get an inner tie rod replaced under warrantly. Bought it used and autocrossed it for a couple of season. Going to throw some goodies on in a month or so, and enjoy the 'new' car for a couple of more years before moving on. Can't beat the performance-to-fun ratio for a used Neon R/T or ACR if you want decent economy and room to boot.

  • jcasetnljcasetnl Posts: 2
    Ah... I never knew it but driving my neon each day was like pulling the lever on a slot machine. In the end, the house always wins and you always lose.

    Head gasket is gone and it looks like I'm looking at a new head as well. My warranty covers the gasket but not the head, so despite getting the best warranty the dealer had on offer, I'm still out over $1300 when you factor in the rental car.

    At first I wondered why no recall was ever issued, but it's an expensive fix, so I understand only people that get in their faces get some of the job paid for.

    Tommy: "But don't they care?"

    No, Tommy. No they don't.

    Anyone who's sat in a marketing class for more than five minutes knows that on average, when a customer has a good experience they will tell one or two people about that experience. But when they have a bad experience they will tell eight. This is why intel decided that even though the pentium flaw would affect practically none of its customers that it would swap customers chips at no charge. "Sure, we'll swap it if you want us to, because if we don't we look bad whether there's a problem or not."

    Let's think about this: Intel swaps a chip that will likely not affect a particular customer. Chrysler allows the neon to be sold with a head gasket that they know will fail and then they have the audacity to pretend the problem doesn't exist.

    Try this: Call their customer service line and describe the symptoms. Tell them your mechanic can't figure it out and ask them if they've heard of anything similar before or have any ideas. See what they say.

    Call them back again and say "I've got the headgasket problem."

    Note the very different responses you get.

    Tommy: "Is it different? I'll bet it's different!"

    You're right, Tommy. It *is* different.

    And to me that really bites. In addition to the head gasket I've got numerous electrical problems. Are these common as well? I've given up on ever listening to the radio again in my car. I took it in, broke in a month, took it in, broke in month, and on and on. One day I finally called up the dealer and cancelled yet another appointment: "Sorry, I can't miss another day of work because of a car stereo. Maybe in Dodgeland that's like a sick day or a floating holidy, but not here on planet earth."

    Tommy: "Is zat why you always sing to yourself in the car?"

    Yes Tommy, it is.

    My spedometer looks more like a tachometer. One minute I'm going 112mph and next I'm going -6. When the gas gauge goes I have to rely on the trip odometer and dumb luck. One time I went in for a fillup and it only took two gallons.

    It's like Grady Seasons said in "Color of Money":

    "It's like a nitemare, isn't it?"

    Yes, yes it is.

    Well, despite the best efforts of my parents and Jesus Christ himself, I'm big on payback. Screw me over and then walk away? Better think again.

    So in addition to covering practically every writable surface on the net with my tale of woe, I've decided to form the Neon Sucker's Club (NSC), an exclusive club of neon owners who have been sold the nouveau lemon, a car designed to explode right outside of its warranty period: the neon.

    Current membership benefits are few, unfortunately. But as this thing grows I'll put up a website and make t-shirts. Email me now at [email protected] and tell me your tale. Tell me how much time from work it took from you. Tell me how much it cost you. Tell me about that cancelled trip to Disneyland.

    Tommy: "To Disneyland? Are we gonna go there?"

    Sorry Tommy, busted head gasket.

    All stories will be told on the site, and in return for your story you will get your official NSC number. In a year the new NSC members will see your low number and know that you are one of the ancient and wise, one of the first to be suckered! They will look to you for guidance and ask you thinks like, "What is the sound one man being suckered?"

    More than anything else, you will know that you are not alone and you will have the satisfaction of warning potential Chysler customers of the kind of company they are about to invest many thousands of dollars in.

    Tommy: "Yeah cause tha-"

    Shut up, Tommy.

    So email me at the above and let's do our little part to stick it to the crooks at Chrysler who built a shoddy product and then left us with the bill.

    - jon
  • lucinelucine Posts: 4
    What year is that neon bomb?
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Hey put me down for an awesome ride with my neon. I loved it and still love the current generation neon. Of course $1300 buys a whole new neon long block but don't let that ruin your story. Of course by your own admission because I liked the car, I'm with the non-vocal majority. So count my experience times eight, it's marketing 101 you know.
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